Thursday 29 July 2021

Album Review: Mattanza by COSM






The last eighteen months has seen a string of top-quality releases from COSM via Hollow Sun Records. It all kicked off in March of 2020 with the Medusa Eyes EP which was then followed in August by Iron Statue, then in March of this year we saw the release of Aspetta, which saw COSM teaming with UK Legend Micall Parknsun and now we have Mattanza, which see’s COSM further exploring his heritage.

Originally this was to be the follow-up to Iron Statue However, whilst all the tracks for Mattanza were completed in November of 2020, just needing mixing and mastering, COSM brought Aspetta (sicilian for ‘The Wait’) to g-man at Hollow Sun. Once g-man heard Aspetta he knew that Mattanza was the perfect follow-up to that, so waiting for Mattanza has given it it’s perfect place. 

Mattanza itself has a couple of meanings here worthy of note. Mattanza translates as Slaughter and can be traced to similar words in Spanish and even Arabic. It is used to describe an ancient Phoenician technique of trapping tuna which was also used in Sicily until 2007 and saw Atlantic blue fin tuna trapped in nets and beaten to death. Mattanza is also used to describe the second wars which took place between the late 1970’s to the early 1990’s. All of this makes you wonder what this will all mean for the album itself.

So, let’s take a walk alongside COSM and see where he takes us…

First up is the head nod vibe and multi-layered sound of Aiamola, it opens with an Arabic sounding chant or which acts like this call to your mind to listen and pay attention to what’s coming. There is a cerebral aspect to this track which sets up the album perfectly, giving that intense intellectual depth of wordplay. In Italian Aiamola translates as ‘let’s love her’ however, it is derived from the Arabic ‘Ai ya Mowla’ which means ‘Oh My Lord’ and is rhythmical shout used by many walking vendors in Palermo. There is depth here that seems to draw inspiration from both meanings like standing on the shoulders of giants as you cast a retrospective eye on life and your heritage. A heavy but laid-back mix of drums and keys bring us to Bloody Waters, where we have that connection to the slaughter of the tuna which would turn the water bloody but, there is also a reflection here in the way we treat others. It is a sad fact that humans often mistreat each other if not physically, then through lies, deceit, and the pain of mental and emotional trauma. We just need to be more loving and caring…

Sometimes you just don’t want to think too much and here COSM brings a track of straight-up bars. The title of Marble Hornets comes from the first line of the track and just like all the wordplay here COSM takes it and flips it to his own ends, mixing up things you might think go together but, he proves you make anything dope, carving his own vision like the ancient carved marble statues that can be found on Sicily. There is no hook on the track just this eclectic mix of violins, piano alongside other strings and keys. We drift back to reality with drums, cymbals and a melodic guitar which gives this a focused feel. Most of us know how hard it can be to pull in a decent paycheck and that is so often harder when you have Mouths To Feed. However, give this a few more listens and you realise there is something deeper here, those mouths are more than that, they are people who crave attention or some something more from others or even yourself. It’s hard out there and you can’t always have fiends when there are some many always wanting…

We get a taste of the mafia connection next as COSM looks at the larger-than-life figure of Nino Gaggi, former captain of the New York Gambino family who over saw Roy De Meos ‘Murder Machine’ at the Gemini Lounge, he was very astute managing to keep himself distanced and alive whilst others were being locked up or killed. Again, here you will want to listen a little more deeply and pick up on the imagery that runs throughout as the more you listen the more it opens your mind to who Nino was, how he lived and conducted himself. There is a great soundscape here of bass, drums, cymbals, and string elements that bring a funky vibe that might just have you moving, even if you’re not immediately aware of it. The mafia connection continues as we are immersed into the story of La Assassina (The Assassin) someone who does the dirty work for the crime families, making problems disappear. The backdrop from g-man is a laid-back funky beat infused with flute and piano elements giving this one an upbeat vibe almost in complete contrast to the subject of the story…

