Friday 26 March 2021

Album Review: Magnifique by Mick Swagger




Mick Swagger


UK Rapper/Producer Mick Swagger is quickly making a name for himself on the UK scene. I first saw him in 2019 at the B-Line Recordings Rope-A-Dope event in Bristol where he impressed with his style and wordplay, especially during an open mic cipher.

Magnifique is his second album, the first being 2019’s Villianaire which was entirely produced by the man himself. For Magnifique he has brought in two of the most respected beat makers out there in Farmabeats (UK) and Nicholas Craven (Canada) but, not just that, there are also a number of notable features to add that extra element and those featuring are Twizzy, Doc Terror, Brotherman, DJ Mad Handz, CL BRKS, Micall Parknsun, COSM and George Bucks.

If you have heard Villianaire or Mick’s other releases (Swaggerahki EP with Hiarahki & Stock Market EP with Pri-D) or caught him on a feature (such as COSM & Micall Parknsun’s Aspetta) then you will be eager to hear this one. If your unlucky enough to not have heard Mick yet, then I urge you to get acquainted with his music…

Anyway, before I get off track, let’s get into Magnifique:

The first four tracks are produced by Farmabeats…

Jesus in Adidas drops with some laid-back drums and an almost middle east vibe. This mixed with Mick’s slick wordplay immediately gets your attention and you can’t help but, slowly nod ya head while Mick flips it like the second coming on the Hip Hop tip and turning all you non-believers into believers. Up next is the title track and the heavy beat with flute and guitar over it puts you into an almost dreamlike state which allows you to focus on Mick’s lyrical flow and, as he creates a wealth of visions in your mind, you understand why putting Mick Swagger on you beat makes it Magnifique.

You might still be sat in your seat but, now the beat is pounding and head nod, mixed with some flute and violin which transports you to an opium den in Sherlock Holmes era and as you float along this etheric plain Micall Parkunsun joins Mick Swagger to deliver some of those Bars For Life. The last track from Farmabeats is on that Posse cut vibe with a heavy beat and some angelic vocals. Mick is joined by COSM, George Bucks, Twizzy, Doc Terror, Brotherman and DJ Mad Handz. The track sees each emcee Buss Fire, like they are loading up catapults with pure lyrical fire, then unleashing them on your ears, which means you can hear it coming but, you can’t stop the inevitable, and if that was not enough DJ Mad Handz rounds things off with a deadly volley of flame tipped arrow like cuts.

The remainder of the album is produced by Nicholas Craven…

Following that pounding to end the first half of the album you are aroused by an upbeat vibe infused with a mariachi style guitar which perfectly matches Mick as he takes us through music story telling whist reminding us of one thing, to shut the fuck up while We’re Talking. Love for you has a more Jazzy piano vibe and features CL BRKS and Micall Parknsun on a track that explores all the things and people we love in life, the kind of things that complete us and make us whole.

Mover has a soulful jazz vibe and looks at the ways people make moves in life, the kinda moves that help us just get by or make something of ourselves. It’s all about waiting for that right moment and then seizing it. From a jazz vibe to a more laid-back funk driven feel as Donuts looks at al those little things that we enjoy and that make us feel good and it is that feel good vibe is what its all about. The track rounds off with Mick giving some well-deserved shout outs.

The album rounds off with a bonus track. The Next Dimension is proper soulful, funk fuelled, head nod, body moving track and on this one Mick is doing exactly what the tracks suggests and is taking those bars to a new dimension. So, just carry on kicking back and letting your mind wander…


It seems to me that one of the good things to come out of the current world situation and being locked down so much is that it is giving artists time to produce some outstanding work and Mick Swagger is no exception. Magnifique is a quality piece of Hip Hop. Its deep laid-back vibe means that it will permeate every cell of your body regardless of where you are when you’re listening to it. You might be in the car, out for a walk or chilled out at home with a beer or enveloped in a purple haze, this one suits it all, if you ask me…

While Mick’s voice and style are all his own, with his captivating use of similes and seamless wordplay, it does fit perfectly with the likes of COSM and George Bucks and Mick has joined these two to form the Ant Hill Mobb, so be sure to keep watch for these guys in the future. But let’s not take anything away from Mick, he has brought in two top producers who have crafted a musical sound scape that flows perfectly from start to finish and is the perfect platform for Mick and those guest artists all of whom add their own individual spark to the project which, combined with Mick Swagger, lights the whole project and lets it smoulder away in your consciousness.

