Sunday 18 March 2018


SIR Beanz O.B.E. & M.C. Kelz
Project Kubrick - Review

I grabbed a copy of this EP from Sir Beanz Himself at the recent Rope-a-Dope 3 at the Rope Walk pub in Bristol.
This review is my first of 2018 and I can’t think of a better way to make my return to reviewing than with this slice wax from a couple of the UK’s finest.
So, without further ado let’s get into it...

Project Kubrick is a four track EP from SIR Beanz O.B.E. & M.C. Kelz who hail from Bristol in the UK. 

Both these guys have an impressive resume some of you will be familiar with But, for those who don’t know...
Producer and DJ Sir Beanz has been a part of some impressive Crews out of Bristol, Transcript Carriers, Parlour Talk, Undivided Attention and Wordsworth Surgery. M.C. Kelz or Kelz was part of 3PM. The two have worked together before on the projects Rhyme Stopper and Sagittarius Sound System.

There was a good buzz around this release and I was really up for checking out to see what all the hype was about. Originally released a few weeks back now I had to wait till Rope-a-Dope 3 to get my hands on it but, was it worth the wait?
Let’s see shall we....

Kicking off with Concrete Sands, we have Kelz in fine form with his instantly recognizable style. He hits you with lines about his history, putting Bristol on the map and so much more over a chilled out, laid back beat. You are instantly gripped by the track, thinking “yeah, I’m liking this” and you’re wondering what’s next before the track is even over.
As you sit in anticipation Kelz grabs you and warns you to Be Careful while Sir Beanz drops it splendid. What more can I say except that you can’t help but, nod your head to this one, trust me.

Next up is Same Way, where Kelz and Sir Beanz keep your attention held, transport you to a parallel universe and give you the “opportunity for you to rock with the same way.”
While you are still rockin’ out to the last track Sir Beanz and M.C. Kelz are back with a proper banger just to remind you that you’re listening to the Other Dudes.

By the time these four tracks are done you are at the point where you’re so hyped up you’re like thinking damn, where is the album. These two guys are so good together surely an album is a given? Well, not at this time. But, perhaps if this review goes down well and enough people love the EP then perhaps, just perhaps an album could be in the offing?
Seriously, this EP is 4 tracks of pure Hip Hop listening pleasure for old and new headz alike. There is none of your mainstream stuff here. This is proper raw and pure Hip Hop where you have Beats, cuts and rhymes at the highest level.

On a social media post recently, I made a comment about currently sticking with UK artists for my Hip Hop. Not say I don’t listen to Hip Hop from the US, Australia or anywhere else but, right now, I am able to associate with what UK Hip Hop is all about. In that post it was said that there are no UK artists better that the likes of the top US artists? Well, as we hit 2018, Sir Beanz and M.C. Kelz are just one of a long line of UK artists who, in my opinion, show that the UK has a plethora of talent that can side by side with the best from overseas.

But, like I always say, don’t take my word for it. Go get a copy of Project Kubrick and make your own mind up but, I tell you this, you ain’t gonna regret it. This is class A Hip Hop for sure.
Project Kubrick by Sir Beanz O.B.E. is available now on Ruztik Records.

Check the links below to get your copy.

 Respect peeps, see you again soon.

Steve Rider
Infinite Sounds UK