On the east coast of Sicily lies the imposing figure of the active stratovolcano Mt Etna. The head nod beat is guitar heavy and features some pyroclastic cuts from JabbaThaKut. Here we find COSM seemingly comparing his life, career, and style to volcano itself. Mostly the volcano is dormant and smoulders away simply casting a stunning spectacle but, always it is a threat and can be explosive when least expected. We switch from one view of reality to another as a big orchestral driven beat has us looking at live differently, just as one does when looking at life through a Rose Tint. There are many reasons for this but when young we don’t see the realness of life and the dangers that come with it. It is only with time, as we grow, things become clearer to us. It’s like watching a movie, we are transported to another reality where nothing is real, only to come back to reality as time passes and the credit roll…

As we move into the penultimate track, we are greeted by another head nod vibe alongside some woodwind and string notes that most definitely has you moving. In life there are times when we seek to make something of our dreams. Sometimes those plans end up as Castles In The Sky. With little foundations these plans can cause our dreams to crumble and forcing us to start again. This is not a bad thing as at helps us to build something better with strong foundations and allowing those dreams to flow forth. The final track of the album is an up-tempo blend of drums and keys. Once more we have the mafia connection on Il Lupo. However, this feels like more than just looking at the mafia wars, it’s the battle of good verses evil and standing tall against what life throws at you. Ultimately, it’s about which wolf you feed that decides which path you take through life. An interesting footnote here is that the first line of the hook is something once said by Lucky Luciano (the man considered to be the father of modern organized crime in the US).

I highly recommend that you give Aspetta a listen prior to this one. Why? Because these two albums go hand-in-hand. They could be pages from the same book or, alternatively, they are two volumes of the same story that is told from COSM’s viewpoint as he explores his roots and heritage from the island of Sicily.

All production on Mattanza comes from g-man (DecksTerror Prod) who skilfully paints these audible pictures that create this mix of gritty, emotive, and panoramic mental pictures. COSM thar brings these images to life with his intricate style of complex wordplay that, at times, is like a cerebral tongue twister. All this blends into the mind of the listener who then creates their own visions based on the energy of words and music coming into their awareness. From mafia wars to barbaric fishing practices, pain, death and ultimate rebirth, this album takes you on trip that hits hard on many levels from historical facts and our current reality to some just for the hell of it verbal dexterity.  You are  entertained every step of the way and it definitely kicks your adrenaline into high gear.

I’m not sure what else I can say about the album really but, g-man told me that there was a plan for how this album should sound and boy, have they nailed it. Everything COSM is putting out with Hollow Sun Records and g-man is solid Hip Hop. I have found Mattanza to be like those before it to be highly entertaining and from one of the UK’s most exciting emcees. There are a few vocal samples in Italian that you might want to get translated if you fancy it but, this does not detract from the album in anyway, it just adds to the depth. The album flows perfectly from start to finish. Musically it lifts you up and is relentless in keeping you focused, it mirrors the tone of the lyrics to perfection and has you’re mind in constant state of flux as you are bombarded with some of the most stunning and cleaver wordplay you’re likely to hear anywhere.

Whatever you do don’t sleep on this one.

Mattanza is available from today exclusively through Hollow Sun Records on Bandcamp in both digital and a strictly limited run of CDs.

I would like to thank g-man for sending this to me and also to COSM for giving me some extra information which was invaluable.

So, it’s time for you to go grab the album and for me to be outta here,




Get Mattanza through Hollow Sun on Bandcamp Here:


Nino Gaggi - Promo

Tuesday 27 July 2021

Debut Single Review: Five Guys by KSV


Five Guys




Five Guys is the debut track from KSV, a twelve-year-old rapper from Bristol who just happens to be the son of one Kali Mist (whose debut with Krazy, Unbreakable, I reviewed recently).

There is no doubt that the music world is a crazy one and one you need to be confident in and have the skills and longevity to go with it. Starting young gives you time to develop and hone your craft in the direction you want to take yourself.

