Thursday 29 September 2022

EP Review: Breaking and Entering EP by Remi Rorschach


Breaking and Entering EP


Remi Rorschach


Today see’s the release of the debut EP from Remi Rorschach, the Breaking and Entering EP. Remi hails from the UK’s Southeast and he has written, produced, performed, and engineered the entire project. The EP is released via the Good Darts label and see’s Remi being joined by Slippa Chervascus, who provides cuts, sketches, and skits. There are also some live instruments to boot here too with Sax provided by Oli Genn-Bash and Bass provided by Gwendal Langlois and Nick Davies.

Now Slippa Chervascus, the man behind Good Darts goes way back with Remi and has been promoting this for some time and says it promises to be a mixture of styles with a machine gun flow. The kinda release that might see ya needing some new underwear? So, with all that in mind it’s only right that we dive in feet first and see if this EP is what it says it is…


The EP kicks off with Mutiny, where the drums, cuts, keys, and bass mesh together and hit you with pace. The vibe here has a dark edge to it with vocals that are raw and gritty with plenty of venom. The sense you get here is that Remi Rorschach is hitting out at those people who turn their back on you, making out that they are leaving a sinking ship but, the reality is that their attitude is causing the ship to sink and that by abandoning the sinking ship they are, in fact, the ones who are saving it. The pace ain’t about to let up with the grime sound and dark synth vibe of Knock Knock. Remi’s intense delivery makes this one hard to read but, you get the feeling that this one is all about taking no shit from anyone, hitting hard, fast and getting maximum respect no matter what. There is very much a feeling of I’m not to be fucked with on this one.

From that grime vibe, things switch back to very much a Hip Hop banger with Take A Look. The drums, cuts, guitar, and piano hit hard as Remi drops unapologetic X-rated vocals as he asks you to look at exactly who he is, what he does and how he does it. But don’t get too close as this one is gonna cut deep, like a rusty razor. Heavy pounding beats and sonic synth sounds change the vibe once more as Postal takes a look at the stresses and strains of life. It’s all about the things that push you to the edge of what your mind can take, the moments where anything can happen, where reality and fiction merge and you begin to wonder what is truly real.

The intro to So Depressed kind of makes you think this will be a chilled track but, the only thing chilled about this is the flow has a little less pace to it. The drums pound while the sax, piano and strings carry you along. Here Remi does a cracking job of creating a tough track, one that touches you in a deep way, as he looks at the reality of the everyday pain that so many go through, whilst still appearing to be handling life just like anyone else, while suffering in silence. Many of those who do suffer in silence find a way of coping by heading to the Late Night Drug Stop. There is that chilled edge to this again that is created by a mix of keys, guitar, cuts, and drums. Remi switches the flow down a notch or two again as he turns his attention to life from the point of view of the dealer. The one those seeking solace so often turn to.

The main elements of Dog God are piano and drums, these merge together into an almost nerve tingling vibe that has you on edge. Remi switches between flows as looks at the kind of person who is deluded into thinking they are more than who they truly are. This is the kind of person who does not know their true self and in that place of not knowing they create a false character, with bravado, which they project to the world, one that so many are taken in by and look up to. Drums and heavy bass hit with an almost trap vibe, one that seems to mess with your head on Fuck That. Dick Dastardly joins Remi Rorschach to look at the drug culture and how it impacts the life of the younger generation.

With those thoughts of how drugs impact life so fresh in our minds, a drill vibe of bass and sonic sounds tears at your mind. The focus switches to the gang culture on Gang Mafia, something that is so closely linked to the drug culture. Skengman Supreme joins Remi Rorschach to take a no holes barred look at the violent world of gangs. This one comes from the point of view of those within the gang who will not think twice of using violence to settle a score at take on anyone who crosses them. The brutality of life is not lost on you as the final track of the EP drops with a proper Hip Hop vibe of drums, keys, and cuts but, with a dark edge. Diablo’s Dance see’s Remi take us deep into a disturbing, nightmarish vision of someone caught up in a dangerous downward spiral of money. Here we find out what can happen when all you seek is to make money and will do anything to get it. You get caught up with those who will take advantage of that desire and they will draw you down a very dark path…


What is most apparent here is that with the Breaking and Entering EP, Remi Rorschach is reflecting the dark side of life and touching on a raw side of reality that few wish to look at. We see a dark, dangerous, and brutal vision of what is going on in the streets and behind the closed doors of towns and cities in the UK. The diverse range of musical styles he shows here really bring that reality into our minds, as does his variety of flows and wordplay which are all delivered with a gritty rawness that is the nature of that reality, he is trying to show us.

The use of those different styles very much enhances the mood and impact of the message that is being conveyed. For example, using the drill style music to put across that vision of gang culture on Gang Mafia, really does put across the stark reality of what those caught up in those situations must experience. It shows a true understanding of life on the streets and how it impacts the youth of today. The entire EP paints this deeply emotive picture of inner-city life, where gangs rule, drugs are a crippling big business and the external pressures of life keep people trapped in ever decreasing circles of poverty and fighting for a better life.

