Tuesday 24 July 2018

Let It Go - Single Review


The latest single from UK Hip Hop legend Remark is sure to cause a few waves. There will be those that get it from the outset and those that don’t. But, if you are one of the latter, I urge you to give it a deep listen and see where it takes you.

A blend of Hip Hop, electronica and a twist of the alternative, Let It Go has the kinda vibe that has you see sawing between genres but, there is no time to spend on which vibe is which because this track is fast paced and drags you kicking and screaming into Remarks deep message.
Remarks instantly recognizable voice kicks in to a message deeply rooted in the society we live, no matter which country you live in. Every day we are bombarded by the negativity that human beings have created. It matters not what you do with your day, watch TV, read the papers, spend ages on Social Media or just walk down the street. There is a lot out there orchestrated to bring you down or hold you back. Remarks message is giving you a way out of how that negativity affects you. The way out is to Let It Go! 

Don’t get sucked in by what goes on around you. Don’t react to all that negativity. Take a deep breath cos shit’s always gonna happen but, it does not have to happen to you. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, Let It Go.

Demonstrates Remarks talent for blending and bridging different genres, Let it Go even had me going back to an electromic 80’s feel. His delivery is on point in tackling important current issues and giving it to you straight, no bullshit. Also important here is the power of putting your music out independently. You can touch the subjects the mainstream only wishes they could.

Get yourself Let it Go for your listening pleasure and see for yourself if the deeper meaning will stay with you, just let it in. For extra impact, check out the official video on YouTube (Link Below) with the added visual element that reinforces the lesson.

I, for one, am looking forward to a long awaited Remark Long Player.

One more thing, Support Remark and go buy the single, Link below.

Enjoy everyone,
I’m outta here.