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Late for the Execution by Nekwreka - The Review and More...

Late for the Execution by Nekwreka

A review and then some

If Planet of the Fakes (PotF) is your thing and you have been feeling a bit lost, now they have hung their epitaph around the throat of Hip Hop and withdrawn back in to the shadows, then take it from me, there is light at the end of that deep dark and dingy tunnel.

Producer and emcee Inzaine is back, under the new and improved Nekwreka name, with his first solo Album, Late for the Execution. 

As a bit of a bonus, I have thrown some questions his way to give a little insight into the man, his music and some other random shit.

For those of you who have followed PotF or even just dipped your toes into the mind altering musical visions they have created over the years, you will probably have some idea of what is in store for you. For those of you may not be aware of the hardcore Hip Hop assault that the Fakes have brought, then you are about to get a tour de force in the Hardcore UK Hip Hop genre that some term Britcore.
 So, sit back as I take you on a journey through the album from start to finish, give you my thoughts and whatever else comes to mind.

Before we kick off, Inzaine may be a big part of the PotF legacy but, let’s get one thing straight. This is not PotF, This is Inzaine and this is a different ride and that ride kicks off with the somewhat laid back, I Love the Silence. A nice little into which originally served as the outro But, switched to the Intro it gives a whole different vibe and transport you to a place where you are either sat in silence awaiting your Execution or You have already been executed and everything that follows is the afterlife and if this is to be your afterlife then what does that say about how you lived..?

However you feel the first track, once the Drums kick in for Redux the Warrior, the pace is kicked up more than a few gears and you are ripped from your reality into Inzaine’s high octane and Dark Hardcore reality with this first track which, at first, made me think of graffiti warriors but, the more I listened to it, I got the feel that this spoke more of a Verbal warrior, and that if your gonna bring your game, it better be your A game if your gonna step up. From verbal warriors to the Mike Vandall, Keeping up the pace with a Banging beat and some freaky piano for good measure, this one is all about Inzaine’s Mic prowess and that you can bring it but, at the end of the day, you wack emcee’s are dead and gone.

 A nice little guitar intro eases you into Momentum, where Inzaine is joined by Mr Morph. Don’t let that chilled out intro lull you into some false sense of security. This track is as fast paced as the rest once the beat hits. We are treated to Inzaine and Mr Morph bouncing of each other line from line as they do exactly what it says on the tin, Keep up the Momentum. 

The Samoan Ganxta is a skit and a hilarious piece by Sinista from PotF, talking about the man Inzaine. I’m not gonna say too much about this one, except, Just listen and enjoy.

Back to the music with the slightly down beat but, heavy as fuck Osmotic Etymology, two minute of Inzaine on the Hip Hop tip just dropping a couple of dope verses, I mean what more could you want, An extra verse or two? Yeah this one deserves it, a proper piece of dopeness this one. If your gonna drop a couple of verses then you could do just like that or just like this as the wicked Good, Bad and the Ugly sample and heavy bass provide Inzaine with the perfect platform for some Verbal Gymnastics. Two tracks that prove you just don’t need those guest vocals sometimes and can just throw down.

Up next, is a homage to the Dark Side of the force with Sith Lords, which features Manchester’s Red Venom, Pride and Sinista. You can probably figure out what this one is all about from the title. But, this track whips you along at 0.5 past light speed on a heavy beat with three emcees rocking Mic-sabres with ultimate precision. After this one you will definitely want to turn to the Dark Side. A small child’s voice and a hectic guitar riff are the intro for Recycle your Idols. The beat soon kicks in and you are taken on a ride by Inzaine and Mr Morph who invite you to take those wack tracks and fake Idols and recycle that shit.

The man like Shan Dookna drops the intro for Another Dimension. Kicking the pace up another notch or ten, Inzaine takes us exactly where the title suggests, with a heavy hectic track all topped off with some equally high speed cuts from DJ Cold Turkey. This track is also the second video from the Album. 

Inzaine continues to pull the cloak of darkness over us as an intro from the dark comic movie, Watchmen, drags you into The Evil that Men do. Yeah, this track is all about the darkness that comes from some of humanities sickest and fucked up characters who have done evil and done it well...