So, with that being said, Lets hand the mic over to this young chap and see what he has to offer:

Production comes from Defbeats who provides this big beat that’s piano heavy and has a grime/trap vibe to it. From the get-go you immediately get the feeling that KSV has this confidence in what he is doing, almost like he understands that he needs an edge and that stepping into this world of talented rap artists, in this dog-eat-dog business, that hitting hard is the way to go, and he demonstrates that notion on this track. His wordplay, confidence, and ability to switch between rap flows (which are crazy for someone his age) shows a maturity and understanding of his craft that many twice his age struggle to display with any conviction. There is also a hunger that is evident in his words, a desire that says, I can see the scene and I want to be a part of that scene or maybe a I wanna own that scene and make it mine.

It must help to have a father like Kali Mist as you have a great role model but, all the same KSV has obviously put in the time, the practice and decided on his own style. From listening to Five Guys a number of times, I really don’t see much for KSV to improve on. As he grows and matures, I can see him polishing his style and bringing more life experience to bear but, for now this is a hugely impressive and highly enjoyable debut.

Whatever direction KSV chooses to go in his career whether he sticks with one genre or perhaps mixes things up and dips in and out of several, I see no reason he can’t go as far as he wants. Trust me keep watch for the name KSV because following this single an album is planned for later in the year.

Five Guys is released through Krazy’s Wordlife label.

This review will go live on the young man's 13th Birthday so, Happy Birthday KSV.

On that note,

I’m Out,



Check out Five Guys exclusively on YouTube:

Monday 26 July 2021

Pre-Release Album Review: Civilization by Sophisticated Apes




Sophisticated Apes

Civilization is the debut album from Sophisticated Apes. The group is Tamworth based Emcee Tom Stiles and Oxford based producer Liam Byrne (also formerly of Tamworth). Alongside a mutual interest in Hip-Hop the guys became active on the scene in the late 90’s and once formed part of the underground Hip-Hop group Gnostix.

Following on from this Tom continued to hone his lyrical skills with the group Unfriendly Neighbours, alongside rapper Joey G-zus, singer Carl Knight and producer Second Suzpect, their first official project was released through Roots Manuva’s Banana Klan umbrella.


Liam continued with his production and released the “Born for This" E.P with Rivem & Bash. Alongside other work an instrumental song would be picked up by Channel 4 and his work with Reggiimental and Matt Henshaw would see a track featured in NME Magazine. More recently he’s been working closely with Oxford rapper AiKZ.


The pair have devoted a lot of time to getting Sophisticated Apes off the ground and this debut album is the fruits of their labour. It features a host of guest artists that include friends and fellow artists Reggiimental, Joey G-zus, Aikz, Carl Knight, Teresa Meads, UK heavyweight Wordsmiff Flip and DJ JabbaThaKut who provides all the cutting and scratching.


With all that in mind it’s time for me take you through this one and give you my thoughts. So, let’s go…


The sounds of kids playing in the park allows us to drift into a laid-back beat with some chilled piano gives us this reflective feel which is the perfect canvas as we are taken back to the 80’s where memories abound of the music we loved and the crazy stuff we got up to when life was more simple and some of loved that Cream Soda. From fond memories of the past to more recent memories of what it takes to build a lasting vision, a Legacy. The beat is proper head nod style with some electronic synth notes to get ya buzzin’. We move into the album’s title track with a laid-back beat under layers of guitar vibes. A deep dark look at what we call Civilization and whether this is really a civilized culture or one this is just savage with a plethora of technological gizmo’s aimed at keeping us in line? Some calming piano notes bring us back to reality, even the beat helps to clear your head. Here it is all about how you live your life and treat those around you. Think deeply, always stand tall and conduct yourself with Integrity.  


As we move through our lives, we often encounter someone who Always Knows Best. You know those people who tell you what you should do or should have done, when all that you really need is a bit of friendly advice for you to take on and make your own decisions. There is a great reggae vibe to this one of keys, bass and drums. It also mixes in some more modern vibes toward the end and features singer Carl Knight on the chorus. A thumping beat with Organ notes and horns takes us into a look at all those fakes out there who constantly talk about who they are, what they got and how guns they’ve shot. We don’t wanna know all you’ve Fabricated just to look good or hard, we just wanna see who you really are, your authentic self will bring you much more respect and longevity. A haunting vocal grabs our attention before breaking into a straight up pounding boom bap beat but, that haunting vocal drifts throughout and pulls at your nerves on the chorus. Wordsmiff Flip,  AiKZ and JabbaThaKut join us here and might seem that this one is just about the ups and downs life, leaving nothing but Woe. However, listen a bit deeper and it’s more about elevating yourself, pushing forward and leaving the heartache and woe behind.


