Saturday 30 July 2022

Album Review: The Triple 3 Effect by Specifik


The Triple 3 Effect




Specifik’s new album has been in production for a while and its been more than three years since we all went to the Ill Circus back early in 2019. Now since that time a lot has happened, we’ve had pandemics, lock downs, war and so much more. But, what happens when, in the midst of all that chaos, you experience moments of seeing the same group of numbers over and over again? Simple you take those numbers, in Specifik’s case 333, and you make that the focus of your new album, and with Specifik being, first and foremost, a producer you get a whole host of top draw features to properly bring some clarity to The Triple 3 Effect.

So, when you are consistently waking at 3:33am, getting 333 in your change at the supermarket, having 333 as you gas bill, or your bank account balance or miles travelled? What does it all mean? Could it be trying to tell you something, be a lucky number, your angel number? Perhaps it symbolises mind, body and spirit or was it ascended masters letting him know he was in great hands and being assisted in what he was working on, or is it a combination of all those things? Who knows for sure but, seeing these numbers will mean different things to different people and what is for sure is that these numbers became the catalyst and the driving force behind Specifik’s creative expression, leading him and those he worked with to bring you The Triple 3 Effect

So, the only thing left now is for me to take you deep into the album and tell you exactly where it takes me…

The album begins with What is the Triple 3 Effect (Intro), where we get a little insight into what the Triple 3 Effect could be all about. Specifik provides a background ambience of piano, bass, cymbals, and a few sounds which creates a calm vibe to allow all our attention to be focused on the words. It also gives us this deep sense of anticipation of what is to come. We are not waiting long, just seconds before horns, drums and sonic sounds guide us into Ting, which features Uncle Kelz and Sir Beans OBE, the keys and bass come to the forefront bringing a ragga edge to the sound. Uncle Kelz delivers an intelligent performance as he speaks on keeping yourself and what you do moving forward, regardless of what life is throwing at you, the obstacles put in your way, whatever you see going on around you, the most important thing is focus on you and your hopes and dreams. If that were not enough, we get treated to a solid display of Sir Beans OBE on the cuts, proving why he is one of Bristol’s finest. Drums, bass, keys, and guitar are brought together by Specifik and merge together into this stunning upbeat, feel good vibe. Step up the legendary figure of Craig G who perfectly encapsulates what the Summertime is all about, he spins his words into pictures in our minds, lifting us up from wherever we are and carrying us from the USA to the UK, perfectly capturing the moods, people, and experiences along the way. When you add in some mellow cuts from Specifik, this one is the vibe to live you summer by and when the clouds and rain roll in, this one will allow the sun to shine once more. Just as you are getting lost in your thoughts of summertime and the Juice Crew, Specifik throws the perfect curve ball and lands Eight Bars To Flex on you. A homage to the scratch DJ, its’ introduced by legendary UK emcee Mercury and features DJ Krash Slaughta, Specifik, Sy Matic, DJ Jabbathakut and DJ Woody, before a mid-session break from Del SoulCondor (R.I.P). After which we are treated to appearances from SIR Beans OBE, DJ Tones, DJ Jazz T and DJ Destruction. There is not much you can say about this verbally or with words, all the speaking is done with the hands and in less that four minutes they rip the cut, leaving the speakers, your ears, and the needles smoking. This is the perfect demonstration of what the scratch DJ does, all served up from, what is arguably, the cream of the crop when it comes to the UK Scratch DJ…

Next up is a short Public Service Announcement, a little pallet cleanser, if you will, with a funky little break to keep you moving. This is just to remind you about the quality of the production you are hearing and originality of the words you will hear.

With the words of that short skit still playing on our mind Specifik introduces a multi-layered sound on us that, at first seems simplistic, But, as it progresses becomes almost sonic in nature and gets our minds buzzing. King Kashmere joins Specifik and proceeds to speak on The Pits, all those things that stress us out. This one will resonate with all of us on some level, we’ve all had those moments in our jobs etc, I know I have, when we have simply had enough and just want to express our frustration and just leave. The best thing you can do is to get the emotions out in the open as bottling things up just leads to negative outcomes. As we move on, the next step from looking at the negative side of things is to focus more on the positive side. Piano and Specifik’s deft cuts of a classic Eric B and Rakim sample leads us into Spread Love Repeat then, as the head nod beat drops in, and Junior Disprol enters the scene, we immediately wonder if this will have that positive edge? As we nod along to the beat it quickly becomes apparent that what Junior Disprol is doing here is opening us up to the stark reality of life before pointing us in the direction of the focus that will bring the positive vibes our way. Sometimes you just have to open your eyes to the darkness so you can recognise the light. With out focus firmly on the light things become clear and with the clarity comes a vision and not just any vision, with bass, horns, cuts, a dash of other sounds thrown in and the kinda funky beat that has your whole body out the chair and groovin’, we see the Visionary Heavyweight. Iron Bridge (aka Verbs and Jibbarish) join Specifik to show you exactly what it is to be the very definition of a Visionary Heavyweight, you need to have knowledge and forethought, be able display both written and verbal wordplay and it all needs to be presented in a way that quite honestly just ‘Moves The Crowd’, and with Iron Bridge alongside Specifik, this one ticks all the right boxes…

Time for a quick musical interlude with Meta War, a heavy funked upbeat with tambourine and bongos and sonic sounds that cleanses your pallet after some intense verbal wordplay that has had you mind entwined. However, Specifik keeps the energy going, keeping your body and mind wired for the next onslaught…

We know that The Triple 3 Effect grew out of the experiences of Specifik during the Covid pandemic and the lockdowns. Our introduction to Crumblin’ Bricks takes us back to those dark times with sampled TV broadcasts to a nerve tweaking sound. The beat, when it hits, is pounding drums with tambourine sounds, piano notes, and more stories from the pandemic, highlighting the effect on mental health and more. Chrome steps up alongside Specifik to open-up, in his unique style, and detail what it was for us to live through those times, where we all felt controlled and separated from those we loved, listening to stories of, and constantly exposed to climbing death rates. The effects of those times had huge impacts on us all in so many ways, to numerous to mention and some too painful. During those early days of the pandemic, something else that exploded was the Culture War and here Specifik invites Figure Of Speech to the mic to speak on all aspects of this situation. From the history we’ve been taught to the history we should have been taught to the fact that the poor fought the poor and no thought to knock number 10’s door and challenge the elite and powerful, those who make the decisions that affect us, tell us what we should learn so if fits their narrative and keep the darker side hidden. Being woke to what was happening, became a thing to be ridiculed, when waking to the truth is in fact a powerful thing but, those in power don’t want us to understand the truth, because that brings power to the people and the people will rise up to be heard and so they ramp up the fear to take the focus away and take back the power. This is all set to Specifik’s big ragga sound system vibe of bass, bongos, drums, keys, and sonic sounds that gives the perfect platform for the message and gives it an almost anthem like sound. With all that knowledge and the strength of those emotive subjects Specifik brings us a lighter note, one that is rooted in Hip Hop and the streets as he takes a look at graffiti culture alongside El Da Sensei (Artifacts), Cosm and Phill Most Chill on Hurt The Transit. Firstly, Specifik makes feel like we’re transported to the dark tunnels of the New York subway system, then he drops this heavy beat with plenty of bass and rapid-fire cuts. Each emcee drops stories of being out there getting your name up using markers or spray cans. Hitting tags, throw-ups and burners, it’s all about those window-down whole cars or top to bottoms. Getting into fights with other crews means going over their work or getting your work gone over in retaliation. The thrill of bombing and the adrenaline rush is hard to beat where putting your freedom and your life on the line is what you do in writing you name in graffiti on the wall. This the perfect musical expression of what it is write…

