Friday 24 February 2023

Album Review: Future Crates by Chess Moves


Future Crates 1


Chess Moves

Cover Art by Sentinal One

It’s been a little while since I last featured anything from UK producer Chess Moves. I first featured the work of the London based Producer across 2020/2021, firstly with his work on the Debut Concrete Pad from Choco Doobs in 2020 and then in 2021 with the Brutal Live at the Guillotine 88 and the Remix project, both featuring Junior Disprol and DJ Mada, and ReadilyEquipped featuring DDubble Impactt.

Since that time Chess Moves has not been letting up on his work ethic and has dropped a string of releases. Many of these have been instrumental beats but, alongside these have been more releases with DDubble Impactt and the odd appearance from the likes of J.Zone, Statik Selektah and Ruste Juxx.

Future Crates was originally released on 3rd February on Bandcamp, with YouTube and all other streaming services going live on 3rd March, and is, as Chess Moves describes, A crates, vinyl sampling excursion of drum breaks excavated from deep in the basement through the dust and cobwebs and hauled into the studio for a re-awakening. Polyrhythm time structures in the beat assembly process and use of LFO's and filters combined, bring forward moving dynamics to give the tracks motion. Others hit hard like a heavy boom bap sound reminiscent of the 90's Hip Hop Production sound through grain, saturation and compression. 29 tracks of Hip Hop / Crate Digging Instrumentalism goodness for those in the game that are firmly embedded in the culture and art as well as those that are getting introduced to it with fresh eyes and ears.

With all that in mind and the fact that this one is some 29 tracks deep, I better get started…

The album kicks off with Makeshift Recording Setup, a mixture of drums, electronic sounds, bells and more which combine to give this almost cinematic Hip Hop vibe that immediately sets the tone of the album by getting your head nodding. The sound immediately flicks into the nerve shredding sound of Stack of Records and A Laptop. More head nod drums and that nerve shedding electronic sound grabs your awareness by the ears, almost stretching it to limits. There is no time to assimilate what you just heard before heavy pounding drums and more electronic sounds hammer your already fragile nerves on Create Sounds Heard in the Mind. The pounding drums do not let up as Changing the Ways Beatmakers View the Art hits with a sonic sound and some well-placed samples that begins to almost mess with your normal view of reality. Before you can even contemplate your view Hip Hop not as Hip Hop drops with a drum infused sound that is exactly what the title says, it’s Hip Hop made in a way that is almost not Hip Hop but, can that even really be a thing?

No Raps, No Hooks seemingly builds on that Hip Hop not Hip Hop vibe with its drums, keys and electronic sounds that merge into something that is almost akin to what Hip Hop would sound like if invented by Kraftwerk. Heavy drums, strings and horns merge next to create a sound that is more Familiar to the Hip Hop Enthusiast. Just as you were getting into that Hip Hop head nod sound, it completely changes with Song Careen and Crash, a mix of drums and brutal sonic sounds that, once more, attack your nerves, bringing a sound that is like a scratch DJ on speed (am I even allowed to say that…) cutting up random sounds. Just as you are contemplating what you just heard Starting and Stopping Without Warning hits you with another sound that fits no genre. Electronic and sampled sounds mix and merge together to create a sound with appears to have no cohesion but does at the same time. In fact, it almost gives a sound to how your brain works with anxiety, I say that as someone who has an anxiety disorder. Just as the mind will switch from one mood to another, the vibe switches into this Hip Hop drum infused heavy sound that is peppered with samples. More of a boom bap head nod sound this one is definitely open to Giving the Listener Opportunities.

Elements in Front of You once more flips the vibe into a sonic sound loop that seems to be waiting to go somewhere, gearing you up for a ride but, then leaves you waiting. Align Your Perspective is the ride you were seemingly waiting for as a plethora of sampled sounds get your head spinning. The looping vibe might appear to be going nowhere but, it carries you along, making you wonder what’s next? Flipping Crates on You has you questioning reality once more as sampled vocals, drums and other sounds scream into your ears, making you feel like your mind is being lifted from your existence and dropped down the rabbit hole. Drums and electronic vibes create this effect almost like you were Scanning Radio Stations to find just the right sound or, perhaps, this is what it sounds like to fall down the rabbit hole? Who knows…

The album pivots on the sound of Half Broken 45’s, which catapults you back into a solid Hip Hop sound of drums, bells and other percussion while bringing it to you with that scratchy sound drop of records that appear to be well past their best but, you can still bounce to this for sure.