Violin and piano notes over a pounding beat, with some haunting vocals from Theresa Meads, create an emotive vibe. This is a deep look into the experiences of children in a broken home and the story behind it. Broken homes are all to common these days and here we see the mother is left to pick up the pieces after a father breaks the Happy Home. For a short while we are about to get lost in some jazzy piano over a head nob beat that mixes to produce a backdrop to memories or a dream of what can happen over Seven heavy days and seven heavy nights. A more modern trap vibe is the basis for the next track. The mixed in woodwind and percussion notes give this one a slightly eerie edge as we take a look at the divide between the Haves and Have-Nots.


Up next, we have a head nod beat overlaid with some emotive piano. AiKZ and Reggiimental feature here too where we take a deep look at the hidden struggles that so many go through and some of what triggers and compounds that pain, such as the fear-based media, and that makes many Cry on the inside. YGA features Joey G-zus and JabbaThaKut and hits almost on a battle rap style vibe. Piano and strings over a heavy beat give this a gritty edge that sees both emcees showing how they have come up and are now here to stay while the rest, well, You Gone Away. Time to calm things down a bit with a mariachi style guitar over a more laid-back beat and some slick cuts from JabbaThaKut. This one looks at those you love in life, from that special someone to you children, the ones you will always Say A Prayer for.


Miss Guided comes with a soulful feel but, still has that nice boom bap beat to it. This is a look at someone desperate to find love hooking up with the wrong people and being used, a sad situation all to common with many being taken advantage of. More of than modern trap vibe, mixed with percussion and strings forms the backdrop for the penultimate track, a stark look at life and the general state of society. We all do the best we can to enjoy our time by not letting things get us down and surrounding ourselves with love but, eventually all things come to end and when it does just don’t forget the Flowers. A heartbeat brings your focus to the final track, the beat is sparce, laced with guitar and organ notes alongside a final appearance from Carl Knight. This is an emotive piece looking at what it feels like when you are a parent bringing a child into the world. All the thoughts that come to you on what you will do together as they grow, the love you will share. There are few better feelings, as a parent, than tucking your kids in bed, reading, or singing to then and watching them Sleep Tight.  



Civilization is a cracking debut from the Sophisticated Apes. You could liken it to riding on of those water rapids rides at theme parks. There is just right balance of thrills and chills to keep you buzzing to the end. I felt drawn to using this water analogy because of the connection of water to emotions and this album has some really focused emotive moments that touch you on deep levels (one especially was hard even for me) and to be able to put that level of emotive feeling into something is the mark of excellent writing and production.


Liam’s production is tight throughout. He creates the perfect audible landscape for us mixed with a wealth of well-chosen movie soundbites that give extra depth to those tracks on which they feature. As we traverse these audible visons that have been created for our pleasure, it’s all brought to life by the solid vocals of Tom and the guest artists. Tom’s ability at mixing up flows and styles, plus the depth of his wordplay, shows what years of experience and dedication to your artform brings, in fact this the same for both guys and is a credit as to how well they work together.


The guest artists are all on top of their game here and are wisely used to enhance and bring depth of knowledge and experience to their feature tracks. It is always good to see those more well know names, such as JabbaThaKut and Wordsmiff Flip, alongside those you might be less familiar with and shows the wealth of talent out there and new names you might want to check out.


There truly is something for all here, whilst it is predominantly a boom bap style Hip-Hop album at heart the use of a few of the more modern vibes along the way (like them or not) gives this a wider audience that may well enable some to experience different genres for the first time opening them up to new avenues of musical expression. There is a great balance of themes here too with some socially conscious and highly personal emotive vibes to the straight up just for fun wordplay type vibes, Plus, you can really feel the depth of work, energy and heart that has gone onto producing this album.