Our last little skit is Get Wild, and once again in this short musical interlude, Specifik pounds our ears with a heavy, wild, and funky drum break which will undoubtedly have you bouncing as he gives you another little look at his production quality, what else can you say, right…

Now well and truly into the final quarter of the album Specifik drops heavy beat with keys, a sonic sound, and a good dose of razor-sharp cuts. Under Control see’s Specifik’s partner in rhyme, Whirlwind D, and Doozer on vocal duties over that dark edged beat. This one is all about how the masses are under the control of the ruling elitists. How they exercise this control is all laid bare here with intelligent and knowledgeable wordplay directing us to think more about what is going on around us. You can only be open to the truth if you choose to question what you see and hear around you and then educate yourself. Now your mind is open to almost anything, Specifik and the NuJericans (Joey Dynomite & Sol Zalez) ask you to 4give My Actions. The drums and percussion are almost softened by the guitar heavy sound but, together the sound mixes and merges into a sound that invades every corner of your mind with an almost ragga edge to it but, ending the track with horns that almost switches the vibe to a soundtrack sound. The NuJericans put their cards on the table in terms of their music and life, it’s all about doing what you need to do to always be moving forwards. Sometimes you might need to do things you are not entirely at peace with the keep that forward momentum and that means needing to seek forgiveness at times. It might not be the best way to be but, it is the nature of the society we live in, at times. The album ends with MC Oliver Twist joining Specifik on This IS Not A Test. Specifik creates a heavy pounding beat with some acoustic guitar notes. There is this dystopian air to things here and it fits exactly with MC Oliver Twist who calmly and slickly dictates a narrative of a bleak future. This is a place where the Bomberman rhymes without beats and Specifik creates music from the most basic foundation, fuelling artists to push forward and take a stand, taking music back to the starved masses and giving back that energy, that enjoyment and the expression music gives. No matter what happens in the future, there will always be music…


                                      Specifik at Rope a Dope 5 - ©S.Rider Infinite Images

Let me sum this up first of all by saying ‘WOW, Just WOW’, This album is simply that good. I mean, could it really be that The Triple 3 Effect was overseen by some higher power? In a world where more and more people are awakening to new paradigms and science becoming more open to things such as parallel universes and life beyond death, could it be that something esoteric or could it be that Specifik was simply guided by his own higher self to create an album that touched on higher levels of consciousness, fuelled by the energy of what is happening around him? Will we ever truly know?

What we do know is that overall, The Triple 3 Effect is a truly outstanding album where Specifik is demonstrating what can be achieved when you are at the top of your game. His production and scratch DJ techniques are top notch, in fact there is almost something next level about his production here. He creates sounds that are real Hip Hop at their roots but, the subtle influences from other genres flows in and out, giving you a complete experience, if you can call it that. His choice of guest artists is inspired, with each fitting perfectly into their place and adding the icing to the cake. This has the pedigree and the possibility to be the pinnacle of releases from the UK this year, if not Hip Hop in general. The Triple 3 Effect oozes passion and emotive music making with every beat and every bar that you hear, and I’d go so far as to say that this is solid gold right here. It truly left me with chills and buzzing like I had just heard something that touched my soul.

I have no words left now so all I can say is this, if you have not heard The Triple 3 Effect yet, you need to get it, listen, and feel it because that’s the only way you get 100% of what this album is about.

The Triple 3 Effect is out now on B-Line Recordings. It is mastered by Rola at Khameleon 107 Bristol, features art and design from Digital Dyer and is dedicated to Del Soulcondor (who’s memory lives on in the music).

On that note,

I’ll See Ya,



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Friday 29 July 2022

Album Review: Sunflowers In September by Frisco Boogie

 Sunflowers In September


Frisco Boogie

Today see’s the release of the new album from Nottingham emcee/Producer Frisco Boogie. Titled Sunflowers in September is the follow-up to Mask's of the Morning Sun, Rainbow’s in the Rubble and C.I.R.C.U.S. both of which I have reviewed on the blog.

So, lets get straight into it as I take you through the album from top to bottom…

Intro Sunflowers kicks things off and you immediately get a sense that there is a reflective aspect to not just the track but, to the album as well. Frisco’s vocals are almost softened into the background as the drums and piano really take the forefront. With that air of reflection also comes the feeling that far from being about endings there is a lot here that focuses on new beginnings. With those thoughts hanging in the air, we get into the first of singles from the album, Delight, with its laid-back drums, flute, bells, and guitar notes. This mellow head nod vibe takes you into Frisco Boogie’s love of Hip Hop and the fact that he still enjoys making the music and standing on stage, proving it’s not how old you are, it’s the pure Delight that it brings you that makes you what you are and what you deliver. Next, we get straight into the second single, Strollin’, where we get this real upbeat mix of drums, guitar, keys and finger snaps, which brings this funky fresh feel-good sound. Frisco Boogie really seems to be speaking on living in the now and looking on the bright side of things and facing everyday with a positive outlook to bring that sunshine into your life and feeling like you’re walking on the clouds.    

Keys, cymbals and drums create a jazzy vibe for Mean, as you begin to unconsciously nod your head, Frisco Boogie takes a different stance in looking at the people who try to knock you back. There is no anger or frustration here just telling it how it is and a desire to see karma catching up with them, one day. Drums and piano are the main elements of A Beautiful Place, with some calm cuts slipped in to add a bit more depth. Here Frisco Looks at the graff element of Hip Hop and the Black Book, that place where you can put all your dreams down on paper creating masterpiece’s, with their intricate blend of colours and designs, it can be a new world beyond which you can truly lose yourself in. Words of Wizdom (ft DJ Glibstylez) is short skit that has piano with a grime vibe to it, over this is a sampled vocal that is telling you to focus on the now and not to look back. To much looking back at where you have been, is likely to make you fail, you need to focus on where you are now, what’s right in front of you as you move forward…

Horns, piano, and drums combine to create a nice jazzy vibe for WST (World Still Turns). The jazzy nature of this has a thoughtful nature to it as Frisco Boogie speaks on all those decisions we face in life and the fact that the world turns no matter what, you don’t need to spend too much time reflecting on what might have been or beating yourself up, take the next step forward because the next step could well be the one that makes you realise all your hopes and dreams. Drums, guitar, and piano combine to produce a laid-back vibe that has real feeling to it. Frisco Boogie is thinking Arr Yeah (ft Kam), as he muses over that special lady in his life and how she makes him feel and what it means to be together. Next is the final single from the album, Lemonade, with drums, piano, cymbals and some soulful vocals bring a big sound that has that feel good vibe. That feel vibe echoes in Frisco Boogie’s vocals as he speaks on the sunny days and all those things that make you feel good and bring a smile to you face. These are the things we all need to drink a big glass of right now.  

