Wednesday 24 October 2018

Leave a Light On – Remark ft Jamie B Sings - Review

Leave a Light On – Remark ft Jamie B Sings

Released at the end of September Remark drops another track to make us sit back and think.

This track took me back to the early eighties and the Electro days where we listened to Hip Hop and electronic music by the likes of Kraftwerk. This track really had that feel for me. It had that smooth electronic feel with Remark’s calmly delivered Lyric’s and Jamie B Sings melodic voice.

But, as with a lot that Remark does, this comes with a message, something that is deep and that we can all relate to each and every day.
It’s about remembering that in this world of dark times, dark messages and pain. We just need to remember that relief from that darkness comes from one thing, just Leave a Light On. Weather that light is physical or metaphysical, holding that light keeps us from losing our grip on reality.

This is what I really like about what Remark produces, music that gives you something to feel and not just to hear. We all hear music everyday in many contexts but, when you feel that music and not just hear it, then you know you are listening to something special. This is all complimented by visuals in the video that accompanies the track. Not your standard music video but, then when your track is not the average music track the video has to match that and Remark always hits the spot.

Another top release from Remark with production from the tallented IronSkinMusic. So, support independent releases and go get this one.

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ONE OZ - All For Nothing REVIEW

One OZ – All for Nothing

This is the latest release from Edinburgh’s own ONE OZ and was released back in May of this year. It is available as a free Download from his Bandcamp page and I gotta say its well worth checking out. 

ONE OZ has worked alongside some top rap artists from the likes of Black Poet and Ruste Juxx to the UK’s Leafdog and Micall Parknsun. He has been dropping his releases on Bandcamp since 2013 and has a catalogue worth checking out.

‘All for Nothing’ is 19 tracks deep and has Production features from the likes of Leafdog, Micall Parknsun, Wilson Fisk and more. There are also a few guest emcee’s who feature including Ironmaster and Jed.

Features and Production aside ‘All for Nothing’ display’s ONE OZ’s style and shows he is no slouch on the Mic. For me the opening track, The Greatest, shows this guys style perfectly, very much a no nonsense, not giving a Fuck kinda style. Well anyone who hits you with the line “You can piss on the floor or be a hero and try and take a shit on the roof” is telling it the way they see it no fluff and silver linings.

I have found this to be good listening during my long car journey’s and one of those album’s you can bang on and listen to all the way, no need to skip. ONE OZ has a distinctive voice, as you would expect coming from Scotland but, that only adds to the uniqueness. 

Stand out tracks for me are the opening track, The Greatest, That featuring Leafdog on the Production, More Time featuring Production by CRINK, I Spy produced by STS & Broken Arrow produced by Wilson Fisk. But, all truth be told it was difficult really picking out stand out tracks because the whole album is pretty strong.

The only think I would have liked to hear more of was for the bass to be a bit heavier. This is just a personal think as I do like my bass to be deep. 

I would like to hear more from ONE OZ and would like to hear him feature on a few more tracks cos this guy has the skills and deserves the recognition.

Check the link below to get your copy.