Now past the pivot point we get into the second half of the album with Wax Buried in the Basement, a heavy banging sound with drums taking the forefront and some bells sneaking in to. It really puts in mind of sitting in a dusty basement finding unique sounds to create the next beat from. Having found those unique samples, the next thing to do is to get them Chopped, Pulled and Mutated into something new and that is what is happening here with sampled sounds forming the building blocks of something new. The sound begins to take shape with Indecipherable Aural Pastiche, as the drums, guitars, samples and more all coming together with a more boom bap sound. With things coming together Straight Up Music would appear to be just that but, the drums, keys, xylophone and other sounds all mix together into something that appears to be a musical juxtaposition. With that thought in mind Source Point appears to be taking us back to the foundation of another new sound. Electronic sounds and a drumbeat come together creating another template that might just be ready for some slick vocals to be added.

Technique Checked takes a Hip Hop beat and layers it with a looped electronic sonic vibe that cuts into your mind, removing wafer thin slices of your awareness and allowing them to float into the ether. The assault on your mind continues with Essential History which takes multi-layer drum sounds, firstly allowing them to play but, then mixing them up to pound relentlessly for a period, mashing your mind to a mush. Suddenly Hip Hop’s Spirit drops in to save you, with a classic vibe of drums and bongo beats with an electronic vibe that takes you right back to that electro sound. Time to get that head nodding once more. One of those foundations of the Hip Hop sound was the SP1200 and we continue that resurrection with the Hip Hop sound on Samples Crammed into the SP1200, which is just that and this is the resulting sound.

Discovering Music takes a drum beat and mixes it with some orchestral notes to produce this filtered soundtrack vibe that keeps the head nodding and raises the adrenaline a little too. From there, Fresh Joint keeps that orchestral undertone with a solid drumbeat, keeping you moving and grooving to the beat. Drums and a deep piano vibe form the basis of Seminal Props which has this darker edge to it, seemingly having you casting one eye over your shoulder every now and again. Dropping into the penultimate track, Addiction for the Heads, exposes us to flute note, drums and a wealth of electronic and sonic sounds that mix together to bring this rough almost jazzy vibe that seems to be gradually bringing us back to some semblance of reality. Pantheon of Hip Hop Art, takes us out of the album with more of that good SP1200 style sound giving us something fresh to move to as we begin to contemplate what we have heard across the last ninety minutes or so…


First off, I have to admit that was some ride, 29 tracks and more vibes than you can shake a stick at. But what was obvious here is that the first of these Future Crates was an exceptional trip into the creative mind of Chess Moves, as a producer. This might be a beat tape release but, for me at least, it shows not just the music that can be created by one person but, it also shows how all those different styles, vibes and pace can elicit different feelings and visions in the mind of the listener. This is something I always enjoy with instrumental music, you can listen to it and there is almost no limit as to what it can bring to mind, it just depends on the BPM and the overall sound that has been created. It will also create different things for each of us.

But don’t let me digress here, Future Crates is a solid display of the creative ability of Chess Moves. The different sounds and influences here are many but, the foundation of the real Hip Hop sound does shine through, throughout the course of the album. It is the kind of album that other producers and artist love, because it shows that this is a beat maker/producer who can drop the goods across a wide variety of sounds, genres and moods. Whether he is dropping a beat to chop up or producing a beat ready for vocals, there is so much Chess Moves has to offer and Future Crates is destined to become just that, a crate diggers dream but, in a digital sense I guess.

I kept my words on these tracks shorter than normal, due to just how many tracks there were to get through. But, just as the music creates visions in the mind it also helps words to flow and some of the words are more than others showing just how that works, sometimes you can say as much with fewer words as you can with many and it’s all down to the power of the words…

This is the first of two in the Future Crates series. So, grab and digest this one before the next one drops.

My thanks to Chess Moves for sending this one to me.

On that note, I need a rest,

See Ya,



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Friday 17 February 2023

Album Review: Down The Local by Various Artists


Down The Local


Various Artists


Down The Local is the latest Album from one the UK’s hottest up and coming record labels. Certain Sound Records has been dropping releases from some of the UK’s dopest artists since 2019. I last featured the label back in May of 2021 when I reviewed Anyone Home? by Montener The Menace.

This latest release by the label promises to be another solid release. Based around the theme of the good and bad trips down the local boozer, it features an impressive line up of some of the UK’s top Hip Hop artists, this includes Deeflux & Miracle, Louie G, Barry Manalog, Cappo, Luther Andross, Ash The Author, DJ Chud (Steel Devils), Gee Bag, Mysdiggi and Chrome.