To take you mind off of all that evil, next up is the skit Who the Fuck is Dave? A wicked track which is composed of sound bites sent to Inzaine by some of his friends and fans. If you ever wondered what I sound like in real life, well, I have the distinct honour of being the first up on this track with my son Rowan following me with a phrase which now Legendary in our House ‘Planet of the Fakes you wack ass fools’. So, enjoy and have a good old chuckle.

One thing PotF did in the past was to drop some awesome ‘Posse’ tracks, such as Fracture The Mainframe from Beneath the Planet of the Fakes. Inzaine’s next track, Murderous, a corker of a track that takes you from 0-60 in a couple of seconds and features a who’s who of some of the UK’s top emcees, DJ Krash Slaughta, Mr Morph, Sinista, DJ Tones, Iceski, Pride, Alikazam, T.S. One & Chrome alongside Australia’s dope Blades Duo Kid Lyrical and Wizla. If your gonna do a posse cut, this is how you do it...

The penultimate track, Keep on Marching, features the always on point, Remark. A heavy banging track which focuses on what is going on around us and fact that there are too many sheeple out there marching to the beat of drum which keeps them from seeing the true reality around them.

 Rounding off the album is the track, which originally kicked off the album, and is also the first video from the album, Ataraxia. A track which kicks off with an unsettling laughter before the beat drops along with sample reminiscent of the Psycho knifings. With its heavy, dark horror vibe, you can see how this track would change the whole vibe of the album had it remained as the first track. 

Fifteen tracks deep and featuring some of the UK’s top emcees, as well as a few fans to boot, this album takes you on a proper rollercoaster ride through some dark vibes and some not so dark. Every track is crafted to help you get the maximum feeling and energy, and this album is not short of energy on any level.

There are a lot of different vibes to be had from this album and although there is a lot of darkness on here, there is also plenty of fun to be had. The darkness is there because it is a reflection of the world and life around us. Darkness and light brings balance and you can’t have one without the other.

What is especially good about the album is it comes with a collection of demos which really help you to see how the tracks have progressed from their early stages into what they are now as the finished product. That is something you don’t see very often from any artist but, is something that more artists should do. 

Overall there is nothing here not to like. Some may find some of the themes to be a bit dark but, when you reflect the truth in the world around us you will find darkness and I guess some will just find the energy not to their liking but, while you are never gonna please everyone, there is so much here to appeal to so many. This is definitely one for your collection without a doubt.

All songs were written and produced by Nekwreka and mixed by Rola. Except for the Demo versions, these were all mixed by Nekwreka.

The cover design is by Jonny ‘djangokil’ Lines with layout by Nekwreka and features a wicked Zombie design But, if you want to see it, you’re gonna have to buy the album.

So, before I sign of, let’s get to the Q+A with Nekwreka:

How did you decide on the album title..?
The title of the album comes from a lyric used by a band called, Silver chair. From the album, Frog stomp. Loved the saying when I heard it and thought, 'One day I'll call an album that.' now I have. I picture so many different meanings to the phrase so I figured other people would too.
With the Fakes now cemented into Hip Hop history, what's it feel like heading off in a new direction?
To be honest, I don't think Planet of the Fakes are cemented in hip hop history, not even UK hip hop history. We are, at best, a side note scribbled on the page titled Britcore. However, we really like it that you and hopefully one or two others might feel the same too. That being said, it's great to be heading in a new direction for us. We've been together as potf for 12 years and put out a tonne of music including demos that others would never let go of in case their fan base thought they were slipping. We never gave a fuck, but we can't keep grinding out the same music over and over, that's boring. NekWreka is the answer for me. Combine what we like about our style of hip hop and lyricism with the other styles of music we've enjoyed over the years. It's given us a new lease of life without diluting the sound, in fact, it's a lot heavier. It's going to be good.