This definitely one that I suggest you check out for yourself as it is well worth a listen and even adding to your collection as there are physical copies coming too.

Civilization by Sophisticated Apes is released through Refined Records and due to be released early in August.

Huge Thanks to Tom for sending this over.

Time for me to be out,




Keep your eyes peeled for the album links coming soon. Until then check the links below and be sure to check your fav streaming sites too:

Sophisticated Apes on Facebook:

Sophisticated Apes on Instagram:

Wednesday 21 July 2021

Special Singles Review: Soulcondor Slices 001 & 002


Soulcondor Slices

001 – Save The Wax: Genesis Elijah, Mistah Bohze, Greg Blackman and DJ Moneyshot

002 – Superfunk (Remixes): Phill Most Chill and Mr Fantastic

Single Reviews


When we are faced with life changing situations it can often spur us to do things we have always wanted to do but, never took that step to make it a reality. One such situation presented itself to vinyl collector and Hip-Hop lover, Del Soulcondor in 2020. In this instance that life changing event was a cancer diagnosis. What this did for Del was to lead him to decide to create his own record label due to his love of Hip Hop and so Soulcondor Slices was born.

The labels first release was a fund-raising track for Del himself titled Save The Wax. The track was produced by Dj Moneyshot of The Allergies, he also provides the scratches, and features the vocal tallents of Genesis Elijah, Mistah Bohze and Greg Blackman on the soulful chorus. The track itself is a Krush Groovin’, Body Moovin’ mix of jazzy horns, bass, guitar vibes over a proper funky beat. This one is all about the wax, one of the foundations of what Hip Hop music is. Reminiscing about your first experiences of music on vinyl and what that meant and how we definitely need to Save The Wax. There is something so special about the sound created by the vibrations of that tiny diamond needle, it’s a whole experience that goes beyond the music.

Now when you flip this one, you’re not getting an instrumental on the B-Side. Del reached out to Scotland’s own Jazz Spastiks, one of the premier Hip-Hop DJ’s, beatmakers and producers out there right now. They hit back with a remix of Save The Wax which brings their own sound to bear on the track. The remix is a double bass heavy vibe that deeps the jazz feel and adds a peppering of scratches which, all in, gives this a chilled-out vibe that just stops short of allowing you to drift away too far.

The second and latest release from Soulcondor Slices is a pair of remixes. The Superfunk Remixes see’s Del Soulcondor himself and Brighton’s Mac McRaw remix the classic 2013 track Superfunk Inc by Phill Most Chill which was produced and scratched by Bristol’s Mr Fantastic. The original saw PMC and Mr Fantastic get superfunky as PMC dropped plenty of lines on what makes him one of the most skilled rappers out there.

For this single the A-Side features Del Soulcondor presenting his take on Superfunk which is heavy on the Drums and Double bass. Taking nothing away from the original Del adds a new energetic dimension to the track that will have you, unconsciously, just wanting to move. It just kinda reaches deep down into your soul and flicks that feel good switch, making you feel a warm and fuzzy and wanting groove to this no matter where you hear it.

Flipping to the B-Side Mac McRaw steps up to drop a bass heavy vibe that brings in some funky horns and bass. At first it might seem to be sparce but, there is little doubt that this one has club banger written all over it. In fact, to be perfectly honest, the more you listen to this the more it becomes apparent that, like Del’s remix, you can get down to this one anywhere.


So, here we have four amazing Hip-Hop tracks that are the epitome of what Hip-Hop is all about. You have top notch production that creates the kinda music that is the very heart of Hip-Hop. It has energy with that feel good vibe you just want to listen to over and over. There are emcees from both sides of the pond bringing the kinda bars we all wanna here, rhyming with skill and putting that feel good music vibe into words. I could leave it there as these tracks have something for anyone who loves that real Hip-Hop vibe but, for me there is something else here…

Del has created a Hip-Hop label that is not just dropping great music but, with it being built on the back of such a life changing situation, there is a depth here that can touch you on many levels if you so choose to allow it in. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s simple there is good music, and there is music that can touch your soul and it does that by a perfect balance of lyrics, musical content and the heart that is put into it by the artists, isn’t that why we call them artist’s? I really feel that the extra dimension here is the intention and the inspirational heart and soul for Del Soulcondor and his desire to do something he has always wanted to do and doing that in the face of such adversity and for me that just adds something on a deeper level you do not always feel in music. It also demonstrates exactly why so many underground artists do what they do… It’s not about the money, it’s about the love of the music and that touches everyone.

