Thursday 30 September 2021

Single Review: Unseen by MC Juice




MC Juice


Unseen is the second release by MC Juice on the Nobody Buys Records label. Production comes from the Bankrupt Europeans and cuts from the one and only DJ Grazzhoppa.

Nobody Buys Records (NBR) was formed in by the Bankrupt Europeans back in 2012. This followed eight years of dealing with Industry rule #4080 and signing deals with certain labels from NY and Boston. Once they had the home for their recordings everything kicked off with the Fast Rap EP from Phill Most Chill and releases from AG, MC Rise, PMC, and Craig G were to follow. After a short hiatus between 2015 and 2019 the Bankrupt Europeans returned with the cut n paste anthem ‘Class Dismissed’ which featured scratches from DJ Muzzell and a verse from PMC. Alongside all this the Bankrupt Europeans have a host of production credits to their name including RA The Rugged Man, Chubb Rock, Dooley-O and Dizzy Dustin alongside those already mentioned.

It was in 2020 that the Bankrupt Europeans would finally release their first collaboration with MC Juice on NBR, the highly acclaimed ‘Where You Go’ 45. It was due to the success of this release that 2021 would see NBR drop Unseen…

If anyone is not familiar with MC Juice, then here is very short introduction for you. Out of Chicago, MC Juice is hailed as the GOAT of the freestyle and battle circuits. He is the MC who straight up won a freestyle battle with another freestyle GOAT, Eminem. Now dipping his mic into dropping records he is showing that he cannot only rock rhythms and only rock rhymes but, also rock records…

Unseen hits hard with mix of bass, keyboards and pounding drums, giving this a heavy vibe that lives in the shadows of Hip Hop. This dark and sinister world that is created by the Bankrupt Europeans is the perfect place to be inhabited by MC Juice. On the streets of this shadowy world MC Juice drops some intense vocals that are unapologetic and seep into your physical body and then reach beyond into your soul. He demonstrates what he does best, taking out emcees and getting to the top of the pile and once there he can just walk away, still at the top, because he has done it all from shadows leaving those emcees in his wake wondering what happened as their opponent came and went in style but, still Unseen.

This track has that air of cruising in your car at midnight on the dark empty streets, the volume up loud but, not necessarily to attract attention. Here you might feel you’re being toyed with, you feel the vibe and love the music but, all around you is the devastation perpetrated once more by the one who goes Unseen.

Definitely one to get the pulse pounding Unseen is one of those track you can play anytime but, suits the end of the evening when you want something heavy to wind down to, or when your out in your car and what people to know what you’re listening to. The Bankrupt Europeans create the perfect backdrop that sets you up for MC Juice to take you down and then, just when you thought everything was over DJ Grazzhoppa steps in and finishes you off with some razor-sharp cuts.

Unseen is one for your collection, if there are any physical copies left. If not, then you will just have to settle to being ghosted by the etheric digital version…

On that note, a quick shout and respect to DJ Snafu for sending this over to me, and I’m out…




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Saturday 18 September 2021

EP Review: RISE by Era Nova


Rise EP


Era Nova


Rise is the debut EP from Era Nova, otherwise known as Gambit (Switzerland) and Tak (Los Angeles). I first heard these guys together on the track Firestorm from Gambit’s 2019 album Underground Kingpin and to have them together on an EP seems like a logical step.

The EP is released through Spit Slam records and see’s Chuck D serving as executive producer. Production comes entirely from Gambit so you can expect the sort of sound that requires you to turn this one way up to really get the best feeling from it.

The best thing is for me to just dive right into this one and take you through it…

The Ep kicks off with Actarus, a high-octane Hip Hop beat with some orchestral samples that does have a few switches in pace along the way. This does not just serve as an introduction or a demonstration of who Era Nova are and what they are all about but, also looks at such things as the current state of Hip Hop and how some rappers conduct themselves. The frantic and deadly cuts come from JMARZ and just add to the fact that Era Nova are here and mean business. The octane rating does not diminish as the sonic DnB sounds of Ambush assault your ears. There is also a dash of ragga running through this as the energy levels rise. The guys have you bouncing and pumping the air ambushing your senses with the change in sound and insane wordplay. There is not let up in the energy levels as pounding drums, bass, bells and claps all twist and merge into the Sparta Routine. Gambit and Tak, alongside some deft cuts from DJ Roy, get you fired up and ready to head into battle. There is no room for fear here, only a raw desire to defend your honour to the bitter end.