Whenever U Need Me! is the penultimate track and gives us some heavy drums, guitar, piano notes, and strings. Those heavy drum sounds don’t overpower this emotive sound and vocals. Frisco Boogie takes us by the hand, leading us through a touching story of relationship struggles and how, sometimes, you just have to take a step back and let someone know your there, no matter how hard it might be for you. Frisco Boogie rounds the album off with its title track Sunflowers In September. Again, we have some heavy drum sounds which are almost softened by strings and keys, retaining this air of thoughtfulness. The message behind this one is that life might seem hard, and you might think there is no light at the end of the tunnel but, it’s never too late to change your life, wherever you are one life’s journey, no matter your age, you can still make it, you can still bloom, just like those Sunflowers in September…

Sunflowers In September has this deeply emotive vibe to it where Frisco Boogie takes his time speak on a lot of personal subject’s that you will find touching and that you can easily relate to But, more than that, he tackles everything here with an uplifting vibe that says ‘no matter where you are or situations you find yourself in, you can bounce back, there is a silver lining and there is a light at the end of that tunnel, and he does that by speaking from personal experience.

Musically you will find this album to be more laid back and calm than previous offerings but, with the depth of emotions laid bare by his lyrical content, you will see how everything here works so well and in harmony. There are times when he is telling a story that he knows will touch you, then there are moments when he sounds like your best friend talking to you and further, he even sounds like a guardian angel figure who is encouraging you not to quit and to trust in yourself.

Sunflowers In September is one of those albums that you can easily put on and chill to and that will open you up to just enjoying the experience or even have you looking a bit more deeply at yourself and asking questions about your own life.

Overall, it is a quality and solid album that has its roots in Hip Hop whist drawing influences from other genres to enhance the feeling of the music where needed. It is definitely one that you need to experience for yourself.

Sunflowers In September, produced and written by Frisco Boogie is out today, the 29th July, so be sure to check it out on all good streaming services etc.

On that note,

I’m Out,



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Thursday 28 July 2022

EP Review: Warpath by Krazy


The Warpath EP




Warpath is the latest EP release from Bristolian Krazy. Brought to you on the Word Life imprint it features production from partner Kali Mist and a whole bunch, if not an army, of guest artists. Although being called an EP, at 9 tracks, this is what some are putting out as an album.

Let’s not hang around here and simply put ourselves on Krazy’s Warpath…

The EP kicks off with it’s title track, Warpath, where heavy drums are accompanied by guitars and horns giving a very raw, heavy, posse cut vibe. Krazy is joined by Impact Merv, Form 1, Deaf Frets, Daysa and Guire on a track that is, essentially, about spitting bars. It’s all about letting off lyrical fury in the most rough, rugged and raw style, seven emcee’s with a brutal verbal display. The assault on your senses continues with pounding drums, orchestral sounds and organ notes. King Aggi (who brings that ragga edge to the track) joins Krazy to explain how it’s all about being better than the competition and being in A Different Lane From Them. It’s like being in the fast lane of the motorway, you want to be better and faster than the rest. It’s the same in music and in life, you always want to be better, and it can be a rough and dirty business but, sometimes you gotta do it to move on. The extreme assault on the senses abates a little here as guitars and drums combine for a rough but less heavy edge. Whiske XMP, Krazy and Eurgh (Don’t Flop) speak on real life experiences and how, when taking riska in life, there will always be Twists of Fate that take your life path off in tangents but, you have to take risks and reach your goals, even though life can be hard. The risks and twists might be great but, the rewards can be greater.

There is a more laid-back feel to Tryna Eat, even with its pounding drums, the strings seem to soften the edge to this one. Here Krazy and Yung UK appear to be speaking on doing what you have to do to survive, almost with a ‘by all means’ mindset. The world is a harsh place right now and harsh decisions have to be made at times. Papercut then brings in the boom bap, head nod vibe with Drums, keys, and strings. Krazy, Eurgh (Don’t Flop) and Pablo Milkybarr drop bars on how, sometimes, you just must tell the truth. It might might cause hurt and the truth can sting, slicing deep into the heart of anyone and here have examples at how the truth can hurt, and hurt those closest to us at times. Your head keeps nodding as drums, keys, and a whistle merge to bring a vibe that reminds you of the spaghetti westerns. You Win Some, You Lose Some finds Noodlez, Krazy and Kali Mist step up to talk about how it’s all about walking forward in life, no matter what. You might feel you can’t go on but, the good times will eventually outweigh the bad, it’s your inner strength that is your true power.

The heavy drums and horns of Don’t Come Around, has a slightly dark edge to it, something that is reflected in the lyrics of Krazy and Whiske XMP. This one seems to be focuased on those who live on the harsh side of life and who no problems with violence. They do exsist in this world and make the streets a dangerous place. These are the ones we don’t want to come around. There is an almost soundtrack sound to What’s Your Life Like, with drums, keys, and orchestral sounds. It provides the perfect backdrop for Krazy, Shakezpeare, Origin and Griz Bear to expose the hard realities of inner-city life. It’s not always sunny, it’s sometime brutal and violent but, it is what you have to live through.  The final track of the EP finds Kali Mist dropping a more funky vibe to proceedings with some drums, keys, and guitars. Krazy, Dogzilla and Matrix combine on Lord Save My Soul to bring you, what appears to be, the final thoughts of gangster, all those bad things they have done, suddenly seen for what they are, there is a realisation that redemption may be the last step on life’s journey…


Warpath almost seems to be like the episodes of some audible mini-series that is exploring the life of an inner-city gangster. That harsh reality of the inner-city life is mixed with braggadocio, reflection and an ultimate realisation. There is stark look at life through this person’s eyes, perhaps as they finally review their life choices on approaching life’s final decision. It is an unapologetic and brutal commentary as this view that is brought to life through lyrics and music. It is view that many don’t or chose not to see as they go about their daily lives. It brings to mind the recent TV series Outlaws, which was set in Bristol. However, there is no comedy here…

Warpath see’s Kali Mist and Krazy reuniting to bring a hard-hitting hardcore Hip Hop vibe. Kali Mist provides some heavy and hard musical vibes that easily take you deep into the gritty inner city Bristol life. Krazy then uses his energetic vocal delivery to help paint these vivid brutal scenes with a wordplay which is as subtle as a rusty razor. The vast array of guest artists brought on board here each bring their own style to the mix, each perfectly complimenting stark nature of the project.

Warpath might be a hardcore Hip Hop experience and one that makes you feel the very brutal core of inner-city life but, it draws on very real experiences which help bring the reality from the streets to your ears, allowing you to visualise those experiences in a very real and vivid scene. This is the reality of life, and these stories need to be told. 

Warpath by Krazy is available now to stream everywhere…

On that note,

I’m getting the fuck outta here,



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Wednesday 27 July 2022

Single Review: Shoey by Blaktrix ft SonnyJim


Shoey ft SonnyJim




The new single from Blaktrix, Shoey, is part of the Village Live Records, Live and Direct single series. It is produced by A.H. Fly, who has produced for the likes of Lee Scott and Universal Soldiers, and features Birmingham emcee SonnyJim, who has been making a name for himself with his signature style and has also collaborated with artists from the UK, USA, and Australia, including Verbz, Jehst, Confucius MC, Buckwild and many more.