This is definitely not one to miss and as we recover from the effects of these global issues, albums like this will continue to set the bar ever higher by drawing on real life whilst looking between the lines and inviting people to think for themselves and look deeply at what is going on around them and to openly question the current paradigm…

Magnifique by Mick Swagger is available from today.

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We're Talking Official Video (Live at 18:00 26th March 2021)

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Album Review: Aspetta by COSM & Micall Parknsun




COSM & Micall Parknsun


Back in September 2020 I reviewed COSM’s first album release on the Hollow Sun label, the awesome Iron Statue. Since that time COSM has not been sitting back on his laurels. January 2021 saw Hollow Sun drop the Mouth of Madness single from Iron Statue which featured Murkerz and saw the track get two remixes from g-man (DecksTerror) and March 5th saw the release of the eagerly anticipated Aspetta LP alongside legendary and multi-talented Micall Parknsun.

The album is produced entirely by Parky and features appearances from Parky himself, Juga-Naut, C.o.n-Verse, Mick Swagger, Jabbathakut and Jazz T (who also mixed and mastered the album).

So, with a line-up of UK talent like this the album promises to be a heavy hitter so, without further ado, lets dive into the album:

The intro to Joe Pesci gives this an air of a mafia movie vibe but then your ears are immediately pounded by a heavy beat mixed with some xylophone notes that, alongside the movie similes and wicked wordplay, develop the crime movie feel like you’re constantly looking over your shoulder and peering into the shadows. From the air of mystery to straight up head nod Hip Hop But, don’t be deceived here as COSM draws you into the shadowy world where you question reality and wonder which you are living in and could it be controlled by some higher power the has The Grand Design for you and the world around you.

Two Dogs is a boom bap beat that is infused with some sharp piano. This one really spoke to me about keeping your awareness focused on how you live and conduct yourself. It is very like the story of the two wolves and which one you feed will control your destiny. With Glass Ceiling the beat is more laid-back but, laced with some big strings. The message here is all about those times you can see where you want to be but, there is some invisible barrier that holds you back and to get where you want to be you just have to use whatever means are necessary to break through that barrier and move forward. That laid-back vibe continues with Mount Olympus with has an almost dreamy mix of drums, piano, and etheric vocals. This has that posse cut vibe and features Juga-Naut, Micall Parknsun and C.o.n-Verse who, alongside COSM, take us deep into what it is to make music, do what you love and still survive through the ups n downs of life.

Hoia Baciu takes us into deep moody vibe of drums over some orchestral vibes and slick cuts. Here COSM gets into your mind speaking on those times you do not realise how tough things can be at times. It is only when the reality of it truly hits that you understand but, that’s what it is living live. From those stark realisations the vibe switches to more a more upbeat jazzy feel with some funked out bass on Out Here, this one really spoke to me about how tough it is being in the underground music scene and getting by. You are the one to keep yourself focused and delivering the goods in a world that’s cold, be the one delivering the heat…

Returning to the head nod vibe that is also heavy on the keys, Infamy kicks about how doing what you love and loving what you do and having the support of a good group of people behind you and its rounded off with those sweet cuts from Jabbathakut, who again features on Santino, an out and out banger that begs for you to turn the volume up as COSM takes us through that inner city life and the struggles and daily grind you work through to get by and reach for that brighter day. The album ends with DeVino, heavy on the drums with that piano which take us back to looking deep into the shadows wondering where the next hit is coming from.


I really like this idea of creating a concept that runs through the entire album. With Iron Statue it was the whole Rocky/Boxing theme and here on Aspetta we have this slightly darker organised crime/Mafia movie theme and it really gives these albums that extra dimension and depth, especially when its packed full of living life and those deep personal experiences.

The way COSM expertly flips his wordplay, packed full of similies and a dexterity that sets him apart from so many other emcees out there right now and it gives everything he does such a refreshing depth that keeps you listening and guessing at what you just heard, which is especially so with the clever use of movie references and so on.

Micall Parknsun production is faultless here, I mean this guy can do no wrong. Whether it is production or rap, he brings and air of professionalism that brings such a polished edge to whatever he touches and the tone of the music he produces brings the perfect mood to whatever project he is working on.