I am fairly sure that these are sold out already so, I would advise you to listen out for them on online radio or on YouTube, even the one and only Scratch Bastid has cut up Save The Wax.

SS003 Fuck Cancer/Heavy XL and 004 Living For The Day/Raise Em' High will be released sometime in the not to distant future so, watch out for these because with features from the likes of Blade, Phill Most Chill, Soundsci, Chrome, Dopamine 189, Specifik, Cut Beetlez, Dj Nappa, Respek BA, Zeeny and Mr Thing, these bound to sell like hot cakes and from the snippets teased by Del recently they promise to be as full of energy and emotion as the current slices.

I would also humbly ask you to follow Del on social media and send him plenty of positive vibes. These are tough times for Del, tougher that most of us can even conceive, and the more we support him and help him stay strong in these testing times, the closer we can bring that light at the end of the tunnel and help him build Soulcondor Slices into a huge success, both in the now and long into the future.

I send my thanks to Del for sending these over to me and I will continue send him positive vibes and healing thoughts. One love my friend.


Foot Note: It is not often that I ask to review something but, these releases from Soulcondor Slices were one of those exceptions. I have had my own struggles these last couple of years and have also lost a number of family and friends to cancer, including my mum who I helped nurse through those times. A few years back my father, thankfully, overcame prostate cancer whilst I was diagnosed with Barratts oesophagus, which can be a precursor to cancer, the same that took my mum, if not monitored every few years. The more I followed Del’s story, the more I had this feeling deep within me that I wanted to listen to these tracks, to feel the deeper vibes and maybe to go beyond the music. So, it has been an honour to listen and to give my honest and heart felt thoughts on these tracks, and I hope that my words have brought out what I intended them to.

We don’t know what the future has to bring. So, let’s do one thing and make the now spectacular…


Peace Out,



Del Soulcondor on Instagram:

Soulcondor Slices on Discogs:

Monday 5 July 2021

Album Review: Where Do I Go From Here by Dizzy Dustin Produced by Pandamonium


Where Do I Go From Here?


Dizzy Dustin and Pandamonium

Where Do I Go From Here? Has been one of the most highly anticipated albums it has been my pleasure to review. Back last year I heard that Pandamonium was working with the legendary figure of Dizzy Dustin from Ugly Duckling, which was easily enough to pique my interest but, as time went on the list of guest artists grew and the anticipation grew, not just for me but, for the Hip Hop community at large.

Dizzy Dustin needs no introduction, one of the founding members of the group Ugly Duckling, he is easily one of those emcees who has gone on from his time in UD to a successful solo career as well as being one half of the groups  Blown Celeb (alongside Swiss Precise) and Grumpy Olde Men (alongside DJ Shag).

If you are familiar with my blog, you will be well aware of Pandamonium, I have reviewed a number of his releases here since he dropped 2019’s instrumental Album Sample Everything. The former DMC Championship finalist, from the UK’s Southwest, has really been forging a name for himself on the UK scene in recent years and teaming up with Diz is such an amazing opportunity.

Now WDIGFH has not been without its setbacks but, finally it has been finished, albeit just at the eleventh hour. So, being extremely privileged to have this land in my inbox just prior to release, what could I do but, get my initial thoughts down for you all. Now a few of these tracks you will be familiar with as they have been dropped to tease you all. But here is my take on the full album and bonus tracks…

The album kicks off with I Go By, if you’re still under any illusions to just who Dizzy Dustin is, then this track gives you the lowdown and it’s over a classic upbeat Pandamonium production featuring some great samples to boot. Some jazzy horns and piano provides the backdrop to the next track. Diz is joined by Es to look at how best to use your time here. They say that time waits for no man and it always best to use your time wisely as The Hands Of Time tick by. Next up Pandamonium drops it head nod with plenty of drums, guitar and even bells. Words are the Bricks To Build a dope track and here Diz displays that as he builds on the foundation laid by Pandamonium, before JabbaThaKut steps up and puts the roof on by doing exactly what he does best.

