Thursday 30 April 2020

Humans by Carpetface and Jimi Lyons - Single Review

Carpetface and Jimi Lyons
Single Review

Following on from my last review of last year’s release of B4 the Fall, with its warnings for world leaders and ultimate message of hope for those generations to come, Humans is a fitting follow up single from the pair.
Humans is the second single to be release from their forthcoming album “Soundsystem Soul” which is due for release in 2021 and continues the message of hope for a brighter future.
This single again brings their unique sound and positive uplifting vibe to your ears. It has an infectious energy about it whilst still retaining the conscious and positive message and in the current climate, where the world is experiencing an unprecedented upheaval this kind of positive is all the more needed.

As with B4 The Fall, Humans has that unique blend of urban music from many genres and cultures and all produced from live instruments or Carpetface’s array of electronic music equipment. This track really demonstrates some expert vocal work from both as they take you on a trip through what it is to be Human with a real depth of feeling that allows you to enjoy what you are hearing but, at the same time really feel it on a deep level. We are living in a time where, right now, it does sometimes feel like we are losing touch with what it means to be human at a core level without all the external influences and this track really feels like it is taking you back to that core essence of who we truly are as humans.

Again there really is something for everyone in this track regardless of you musical taste as it hits heavy, whilst still being soulful. It is also urban that can easily appeal to those who enjoy a more mainstream feel to their music. Not only that but, this one gives a unique light on appealing to younger ages as they use, in the chorus, of the melody to the nursery rhymes “Frѐre Jacques”, “Row Row Row Your Boat” will have the kids singing along, as it really does have a proper infectious vibe to it, trust me.

The single was produced and arranged by Carpetface and also features cuts from DeeJay Random of the SteelDevils, Horns from Carl Woodison, Organ Sounds from Dr Moon, Backing Vox from Headskillz South West Kids Crew, Guitars from Carpetface and Jimi Lyons and everything else by Carpetface.

The official video (see below) to accompany the track is best described from what the official Press release has to say:
The Music Video depicts various aspects of
the Human experience - as seen through the eyes
and ears of a 10 year old alien boy running a VR
simulation - who learns what it means to be
Human, while picking up some pretty mean
breakdancing skills along the way.....  

The video really does fit the whole vibe of what the single puts across and it brings home how it is aimed at the differing age groups and how we as humans really must promote unity across the globe, great work from the Newbias and Headskillz crews.

I have to say that, with these first two singles, Carpetface and Jimi Lyons really have taken the whole vibe of Urban Conscious music to a new level. Integrating such a wealth of musical influences alongside such cutting edge production values has given rise to form of music that can easily span cultures, ages and the test of time for years to come. I for one am really excited to see what is next from these two because this is really something to be excited about.

Human is released through Newbias Records and will be available from 1st May 2020.

One to watch and definitely one to keep the whole family entertained whilst we are still locked down.
Grab this and support the independent artists.

NOTE: I just want to clear up a couple of points and explain more good reasons to support this release and future releases from NewBias Records:

NEWBIAS RECORDS is the label-division of NEWBIAS CIC- is a non-profit, parent-led, arts-based Charitable Interest Company.
100% of profits generated from all releases and merch sales go towards funding our ongoing HEADSKILLZ Youth-Support
Projects, delivering a wide range of support-initiatives for disadvantaged young people, all stemming from engagement in
creative practice, including production of our music videos. Learn more at

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Official Humans Video

Friday 17 April 2020

B4 the Fall by Carpetface and Jimi Lyons - Single review

Single Review

It may be some time since we last had a release from UK Emcee, Producer extraordinaire CARPETFACE But, he has been busy with projects behind the scenes and ‘B4TheFall’ is one of those.

Linking up with veteran reggae artist JIMI LYONS this track is a blend of styles that will appeal to a great many of you who have a love for good music.

Bringing a unique sound, which has been described as ‘Soundsystem Soul’, this track utilises some awesome production skills that CARPETFACE has up his sleeve. Fusing and drawing on a wide range of influences from Hip Hop and World Music to Reggae, Funk and Soul. Every sound here was played, dubbed, looped and mixed by hand  with CARPETFACE using a wealth of musical tricks including Live Instruments, Beatbox, the Roland Handsonic, Akai Synths, Kaoss Pad and more. All this results in a laid back, fresh sound which has such an infectious vibe and add to that the silky smooth vocals of JIMI LYONS interspaced with the deep echoing sound of CARPETFACE and the whole track moulds into the type of vibe that will keep you bouncing along from the lounge to the garden and on to crank it up in the car on those hot summer days.

Also, keep in mind the deeper meaning of the lyrics to this track. Underlying the infectious nature of the track and its appeal to all ages, this track has deep message rooted in social change, spiritual awakening, justice and healing with an overall uplifting and positive message or all society. Something of this nature is extremely important in the current climate with the world in the grip of a pandemic that is set to trigger change on a global scale and a greater respect for each other and for the earth on which we live.