The appearance of Jabbathakut, Juga-Naut, C.o.n-Verse, Mick Swagger, Jazz T and Parky himself only serves to solidify the quality of this album. There are so many superb emcees out there right now that it is important to pick those who will bring depth to the particular project and COSM and Parky have chosen wisely for Aspetta.

When you stick this one on you get that air of cruising around in a big car with those dark tinted windows and as you're cruising by people know and respect who you are and what you do. Indeed that feeling of respect courses through everything you do and not only that but, there is a mutual respect that runs alongside this for all those who support. Alongside that it carries with it that knowing there is a deep wealth of life experience that pervades every bar and more than a dash of fun, games, and good friends to boot. This is simply a quality release from COSM, Micall Parknsun and Hollow Sun Records, deep but also great entertainment.

Huge thanks to g-man (DecksTerror) for sending this over to me.

Aspetta is available now, Links below.

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Friday 19 March 2021

Album Review: Freeflow Throwdown - Mike Mac


Freeflow Throwdown


Mike Mac


This release is one of those from the crates. Originally recorded a few years back with Mike freestyling over some beats it has been brought up-to-date polished up and is now in the light of day and soon for all to hear.

I don’t want to give this one a huge intro so I’m just gonna dive straight in…

The Intro is a proper boombap head nod beat that forms the backdrop for a host of big names to drop shouts to the man himself so, just let this one sink in damn. 3 Styles Official hits your ears with more of that slammin’ head nod vibe and nice guitar adding that extra dimension. Mike starts by dropping some shout outs before telling how the project came together and really kicking off that freestyle feel. Next, we slide into Get This which features TRZ, it’s a nice piano heavy upbeat track with a sung intro and chorus and is really all about the good times and what makes you feel good. A big beat with melodic organ is the sound for Social Media, which see’s Mike wading in on the popular apps and website that not only keep us connected but, also invade our space and, to a point, control our lives. From the ups and downs of social media we drift into banging beat with some piano and electronic elements that see us look into the life of a Lab Rat. This one looks deep into Big Pharma, prescription drugs, G.Ps and the whole idea that it is not about a cure, because there is no money in a cure.

Break Down is a proper upbeat piano fuelled head nod beat and the track is all about breaking it down about life, it’s just that simple. It’s time to get funky with Love & Respect which has a such a wicked guitar and those hand claps just make you wanna move to the beat. The track is all about being aware of those negatives in your life but, keep that in its place for the thing you want to bring to the surface is your positive awareness, which will keep you where you want to be. We end with the New Style Outro on an upbeat mix of synth and brass elements, this the kinda short freestyle flow that this is all about and why an emcee does what he does.


For me I really liked how this was done. That freestyle vibe to it really gave the whole thing that authentic Hip Hop vibe and made me cast my mind back the early 80s when I first got into Hip Hop and the whole freestyle thing was so big with freestyle battles and emcees throwing down that was what gave rap that extra dimension and energy and Mike has ably captured that here with Freeflow Throwdown. I know it is not entirely freestyle but, it does have that feel about it. At times it feels gritty and raw, with areas where you feel it could be a bit more polished, such as with the New Style Outro, where the lyrics are almost hard to discern at times But, all this adds to what I feel he was trying to achieve here and it certainly gives it that element of the underground.

The whole idea for this release was to take concepts, ideas for titles which were suggested by friends on Social Media and then to create the individual tracks around that and you can’t help feeling that he has achieved exactly what he set out to do. The project is cohesive both musically and vocally, you can throw it on and get a real buzz out of it. It also shows exactly what you can achieve when you come up with an original concept for a project.

The fact this is a few years old does not take away from its relevance in today’s climate and it is definitely a release you should not underestimate.

Freeflow Throwdown is due to be released sometime in the future. If you really want to hear this then drop some comments and who knows what might happen...


I’m out,


Thursday 11 March 2021

EP Review: Tightus Hiatus - Billy White vs Pheend Supreme


Tightus Hiatus EP


Billy White vs Pheend Supreme


Tightus Hiatus is the follow up to 2019s Run to the Helicopter Album from Canterbury emcee Billy While. This new EP see’s billy teaming up with long time creative partner Pheend Supreme who provides the production.

I was really interested to listen to this one as reading through the pre-release material it stated that, together these two have formed a tight partnership with an understanding of just how the other works with has led to a winning synergy. With Tightus Hiatus, the two have put together something that has that boom bap style hip-hop and Billy’s own entertaining rap style. Now, I admit that I have not heard the previous album and reading the promo material piqued my interest somewhat.