Lemon and 55th has a more laid-back vibe of drums and synth which provides the perfect backdrop for Diz to take us a trip down memory lane. He reminises on sunny days, good times and more. So, sit back and let this one take you somewhere too. That kind of thoughtful vibe remains, perfectly mirrored by Pandamonium’s mix of drums, piano, and electronic notes. Diz is joined by Masta Ace to take a deep look at all those times that appear to be setbacks but, these are not what we think. All we have to do is look at these moments as the times when Rain Delays us continuing our journey. That journey now catapults us into some straight up Boom bap Hip Hop with plenty of cuts and guitar vibes. Diz, Rakaa Iriscience and Swiss Precise are the Three Kings who have come to demonstraight their craft, dropping bars that are heavy on the wordplay, the perfect way to entertain and show exactly why they are at the top of their game.

Time for The Steebie Weebie Show Interlude this is an interview with Diz on the show. It details the story of WDIGFH to the backdrop of some heavy drums and guitar notes from Pandamonium. We follow up that interlude with a time to pause to some chilled, jazzy keys and guitar vibes. Diz and Akil The MC (from Jurassic 5) detail those times when you just have to take a step back, reflect on where you’ve come from, fill your lungs with some of that life giving Oxygen and just breath to clear your head and heart. Once your ready to continue on your path you know that there will be ups and downs along the way but, through all that you just have to remember those words that Mama Say, better days are ahead and Diz shows that here accompanied by his daughter Savannah MacFarland, as Pandamonium provides a chilled jazzy beat with some nice organ notes mixed in. There are times on our paths where we struggle with our thoughts and mental health. That is brought to bear here on a soulful mix of drums, bass, and a soul infused chorus. Diz, Cade Parenti and Michael MCDZ Peacock speak on those times when things weigh heavy on your mind, when it is so hard to find peace and balance. Knowing you’re on the right path can be hard, especially in the heat of a Cruel Summer.

Pandamonium now takes us to the Bahamas on some flute and woodwind and brass notes over a fresh beat. Diz and Godforbid await our arrival so they can take our minds away from the daily grind of life by taking us on trip full of summer vibes, sun, and purple haze alongside plenty of Cubanas and Pina Coladas. You gots to chill ya feel. We return to the streets from the sun, sand, and fun to a mix of drums, organ notes and cuts (once more provided by one JabbaThaKut). It’s now time to hit the stage and get the crown to throw, and keep, their Hands Up in the air. Now, if that were not enough to get you moving then Pandamonium providing a pounding mix of horns and drums will have you bouncing for sure. Being the best you could be has always been a thing in Hip Hop, it was not enough just be called the best, you had to be Ill. The Beastie Boys had a licence to Ill but, what is being Ill? Well, Diz is joined by the legendary UK figure of Blade, fellow Long Beach MC Killa Complex and another legendary figure in Ryu of Styles of Beyond. Once they have unleashed some incredible bars on your mind, you will be under no illusions as to what is the Definition Of Ill.

Lights, Camera, Action hits with a piano heavy jazz funk vibe. Diz is joined here by Imani (The Pharcyde) to detail what it is like and how it feels to reflect over all that you have achieved in this Hip Hop game. We move into the penultimate track, which is also the album’s title track, Pandamonium brings a guitar drive funk vibe that, once again, has your mind drifting away. Diz speaks on being at that point in his life where he is standing at a metaphorical crossroads and before him are a great many roads. He reflects on the road to where he now stands and muses over the decision of Where Do I Go From Here? The final track brings a chilled beat laced with string notes. It’s time for Diz and Pandamonium to give us the Thank You (Outro) with more reflections, a few shout outs and finally time for them to be out…

