Tuesday 30 June 2020

Single Review - JVF Clique : Masks

JVF Clique
Single Review

Hot on the heels of their recent release Triptych, the Duo from Leicester is back with another single. This Latest offering, Masks, is a full on hardcore Hip Hop banger.

Now you might think that the title is referring to the current Covid situation and the fact that many people have taken to wearing masks as a precaution. However, for me the focus of this track is far from that, well at least in one sense.

On listening you are drawn into the track that has two distinct styles to the lyrical delivery. Now, be this intentional or not what it does is provide a real contrast an almost Yin Yang feel.  For me the message here was not just about those who wear physical masks for criminal purposes or other but, also those who mask who they are by not being the true expression of themselves and that really spoke to me. Now, again, I’m not sure if it was intentional to have a deeper message but, to get that from the track shows the true power of music.

The production is on point Boombap and heavy on the horns. The kinda vibe you bang loud regardless of whether you are feeling the deeper message or if you just want to have that heavy pounding track exploding out your speakers.

JVF are coming out of lockdown hard and Masks is huge short across the bow’s of the scene demonstrating these guys are not here to play but, to entertain, to drop it hard and unrelenting.

Masks is out tomorrow, 1st July, on all the usual platforms.

All streaming links here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jvfclique/masks

Peace out,

Tuesday 23 June 2020

No Justice No Peace by Scottish Hip Hop Artists for Equality - Album Review

No Justice No Peace
Scottish Hip Hop Artists for Equality
Album Review

With everything that is currently going on in the world from Covid to Black Lives Matter it is good to see an album put together where all the proceeds are going to a worthwhile cause. That cause being the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights.

The Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights works to eliminate racial discrimination and harassment and to promote racial justice across Scotland.

Their key mission is to:
Protect, enhance and promote the rights of Black/minority ethnic communities across all areas of life in Scotland; and strengthen the social, economic and political capital of Black/minority ethnic communities, especially those at greatest risk of disadvantage.

The album was brought to my attention by Wurrd Jenkins and has been put together by Scottish Producer/Composer and Presenter Steg G. Comprising of a whopping 21 tracks the album has a huge line up of talented Scottish artists and covers a wide variety of sound scape’s from Hip Hop to Grime and Trap vibes.

As per my normal reviews I want to give you an insight into every track but, as there are so many I am going to try and keep my words on each track a little shorter than I would normally. Also, I’m going to change the format of my review for this one and give you it track by track in a list style to help make it a little easier to read. So, let’s get into this album and see what it has to offer:

