Wednesday 20 March 2019

Chrome - Dopamine Hit Remix EP Review

Dopamine Hit Remix EP by Chrome
Reviewed by S. Rider

Hot off the back of the release of the LP Dopamine Hit, Chrome is back with the second single from the Album.
But, we are not just treated to a straight up single here. Oh No, Chrome has dropped a remix EP featuring a brand new track.

The single is available on two formats, 7” Vinyl and Digital. 

The 7” vinyl features the Remix of Dopamine Hit by Smoove with the flip side being the brand new track, To The Big Apple.

The digital release Features the radio edit of Dopamine Hit, the Smoove Remix, To The Big Apple, To the Big Apple (Super JB Remix) and Instrumentals.

So you seriously can’t go wrong with this.

Let’s get into the main tracks here and see what we have:

Dopamine Hit (I Need a Hit Remix by Smoove):  Smoove has taken the title track from the Album and funk’s it the fuck up. I mean, damn, this remix would be at home as much on your car stereo with the volume turned way past 10, as it would be pounding out of the speakers in the clubs. I can easily see this track do it the rounds and Chrome’s choice of getting Smoove to remix the track was inspired as Smoove has dope a proper job with the production here as the straight up funky groove of this remix compliments Chrome’s lyric’s perfectly.

To The Big Apple: Anyone who knows Chrome and his solo or All CnI work, will know that Hip Hop plays a huge part in his life. What he has done here is to take that love of Hip Hop and create a track around that love and the Birthplace of Hip Hop, The Big Apple, New York. Chrome, on the production, rhymes and cuts, has crafted a dope track heavy on the Double Bass and some kickin’ drums, with some wicked cuts to top it all off. Not just a dope track, this is a perfect homage to Raps birthplace.

To The Big Apple (Super JB Remix): What better person to remix this track that Chrome’s very own DJ, Super JB. Considering Chrome’s crafting of such an awesome track could it possibly get any better by being given the remix treatment? The answer here is simple, Hell Yeah... Super JB takes this track back to the Old Skool and drops a dope beat that gets your heart pumping and fist your come to think of it. I can’t tell you how much I love this remix. It is not often a remix can elevate a track to a level where it stands toe to toe with the original but, Super JB has done that here and I don’t think I need say anymore.

If you have not got this already you need to grab this one. The first run of 7” singles sold out and a second run was released. Not sure how many of those remain but, you should definitely grab one for your collection. Over all this is one of those releases that won’t be getting old anytime soon and definitely still on rotation for me.

An interesting thing to note is there has been three releases from Chrome for the Album and all three have been on different Labels. Shockwave was released on Naked Ape, The Album Dopamine Hit was released on B-Line Recordings and now this release via Chrome’s own No Half Steppin’ Record Label.

This is yet another release that proves that 2019 is looking to be a good year for our UK Hip Hop artists. Who are out there producing top notch product on the independent tip. So, get out there and support these releases.

Not forgetting that the Cover design and layout is from the always on point, Mr Tibbz.
Photography comes from Nathan Clarke at N.L.C. Creative. N.L.C. also produced the dope video which you can see below.

Till next time, I’m out.



Dopamine Hit - LP Version

Dopamine Hit - I Need A Hit (Smoove Remix)