So, with that in mind lets drop straight into a track by track look at the EP:

The EP is proper head nod straight outta the gate with Mic Serenade that is infused with a funky guitar vibe to get you moving as Billy really demonstrates his verbal wordplay skills. If that track had, you jumping about a little too much then Bounce will chill you out with a lazy electronic feel that will have some of you sparking one up whilst at the same time the beat may have you tapping you toes as Billy spins your mind into a purple haze.

Heavy Thoughts brings back that laid back funk vibe that puts you in mind of the early 70’s. The message from Billy here is all about the rough times we all go through in life and how we do or don’t react to them has such an effect on how we walk forward. We keep that kinda 70’s funk feel with White Poet, this one will have your body swaying as we are treated to what it is to be the poet Billy White.

That jazz funk vibes remains but, now switches it up as No Ends see’s Billy take us down the path of life and the hurdles, opportunities, and ups n downs that we face but, the ultimate realisation is that it will all be alright in the end. The last track of the EP, Hiatus, treats us to a slick chilled guitar vibe that is matched by laid back beat. Hiatus really sums up the EP and that there will be no resting just looking forward, OH Yeah! You gotta love those Flash Gordon samples, classic.


What is evident here is that, if you have not heard Billy White before, then this one is a treat for you.  Billy White shows that he can do exactly what he says he can do, from speaking on social issues and the trials and tribulations of everyday life to just flipping it and having a great time on the mic about anything that takes his fancy. Let’s not forget here that Billy’s skills are matched perfectly by the production of Pheend Supreme who provides the musical backdrop that perfectly matches the tone of Billy puts across verbally. You can really see why these guys work so well together and that chemistry makes this ep such a pleasure to listen to.

It is hard to know what else to say about Tightus Hiatus, this is one of those releases that you chuck on in the car, at home or on your headphones and have a great time from start to finish. There is nothing weak here just six tracks of pure boom bap hip hop for ya ears and credit where credit is due, when two people work so well together and produce such polished material, they can only do good things in the world of Hip Hop Music and that can only be a good thing.

So, give it up for Billy White and Pheend Supreme, the south east of the UK is in good hands.

Tightus Hiatus is presented by Air Whipped Productions and is available to stream in all the right places so, you know what to do…


Peace, I’m Out



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Heavy Thoughts

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Album Review - Configa Presents: The ConfigaHas Crates


“Configa Presents: The ConfigHas Crates”




Hot on the heels of his involvement in the latest release from Arrested Development, producer Configa is back with something new and for this he has been digging in his crates for some unreleased heat for the streets.

Configa and HaStyle first linked in 2012 and went on to release 2 EPs ("The Calm Before Hastility" and "A Good Combination" both in 2015) and 1 LP ("Hastility [H1]" in 2016). The ConfigHas Crates is material originally recorded during 2013-2015 and had been destined for the Hastility (H2) album but sadly never saw the light of day, until now that is. There are also three tracks (8-10) that have have been lifted from the original Hastility (H1) album and feature some wicked features for your listening pleasure.

With all of that in mind, let’s get into it and see exactly what Configa has in store for us…

From the get-go this is a straight up head nod affair with Something I Said. That neck snapping beat is accompanied by a wicked guitar loop producing a deep vibe which perfectly matches the deep narrative from HaStyle as he speaks on broken friendships/relationships and the upset caused by wondering if it was all down to something you said. Don’t think for one moment you can stop that head moving as the beat and some contemplative strings provide a new canvas for HaStyle and Nine to explore the trials and tribulations of living in the Now.

Enemies Closer hits with a banging beat and choral voices which brings this BIG, almost soundtrack vibe, and that’s just what is needed as HaStyle and Sadat X detail that while we may keep our friends close, it is always important to keep you enemies closer - as there are times you just don’t who is who and who might flip on you. We move back to that head nod vibe with Water Colors, which has a touch of brass and some ethereal keys that at times is almost dreamy. Here HaStyle takes us on what amounts to a Hip-Hop love story as he watches and finally reaches out to that perfect woman. From one love to another love as HaStyle treats us to his Alpha Bits which is a take on breakfast and the alphabet, Hip-Hop style, over a funky dope beat that will make you never look at mornings quite the same again.