Solareye – WHERE2NOW: Start as you mean to go on is the way to go and this one hits that on so many levels hitting out at the British Government, slavery, big pharma companies and so much more all over a heavy industrial sound that rattles you to the core.
Shogun – KNOW: This one hits on a whole different level as you are taken on a ride through one man’s experiences of life to this point. A sobering feel to this one both lyrically and musically, although the sung chorus provides a lift from what feels like floating in dark waters.
Werd (SOS) – SEONAIDH: The name Seonaidh is Scottish Gaelic and can translate to the English Johnny, I’m not sure if that has any meaning to the track or not? But, this is a straight Hip Hop beat with mind screwing electronic tone helps mirror the feel of the track as it weaves a personal take on the perception of self, the music scene and general life around him.
Gasp – THANK YOU: Lyrically this one is almost pleading for people to listen as it speaks on equality, racism and ultimately gives thanks to the African American and Black Culture in general. Musically it’s laid back electronic vibe that has whispers of a trap feel.
Bigg Taj & Spee 69 – IF YOU WITH ME: This one has a ‘world music’ feel to it, along with a more upbeat vibe. The message here is one of standing up for those who are struggling in society and an awareness of how the media reports and governments fail while they seek to control and profit.
Conscious Route & Tru Note – EVERYTHING TEST: Upping the BPM on this one with fast paced electronic vibe over a banging beat. The vision this one brings is that of a society where everything around you tests you very resolve.
Steg G & The Freestyle Master – SEE IT IN THEIR EYES: On that trap style vibe here as there is a deep message here that really speaks that regardless of what you see on TV and in the media if you truly look there is one place to see the truth, In Their Eyes...
Sherlock – BANG: Staying with the trap vibe here as the track, for me, seemed to speak about not taking any shit and being yourself regardless.
Loki – RUN TO IT: A chilled guitar with huge heavy bass. This one really gave me the view that regardless of the darkness, the hard times, you can push through it and come through it.
Empress – DON’T TELL ME: A laid back, piano heavy, trap style vibe this one see’s the message about being true to yourself and others.
Konchis, Takoh, ID, Remark & Paque – KNOW ABOUT THAT: Heavy trap vibe on this one. You gotta ask yourself, whatever you do in life, what do you truly know about things...
Kid Robotik - SMOKE: Staying with that heavy trap style vibe, this track really seems to speak on the struggles of life and how you cope.
Spawn Zero – AGONY: A more chilled vibe on this track with a message about how it is best not to force things to happen but, to allow them to happen. When you force things it often causes the exact opposite to manifest.
Tzusan – DATA SPIKE: A short track with spacey vibe to it that gives a short message on the current state of affairs.
Becca Star & Orry Caren – IT JUST FEELS SAD: A real heavy vibe on this one that speaks volumes that, even in this day and age, women are still not treated equally in many ways and that is sad.
MacKenzie – DNTWNNKNW: An almost trip-hop chilled feel to this track with its acoustic guitar and then completely flipping to a heavier pounding vibe. It really mirrors what you see in society with the two sides of human nature. There is a deeper meaning here as with everything going on many simply just don’t want to know...
Brian Jamieson – SHATTERDAY: Heavy raw and unrelenting with a trap feel. A darker look at life here with a raw look at what can happen at the weekend following a long hard week working and you then get that escape only to be left Broken...
Bigg Taj – LA LA LA: A nice little head nod beat here that is the perfect stage for the track that speaks on inequality and that fact that many people respond this with an attitude of ignorance.
Wurrd Jenkins – OAN N OAN: Boombap Hip Hop style business right here on a track that put me in mind of that, whatever happens and whatever we see and do, one thing is for sure life goes on and on.
Kryptic – YOU WANT IT: Another one to get your head bobbing. For me, this one really spoke of how, in life, we endure many trials and tribulations but, life is too short for spreading hate.
Jackal Trades – TRIANGULAR TRADES: Going out on a high the album rounds of with a banger of a track that looks at state of the world now and shows that the way forward is to properly educate people. Not just the new generation but, current generation. We never stop learning...

This is quite a powerhouse of an album. It is highly listenable from beginning to end. I, personally, am not a lover of trap style music but, that is not an issue here. All through the album you can feel the energy of each artist and their motivation for being a part of this project. It is that energy that gives the album that extra dimension. Current events show that equality is quickly becoming a huge movement and people are making themselves heard and saying that they will no longer stand to see people being treated with disrespect.  

To look at society and all the forms of inequality that are rife in day to day life, is not an easy thing. As many of us wake up to what is going on and see the racism, the stigma of mental health, the treatment of women in the workplace, how governments truly treat the people and the power of the superrich, it becomes more apparent that changes will need to be made and nothing can stop those changes. How those changes occur will rely a lot on how we educate ourselves and how we pass the knowledge to the coming generations.

We cannot make the same mistakes as have been made in the past. We must recognise that on this planet there are no minority races. Your skin colour, your sexuality, you’re perceived social status or ethnicities do not make us different. We are all one on this planet.

This album makes a statement it recognises what needs to change and, by supporting The Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, shows that the changes are being made and that the education is being put forward and knowledge is being made available.

I only hope now that we will see more statements like this from the musical communities across the world. Music is one of the most powerful educational tools we have available, regardless of which genre of music you enjoy. Music has the power to change lives and to reach out to everyone.
On that note I highly recommend you grab a copy of the album from the link below.

Till next time,

Peace and one love,


For more Information on the Coalition For Racial Equality and Rights in Scotland please use the following link: https://www.crer.scot/ 

Check out the home page for Steg G: http://www.steg-g.co.uk/ 

For more information on all the artists please check social media for links.

Wednesday 17 June 2020

I Have a Hidden Hobby by Montener the Menace - Album Review and Mini Interview

I Have a Hidden Hobby
Montener the Menace
Album Review

Social media definitely has its ups and downs but, one of its up’s is that on occasions you can find some hidden gems and make some new and exciting connections. One of those connections led to this review in fact.

I first saw a post about the album on Jabbathakut’s Social Media and I happened to like a post on Montener’s Instagram and followed him. I was interested as he stated the album was recorded back between 2008/09 and I wondered why it had taken so long to release it. Shortly after that we had a chat and the rest, as they say, is history.