The production on Shoey, from A.H. Fly, uses horns and drums to create this sound which feels kinda sparse in its overall vibe but, still has you unconsciously nodding your head from the start. This sparse kinda feel to track really allows the listener to focus well on the vocals, whilst still carrying the vocals so well.

The vocal delivery, from Blaktrix and SonnyJim, really makes you feel that there is not real rush to what they are bringing and that the whole point here is the impact of what you are hearing. It’s all about telling you how it is, with no nonsense delivery, allowing everything you hear to sink into your conscious awareness. The two different verbal styles deliver some solid intelligent and heavyweight wordplay and there is a distinct feel that what you are hearing is a conversation between two friends. It’s almost like you are in the same room and listening to their conversation which seems to be not just about the various aspect’s life and even a little light battling, there is also a deep aspect that draws you in and almost has you thinking this is a conversation you are directly involved in, It’s clever stuff. The simplest conversations between two people can easily be the most insightful and powerful things to listen to and that’s exactly what this track made me feel as I listened. In fact, going on from that, this track has an air about it which gives the impression that the single has been striped back to the bare bones of what musical expression is, and yet there is still something that says, ‘look at the powerful nature of what can be achieved, even when it’s laid bare’.

While Shoey might not be one that you hear being bumped out at the clubs, it is most certainly one that the internet radio shows will be dropping on heavy rotation over the coming months.

I have to say that this one has to be essential listening. That mix of a top producer and two emcee’s, clearly at the top of their game, creates a sound that is almost simplistic but, at the same time, hard-hitting and showing the caliber of UK Hip Hop talent.

Don’t sleep on this one.

I’m out,



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Friday 22 July 2022

Album Review: Off The Beaten Track by Citizen Nuggz Produced Westax


Off The Beaten Track


Citizen Nuggz produced by Weztax


Between 2014 and 2018 I lived in a small village in Devon, called Hartland, and about thirty minutes’ drive from there was one of North Devon’s major towns, Barnstaple. Now Barnstaple just happens to be where Citizen Nuggz resides so, how I never heard of him while I was living down that way is nutz but, there ya go, so it was not until Pandamonium dropped a remix of the track Country Lanes and Hedgerows that I first heard of Citizen Nuggz and Weztax…

Anyway, I digress.

Off The Beaten Track is the debut release for Citizen Nuggz, it was written over the course of four to five years and is fully produced by producer/musician Weztax. What you are treated to is not just ten or twelve tracks but, seventeen tracks of proper Hip Hop goodness, straight out the West Country of the UK.

Citizen Nuggz (Patrick Carey) is the brother of B WUN of Da Regiment. He grew up on the streets of North Devon town Combe Martin before moving to Barnstaple (BTOWN) when he was aged 11. He had some heavy musical influences from his Uncle Craig, who fed him tapes by the likes of Onyx, KRS 1, Rakim, The Pharcyde and many more, and his own parents who liked Motown, Barry White, Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye and such like. He has played a host of instruments from a young age including drums from age 8. From his late teens he began to write lyrics on a serious basis and after playing in a number of bands would eventually leave those to pursue being an emcee. The crews, he is in, are associated with Exeter label One Lion Sound and he has also been associated with Plymouth’s Cult Music and has spent the best part of a decade arranging Hip Hop events, touring the UK and overseas.

All that considered, the expectation is pretty high for what is about to be delivered by Citizen Nuggz and Weztax. So, without further ado, let’s get into Off The Beaten Track…

The album hits heavy straight out the gates with the OTBT Intro a pulse pounding mix of drums. Pipe organ notes and cuts. This really sets up the tone of the album perfectly in introducing you to Citizen Nuggz, Weztax production and the album.  With that vibe ringing in your ears the album kicks off proper with Verbal Savegery. The bass, drums, and organ notes, bring a slightly dark edge to the whole tone of the track, which is a blank canvas for Nuggz to display his mind-bending wordplay skills as he takes words and sentences, twisting them together creating an entertaining display of just what he is capable of doing as an emcee. Next up we find Weztax stepping out from behind the scenes to feature on Ain’t The Same, a proper boom bap sound full of drums, synths, and strings that will immediately get your head nodding. Nuggz and Weztax set out how they are in this for the love of the music, Hip Hop and not for money or the fame. Here it’s all about the passion for the music and how it’s important to be authentic in what you do and that is all about speaking on where you’re from and in your own accent, that’s how you bring intelligence and authenticity to what you do.  

Outer Body hits with a solid Hip Hop sound that mixes organ notes, bass, drums, and cuts along with an added flute sound that seems to tease your awareness. Midway through the track that flute drops out in favour of an electric guitar vibe, which tweaks your nerves. The focus here is on writing lyrics and what that process makes you feel and what it can do to you. With your awareness and nerves now in a heightened state Fictional Thoughts hits with a slamming mix of drums, bass, and piano notes, in fact that piano is so nerve tingling that you can’t lose yourself in this one as the piano keeps you firmly focused on the track. Slard joins Citizen Nuggz here for a track the seems to be taking aim at all those who can’t be original in their music. Those who chose to write fictional fantasy stories instead of drawing on their own authentic experiences. The vibe now switches to a more laid-back stance with some heavy drums and strings creating the mood, which has an almost up and down feel to it. In fact, that up and down feel fits perfectly on the track as Citizen Nuggz is joined by Cracker Jon and Moraless for a track that looks at the work you need to put in if you are going to succeed alongside the ups and downs of life. There are so many who chose to waste their time, not taking their craft seriously. It’s also key to remember not to take life too seriously and having some Laughing Fits can really help mellow the mood of the often stressful challenges life puts before us.  

Praise The Grades is a big tune and drops with this heavy sound of Organ notes, bass, drums and cuts which has this banging funk vibe. Nuggz and B WUN drop some slick verses all about the different grades of that sticky green and simply kicking back and chilling with a good smoke, no matter which one you pack in. Now one thing you can’t escape from in North Devon is the Country Lanes and Hedgerows and here Weztax creates a big sound of drums, horns and strings that seems to fit so well with the North Devon area, which is exactly what this one is all about. North Devon is not the place you expect to find Hip Hop alive and well but, it is most definitely there. In place full of country lanes, hedgerows, and grockles (That’s holidaymakers to everyone else), anything is possible and here one thing is for sure Hip Hop is alive and kicking. That North Devon ambiance spills over into Metaphoric Metamorposis where keys and drums mix with the sounds of nature to bring you that breezy summers day vibe. If you mix that nature aspect with the ups and downs of life and our own desire for change and how a view might change around the corner of the next country lane, then you might just get a handle on what Citizen Nuggz, Moxey and Toddy are putting across with this one, it’s very clever…

The piano intro to Set Ablaze, gives you a sense of calm, albeit a false sense as it fades into the background as some proper head nod drums bust forth. Nuggz and Chatta drop some slick verses with intelligent wordplay that focuses on writing rhymes and keeping everything hot to set the tracks on fire and certainly accomplish that here but, if that were not enough, the track ends with some fiery red-hot cuts that fan the flame further. Heavy horns, a heavy beat, and some hefty rapid-fire cuts and Nuggz with some rapid-fire lyrics. This short tracks hits heavy with every element pounding away in its own way. Everything in life, those Odds and Evens, it’s all a game of chance, every decision you make and every road you take, that’s what this one is all about right? Well, I’m taking a chance on that one too…

Flute, drums, bass, and rewinds merge to bring a slightly darker aspect to the beat for Insomnia (Skit). Nuggz switches the flow down a touch as he muses about his troubles, what is causing it? Could it be insomnia, or could it be an addiction to the music and writing rhymes? The skit ends with a sampled interview with a specialist speaking on insomnia and Sleep Apnoea. As I thought about this it brought me to my own experiences with insomnia and sleep apnoea and Weztax production here almost feels like a musical expression of the brain fog associated with poor sleep. Footsteps lead us to a laid-back sound of drums, piano, and sax, which combine to create that laid-back but almost haunting vibe. Nuggz relaxed flow details the Chapters of Larry, which also features Jack Llewelyn. The story follows Larry, someone who appears to have lost everything and all hop with life. Bad choices and an addiction to heroin have turned him into a shadow of his former self, a sad dishevelled figure searching bins. Jack’s soulful lyrics really add depth to the story and leave us wondering if we should pity this person and offer help or just leave them to their fate?