How are you going to be moving forward with the new Nekwreka monocle..?
The thing about potf is we only fit in with a hand full of other acts and therefore gigs are few and far between but NekWreka is a better Vibe for live shows, festivals, pubs, clubs etc. Plus we intend (on the next release) to be playing 80-90% of the music ourselves, thus cutting our massive use of samples in the arrangements. That, for me, is a massive step forward.

How did the idea for Who the Fuck is Dave develop?
This kinda thing isn't new. A few acts have done it in the 90s - 00's so I guess I stole it from them. But I wanted to give 'The Resistance' the chance to get their voices onto one of our releases. However, a lot of messages just couldn't be cleaned for use and some couldn't be converted so to those, I apologize and will definitely do something else on the next release to make it up to them.

Your lyrics are always high octane. Does this make writing more hectic?
Definitely, Writing lyrics is not easy for me and I'm not a good story teller like the hip hop greats. So I just got used to writing in a way that people would like how I sound and not necessarily what I'm saying. So when I write, I work the shapes and sounds on the page until they work on the record this can be laborious but I think I'm getting the hang of it now.

What is next on your list? Will you be looking at another album; an EP or taking a break?
Well, I'm already 75% done with writing the music for the next NekWreka album. I'm still working the bass lines and keyboards, then Danny comes in to play the guitar parts, then Turkey comes to do the background cuts. Then comes the hard part of the process, deciding on a concept and writing about it, ideas and choruses etc., and then the lyrics. It takes time but I think we get there quicker nowadays then we ever have in the past. Maybe a year, then 6 months for mixing, mastering and packaging, this is usually the time I start preparing the next release, I've never been to Brooklyn so I have never slept.

Living or dead, who would you most like to colab with?
Easiest question ever, Dead = Frank Zappa. Alive = Mike Patton.

What other music do you most enjoy away from Hip Hop?
Nu metal, metal, power groove, grunge, jazz, funk, as long as it makes you want to wreck your neck.

Also, away from Hip Hop... What else do you like to do?
I only do 3 things... I worship my son, I make music no one wants to hear and I work to be able to pay for those two privileges. That's my life, and I love it.

What's your fav Tipple?
Decent red wine. I'm not rich so I'm only talking £7 - £ 10 a bottle but yeah, I'm on that shit like a groupie on dick.

I like all kinds of Outta the box stuff. What’s your take on Ghosts, UFOs and Bigfoot etc..? I have also looked at a lot of stuff to with the Universe, God and other Spiritual stuff. What is your take of this kinda thing?
I'm not really an open minded person, and I have some strange personal beliefs but my opinion is, 'You live, you suffer, you die'. There has been nothing else since humans created the concept of ownership whether that's land, property, Gods, people, borders whatever, and the myriad of ways they go about trying to prove that, usually through violence and fear. It's all a crock of shit, you are not special, nobody is. This goes for everything except UFO stuff. I can't say yes or no here because it's a Fuckin big universe and to think we're alone is some dumb ass religious flat earth mumble rap, but I've never been probed so I don't have proof.

If you could do a Gig with anyone who would be on the line up?
I've already performed with a lot of my peers from UK hip hop so I'm not going to count them in this, except maybe Suspekt, I'll play live anytime with that demented duo. Of course a lot of acts I like are not together anymore or dropped off on the style I liked them for, but as this is a wish list, I'm going to count them. Frank Zappa, Mike Patton (any band but would love it to be MrBungle, Pantera, Twiztid, Korn, Gunshot, Blade, Blades, Slipknot (1999-2002), Primus, Rage against the machine, Beastie boys, Manson (1995 - 2000) Nirvana, Senser, Infections grooves, Sepultura... You get the idea.

What do you love or hate about Interviews?
I've always hated them. I say enough stupid shit in my lyrics without having to reiterate them in public too. But you can't just write music anymore, you've got to promote yourself, and do videos and post pictures of bitches with their tits hanging out with all your music and merch platforms on them, in 20 different social media sites. This just isn't me, I'm a song writer not a business man, so I do an interview here and there with decent articulate individuals so I don't have to join Spotify and post tit pics every hour on the hour. Fuck your play list bitch boy, buy my Fuckin CD instead.