I make no bones about the fact that I like to support home-grown talent. I feel it is always a good thing to support those up and coming artist’s from your country, be they local or otherwise. So, this was a great chance to do that and the line up of guest artist’s alongside Montener was so impressive, I just had to go for it. This also gave me the chance to include one of my mini-interviews as a bonus to the review and you won’t want to miss that as it has some great stuff in there.

So, let me get straight into this one and give you lowdown from my humble point of view:

The album kicks off with one of only two tracks that was actually recorded recently, the Intro and it really gives you a great insight into the fact he has a great sense of humour, which definitely helps these days, and add the that the nice bit of production from Domingo and it sets up the album quite nicely. So, now we turn back the clock a few years and get into the album proper with It’s Over Now, with production coming from Iron Fist Productions, cuts from DJ Ike and featuring stateside heavyweights Blaq Poet and Punchline this one drops heavy and knocks out all those wack emcee’s who wanna step up. You can’t really start an album any better than this, for real. Next we are on to the title track I Have a Hidden Hobby and this one features Baron Samedi and production from Explosive Beats. The Piano heavy beat gives the whole thing that horror movie soundtrack vibe. That fits well with vibe of the track with Hip Hop being the hidden hobby but, it also wakes you wonder what interests lay beneath the surface of anyone. From hidden hobbies the curtain now raises on what is a showcase of some of the UK’s finest. Step features Cuts from Jabbathakut and guest emcees Klashnekoff, Cappo, Ranson Badbonez and Boodah (Montener’s brother), the production comes courtesy of Domingo and what a banger this one is. The beat is orchestral driven with heavy pounding vibe giving the perfect stage for each emcee, and Jabba of course, to demonstrate just exactly how good they are, outstanding.

King of my City hits with a definite funky feel to it and will have you nodding your head and the rest of your body, probably. Production here comes from Iron Fist Productions, the cuts from 12 Finger Dan and features Big Twins (infamous Mobb) and Maylay Sparks. The big players keep coming and here it’s all about dropping stories about where they’re from and where they’re at. Seek and Dismantle has a guitar driven upbeat vibe courtesy of production from Explosive Beats with some dope cuts provided by 12 Finger Dan, featuring Boodah and White Lotus we have the emcees on an almost battle rhyme tip as they take their skills to the streets seeking out those to dismantle. The vibe of Agent’s of Rap is as deep and funky as it gets with Domingo’s production. A definite track to keep ya head nodding featuring Wordsworth, Unlearn the World and Inja. In fact the focus of this track is really appropriate at this time as is explores the media and many subjects that have recently been reported and affected so many. The intro to, in fact the whole track, Facebook Friends, will have you cracked up at a time when Facebook was quite new and we all liked to be secretly chuffed about who we were friends with online, some of us still are... UM not me though, nah! Featuring Boodah and Copywrite the rock guitar heavy beat from Explosive Beats is the sort of track you just wanna turn up a few notches.     

So, halfway through the album and your fingers should be nowhere near the pause or stop button. I’m only pausing the album in between tracks so I can type. Anyway, the second half of the album literally explodes with The Better You Are. The drum heavy, and I mean Heavy, is provided by Rockwilder and comes complete with cuts from the legendary Sammy B-Side. Alongside Montener we have Boodah and Stakka Lyrics who take us on a dizzying ride that speaks of how practice makes perfect. Keeping the real Hip Hop coming Straight Hazardous features Jak Danielz, Nutso and Boodah dropping some serious bars over Domingo’s hefty production with some furious cuts from DJ Ike. Next we finally get Montener the Menace all to ourselves on War. The string heavy production from Explosive Beats and ferocious cuts from Jabbathakut, gives Montener the platform to stand tall and prove he has the talent to take rap to the trenches and do it in style. Intro to Big Daddies comes from the movie Scum and that might make you wonder what’s coming? You won’t be disappointed as Montener, Skuff, Unlearn and Boodah take you on a journey as brutal as the movie, albeit in a different way of course. The head nod beat with a good dose of horns comes from Explosive beats and is the perfect background.  
Draw First Blood is second solo track for our man Montener the Menace. A proper battle rap track this one has exactly what you want from track of this style. A banging dope beat from Domingo, a sprinkling of sweet cuts from DJ Ike and another demonstration that Montener has skills. Up next is a remix of the album’s title track, I Have a Hidden Hobby and this one is a lyrical remix as it features Copywrite this time around who provides that extra dimension to the track. The production from Explosive Beats is the same as the original. Into the penultimate track of the album and this is the last full track of trip back in time. My Sort of Happy Song has two sides of the same coin. The first verse is chilled out, almost pop rap, in total contrast to the second verse where we see Montener back to his raw and hardcore self. Just goes to show, he is capable of flipping styles, if he really wanted to that is but, I’m not sure he would really want to flip... Rounding the album off full circle by bringing it back to the present with the Outro and see’s our man going back over some of those outdated references from the album but, still keeping that comedic edge over a funky little Domingo beat.