For me these two have created a perfect sound and direction for the type of conscious music the world is in need of and that shows just as much in that the whole track, and the accompanying video, was entirely produced at Headskillz Southwest. This is an off-grid studio, youth support centre and community hub located in the South West of the UK and it was built using upcycled materials that were salvaged from industrial waste that was destined to be taken to landfill. You can’t get more of a positive message than that in todays society and we need more of these projects as we move into new horizons.

On top of all this all the money raised is going to a good cause as

So, there is a great reason to head over and support this project.

The track is released through NEWBIAS Records”, the label-division of “NEWBIAS CIC” - a non-profit, parent-led, arts-based Community Interest Company founded 2017 with a major focus on Youth Re-engagement and Eco-friendly Community Regeneration.
For more info visit 

This review drops at a very crucial time as the follow up to B4 the Fall will be dropping on 1st May 2020 and is titled HUMANS. So, keep watch for a review of the next single from Carpetface and Jimi Lyons coming here soon...

On that note I’m outta here,


 B4 The Fall - Official Video

Monday 13 April 2020

TOTEM Trilogy Part 1 by The Scribes - EP Review

The Totem Trilogy Pt 1
The Scribes and Astro Snare
EP Review

The southwest of the UK is producing some the premier Hip Hop acts on the scene at this time and none more so than infamous, award winning, group The Scribes.

For this new release Ill Literate & Jonny Steele have joined forces with Oxford based, Chicago raised, producer Astro Snare to drop the first in a planned trilogy of releases. This trilogy promises to be something a little special as the cover art for each release comes from renowned illustrator Chris Malbon. The stunning artwork will combine across each release to form a single image of a Totem, being the focus of the music.

A totem is often used to symbolise things of importance and even to tell stories but, it is important to note that it is the how the individual perceives the totem that how it speaks to them as an individual and that is something to keep in mind as you listen to these first five tracks and then on to and across the entire trilogy.

So, let’s into EP and let me give you a glimpse of where it took me...

Now you can’t do much better than kick off with a full on banger of a track and I’m Back is just that. Noted as a heartfelt tribute to the golden age of Hip Hop, this track is like Ronseal, as it does exactly what it says on the tin. Production is funky, light-hearted and really does bring in that golden age energy. Ill Literate and Jonny Steel are joined on vocals by Astro Snare himself and the legendary figure of MC Duke dropping a verse that gives you chills But, it takes nothing away from the others who drop the kinda verses that take your breath away and have you wondering what is to come after such a strong opening salvo.
Mighty Mighty features a reggae brass vibe to the production which gives the track a nice laid back feel you kinda wanna play whilst chilling in the garden on hot day with cold drink as the words of the Scribes take you on deep journey that speaks on some important subjects of our modern culture and ultimately gives the message that you can’t change the past but, that you can use and change those energies to help you rise up, stay strong and create the future you desire.
Rock This Part 2 is a crown moving banger of a track. With it’s heavy electric Hip Hop vibe this one is really all about rocking the mic, rocking the speakers and rocking the crowd. This is what Hip Hop has always been about, taking your sound and making the people move to a feel good energy and this track does that and then some from the headphones to the car to the club and the live experience, you gotta move to this...
Heart Breaks is a track that has you falling deep into the ups and downs of life. We all experience the dark times, low points where we sometimes wonder if we will ever be able to come back from and this tracks speaks on that and takes to the reminder that there is always a bright side and a way back to the path that takes us forward. The scars that remain are only there to allow us to remember that we survived and have come a long way. Production on this one really hits the mark with a piano and string vibe that really sets the tone for thoughtful journey the track takes us on.
The final track on the EP is Keep Bouncing and this one is a proper banging track that encompasses elements from Electronic, Dub and Grime type vibes to Beat Boxing that all combines to create a high energy track which will really have to bouncing. You can’t beat ending on a high and this track does just that and leaves you desire for and wondering why you even have to wait for the next release, cos you just want it now...

Coming on the back of the Scribes 2019 Quill Equipped Villainy album, this EP really demonstrates that the guys have carved out a nice little spot for themselves in the Hip Hop scene. They are always solid in crafting what they do. Keeping their vocals packed full of wit, originality and knowledge of current events and important subjects that help the listener feel a connection to the crew on a level beyond the music. 

The Scribes have always kept that link to real hip hop and the boom bap sound whilst still experimenting and keeping their sounds fresh and modern. It is just that kind of sound styling that shows in them linking up with Astro Snare who brings a funky, electronic hip hop vibe mixed with complex soundscapes that really fits so well with the vocals styling’s of Ill Literate and Jonny Steele. It should not be overlooked that bringing in MC Duke on the opening track was a stroke of genius. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard Duke and this has gotta bring some well earned brownie points for the guys.

This is definitely not one to be slept on and after listening to these first five tracks on this EP, I can’t wait to see what the next two releases are going to bring us. For me, The Scribes keep going from strength to strength and in current climate of uncertainty and big change it is good to know that there are some things you can rely on to bring a positive message and The Scribes are defiantly bringing those positive vibes and energy.

So, get yourself a copy of this and go check the video as well, your gonna love that too...

On that note, I’m out.
Stay Safe people,

I'm Back - Official Video

Mighty Mighty