One more thing... What would you say to all those who have and still do support you...
Ah yes, 'The Resistance' they’re the only real reason we're here. The only reason we have vinyl and CDs and download options available. The only reason there are faces at our shows. They gave us the opportunity to do this for the last ten years and we love them for that. They know we will never turn our backs, or dilute, they know what we do is for them and I wouldn't swap one single member of that resistance for 10,000 fake fans, and they know that. It's a two way thing, we don't sell out, they don't kick our arses.

OK, well that’s it peeps.

I have to give a huge thank you Nekwreka for giving me the chance to review the album and for answering my questions.

All the links and videos are below.

Be the resistance buy the album and watch the Bandcamp page as CD Copies are coming soon...

I’m outta here, I’m the resistance.


Preorder the Album here:

Ataraxia - Official Video

Another Dimension - Official Video

Tuesday 23 April 2019

A Product of my Environment By Reckless - A Review

A Product of My Environment by Reckless
A Review

One thing about Hip Hop is that emcee’s put so much good stuff out there focusing on their experiences through life and what they see around them. This is why Hip Hop music always remains so relevant year in and year out, simply because the listeners can always relate to what is being said. Regardless of whether you agree with what is being said or how it is being said, the content is always relevant to the moment.

It was with great interest that I have listened to this new album by Nottingham Emcee Reckless. Now I have not ventured to Nottingham and so I have no idea what live is like there But, the title of the Album ‘A Product of My Environment’ gave me the impression that what I was about to hear was a reflection of life in and around the area Reckless makes his home.

So, let us take a trip through the Album and find out what kind of product his environment has made him:

Kicking off with Glad Rags, immediately this is something we can all associate with. Dressing in the freshest trainers and gear out there, everyone has a brand they favour and this track is all about the love of how he likes to dress, and for Reckless his label of choice is Adidas. A heavy track that you could find yourself nodding along to, The Production comes from Oozhe and also features Mandato, both who also hail from Nottingham. A Video for Glad Rags will be dropping soon so keep watch for this one. Up next is Stet on it, a slightly more laid back track that gave me a mental vision of the Viz comic strip Fat Slags. This track is a vision of those who have yet to discover their self worth and are consumed by the basic instinct to find a mate. Production comes from Manchester producer Blizzard. 

Black Balled drops next and is a hard track with a heavy beat and is a message to all those ‘Dick Riders’ out there, Reckless don’t care and don’t give a fuck so, you need to step off. This track is also the first video from the Album. Production here comes from Oozhe. The next track, Working Class Zeroes, is a laid back kinda track that is all about working your ass off day in and day out to get though life. Many of us can associate with this and how hard it is to make ends meet in today’s society. Production on this one comes from Blizzard and features the always on point DJ Jabbathakut on the cuts. Following on from the vision of the working class is something that, again, plenty of us can associate with at one point in our lives as Booze Britain, takes you on what could be a typical night out in many an English City and the stark reality  that the British have a bit of a reputation as drinkers. This banger of a track features Idranix from Leicester and Production from Oozhe.
From a good night out on a Friday night at the end of the week, When Saturday Comes, links us into another staple of British life and something a great many out there enjoy, Football. This heavy rack takes us on a journey to the pub and on to the terraces and the emotions of watching 90 minutes, end to end on a Saturday afternoon. Production on this one comes from Oozhe. 

Bennis Gonna Get Ya, Produced by Blizzard, is Reckless ode to his favourite place, Benidorm and the things he gets up to on a weekend there every year. A laid back easy track that may well bring a chuckle to many who have memories of Benidorm or other such destinations. 

From a fun vision of getting away from it all to the tongue-in-cheek track, Sawney Bean, Not the Scottish Cannibal of old but, a light-hearted track with a nice banjo riff, which is all about a band of country yokels. It might be a bit over the top but, it’s all just a bit of fun. Now, from a bit of fun, it’s back to reality with a bit more of a darker look at a division between the older generation and the younger, millennial generation on Victor Meldrew vs The Snowflakes. Now, I’ll be honest here and admit I had to look up what a snowflake was. To me term seems quite derogatory but, this is all a bit of fun and the track works well and will get your head nodding. Production comes from Blizzard and features the dope cuts of DJ Jabbathakut.