Huge sonic sounds herald the arrival of a classic Hip Hop sample which takes the term Bangin’ Hip Hop, to a new level. Joined by Australian emcee KID Lyrical (Blades) and DJ Roy on the cuts, K.I.L is a straight up homage to the Hip Hop culture with every one of the four pillars mentioned along the way. It is also about the longevity of sound and keeping one foot squarely in the roots of Hip Hop while allowing the other to evolve with the times. This one will have your adrenaline pumping, the b-boys popping, the graff artists tagging and the DJ’s scratching with everyone joining in Keeping It Lasting. There is no easing you out of the EP gently as more sonic goodness and pounding drums hit with a slightly more reserved edge, kinda like heavy sledgehammer blows to the head. If you think you can step up in the game, then be aware that Era Nova bring a no fucks given unapologetic edge to their style and are not above showing their Assassin’s Greed in their pursuit to take out any weak wack rappers or anyone stupid enough to step into their crosshairs…


If you are gonna mix up styles and sounds then you have to be confident, especially if you are going to mix Hip Hop and DnB with kinda hectic vibe you get from heavy metal music. There is do doubt that Gambit’s production needs to be played loud for you to get the best out of it and, let’s face it, why would you want to play it any other way. The production hits like a railgun as it pounds your ears and mind in a relentless manner leaving you feeling like you’ve just been hit by train.

Lyrically Era Nova are clinical in their delivery even if it is not clean. Their distinct differences in style have this odd way of complimenting each other. Gambit brings his high-octane raw vocals which naturally seem to fit many styles of musical flow, while Tak has a more classic rap style but, still shows a maturity to mix it with varying flows as needed, easily handling whatever is thrown at him. Together they both bounce of each other effortlessly, with one complimenting the other as they move from verse to verse and track to track. Bringing in KID Lyrical on K.I.L also worked perfectly as his no nonsense vocal style fits perfectly with both Gambit and Tak, sitting somewhere in-between their styles.

I always like to hear some slick turntablism when I’m listening to Hip Hop, otherwise its just not the same and here there is a good dash of that. DJ Roy and JMARZ provide the kind of cuts that fit perfectly with those feature tracks, demonstrating that the real Hip Hop sound can easily evolve and still sound fresh.

So, if you are looking for a sound that is hard, heavy and will get your pulse pounding and push your energy levels into the stratosphere, then look no further than the Rise EP. This is Heavy Hip Hop and Heavy Rap that pushes the EQ levels and the bar to new heights. That said, it’s not for everyone so, if you don’t wanna get burned then step aside because Era Nova are bringing the heat.

The Rise EP by Era Nova is out now on Spit Slam Records.

After that I’m outta here,




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K.I.L ft KID Lyrical Official Video

Friday 17 September 2021

Special Double Single Review: SoulCondor Slices SS003 & SS004

SoulCondor Slices 003 & 004

Special Double Single review


Not too long ago I reviewed the first two releases on Soulcondor Slices. Save The Wax and Superfunk (remixes) were two incredible slices of Hip Hop that not only crossed borders but, showed what can happen when the Hip Hop community pulls together to support one of their own.

That incredible show of support continues to grow. The struggles of label creator Del Soulcondor has brought together Hip-Hop artists and fans the world over who have united in showing love and support as he battles cancer. It is his resilience, resistance and overall strength in the face of extreme adversity that has touched so many and his on-going desire to bring his vision to the Hip Hop community  has resulted in him teaming with the awesome Diggers With Gratitude Crew to release these via their Fresh Pressings page.