With a line-up like that there is nothing else to do except put on your shoes, hat and coat and head down the local with me and grab a pint as I guide you through the album…


Depending on how old you were when you first stepped into a Pub/Boozer/Bar etc you might have had a different experience. I am old enough to remember them being smoky places filled with a hundred conversations, jukebox music, a Pool table and, on occasions a live band. Then there were the odd occasions when to stepped into a pub somewhere you’d never been and the place when silent as you walked in, everyone eyeing you up, as you uncomfortably made your way to the bar while contemplating where would be the most inconspicuous place to sit. But I digress, siting down at a side table and listening to the myriad of conversations going on around you is probably what we are about to listen to. The fist thing that hits our ears is Deeflux & Miracle with Unquenchable, where piano, guitars and drums combine to bring us this upbeat vibe from Miracle that has you bouncing along as Deeflux takes you down memory lane speaking on experiences of being out with your mate from the earlier experiences to how things changed as you grew up. The next chat that we focus in on is Louie G and Barry Manalog with Stylin Merd. Barry Manalog provides this dark edged beat with drums, horns and keys while Louie G creates this vivid picture of a life where music merges with having a drink, violence, women and more. This picture is constantly moving and balancing between the good and the bad moments. Taking a sip of our own drink and blink to momentarily clear our eyes, we see the legendary figure of Cappo alongside Luther Andross. Ellar has the drum beat at the forefront with this almost orchestra sound floating in the background giving a vibe that has a chilled edge but also a sharpness to it, keeping your awareness focus on the lyrics. Cappo who speaks on life and gathering the knowledge that allows him to keep his lyrics sharp and relatable. You wonder what this has to do with the local boozer but you realise this is exactly what the kind of conversation you might hear or even have sat with friends over a quiet drink. Realising that I might need a break, I’m about nip to the loo when I spot Deeflux & Miracle featuring Ash The Author and Gee Bag who are about to Reel Me Back In for one more chat. Miracle drops this deep funky beat with drums and guitars while Deeflux, Ash and Gee Bag drop a verse each on the ups and downs of life, chewing the fat as we all do, this is as relatable to me as it is to them and any of you but, now it’s definitely time to nip to the loo before flipping to side two…


Settling back in your seat, now refreshed, things have changed and ambience has shifted as everyone has switched seats and brand new conversations now fill the air around you. The first thing you hone in on is Barry Manalog and Ash The Author featuring Mysdiggi and DJ Chud with Same as it Ever Was. The faint sounds of underground trains filter into your ears before a heavy drum beat drops alongside razor sharp cuts and some funky bass, all this mixes into a banging head nod vibe from Barry Manalog that permeates your whole body. Ash and Mysdiggi expertly speak on the late-night escapades that might go on in the city centres around the pub, clubs and those areas out of reach of the lights and cameras. Still buzzing, you notice that Cappo and Luther Andross are still huddled in a dark corner, now they turn their attention to NYE. Andross brings a chilled beat that is piano heavy, creating a vibe that carries you along while giving the vocals of Cappo the spotlight. Cappo’s intelligent lyrics speak on the almost unacknowledged influence that UK Hip Hop artists have and how so many overlook that fact, choosing to look to the US Hip Hop artists, while forgetting what is in their own back garden. There is no disrespect for anyone here just a reminder to look as close to home as you do further afield. With those thoughts lodged in your immediate awareness you realise that Louie G and Barry Manalog have once more sat down on the table next to you discussing Milty. The beat is this a combination of drums, bass and a collection of sounds that flow in and out of your awareness. This vibe has you floating along as Louie G lays in on the line about his life, music and how you need to be aware of those around you, no matter where you are and what you’re doing, just be yourself and be the best you can be at whatever you do. Before you know it, Barry Manalog is joined, once more, by Ash The Author and DJ Chud for some Modern Day Jazz Crumpet. Barry mixes up drums, keys, and Xylophone notes to create this light jazzy vibe while Chud cuts with ease over the top. Ash gets up on the table to regale the whole place with all manner of tales about his experiences, while simultaneously raising the roof and getting everyone out their chairs. It appears that things not gonna simmer down anytime soon, even though the night is drawing to a close but, it’s not quite over yet as it’s time for a lock-in with Deeflux and Miracle alongside Chrome dropping Oovavoo on the place. Miracle’s beat is heavy with plenty of funked up bass and horns getting the whole place rocking and blowing the roof off. Deeflux and Chrome drop the kinda performance that has everyone focused on them as they drop verse after verse and line after line about whatever takes their fancy, it’s all about rounding the night off with some dope Hip Hop that does one thing, unites the whole spot, forgetting all the beef and just having a good time…


You have to admit that was one hell of a night Down The Local, that’s for sure. In fact, what it does do is bring a whole new meaning to popping Down The Local. Certain Sound Records have gathered together some of the cream of the UK crop, given them a focus and then let them loose. The result is an album that either see’s you sat in the pub listening or even looking on at the antics of others as you create this mental picture of what’s going on.