You can always tell when someone puts a little extra into a track and Man About Town is one of those tracks. Here Reckless tells us all about a good friend and local hero. This one has an easy going vibe, with its cool trumpet sample, and you can feel the respect he has for this guy and putting that energy and emotion into something always gives a deeper vibe. This one features production from C.W. Lee & Blizzard. 

Next up is the penultimate track, which all about being Egotistical, on Nobody Else. The track is nice banger with a cool Piano vibe which features Bristol’s own Twizzy and production from Oozhe.
The last track on the Album is Peter Pan and features CW Jones from Button Eyes on the Hook and a debut from Nottingham’s MC Webz, alongside Shivaz and Kelly Kelz. A nice chilled out track that really spoke to me about Life, Love, Being young at heart and always living in a way that is the greatest expression of your true self.

I won’t lie and say that I got the vibe of this album straight away. It took me a while and it really made me realise how we are all different products of our own environments and our own experiences. How I see things is not how Reckless or anyone else sees things. We are all individuals and that is exactly how it is supposed to be.

Reckless has done an admirable job in bringing us his experiences of everyday life. Sometimes fun and sometimes gritty, you can feel that this has taken thought, feeling and a desire to give an insight into his environment, an environment which has moulded and shaped who he is over the years. 

Overall, the production and verbal skills displayed on this album fit real well together and there is a good balance to the album. It is also good to see a range of guests from different parts of the country all bringing an extra element to compliment the particular vibe of each track and as always with DJ Jabbathakut bringing the Dopeness, how can you go wrong.

A Product of my Environment adds another dimension to the already high standards that we have seen here in the UK this year. Definitely one for you to check out this release is available on Wax, CD and Digital download. A highly enjoyable listen that stands the test of time, it may well appeal to some more than others. But, as I have already noted, this will be down to you own life experiences. However it appeals to you, it is still one you should check out. So, go cop this one and see where it takes you.

Putting our something out as an independant artist takes time and money. So, support independant artists like Reckless. Only in this way can you continue to get inovative Hip Hop that tackles subjects you might not have heard before, just like you get here on A Product of my Environment.

Huge respect goes out to Reckless for sending this over to me to review for you. It has been a pleasure to review as well as a challenge, at times, to really get the vibe and the feel of the vision Reckless is putting across.

Till next time.
I’m out,

To purchace the a physical or Digital copy of the Album Click the links below:

 Black Balled Video

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Sample Everything by Pandamonium - A Review

Sample Everything by Pandamonium
A Review

Sample Everything, is the first instrumental album from 2 x UK DMC Finalist and Redbull Drop Champion, Pandamonium. The beatsmith from Devon in the UK has released a string of remixes and collaborations via Bandcamp and continues to be very active. 

In his early days he was influenced by the likes of Public Enemy’s ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions’ and De La Soul’s ‘3 Feet High and Rising’. So, now after nearly 30 years in the game he has decided to drop something entirely based around his love of the golden era of Hip Hop but, with his modern approach and focusing on his beat making skills and sample manipulation, whilst paying homage to those influences that helped making him one of the UK’s most well respected Producers.

I have to say that this album took me back to listening to the classic Endtroducing by DJ Shadow many years ago and having this on rotation in the car the last couple of weeks gave me time to really feel this album and, in my opinion, anyone who vibes with that DJ, Sample heavy style of instrumental Hip Hop/Beat juggling is gonna enjoy this.

So, let’s take a trip through the album track by track and give you a feel for what to expect:

Kicking off with Stop It, this is a banging but, easy listening track which quickly introduces you to what this album is all about. This ain’t that s**t you listening to on the radio man.

So, let’s get into this with Habit, a dope drum heavy track which is based around the art of crate digging. Something that any Hip Hop DJ or anyone who is deeply into Hip Hop will understand and probably done or still do today, I mean ‘Come on, Admit it, we all love a bit of crate digging’.
Natural is up next and keeps that Boom Bap, Sample vibe going on a track that is all about Pandamonium being a natural at what he does. Who are we to argue that point, any Hip Hop DJ/Producer will understand this one.