Overall my honest opinion here is that this is about as good as you can get for a debut. The production throughout is on point and the added bonus of the guest emcees and DJ’s really adds weight to this release overall. The album flows well from track to track and keeps you focused and not wanting to skip any track, which is itself a huge plus. Montener the Menace has got skills, there is no doubt about that and if you take in account this is twelve years old, think of how good and fresh this would have sounded back then. Some might say that twelve years ago it would have been eclipsed by releases from bigger artists. However, having looked back to 2008/09 and the big releases, I think that this album would have been big, especially on the underground Hip Hop scene.
Why do I think I Have a Hidden Hobby would have done so well? Simple the album has big guests, solid production with names people recognise and respect. It has that real Hip Hop feel with banging beats, dope cuts and quality lyrical delivery and content. If you like to listen to your Hip Hop for entertainment then the album has that but, if you like to be entertained and feel the music and the lyrical content then this album has that too. If you add in the humour as well this album ticks so many boxes then it should be on your list, end of story.

Now, there is a lot of stuff I could add about this album but, I want you hear than from the man himself. So here is the mini-interview I did with Montener the Menace, check this:

First off I wanna thank you for taking the time to answer these few questions. I like to do these mini interviews where I can to help give everyone a bit of an insight into the artist and their music. With that said I’ll get straight into it:

Could you give us a bit of an insight into you background in Hip Hop music or Hip Hop in general and how you came by your ‘stage’ name?

I started listening to hardcore rap when I was about 9. I used to steal my older brother’s cassette tapes. I always remember listening to Naughty by Nature, Wu-Tang Clan and Cypress Hill. Once I started listening to rap I was hooked. I was obsessed with hip-hop in secondary school and would spend all my spare pocket money on buying a new album from a little hip-hop shop in Croydon called, ‘Bye or Die.’ It was actually in Year 6 in primary school where the start of my rap name was created. I was sat at a table with my mates and we all created new ‘funny’ names to call each other for the day. For whatever reason, I thought of Untin Montener. (God knows why.) It sort of stuck with me and when I started rapping properly I called myself Montener the Menace. 

How did the album come about?

It was actually during the Covid-19 lockdown. Someone who I hadn’t spoken to for years randomly messaged me about why I never released an album. Then tragically, the British rapper Ty died from the virus. It got me thinking that life can be short so why not just release something officially. There was always a nagging feeling in the back of my mind about never releasing an album, but at the time I recorded the songs I was training to be a teacher. I didn’t want it to affect my new career so I kept all my songs to myself. The only song that was released was ‘It’s Over Now’ because Blaq Poet liked the song so much he put it on his 2012 album E.B.K.
I made sure that I had all images of my face removed from Google Images and released the album without giving away who I am, as I don’t want it getting back to my work. I sent tracks to a few people I know and after receiving feedback I selected the songs I wanted to use on the album. I sent the tracks to the very talented Jabbathakut who I have worked with a few times and he mastered the album. After he told me he thought the album was dope as hell, I knew that others might think the same.  

You have some wicked guest appearances on the album. How did you manage to get these to happen and are these artists you had always wanted to work with?