A more upbeat vibe that is created by strings, bass, drums, and cuts is the backdrop for Airheads which see’s Nuggz team up with Slard and Witness MC to look at all those people who have so much to say, talking load but, really not saying anything. Those who constantly big themselves up or spend too much time whinging but, in truth have nothing of real value to say. So, the message here is if you’re gonna say something then at least speak from the heart, that’s where truth comes from. It’s time to mix things up a little as Jman joins Nuggz over a beat that features organ notes, maracas and drums bringing the kinda sound you just wanna groove to. Nuggz and Jman mix up Hip Hop and a dash of ragga vibes to bring you Calm. You get a real sense from the words that there is so much in life that causes anger and stress that we all just need to be more calm, but where does that calm come from? Perhaps the music, something that allows us to truly take a step away from all the anger and stress and puts us in touch with a good level of Calm. The penultimate track here is Three Little Pigs with its bouncy beat of organ notes and drums but, it also has a mind-bending edge to it too. Here Nuggz treats us to a modern take on the classic nursery rhyme, rooting it in out current society with the struggles of everyday life, the desires of the have’s and the have nots. It’s a dark place where money and those who have it, rule, while everyone else suffers…

The album ends with something special, OTBT Posse Cut (or should that be a clan cut?) with an epic run time that almost hits twelve and a half minutes. There are 16 emcees and sixteen beat changes across those twelve plus minutes which features Citizen Nuggz, Lazy Eyes, Moraless, B WUN, Chatta, Ino’vative, Chie, Fire@Will, Mr Grey, Moxey, Riffree, Mr Inglorious, Witness MC, Toddy, Slard and Weztax. Each emcee showcases their skills here for approximately 60 seconds at a time. This is a truly stunning slice of West Country talent that is on show, and you would think that across such a time frame that things would lose their appeal but, that’s so far from the truth, all the beat changes are seamless, and the emcees have just enough time to drop a dope verse. By the end of this you’ll be thinking you have just had an entire festival worth of emcees packed into one track, mind-blowing stuff…


Overall, what you have here is a hairs breadth over 70 minutes of pure Hip Hop dopeness. Seventeen cuts of some of the best the West Country has to offer. It’s a proper long player, as we used to say back in antiquity. But, in times where more famous artists are putting out albums that are around thirty minutes long, with tracks that are only 2 minutes long, Citizen Nuggz and Weztax are making a bold statement here, in the words of the legendary Rakim, “This is how I should be done” and “It ain’t where you’re from. It’s where you’re at” because it’s not about being from the West Country and doing Hip Hop that is just about where you’re from, this is about proper real Hip Hop and that’s where it’s at. I have to say that I wholeheartedly salute them for putting this hefty project out.

You can truly feel the heart and soul that went into this and their love of the music. You can feel it in every beat of the production from Weztax and in every bar of Citizen Nuggz lyrics, it just oozes Hip Hop music for the love of Hip Hop music.

Nuggz lyrics are intelligent and performed with gusto from someone who truly loves what he does. His wordplay and talent for switching between flows and vibes show that he has honed his craft across years practice behind the mic and on stages across the UK and further afield, in fact there were times when his lyrics appeared so complicated and delivered with ease that even this seasoned reviewer had to listen, listen, and listen again just to get the insights. The future looks bright for Nuggz with a number of projects in the works, Including Off The Beaten Track II, Road To Recovery (10 Tracks written in hospital) produced by Charmandem and Citizens Advice produced by Bristol’s Hozay, to name just few. You wanna keep watch for the name Citizen Nuggz.

Weztax production is superb, switching from multi-layered production to more simplistic sounds, none of which seem any less polished than the last. He crafts sounds and moods perfectly that create the perfect backdrop for Nuggz. Weztax is a solid and talented producer and musician, who also provides all the cuts on the album, and deserves far more exposure than I have seen to date.

The mix of featured artists is something that really adds more weight to the project. From those you might know such as Jman (Babylon Dead) and B WUN to others might not be so familiar with, it matters not as everyone performs to the highest degree, displaying top notch lyrical skills that shows the West Country of the UK has to be one of the driving forces of underground UK Hip Hop right now. Have a listen and see if you agree?

There is no doubt in my mind that this album is gonna be high up, perhaps even top ten, on the list of top underground UK Hip Hop releases of 2022.

Off The Beaten Track is available now and there are physical CD copies coming soon and some other merch available so, with all that said there is only one thing left for me to say, Enjoy this one…

Huge thanks to Citizen Nuggz for dropping this my way and on that note,

I’m proper outta here,



Remember to check for Citizen Nuggz on social media too...

The one link for streaming Off The Beaten Track:

One Lion Sound Website:

One Lion Records on Bandcamp:

Country Lanes and Hedgerows Pandamonium Remix on Bandcamp:


Citizen Nuggz on YouTube. Watch for the videos for 'Country Lanes and Hedgerows' coming soon:




Wednesday 20 July 2022

Album Review: Damaged Goodz by Damaged Goodz


Damaged Goodz


Damaged Goodz


Glasgow Emcee Damaged Goodz is back with his self-titled LP Damaged Goodz. This multi-producer album promises to mix-up all of his years of experience into one solid album covering a wide range of themes, rhymes styles and flows.

The album, which is released through Watercolour Music, also boasts a a host of guest artists which have all been handpicked by Damaged Goodz to fit with the overall vibe of the Album.

So, without further ado, join me as I take you through this one top to bottom, front to back and side to side…

The hits straight out the gate by mixing up a heavy boom bap beat and guitar with a chorus that has a heavy rock edge to it, that is produced by DJ Zeeny (who also provides all cuts on the album). There is no easing you into this one slowly as Damaged Goodz tackles the subject of Self-doubt on I’m Afraid of Being Nothing. This is something so many of us can relate to. I mean, how many times have faced a challenge and questioned if you can do it and not bothered to follow through? Well, the important point here is to recognize that self-doubt and then still do it, take that step, and challenge yourself because the rewards are far more precious than you realise. Leading on from this Damaged Goodz takes us through that challenge of pushing forward in the face of adversity with Phat Rocky. Produced by LIVIN, the track has this almost dual nature to it with a mix of drums, bells, and horns, where the verses have this almost laid-back feel as opposed to the choruses which pound, just as you would build up to that final push. Kim Wilson features here and here vocals add a sense of encouragement that helps you keep pushing through all those times you might falter or even fall but, you get back up every time showing you strength of character. With an almost calm ease we move into Republic Enemy but, that sense of ease is short lived as a pounding boom bap beat, produced by S.T.S, hits and literally blows you away. There are some very slick cuts here that slice up a classic Blade sample. What get here appears to be a little bit of braggadocio from Damaged Goodz as he displays his solid wordplay and verbal skills. When you have spent your life or a great deal of it, dedicated to developing your craft, there is no reason why you can’t big yourself up every now and again, just to let others know and enjoy your skills.