So, we now get to kick back chill with On The DL. A nice chilled out vibe that has you reminiscing on those lazy days you just wanna kick back and take it real easy. That links very nicely into The Jazz, a funky track most definitely on the jazz tip and hitting you with that Jazz Hop vibe that we all love.

Next up is Pandamonium’s special on video games with Nintendo Power, taking us back to the early days of gaming and those consoles that everyone had be it a Nintendo or, like myself, a Sega. A nice little banger with plenty of instantly recognisable early gaming samples to make you grin, if you remember those days.

Sweet Boom Bap Harmony (An Ode to the UK Rave Scene), now the title might make you think you are about to have you ears assaulted by some hectic, tripped out rave mix up but, this track retains the heavy beat style but, with plenty of references that cast you mind back to days on sneaking off to all night raves or last minute parties in some disused warehouse, always with the risk of the Old Bill rocking up and spoiling the night.

Intermission, this is what it is. We are half way through so take sec just to reflect of what’s already been and what is to come.

So, after that dope little skit, next we get hit with No More. A track to get your head nodding but, with a vibe to those who be talking that Bullshit. No More of that for sure.

Up next is a funky lil track with a dope beat and is all about one thing, The Amazing Pand. I ain’t gonna argue with that one. From type of Funky to another as Pandamonium takes us a chilled out piano driven vibe on Play Your Piano but, still with more funk that a dead skunk... Bring in the trumpets for the next ride as the Pand drops the beat and reminds us that, I Gotta Vibe.

So, let’s get those heads nodding again and bang out a straight heavy vibe with Spell the Name Right. Pandamonium tells it straight, this is Hip Hop. Oh and remember to get that name right ya hear. Now you’re well and truly in to that Hip Hop, what do you do to that funky ass beat bro, I Get Down, ok so what you waiting for...

Damn, before you know it you’re having so much that suddenly the album is almost over and it’s time for the man Pandamonium to Bounce Like A Bad Cheque and be Outta here but, at least he is outta here in style with a laid back vibe to drop you back into reality, easy like.

Sample Everything is Created, Performed and produced entirely by Pandamonium and not only that he does the Artwork himself too. MG GOST was the only other individual who was involved and helped give Pandamonium invaluable help and feedback during mastering.
MG GOST, who helps run the IBMC’s Label, was also instrumental in putting the whole project out and Sample Everything is released through the IBMC Label. So, huge props go out to him on this project.

Start to finish this album is everything you want from this kind of vibe. Hip Hop music really brought the whole idea of sampling into the lime light. The Hip Hop DJ’s and producers created this whole style of taking old records and giving them a new lease of life. Albums like Sample Everything, really demonstrate what can be achieved by a skilled artist and yeah, to me these people (like Pandamonium) are true musical artists taking old dusty forgotten records and using them to create something that shines again and brings pleasure to so many.

So, yeah I really enjoyed listening to this. Picking out samples I recognise and those I don’t and really going with the vibe from track to track, always listening to the album start to finish in one hit. Like I said before, I was reminded of other album’s from the likes of DJ Shadow, NuMark, Cut Chemist and the like and it really gave me that sense that this style of Hip Hop is still very much alive and in a variety of forms.

Pandamonium is someone you need to watch here in the UK. To do everything yourself takes much skill and dedication and I take my hat off to him for this release. I have really enjoyed his remixes and collaborations and am looking forward to what the future will bring from him. Sample Everything perfectly captures the elements and inspirations that make Hip Hop what it is but, in Pandamonium’s own style.

I defiantly recommend that you check this out yourself and feel how the vibes makes you feel. At the end of the day we are all individuals and we experience music, the vibe and its energy differently.
Props to Pandamonium for sending me the album to review.

All the links you need are below.
Till next time, I out, Peace 5000 Gee.




Nintendo Power

Sweet Boom Bap Harmony (An Ode to the UK Rave Scene)