To be honest here this is more than just an EP. There are enough tracks here and length to call this an album. I do get the feeling that there will be those who don’t vibe with everything here. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not a lover of trap or drill music but, I do see how it appeals to others and I can see how you can deliver a positive message using any genre of music. The important thing here is that Remi Rorschach has delivered an impressive EP that is self-produced, written, performed and more, which is no mean feat. The guests artists and musicians all fit so well into the tracks providing just the right amount of depth to compliment the project.

This is one of those you’ll want to check out and make you own mind up because I’m sure it will elicit different visions in the minds of everyone.

The Breaking and Entering EP is out today on streaming and with some limited CD copies as well so, don’t miss out.

My thanks to Slippa Chervascus of Good Darts for sending me this one. 

One that note,

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Breaking and Entering EP Jabbathakut Promo Mix




Friday 23 September 2022

Single Review: Beats In Progress 013



A: They Better Recognize (ft Uptown)

B: Beastin’ (ft Percee P)


Beats In Progress


The latest release from the awesome Beats In Progress label is this super hot double A sided single which features some heavyweight names. The A side features Uptown, who you might know from his classic “Dope On Plastic” and his work with Buckshot LeFonque, while the B side features the legendary lyricist Percee P, who really needs no introduction, and Mr Vincent.

But, before I dive into this one, as this is the first BIP release I have fetured on the blog, let give you a brief little history of the label. Set up in 1997 by TufKut, RobLife and STS, the label has dropped some stunning releases over the last twenty-five years. Now run by TufKut the label last dropped the critically acclaimed album “Keep On Diggin’” back in 2020. Over the years the label has featured some of the cream of Hip Hop artists from all over including Chrome, King Kashmere, Craig G, Sir Beans OBE, Percee P, Ghost, TMO and many more.

With TufKut now being the main man at BIP he provides the production, Cuts and mixed both tracks so you can bet this is gonna kick in an 80’s/90’s boombap Hip Hop style.

So, let’s get into it…

The A-Side is They Better Recognize and features vocals from Uptown. TufKut’s production here is a mix of drums, keys, horns, and cuts, all of which combine for a Hip Hop and Jazz fusion. The verses have a more chilled vibe to them whilst the choruses are far more pounding to bring more of an emphisis to that part. Uptown drops two verses here that are slick in their delivery but, also have a raw edge to the sound. He gives you bar after bar of solid street poetry that not only delivers on the entertainment level but also has one primary focus, which is to school all the other emcees out there as to why ‘They Better Recognize’.

Flipping to the B-Side for Beastin’ which features Percee P delivering the kind of performance that shows why he is worthy of that legendary lyricist status. He unloads a verse that you want to end, delivering bar after bar of incredible lyrical dexterity. Sometimes it seems hard to keep up with his flow as he lays out just what this Hip Hop and Rap ting is all about. He does this over TufKut’s funky masterpiece that hits you with drums, horns, plenty of JB Samples and more those delectable cuts. When Percee P finally puts down the mic, we are treated to Mr Vincent on the keys delivering the kind of performance that you just have to get moving to, wherever you’re at…


It's almost too difficult to detail exactly how good these two tracks are and just how they fire you up. On the A-Side you have a jazzy vibe track with two verses that just really pumps you up. On the B-Side there is this funky vibe with this single extended verse followed by a musical interlude, which just blows you away. What you do have here is two tracks that mat appear different in their styles, flows and vibes but, they have one solid thing in common, they bring you an energy and a vibe that makes you move, makes you smile and reminds you of just exactly why you love this Hip Hop music.

TufKut’s production and cuts are second to none here. He gives us two banging Hip Hop sounds that, kinda make you fall in love with Hip Hop music all over again. Not only that but, he brings in guest artist who just compliment his production with aplomb. All are on top of their game, in their own way, and prove that real Hip Hop is not only alive and kicking but, it lives in the hearts of those making the music and those who listen to and appreciate that music.

This is not one to miss and will get your pulses racing for sure. It will be out very soon with a strictly limited vinyl run too so, you know what to do, get on this and let that music fill your mind, body, and soul. As a bonus, the vinyl labels feature the awesome artwork of Dan Lish, just another reason to grab one while you can...

Pre-orders are now live.

My thanks to Olie Sung aka TufKut for sending this one my way.

I’m out,

See ya next time,



Pre-Order you copy from BIP Bandcamp Here:

Mr TufKut on Instagram:





Friday 2 September 2022

EP Review: The Journey by The Scribes and Risk1 Beats


The Journey


The Scribes

Produced by Risk1 Beats


Today sees the release of the new EP from one of the South West’s premier Hip Hop groups, The Scribes. The Journey is a 4 track EP, produced entirely by Risk1 Beats from Ponypridd South Wales, that is accompanied by what is, in my opinion anyway, one of the most stunning 7” Picture disc’s I’ve seen in a long time. That 7” Picture Disk of the lead track, The Shipwreck, is released through Stay Free Recordings and features the stunning artwork of Chris Malbon (who has also produced artwork for the Scribes Totem Trilogy. Part 1 of which is available now) and is a strictly limited edition.