I started writing rap as a hobby and I remember wondering how I could do a song with some well-known rappers. I knew that no one would want to do a song with an unknown novice so I messaged Domingo on MySpace and ended up buying a couple beats from him. I then messaged various rappers that I admired and told them that I was doing a song with the legendary Domingo. To my surprise, this worked because quite a few rappers wanted to be on the tracks. I was and still am a fan of every rapper that features on the album. I feel blessed to have such high calibre features on the album.
When I was younger, I recorded every single episode of ‘The Lyricist Lounge’ so I can’t believe that Wordsworth and Punchline ended up on the album. The same can be said for Blaq Poet and Big Twins. 90s and early 2000 rap is my favourite era and I love Queensbridge hip-hip and I still get excited when I realise that I’ve done songs with Blaq Poet and Big Twins as I was a massive Screwball and Infamous Mobb fan. Although I love American rap, I also grew up listening to British hip-hop such as Task Force, Skinnyman, Roots Manuva and Jehst, so wanted to ensure that I had some of the best UK rappers on the album too. I feel that every feature on the album has its place and they all gave me dope verses. I want people to get excited when they look at the tracklist as that’s a line-up I’m proud of; I even have a song produced by a Grammy winner on there!  

As you state on the album into and in social media posts, the album was recorded between 2008/09. You give a bit of an insight, on the album insert, into why it took a while to get the album released as it is now. Could you expand a bit on this for us?

As I previously mentioned, I became a teacher and didn’t want it affecting my career. I thought that some of the songs were too good to be unheard so I bit the bullet and released it. I’m very overwhelmed at how many people have purchased the album from all over the world and sent me messages telling me how much they enjoyed it. I even get fans asking me to sign the album which is crazy! I was worried that the lyrics would sound dated as I rapped about certain topics which were relevant at the time but not now, that’s why I recorded the Intro and Outro to help explain that the songs were recorded years ago.  I love the fact that my eldest child has a small part on the album. I was also a little worried about how my wife would react to some of the lyrics, but she has been brilliant about the whole thing.

Do you have any plans to record more and release any more music in the future?

I didn’t have any plans to start rapping again, but I am getting a lot of lovely messages from producers and rappers asking me to come out of retirement and work with them. I was a different person back then. I also know that I’d be a lot better at rapping and writing now as I was still new to the game and inexperienced when the tracks were recorded. When I hear some of my lyrics and listen to the flow on certain songs, I cringe as I wouldn’t make those mistakes if I was to rap now. I’m a lot more critical of my music now that I used to be. Those songs can’t be changed now and I expect there to be some negativity aimed at me, but I am still proud of the album.
I recently had a critic slate me as a rapper so right now I’m pretty determined to prove him wrong, so maybe I will do a follow-up album, just to show people how much of a matured rapper and person I am from the one that’s on this album. I don’t even know where I’d find the time to write and record songs again with three young children and a demanding job, but you never know!

One last question. You note, also on the album insert, that your brother Boodah was an influence on you as an artist. Just how much of an influence was he and what other influences were there that helped to guide you.

My brother is 9 years older than me and I have always seeked his approval. When I first started rapping, I was bloody useless and he was brutally honest with me. I used to get really pissed off about it at the time but looking back, he was 100% correct. I feel that our trips to the studio gave us a unique bond as we were both doing something together.  If it wasn’t for him listening to rap, I wouldn’t have had amazing albums to steal and listen to at school. I now look at some of these artists like gods because of how they’ve influenced me as a lover of hip-hop. Artists and groups such as Wu-Tang, DJ Premier, Nas, Masta Ace, Mobb Deep, The Roots, etc. made me see rap music as an art form and not just music.

So, I want to thank you again for taking the time to answer these few questions. Before we sign off is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to. Respect my man and it’s over to you:

Other than my brother, I’d like to thank every single person that has purchased a cd from me, taken the time to listen to the album and send me messages of support. Nutso and his manager Cee Da Cuban have done their best to try to promote the album and I appreciate that. Unfortunately I lost contact with Explosive Beats (producer from Belarus) many years ago but he sent me some amazing beats for the album. I’d like to acknowledge his contribution. Lastly, thank you for reaching out for an interview. Cheers everyone, Montener the Menace.

Ok, so there you have it people. You’ve heard from the man himself and I have to say that I, for one, would love to see more from Montener the Menace, either in the form of an Album or EP release or even the odd guest appearance here and there, for me this guy has real talent and this album displays that love of the raw and Hardcore Hip Hop style that many love and still permeates the Hip Hop scene from the UK and Europe to the USA, Australia and beyond. Real Hip Hop is out there and it lives in the hearts of the independent artists everywhere.