Class Clown Karma Club finds the production from LIVIN mixing up a pounding beat with synth sounds that produces this head nod vibe with a focus that really helps you bring the words to life. We find Damaged Goodz speaking on struggling at school and that struggle leading to becoming the class clown. That class clown wears a mask to help hide the fact that learning, listening, and general focus was hard. This can have ramifications in later life, hence the realisation of the karma aspect. Mary Ann Kennedy features as the teacher trying to gain the attention of the clown. From the karma of the class clown, we drift into a weird mind-bending outta space vibe of sonic sounds and cuts, alongside a pounding beat from S.T.S. ALIEN-ALIEN-ALIEN see’s Damaged Goodz looking at feelings of alienation. This is a place where you mind struggles to cope with how others are treating you, because you are different or alternatively, they treat you different because of a traumatic event you have been through, and they don’t know what to say. These struggles cause you to react, thinking untruths as you question why, why you? The times we struggle through continue as the focus of Ghosts of the Past, where have a grime vibe to the heavy beat from KONCHIS. This darker edge finds Damaged Goodz joined by CCTV, MADHAT, Natalie Lynch, TICKLE and MOG for a look at all those times we are faced with looking at the ghost from our past. These moments can often be the most difficult times for us. They may be painful to face but, they are also very  important in defining who we are as we look to make our peace with these hurdles on the path of life. The differing styles of the MC’s and the sung parts of the track really reflect the different ways we all face these moments and how we, individually cope with what they bring up for us, shaping us into those individuals…

Cold Crush the Gold Dust has this intro, young Katie Whiteford, that gives you no idea whats about to drop, produced by Onra The Bastardian (who recently produced the Gallus Alliance EP with DG), the beat hit hard with pounding drums and some high pitched synth/organ notes, which gives this a modern electro sounding vibe. You really get the feel with this one that Damaged Goodz is giving a nod to all those who have been an inspiration to him, making him the force he is today. Alongside that is the fact that it is only right that we pay respect to those who inspired and came before us, paving the way for all who follow. This one truly pays respect to that golden era of Hip Hop music. BIG DIV now sets the stage with some pounding drums and piano that brings this horror movie soundtrack vibe. With the stage set, we realise this is The Open Mic, a place where Damaged Goodz feels right at home. Here is a demonstration of what DG can do if you open the mic to him as he proceeds to step up and drop it freestyle. This is hard hitting verbal wordplay, which is unapologetic, gritty and hard-hitting. It might just be for the fun of it but, don’t front, OK…

You guess from the title what Menage Et Tois of Self-Sabotage is all about? The musical backdrop from KONCHIS is one of Synths, electronic vibes and pounding bass drums. There is a distinct grime edge to this that sounds something like you might hear if John Carpenter was to produce grime. This is a powerful story of what can happen to those who do not realise they have trauma issues. Damaged goodz is a man indulging in the self-sabotaging behavior of an extramarital affair, Lauren Gilmour is his mistress, taking the role of the one in control of the others behavior. Here we see the lack of one man’s personal boundaries and behaviors caused by a past trauma affecting who he has become. Dinosaur SR see’s S.T.S bring a trip hop feel to proceedings with drums and orchestral notes, there is also a mind-bending dark edge to things as Damaged Goodz tackles another deep subject. Here he faces a tough decision at a fork on the path of life. He mulls over all the pro’s and con’s of what to do, after everything he has achieved, all the pain and all the good times. But the hardest decision can often be the most rewarding or it can be darkest, it is only our inner strength that will ultimately choose the right path.

From difficult decisions we wonder if we chose the wrong path with Fuck My Life, DJ Zeeny brings a pounding mix of drums, horns, piano, and xylophone notes which translates into a head nod punch the air kinda vibe. Damaged Goodz teams up with long time collaborators Nity Gritz and Butterscotch to hit hard but, not hard enough that they can’t add a little tongue-in-cheek too. There is still a message here and one that focuses on the things that have not gone right for you and you are beating yourself up about. These are still defining moments for us, positive or not but, sometimes you just have to add a little light-heartedness to take the edge of and these guys do exactly that. The album ends on a positive note with Keep The Dream Alive, produced by FARMA G, the piano, drums, horns and choral notes, bring a reflective air to things. Damaged goodz speaks on about all those ups and downs in life and how we often struggle to keep sight of what’s important. No matter what life throws at you, it is important to keep that spark, that dream alive inside, because it is that which gives us the strength and the resolve to carry on to the next day, the next year and knowing that it you that can do it.


I have to say it, DAMN, what an album! Music is something that really touches us at times and there were times that this one really touched me deeply. I recognised a lot of things that I struggle with on a personal basis, not only that but, you can really feel the passion that Damaged Goodz has put into this one, it oozes from every bar and is matched by the passion put in by the producers with every beat. Everything just seems on point here from tone of what the producers have put in, to the way every guest artist fits in on those tracks, to the passion, wordplay and flows from Damaged Goodz, who is on top form here, in fact everyone is, if I’m fair.

I could probably sit here for hours and waffle on about what’s good on this album, how it touched me, and which tracks and how they did but, I’m just going to keep it short because I want you to experience it for yourself…

Overall, Damaged Goodz is a rock-solid Hip Hip/underground sound that not only takes you deep into the heart and soul of Damaged Goodz the emcee but, it takes you deep into your own heart and soul. It carries you along as it musically matches every emotion that you feel as you listen you the words of Damaged Goodz, feeling your own experiences rise to the surface to be recognised and accepted. As much as this is music, it is a timeless expression of the true self and the journey you take in life.

Damaged Goodz by Damaged Goodz is released on 23rd July 2022, and I honestly advise you to really listen to this one.

Salute and thanks to Damaged Goodz for sending me this one, an instant classic in my book.

See Ya,



Watercolour Music Official Website:

Damaged Goodz Bandcamp:


The Making of Damaged Goodz LP




Friday 15 July 2022

EP Review: Ill Natured EP by Ill Natured


Ill Natured EP


Ill Natured


Ill Natured are a Hip Hop crew that is truly global in it’s make up. The crew consists of Lyricist Blaise from New York USA, Cosmic Rayne a wordsmith from Cape Town South Africa, Abstract Soundz from the UK, and DJ Stav also from the UK, there are also features from Saigon emcee’s Kazanalam and Caz. So Ill Natured spans the USA to the UK, down to South Africa and then links up with Vietnam, that’s pretty global…

Production on the EP comes from Blaise, Abstract Soundz and DJ Stav, who also gets busy on the 1’s and 2’s.