So, just what is The Journey all about? I think the easiest way to explain that is for me to take you on a journey of my own as I stand shoulder to shoulder with The Scribes and Risk1 on this one. So, come join us for The Journey

A short spoken into immediately grabs your attention and pulls you into a place where the only importance is to sail from port to port, never anchoring, never stopping just sailing. The backdrop is piano notes over the intro before being joined by the pounding drums of the sea and a wind of fierce cuts (from Risk1). This musical combination gives you this feeling that all there is this ship and the sea, and you are at the mercy of the elements. Ill Literate then uses emotive lyrics to describe the thoughts of the sailor, the captain perhaps, of this ship. Beyond that the lyrical pallet paints a picture of changing seas and the approaching storm. The fury of the sea and the wind takes no pity on the ship and those thoughtless enough to sail into its path. Ultimately the vessel is destroyed by the storm and our narrator finds himself a victim of The Shipwreck

Drums and Clarinet come together to produce an almost Egyptian sounding vibe. This backdrop is perfect. Our survivor is now thankful to be spared But, with the ship lost, he finds himself at the mercy of the elements once more. This time the harsh unrelenting sun beats down on him as he finds himself kneeling in sand and facing the challenge of The Desert, as he seeks to find his way home. Ill Literate narrates helping us visualise the heat and its effects, causing cracked skin and despair as the survivor treads across shifting sands, wondering if only survived the seas to be killed by in this ocean of yellow scorched sand…

Piano, bass, and drums produces a slightly darker edge to the sound scape and one that might just be a saviour to our survivor. As ill Literate narrates further, we find out survivor thankful once more as he makes his way to edge of the desert to find that it is now The Forest that awaits him. Passing out in the shade of trees, he awakes sits before setting off once more. There are still challenges to face but, life of the forest helps the survivor begin to heal. As he regains his strength, he is thankful that the forest has helped save him and comes to more realisations about who he truly is and his relationship to world around him…

The Return see’s our survivor back home and the backdrop of piano, organ notes and drums give this a reflective air about it. Here he reflects over the journey he has just been on, thinking on the challenges he faced, the moments of fear, pain, healing, and joy. This is a journey that he will never forget, it has changed him for the better, giving him a deep respect for the world around him and for who he is and his place in that world, a world that helped heal him and, perhaps, he can help heal it…

Although The Journey is one based on the story of a shipwreck survivor and his journey through unknown lands and what he faces as he tries to make his way back home, you realise that this journey parallels the experiences of any one of us. The time, place and names might be different, as is the situations but, there is no doubt that we have all done things where we have gone in blindly or perhaps got real deep into something that when things change, we feel suddenly alone, not knowing which way to turn. We will stumble through a period of time, doing our best to get by before, one day having a moment of clarity where we suddenly see the road in front of us, we realised that we have been forever changed by what has happened but, now we have a new sense of purpose, a new respect for life and we walk forward in the understanding that what seemed like a negative experience was more of a teaching than anything and we are thankful for that…

The Scribes and Risk1 have truly nailed this by bringing us a very intelligent, descriptive, and poignant piece of hip hop. Musically Risk1 has produced sounds that completely suit the tone of each track and he does that in a reasonably simple way, not with too many layers but, just enough to produce the feeling in the listener, and all the while keeping that sound rooted in that boom bap hip hop. Ill Literate uses emotive verbal wordplay that flows easily with the vibe of each track, allowing the listener to visualize not just the intended story but, also to visualize what is not said or not intended. That is the key point here that the Risk1 and The Scribes merge to bring you an EP that could, quite easily, have you imagine a different story each time you listen, bringing a slightly different set of circumstances for the survivor in the story, while reflecting a different story from your own journey as well.

Overall, I have to say that The Journey is not just a solid UK Hip Hop release but, an intelligent story that is put together in such a way as to bring the listener reflections of their own personal journey as much as it brings a musical journey. It also goes to show why The Scribes are one of the UKs most exciting Hip Hop acts, with lyrical dexterity and uplifting vibes matched with bringing in exactly the right producers for each of their projects. They also have an incredible work ethic in doing what they love, their live program is almost non-stop, and I suggest you get to see them when they pass through your town or city, because these guys always put on one heck of a show.

It is also worth noting here that as The Scribes signed with Stimulus Management in February 2022, joining a frankly insane roster including Nas, Snoop Dogg, DJ Premier, Mobb Deep, Busta Rhymes and Faith Evans. So, the future looks increasingly bright for the guys.

The Journey is released on digital, alongside The Shipwreck 7” picture disc and video (from Bristol based S G Media), today.

On that note,

I’ll see ya next time…



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The Shipwreck Official Video

The Video will be available later today, I'll up date the review when I can but, keep watch on the links above...