Now cereal is one thing you might need after you hit the Sticky and Rah Digga joins HaStyle here, over a laid-back beat with some chilled guitar and spaced-out Electronica, to help us float away to some of the real sticky icky, ya feel. Up next is Lik A Shot which also features Wordsworth and Rashan. This one is upbeat and will have you bouncing as our trio of emcees explain that this one is about the shot, and whatever way you take it (drink or ammunition), it’s all about hitting it. There is also a sweet kinda xylophone sample here I can’t quite place but, I’m sure it was also used by Gunshot on 2000s International Rescue.

The first of the three tracks lifted from Hastility (H1) is Mind Control and features El Da Sensei. The beats hits hard, raising your adrenaline levels as Configa mixes up so many elements it has your mind spinning, which is apt as Has and El drop the knowledge on everything about conspiracies and the way the powers that be seek to control us at every turn, the only answer to this being to rise up. If we are gonna rise up the next step it will create a World War Rap, and here the beat reflects that with a raw heavy style. Has is joined by Prince Po as real rap technicians declare all out war on those fakes and wack radio rappers. In any war we see the Soldiers March to the front lines and here those soldiers are HaStyle, Chino XL and Configa. Here, Configa provides the artillery of a pounding beat and mix of strings and accordion vibes as a stark backdrop for Has and Chino to take us from bootcamp, to war and beyond.

We have reached the end of this journey and it just leaves Configa and Has to polish it off with a short Outro. Sparse drums, bass and guitar vibes create a funky feel as HaStyle sums up the album and leaves us with that air of Hastility or Hostility to the untrained and uneducated mind…  


What can I say about this that has not been said already, well, if this is the quality and calibre of what Configa and HaStyle had in the crates then I see no reason why these two should not hit us with more!

Configa displays his considerable production talents in mixing up a wealth of samples, sounds, beats and vibes. It shows exactly why this guy is such a sought-after producer. HaStyle is a solid emcee who is more than able to conduct himself and display dexterous wordplay as he tackles everything from deep social and personal subjects to the more light-hearted styles. Together these two have a chemistry that is obvious to anyone listening.

Some might say that you have to be ‘into Hip-Hop’ to appreciate that but, I personally don’t feel that, as I honestly think that anyone with a discerning musical ear can understand how well they work together and that is true credit to both of them. I enjoyed the flow of this album from start to finish and it really had that full on Boom-Bap style feel that ran throughout the whole project. The addition of the three tracks from Hastility (H1), added that extra dimension to it. The guest artists provided the icing to a cake that had already been mixed, cooked, and then had a nice layer of buttercream added.

Once you have heard this you will definitely want to hear their previous material because you won’t just want to add this latest offering to your collection but, you will want the entire set.

“Configa presents: The ConfigHas Crates” is available now.  

I’ll see ya next time,

Peace Out,



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Something I Said

World War Rap

Tuesday 2 March 2021

Single Review: Another Planet by Cult Encounters ft A-F-R-O


Another Planet ft A.F.R.O.


Cult Encounters


Another Planet is a single released at the end of July 2020 by Cult Encounters Co a stateside Hip-Hop Collective/Label from Michigan, was formed in 2015 by Tylr C and $adflcko. The track was produced by label mate DMTree and features the verbal dynamo that is A-F-R-O.

The first thing to note is there is no chorus on this single, it’s just straight bars from these guys. There is a distinct laid-back jazzy vibe to this track but, there is also an undertone of a spaced out feel that seems ooze into the track from some other dimension.

Each emcee handles their verse with precision. A-F-R-O, up first, displays his ability to rap to any beat, vibe or pace flipping words and similes like he’s straight off some other worldly place. The Cult Encounters follow up with two distinct verses: the first looking at the aspects of self, music and the world around us and the second focusing on the things people do just to get by. Tylr C and $adflcko show they are more than able to hold their own as they stand shoulder to shoulder with A-F-R-O and together the three craft the kind of track that is highly listenable, draws you in and ultimately makes you question which reality you are livin’ in.

What I really liked about this was the fact that it was crafted in a way that allows you to enjoy word spoken and really feel the essence of what these guys were putting across. Cult Encounters are definitely one to watch and Tylr C will be dropping his solo album Deadman Walkin on April 7th 2021 so, they have plenty going on.

Peace Out,


You can check out Another Planet and all releases from Cult Encounters Co and links on their Bandcamp Page Here: