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EP Review: Slippa Presents Wrappers Delight Mini EP


Slippa Presents

Wrappers Delight

Mini EP


The Wrappers Delight Mini EP is the latest offering on the Good Darts Label. It is a four track 7 inch which boasts some incredible talent across those four tracks. This release is based around the Wrappers Delight card series, which was the brainchild of official Topps artist Slippa Chervascus. He created his own card series after working on artwork the Garbage Pail Kids card series, and releasing Wrappers Delight gave him the chance to combine his artwork with his love of music. Working under the umbrella of Good Darts gave him the chance to promote his art-based projects as well as branching out and creating a record label.

If you are familiar with the Wrappers Delight card series, then you are probably gonna love whats coming on this Mini EP, so let’s not hang around and get into it…

First up is the title track Wrappers Delight, it features vocals from Wordsmiff (aka Wordsmiff Flip), production by Remi Rorschach and cuts by Jabbathakut. The beat and electric guitar create this real smooth, funky head nod vibe that really give you one of those ‘Oh Yeah’ moments as soon as you here it alongside the nod to the Garbage Pail Kids on the intro. As much as this is the Mini EP’s title track, it is also one hell of an anthem for the Wrappers Delight cards. Wordsmiff drops a few short tales from his life coming up before taking you on trip that touches on cards from series one, two, three and beyond. Listening to his words brings back memories of trading cards in the playground and wondering what to do with your doubles and trying to get the rarer ones or that last card to needed to complete a series. Not only that but, the more you the track goes on its like listening to some Hip Hop Hendrix vibe while trying to visualise the cards in your mind…

Next up is Ultra Garbage and this one features Jounior Disprol on the mic, production from Slippa Chervascus, bass from Cam and cuts from Jabbathakut. The bass, beat and tambourine give this one a proper Hip Hop head nod vibe, the kind you wanna turn up load to make the speakers bump. Now this might just be a short track but, in one verse Junior Disprol delivers the kind of rap vocals that tests the very foundations of your mind, making you wanna rewind every line, and sometimes every word, just to make sure you heard it right, just like you wanna keep looking at the artwork on the trading cards to see if you missed anything. When you want to mirror the detail in a piece of art by putting it into words, this is how you do it…

If you consider that every Wrappers Delight card is a piece of art, then Rap Objet D’arts brings that into focus with Brainpower (Artist, Songwriter and Producer from Amsterdam) providing the vocals, Remi Rorschach on production and Jabbathakut on the cut. Unashamedly Hip Hop once more the beat and instantly recognisable piano sample gives this one an inner city gangsta vibe, a little like the early Kool G Rap and Polo sound. Brainpower really breaks it down about how good and perhaps even a little disturbing some of the art might be on the trading cards but, at the end of the day its about how good every piece is; collectors items, just like this vinyl release too and brainpower makes sure to shout out everyone involved with the release and reaffirming that you need to grab everything released via Good Darts…

Before you know it, we are at the last track and The Harder The Hit is something special too. It features vocals from graff legend and one half of The Artifacts, Tame One (R.I.P), alongside production from AMBA (Tarboosh Records) and, of course one final appearance from Jabbathakut. The beat, double bass, and keys on this bring that fresh Hip Hop, Jazz funk vibe, and if your heads still not nodding, then you this on intravenous drip with an infusion of Krylon. Tame One takes us from Wrappers delight to the life of a graff writer and back again, fusing the art of the trading cards with walls and subway cars of graffiti art. There is little more to be said as Tame’s words really seem to reflect that the vision of the graff writer and the trading card artist are one and the same, and that’s it nuff said right here…


I mean, what can I say about this release? If you have ten minutes to spare, then this is about the best thing you can do with those ten minutes, because they will most definitely not be wasted.

This might be Hip Hop with a particular focus, that focus being the Wrappers Delight cards, but this is also Hip Hop at its best. Taking it from the UK to the US and back again, Slippa and Good Darts delivers what is arguably one of the premier releases this year, and that fact that it is all packed in one little 7-inch package is almost beyond words.

The production from Remi Rorschash, Slippa Chervascus and AMBA is proper good, everyone being a head nod delight, and when you mix that with the incredible turntable skills of Jabbathakut, it just keeps you bouncing throughout those four tracks and beyond. The vocals from Wordsmiff, Junior Disprol, Brainpower and Tame One are as solid as they are individual, with each of them displaying some sublime lyricism and flows that truly show how good that international underground scene is.

Respect where respect is due Slippa Chervascus has put together an awe-inspiring release here that has the finest production, the dopest rap and the freshest art from Mark 563. What else is there to say except, don’t sleep on this one, I really mean it.

Wrappers Delight is available from August 4th on limited 7” Lime green vinyl (including some limited trading cards too) and a little later on digital from Good Darts.

On that note,

Anyone got any doubles they wanna swap?

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Wrappers Delight Promo mix by Jabbathakut




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