So, just how did this global group of Emcee’s/DJs and producers get together? Well, I think I’ll let them answer that “Conceived on a rooftop under the sprawling skyline of Ho Chi Minh City, the ILL NATURED crew came together through the love of the art form of hip hop”.


So, when you have a crew that joins forces simply out of the love of the artform of Hip Hop, you get the feeling that what you are about to hear could well be something special and the best way to find out is for me to take you through the EP and give you my thoughts…


The Ill Natured EP kicks of with and Intro that is full of drums, keys, vocal samples and, as is essential for a good Hip Hop sound, a good dose of cuttin’ and scratchin’ all produced by Abstract Soundz. Now what this intro does, is what any good intro does and introduces us to vibe of the EP and that vibe, right here, is some real boom bap, golden era, upbeat Hip Hop. Into the first full track and we are treated to a heavy beat that brings in some double bass, keys, and cuts. Ill Natured pt 1 gives us a glimpse at what the Ill Natured crew is all about as Blaise, who produces the track, and Cosmic Rayne speak on their views as to the world around them and in the music business But, there is also a deep consciousness here where it’s all about leaving the violence behind to live in peace and in harmony with nature. The ending to the track also features Tuan SS, from Hanoi Vietnam, who drops some melodic beatbox and scratch vocal sounds. With Ill Natured having given us much to ponder, we are not even considering what’s next as Abstract Soundz production drops a proper head nod, feel good beat on us, that is heavy on the piano and keys. Miraculous features Saigon’s Kazanalam alongside Blaise where the two of them, in a meeting of minds, seem to celebrate exactly what the culture of Hip Hop, and its music, brings, what it means and the feelings it brings. As there is this meeting of minds there is a deeper almost metaphysical aspect as the two emcees’ almost merge into one being. What is also amazing here is to hear Kazanalam spit vocals in English as well as his native tongue.



The intro to Straight From The Heart, kinda says it all. Abstract Soundz funky beat is full of keys and tambourine is almost softened into the background giving the focus to the lyrics and bringing them to the forefront. The vocals from Cosmic Rayne and Saigon’s Caz have an uplifting feel to them as they speak on producing music from the heart. Expressing yourself from the heart is the truest form of expression and when you do that, be it in your music or just in your day-to-day life, you are coming across in the purest form, being your true self and allowing everyone to feel that. Time for DJ Stav to bring us a short Interlude. Mixing up cuts, keys, drums and flute notes he keeps the boom bap, head nod vibe flowing and giving another little insight into the Ill Natured crew, and that insight opens our mind ready for the coming of Ill Natured pt 2. Here Abstract Soundz brings us a slightly more chilled vibe with piano, drums, and some multi-layered sounds. Cosmic Rayne expands on what Ill Natured sees in regard to the current state of Hip Hop music. There are so many out there who are just looking for the money and the fame but, their music lacks any real ethics, and they are not really saying anything worth noting and they do not speak with their truth or from the heart.

As we move to the penultimate track, Cause and Effect, it is produced by Ill Natured (it’s a collective effort) and hits us with a body moving, head nod experience where drums and flute notes merge with multi-layered sounds to get the energy flowing. Once that energy is flowing, and it does not take long, you feel this deep desire that Ill Natured is bringing us this understanding that everything you need in life, the strength, the energy and the creativity is all contained within you, all you have to do is to channel it in the right way, and Ill Natured does just that as emcee’s, DJs and producers they channel their energy in positive ways to bring enjoyment and uplifting vibes to the listener or the crowd. The EP ends with a short and spoken Outro from Blaise where he gives thanks to all those who have, and continue to, give support to the crew.

Overall, The Ill Natured EP has to be one of the most impressive debut’s out there right now. The Ill Natured crew have come together with a mutual love for Hip Hop and from that mutual love, friendships and respect has grown, and this has given rise to a celebration of that Hip Hop culture through their own Hip Hop music, in one of it’s purest expressive forms. You can truly feel that time was taken to craft what Hip Hop means to them and that they are, in turn, giving that back to those who love real Hip Hop music.

The Ill Natured EP simply oozes the sound and feel of the golden era of Hip Hop music, keeping that sound, that energy alive. But, more than that, you can feel that in their music is a deep understanding of what Hip Hop is truly about, its core values of Peace, Love, Unity and just enjoying expressing yourself be it through the music, breakin’, graffiti or in the gaining and sharing knowledge. In Hip Hop there are no borders to separate peoples, in Hip Hop we are all one family united. The world could be a truly better place if we all lived this way and Ill Natured understand this on a truly deep level and in bringing this to those who listen is seeding a new generation of thought.

Something else I want to quickly touch on here is that the Ill Natured EP also features Tuan SS on the beatbox. Now beatbox, for me, is one of those elements of Hip Hop music that makes it unique, it is also one of those elements that is fast becoming forgotten in a digital world where someone can make a beat on their smart phone. Beatboxing takes amazing talent, growing from those who wished to make beats but could not afford the equipment in the ghettos, it also has to be one of the most unsung parts of Hip Hop music and its great to hear a small portion of it here, not letting it be forgotten and, in turn, showing that beatboxing is one of the original elements that made Hip Hop what it is.

It could be said that Ill Natured are the greatest crew you never heard of. They might not be household names right in this moment But, I suspect that, in the near future, everyone will know the name, Ill Natured.

The self-titled Ill Natured EP by Ill Natured is out now to buy or stream. My advice is to get it now…

On that note,

I’ll see ya…



Get the Ill Natured EP from Ill Natured on Bandcamp Here:

Stream the Ill Natured EP via Spotify Here:


Straight from the Heart (feat. Caz & Cosmic Rayne)

Ill Natured (Lyric Video)

Thursday 14 July 2022

Album Review: Wish and Whizz Ltd by Wish Master and Billy Whizz


Wish and Whizz Ltd


Wish Master and Billy Whizz


Now, I know this one has been out for a little while now, having been originally released back at the beginning of April this year. It was only recently that Billy sent me the digital files and, following a few hours we spent chatting in Bristol, I knew that I wanted to give this one the treatment.

So, let me give you a quick intro to Billy Whizz and Wish Master for those who might not be familiar. Wish Master is an Emcee from St Paul’s Bristol, He is also the CEO of O.R. Records (Original Recordings Records) which was set up in 2017. Billy Whizz, also from Bristol, is a Hip Hop producer whose influences range from Black Metal to Neo Soul. He has produced his own Eps alongside those of Twizzy and Lordwillin, and currently DJs for Tkorstretch, Wish Master and Press 1.

So, having read the liner notes for the album and chatted to Billy, I liked the idea that the album was set up as a lost soundtrack to a Sci-Fi Tech Noir movie that starred Wish Master and Billy Whizz. If you are not sure what I’m going on about then here are the liner notes to help spread some light on things:

Limited Edition Compact Disc Recently discovered in a DVD bargain bin, it turns out Wish Master & Billy Whizz starred in their own Sci Fi Tech Noir movie in the mid 80s. The soundtrack created from stolen synthesizers and drum machines from John Carpenters next door neighbour and the narrative provided by Wish Master's lyrics creates the perfect soundtrack all produced by Billy Whizz. Top grade features from Upfront MC, Press1, Danja & Datkid all add merit to the tense atmosphere Wish & Whizz have to face. OR has now officially released its soundtrack in its full 8 track glory restored on streaming services and CD.