Let’s get into these two Singles and first up is SS003…

Fuck Cancer-The Condor Consortium / Heavy XL-Cut Beetlez & Dopamine 189

Any piece of music that has a deeply personal story behind it can be emotional and inspire a deep emotional response in those who listen, particularly if they can relate to it personally and nothing hits home like this more than cancer. It seems to affect so many people either directly or indirectly that we all have a story, I will not relate my personal stories here but, it is the stories that are part of who we are and Del’s own fight that is the catalyst to simply say Fuck Cancer.

Fuck Cancer is a shot across the bow for this disease and a message that no matter what we will continue to stand against it. The production comes from DJ Nappa who brings an upbeat mix of bass, Drums, horns, guitar, and more classic samples than you can shake a stick at creating a huge sound that rouses your emotional energy. The vocal side of the Condor Consortium consists of Chrome, Phill Most Chill and legendary UK emcee Blade. The emotional side of things hits from the get-go as Chrome relates his own personal experiences of losing a sister and almost losing a brother to cancer and you can really feel the pain, emotion, and the strength in every word. Phill Most Chill takes shots are the big corporations, the ones who make huge amounts of money from drugs and whose best interests are their shareholders not necessarily in finding a cure. He also talks of the benefits of staying strong and positive in the face of cancer and not letting it win. Blade speaks on the war against cancer and how it so often sneaks up on those we love but, that we always all stand together as a collective force of positivity, letting cancer know we will never give up, we will stand strong together and we will be the ones who will win out. If that were not enough of a statement, the track is rounded of with a barrage of slick cuts from the final member of the Condor Consortium, B-Line head honcho and the man behind Bristol's Rope-A-Dope, Specifik, who simply says Fuck Cancer as only he knows how.


Heavy XL-Cut Beetlez & Dopamine 189

Heavy XL drops in typical Cut Beetlez style with brutal guitar heavy sound mixed with drums, cymbals, and cuts (provided by DJ J-Man and HP Lovescratch of course). The guitars are courtesy of Janne Aronen and brings a sound that assaults you ears and shreds your nervous system. Rock musicians have been renowned for smashing guitars but here it sounds like they have ripped apart some electric guitars and then put them all back together creating something recognisable but, raw and new. Dopamine 189 gives us bars that are, at times, as brutal as the sound as he speaks on the music and how he conducts what he does. This track takes the idea of merging hard rock and Hip-Hop to a whole new level and then gives it that experimental Cut Beetlez treatment. Something that always takes a standard concept in music then tips it out of the box shattering it into pieces and reconstructing it as they see fit, bringing you something you’ve never heard before.


Next up is SS004…

Living For The Day-Respek BA, Zeeny & Mr Thing / Raise Em High-Soundsci

Living For The Day see’s Zeeny provide production, Mixing and Mastering. His production of Horns, Guitars, Drums and Piano brings a vibe that instantly puts you into a thoughtful and reflective state of mind. Mr Thing’s slick cuts also add to that whole air of reflection and solidifying the whole Hip-Hop sound. Respek BA brings everything to life as he reflects on what’s been, what made him smile and what made him who he is. But it’s not all about reflecting on the past, its also about bringing that energy into the present moment and making every day something special, a memory to be treasured. This is another track that you simply can’t help but to get lost in. The whole concept of Living For The Day is something everyone of us can associate with as we get older. At times we think back to better times, and we can feed off that energy, recreate it in the now using that memory to recreate those feelings…


Raise Em High – Soundsci

The mighty Soundsci return with Ollie Teeba’s production bringing a straight up Hip-Hop club banger. The Heavy drums and guitar notes bring an upbeat vibe which will instantly have you out of your seat. The energy here is beyond infectious as Soundsci rock the mics once more. Their intention here is all about that feel good vibe and getting the crowd to Raise Em High. There is no one better to do that as they have us moving to every beat and every bar with the kinda wordplay that perfectly matches the sound. I dunno what more there is I can say about this one really, it is one of those tracks where fewer words are needed as the music does the talking.


There is little more left for me to say about these four tracks. Individually they each have their own tone, their own message that ranges across almost every emotion, providing you choose to open yourself to that. However, together they are two individual releases that carry a collective message around the globe, that message says that the Hip-Hop community is not just that, it is a family that spans borders and cultures and one. We recognise when one stands up and creates a vison that brings enjoyment to so many, just as Del Soulcondor has done with Soulcondor Slices. We also recognise when one of us needs support and is going through a tough part of our journey and we stand by that person, just as so many of us doing now in supporting Del Soulconder at this truly harsh time.