Its not quite over though. There are three bonus tracks available on this digital version:

First up Diz is joined by Pkon, Swiss Precise and LMNO. Pandamonium provides a heavy drum beat with an atmospheric string sound. Altogether this gives us a straight up Vertigo Flow, making our heads spin and leaving you needing to steady yourself. I hope your feeling stead because up next there is a freaky mix of percussion vibes that pulls at your nerves. Up step The Real Ones of Diz, Master Foul, Slaine and Hochii to deliver plenty of wordplay to further mess with your mind. Last up is a stripped back Better Days Remix of Rain Delays. Masta Ace and Diz are joined by Meemz, the message from the original does not change but, with the vibe switched to a piano heavy vibe and soulful vocals it leaves more room for your mind to drift away.


What is immediately noticeable on Where Do I Go From Here? Is that it oozes passion for the music and for giving the listener a highly emotive experience which , I feel would easily remain even if you removed the guest features. The album flows effortlessly from start to finish just like the ebb and flow of waves on a slight sea but, don’t think for one moment that this is just an easy listening album, there is still more than enough edge to keep this one rooted in the streets.

Dizzy Dustin shows that the passing of time has in no way effected his own unique style. Not just that but, there is a definite grown man edge to his vocals here and a more personal vibe that runs throughout the album which adds this definite depth to the whole thing. I have little doubt that Diz could have easily carried this whole album himself. However, what he has done is to bring in a host of guest emcees from names you know to some you don’t and a few legendary figures that all together gives the album an extra dimension on an international scale and I know there will be plenty that are hyped for the appearance of Blade, Masta Ace, Imani, Rakaa, Akil and Ryu just to name a few but, it is also nice to see an appearance by Dizzy’s daughter Savi.

Pandamonium brings his trademark jazz funk vibe to this album whilst easily mixing it up and tweaking things to create the perfect soundscapes for each track be it upbeat, laid-back, boom bap or head nod. The balance of pace works so well helping this one to flow in a way that perfect for the listener regardless of the setting your in whilst listening. Pandamonium’s unique style makes him one of the UK’s most exciting producer/DJs who always produces clean and crisp upbeat music that is always able to lift your mood.

I don’t doubt for a minute that there will be some who won’t get the overall feel of the album. But, for those of us who grew up with Hip Hop, are around the mid-point of our lives and have reached our own crossroads then this one will speak volumes and might even elicit a number of emotions along the way.

Where Do I Go From Here? Is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Every beat, every rhyme is on point and in time. Yes, this is that grown man style Hip Hop but, I do feel there is enough here for the younger generation to associate with.

I also have it from a good source, who I can’t possibly divulge, that Dizzy Dustin and Pandamonium just keep on giving. In the not to distant future a track featuring Apathy and Casual, which wasn’t ready for this digital release, will be added to the physical release and sent to everyone who purchases the album. So, why would you not want to grab this? Having ordered one of the pre-release packages, I can’t wait to hear that one too.

Where Do I Go From Here? is out now…


With all the hurdles and challenges this album has faced a lot has changed along the way and that has included on my end too. I was hyped to hear this album from the start and even more hyped to be able to review it, especially as I was perhaps the only person other than Diz and Pandamonium to hear it before release. There are also a couple of personal reasons I wanted to get this review ready for release day or there abouts. Firstly, I had planned to use this review to launch my website and although I cannot do that today, an updated version of this review will be used to launch my website in conjunction with the physical release of the album in the up coming weeks, Something I am looking forward to as I grabbed a Pre-Release package. The second, and by far the most personal is also linked to the Pre-Release package but, one I will keep for the book I am planning to write around the reviews and the back story. so, watch this space.


I just want to finish by sending my humble thanks to Dizzy Dustin and Pandamonium for allowing me to be the first to review this.

Where Do I Go From Here? is available now through Kamikazi Airlines and you can grab the digital copy from Dizzy Dustin’s Bandcamp.

So, Where Do I Go From Here? Bed, that’s where…

See Ya,



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