I hope that helps because I thought I would add a slight movie synopsis edge to the feel of my review. So, sit back, dim the lights, and get the popcorn out, it’s time to press play…


Our opening scene see’s the dawns early light just breaking over the urban skyline of the city of Bristol UK. The heroes begin to stir from their slumber as a pounding beat hits, backed by some choral vocals, there is almost a ragga feel to the opening theme of the movie. Wish Master is soon dropping bars to Billy’s beats, switching between flows and styles, and musing over Thoughts of Thoughts, we get a good introduction to Wish and Whizz, prepping us for what’s to follow. As the light of day bathes the city in a golden light, we see this is not the Bristol we know now, the skyscrapers tower above the old city, just as giant redwood trees would tower over the native oaks growing on what was our green and pleasant land. Giant LED displays advertise products to the masses and vehicles not only travel the streets but, also fly above them. This is a metropolis of the future. Our heroes set out in the early morning light not knowing what day will bring but, as a wicked head nod beat drops, it’s time to get everyone moving and grooving. With Billy on the 1’s and 2’s, Wish Master opens up about who he is, what he does and how he and Whizz channel their creative energy. The fact is their energy comes from the heart, the Heart of a Lion that is, with passion, strength, and a desire to rise to the top.

In this future full of technology that is integrated into the very brains of humans, Wish and Whizz prefer to do things the old way in analogue and digital, not by creating beats just by thinking them and having them immediately available on an SSD built into a small watch like device on your wrist. Yeah, it takes time, and you have to be a Workaholic to do it. Here billy drops a deep, laid-back vibe from keys, drums, and choral vocals. But it’s not laid-back enough to stop you moving, especially when Wish is joined by Upfront MC to detail exactly what it is to get deep into this rap game. If you wanna be the best you gotta work at it, constantly upping your game to rise to the top and be the best. But, getting to the top is not gonna be easy, especially in a high-speed word where things go beyond digital. Our heroes stop in a small green space that was once Castle Park. As Wish begins to muse about the future, Billy flips on a beat that has that soundtrack edge, drums and sonic sounds create a grime vibe. This sets the stage perfectly for Wish to speak on the struggles of daily life and all those times we see things we feel we would like to do but, for whatever reason, we just don’t feel able to reach those goals. Well, one thing is for sure here, Wish is certain of one thing, if anyone can then Wish Master Can. With that desire ringing strong in their ears Wish and Whizz now Get Connected with DatKid. Together they walk tall through the megastructures as heavy drums and multi-layered sounds create a solid head nod vibe that gets a smile on everyones faces. There is almost a John Carpenter edge to this one as Wish and DatKid speak hard and unapologetically on life in Bristol, what you have to do to survive and the fact that being connected to all those liked minded souls out there keep things alive and keep them going on…

As they continue their journey, Wish and Whizz find themselves in an underground rock music club. With one thing in mind our heroes set out to, once more, merge Rock n Rap. The people of the future have forgotten that music genres can be brought together and Billy Whizz proceeds to mix up some heavy drums, heavy rock guitars and rock vocals to bring a proper rock n rap sound. Meanwhile Wish proceeds drop bars on the merging of musical and lifestyles. Time to bounce to this and hit the mosh pit. As Wish and Whizz emerge from the club, they are suddenly inundated with people asking questions about what they are trying to do? With a sense of confrontation in the air these people seem to have No Manners in their pursuit for answers, pounding drums and a weird sound, almost like the Green Hornet theme, is the opening for a heavy grime style beat, pounding your ears with bass. Wish Master answers all the questions by explaining they make their music, their way. They don’t work to any script, just put out what they want to put out, using any sound they want and saying whatever they want. To show the crowd exactly what they mean, Billy Whizz drops another grime edged beat with a mix of vocal samples, rapid drumbeats, cymbals and multi-layered sounds. Wish Master calls on Press 1 and Danjo to join him and with that all three proceed to spit lyrics that deal with life while each one switches up Flows on Flows demonstrating exactly what it is to do things your own way, why you do it, reaching for those goals.

With the crowd in a frenzy, the commotion comes to the attention of the authorities. Wish and Whizz take a step back to reflect on how they got to where they are now. This gives birth to who they truly are Wish and Whizz Ltd. Que a cut scene retrospective over the albums title track, sparce drums, horns and strings bring a slightly laid-back vibe, giving us time to pause for this reflective moment. Now with the feds quickly closing in and blocking all exits its time for Wish and Whizz to bring some focus and clarity to help diffuse the situation. Billy queues up some head nod drums backed by organ notes which provide a slightly chilled edge, while still hitting on all the right levels. Wish Master steps to the forefront dropping some deep verses on just what it takes to create music, their way. He speaks on the passion, the work ethic and the real-life experience that is tinged with emotion. It’s all about creating music from the heart and not just the head. Its that which allows you to dig deep inside and to bring out the King In Me. The crowd seems to suddenly awake from a dream state, they switch off their devices, unplug their minds and vow to make music from the heart. The authorities see the crowd disperse but, keep watch on Wish and Whizz as they make their way back to home. Once there and with the knowledge of what has gone that day they reflect once more. Billy drops a heavy sound of drums and horns that is full of energy. Wish, fuelled by the sound, opens up on what it is to be in this world, a world where there is so much Poison around us in many different forms. You have to get out there, make a stand, do what you gotta do to make you voice heard. To make that point even deeper there is some samples of Wish speaking during the BLM marches in Bristol way back in 2020. As the music fades and the credit roll, you are left wondering just how Wish Master and Billy Whizz got to this futuristic Bristol? Perhaps that one will be uncovered in another dusty DVD bin someday, that’s if the movie was ever made…


So, I may have put a fun spin on this one to make it fit in with the kinda fun overview of the album but, make no mistake here Wish and Whizz Ltd is a solid street level expression of urban music styles that exist in Bristol.

Wish Master and Billy Whizz, as individuals, have a deep connection to the underground music scene in Bristol and the UK in general. As they show their talents are second to none, which makes them a force to be reckoned with as a team. With Billy’s production, which mixes a whole host of musical styles and influences, with Wish Masters lyrical style and flow, which has its foundation in his own real-life experiences, really does seem to create this aural experience that creates these visual ideas in the mind of the listener, as it did for me. They just work so well together, each seemingly bringing out the best in the other.

Wish and Whizz Ltd is just a wining formula that takes the multi-faceted production and DJ skills of Billy Whizz and adds in the intelligent wordplay, styles, and flows of Wish Master, then multiplies by a few carefully selected guest artists and divides by 11 solids tracks which equals one huge slice of underground music that will appeal to a wide range of people and deliver enjoyment for years to come.

I could go on for longer about the album, singling out how good the guest artists are and how they each bring their own styles, spicing things up in just the right way when needed but, do you really need me to say all that?

All I really need to say is this, if you have not heard this already then grab a download or CD and stick it on cos I can guarantee you won’t be sorry you did and plus it’s always good to support the artists too.

So, Wish and Whizz Ltd by Wish Master and Billy Whizz is out now on O.R Records.

As for me?

I’m outta here,

See Ya…



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Thoughts of Thoughts (Intro) / No Manners

Get Connected ft DATKID

Workaholic ft UPFRONT MC