There is no doubt in my mind that what Soulcondor Slices is doing is not just releasing some one off, incredibly passionate Hip-Hop music but, it is creating a whole incredible legacy that will still be standing tall long into the future. This music will outlive every one of us carrying its message to many more generations who will undoubtedly feed off the energy and the messages within…

Further Shouts go to Mr Krum (Layout and Design) and Rola (Mixing and Mastering on Fuck Cancer) on Fuck Cancer/Heavy XL. Mak One for Artwork on Living For The Day/Raise Em High and the Legendary figure of No Sleep Nigel for mixing on Raise Em High. 

It looks certain that we will see SS005 & SS006 dropping. So, regardless of whether you purchase a hardcopy or just a digital copy of these two, when you listen to these tracks, feel them, I mean truly feel them because that’s what they are there for.

On that note I send love and healing vibes to Del Soulcondor,

One love to you all,



Physical copies can be ordered from DWG Fresh Pressings very soon:

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Friday 3 September 2021

EP Review: Live at the Guillotine '88 (Remixes)


Live at the Guillotine ’88 (Remixes)


Chess Moves Junior Disprol and DJ Mada


A little while ago I dropped a review for the release of the original single of Live at the Guillotine '88. If you remember back to that review, I described the single as something akin to Death Hop. It was a brutal single that didn’t just not take any prisoners and left the floor littered with heads of those who chose to listen.

So, what could you do to single of this nature in releasing a remix EP? Could you improve on it or even take it to new levels, was this indeed even possible? Well, let’s see…

The EP is made up of four straight remixes of the single. The first is the Executioner Mix, with it’s heavy drums and orchestral notes it almost places you in the role of the executioner. Seeing everything though the eyes of the one behind the blade, this mix puts you in a place where you have just been hung, drawn and now you’re being quartered…

If the feeling of being quartered was not enough, then the Slice of the Blade Mix takes the visceral nature one step further. The violent scratch and violin intro leads to a dark pounding beat that is boom bap Hip Hop. Its dark nature means that you feel every slice of every word and musical note as they cut into your awareness.

As you are reeling from what has just happened the scratch and bass intro opens you up to the Off With His Head Mix. The gritty and raw electronic vibe of this one builds across the length of the track, constantly bringing you focus to the sharp blade that is poised above your neck. This one does not place your head on the chopping block facing away from the blade, oh no, here you just watch and wait till eventually the razor-sharp blade drops…

Finally, as you lay in pieces, a mournful intro leads you into the Gravedigger Mix. As the gravedigger awaits another burial the tone here is more somber with drums, cuts, and a mix of electronic sounds. It is still raw, mirroring the brutal nature of the journey of the body being laid. But soon the rawness and the brutality is just a memory as the spade cuts into the earth to cover the body…

Chess Moves has done a cracking job here of taking this brutal track and giving it four new vibes that are different but, are also linked. They are individual but, also parts of a larger story. The overall vibe here leans far more towards Hip Hop than the original but, having said that, it loses none of its brutal nature and, you could even say, it is now more horrorcore.

These four remixes are raw and unapologetically slice away at your nerves. The distorted nature of Junior Disprol’s vocals claw at your ears and rip into your mind. Together these four tracks reach into your very soul like you are the victim of Pinhead from Hellraiser. There is no where to hide, no place to seek solace for once you open yourself to this EP, you are on you way to a new experience of experimental Hip Hop Horror.

Another aspect to note is the way DJ Mada has totally flipped the cuts on these remixes. On the original the cuts were ferocious and cut through your mind like a chainsaw fuelled by Nitrous. Here he has cut back on the ferocity and taken a more dextrous, even clinical approach.

On a lighter note, once you have given this a listen and dragged yourself back from near oblivion, Chess Moves is now making his boom bap beats available to rappers and DJ’s. If your interested, then check out the link below.

After that little lot, I’m off to get exorcised…

Peace out,



More streaming links etc will be available soon

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