Before I wrap this up I'm going to just add a little something that I normally would not do? I'm going to give the album a rating. Not being a fan of ratings I decided to take everything into account as I was reviewing. So, two or three hours later and considering the production, Montener's lyrical skills and content, the guest appearances and even the artwork I came to the conclusion that I couldn't give this release anything less an 9 out of 10. As an underground independent release, in my humble opinion, this one is an instant classic. A hidden gem that has finally received the release it so richly deserves. But, seriously have a listen and see...

So, if this one has not yet sold out by the time you read this? Do yourself a favour and grab a copy and make it a sell out. If it has already sold out then hit those streaming sites now.

On that Note,
Peace I'm Out.


All streaming links are available Here: https://montenerthemenace.hearnow.com/ 

Montener the Menace on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/montener_the_menace/ 

Thursday 11 June 2020

TWO SHADES OF PANDAMONIUM - Summer Jam (ft One OZ) b/w Whinger Ninjas by Pandamonium - Single Review


Summer Jam (ft One OZ) b/w Whinger Ninjas
Single Review

As we begin to ease out of lockdown and life around us begins, albeit slowly, to return to something approaching a sense of normality and we begin to remember what it was like before Covid swept the globe. One thing we will continue to need is music and as we creep toward the summer months, we will need to start hearing those upbeat summer feel good tracks to give us something new to play at the BBQs and Exeter Hip Hop super producer, Part Time Emcee and all round good chap, Pandamonium, is about to drop just that.

Teaming up, once again, with Scottish emcee supreme, One OZ, Pandamonium hits us with Summer Jam and as a real treat he slaps us upside the head with Whinger Ninjas which see’s him taking up mic duties. The single was originally to be following up to the release of the album but, with the Covid pandemic causing best laid plans to be kicked out the window, Pandamonium and One Shoe Records dropped the From The Soul album on digital a little early and so they have also decided to drop this one a little out of sync too. Which is fine by me as it gives me something to do too...

OK, so let’s jump into these two tracks:

Up first is Summer Jam which features long time collaborator, One OZ joining Pandamonium on vocals. This one really brings those visions of lazy summer days chilling in garden with the tunes floating out of the box. The vibes comes courtesy of a laid back piano loop backing a signature Pandamonium beat and it’s Pandamonium who kicks off with the first verse followed by One OZ and then back to Pandamonium to finish things off. The lyrics here really add to the feeling that this is all about those summer feel good moments and getting family and friends together to enjoy the food, weather and music and adding the verse at the end, focusing on the current state of things was genius and the phone call feel of that verse was intended as Pandamonium had to record it using his iPhone.
The second track or, for those of us who remember pre-digital days, the AA Side or B Side, is Whinger Ninjas.  Again the track is piano driven but, this time with a nice funky but, at the same time almost jazzy vibe to it. As the title of the tracks suggests, this one is aimed squarely at those who like moan on and on about anything and everything. In particular those armchair and internet critics who are either never happy about anything or who suddenly have to talk shit when a legendary figure comes back into the spotlight giving a platform to the next generation of talented artists but, because this ain’t the same music they did before, the Internet critics pop up with all manner of Blah, Blah, Blah. Yeah, it’s tongue in cheek but, it’s totally true too.

Overall, loved these two tracks as the vibes are really on that feel good level, with one coming from the summer good times vibe and other a comedic take on an everyday thing that is especially prevalent on social media. Musically and verbally these two tracks do everything they need to do. They entertain on all levels and what more do you need. Pandamonium and One OZ always work well together and having the two of them rap together on a track really does reinforce just how good they are when collaborating. Pandamonium does a pretty good job on vocal duties himself, that immediately recognisable South West accent works really well with his musical vibe.

For me this is a great follow up to the album and definitely something you want for lazy summer days in the garden, in fact any lazy days really so go grab a copy as soon as it drops.

Summer Jam/Whinger Ninjas is released on 13th June through One Shoe Records.

On that note Peace, One Love and I’m out...


Pandamonium on Bandcamp: https://djpandamonium.bandcamp.com/ 

One Shoe Records Website: https://oneshoerecords.com/news/ 

One Shoe Records on Bandcamp: https://oneshoerecords.bandcamp.com/ 

Pandamonium on Twitter: https://twitter.com/djpandamonium 

Pandamonium on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djpandamoniumbeats 

Pandamonium YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/pandamoniumhhb 

Pandamonium on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/djpandamonium

One OZ on Bandcamp: https://anounce.bandcamp.com/

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