Everything here is quality and shows the calibre and diversity of UK artists out there right now and this is just a small selection. The production, as you might expect from three of the UK’s finest, is all top notch here and keeps the album flowing perfectly from top to bottom. The sound is solid Hip Hop throughout, especially adding DJ Chud to the mix, and keeps the energy levels up though most of the album. There are moments where the energy levels subside a bit but, not enough to lose you. Vocally there is a great mix of style on display here that either bounce off one another, complement each other or both. Everything is delivered with a love of their craft and a desire to give the listener something fresh to swing to.

This is one of those albums that is a joy to listen to and a joy to write about as it just helps the words to flow. This is one of those I don’t need to write too much about because I want you to listen to it and enjoy it as much as I did.

Down The Local is out now on digital and limited Vinyl.

Huge thanks to Barry Manalog for sending this one my way.

One that note,

I’m Out, See Ya,




Get the album via Certain Sound Records Bandcamp Page Here:

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Down The Local (Promo)

Milty - Louie G & Barry Manalog


Friday 10 February 2023

Single Review: NBR45-005 Stick Yourself / Death Blow by Dooley-O


Stick Yourself / Death Blow NBR45-005



Produced by Bankrupt Europeans Cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa


This drop marks the tenth release from Nobody Buys Records and this is a pretty impressive line-up too. Legendary rapper, producer, and DJ Dooley-O, from Connecticut USA, steps up to the mic with the Bankrupt Europeans on production and the, pretty much legendary, DJ Grazzhoppa (Gent, Belgium) on the cuts.

It has to be said that, as individuals, their reputations speak for themselves and when you put likes of the calibre of these guys on a track together, you just know something awesome is in the making. The Bankrupt Europeans had been speaking to Dooley-O for some time, even recording a few demos before they all finally got the chance to do it properly back in 2021.

So, let’s not mess around here and just get straight into it…

First up or the A-Side, of you will, is Stick Yourself and here the Bankrupt Europeans bring this heavy beat that has an air of light-heartedness to it and, laced with the cuts from DJ Grazzhoppa throughout, it not only makes you wanna move but, it has you thinking ‘Oh Yeah!’ as soon as it hits ya ears. Dooley-O’s tongue-in-cheek rap style is sharper than Rambo’s knife as he proceeds to encourage you to Stick Yourself or risk being taken out by himself. There is this comedic bravado here that has Dooley-O displaying just how good his rap style is, while between the lines he saying ‘I’m that good, I shouldn’t have to take you out, that’s your job But, If I have to do it, it ain’t gonna be pretty.’

Flipping it to the B-Side for track 2 we have Death Blow, and here DJ Grazzhoppa on the cuts slices into our awareness before the Bankrupt Europeans drop in this heavy pounding beat that injects more adrenaline into your veins and has you bouncing and nodding your head from the get-go. Dooley-O continues the lyrical assault he began in Stick Yourself. Here he delivers a cold and calculated volley of witty punchlines with ease. His plan here is plain and simple, which is to deliver a brutal Death Blow to all those suckers left walking and talking…


Before I give you my overall thoughts on this one, I have to say that everything about this one screams that real Hip Hop vibe into your ears. The Bankrupt Europeans deliver two of the heaviest beats they have given us, which just goes further to solidify their status as two of the dopest producers in the UK right now. They seam to have that Midas touch when it comes to producing those real Hip Hop beats. Everything they do just works so well with whoever they are working with. I could waffle on for ages about the finer points of why but, the real answer is just to listen to the music. I mean the Bankrupt Europeans should be anything but, bankrupt right now. Another stroke of genius was bringing in DJ Grazzhoppa to work his magic on the cuts, and he does just that, what more do I need to say right…

Dooley-O brings this witty and at time sarcastic writing style that has you grinning from ear to ear. Not only that but, his rhyme style really takes you back to that late eighties, early nineties era of Hip Hop where vocals were such a pleasure to listen to and you enjoyed every minute of it. Those were the times that inspired me to do what I do now. I listened intently to what was being said, trying figure out the similes and what was being reflected in the music.

So, overall, this single is a solid banger of a release and already high on my favorite releases of 2023. The enjoyment levels are right up there and way past ten and for some of us there will be a certain amount of nostalgia that comes with it. The Bankrupt Europeans, Dooley-O and DJ Grazzhoppa have come together to create two tracks that will have you bouncing till the cows come home and will also make your ears and the speaker pop. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, this is one of those Hip Hop releases that remind you of the words of the legendary figure of Rakim, “This is how it should be done.”

Stick Yourself / Death Blow is out now, digitally, on Nobody Buys Records with physical copies shipping from mid-February on ltd splatter and black 7” vinyl with stock or Ltd full colour sleeves with artwork by Big Crunch.

Huge thanks to my man DJ Snafu for asking me to review this one and giving me the chance to drop a review featuring the legendary Dooley-O. I'm also humbled to be a part of the extended NBR family, as you can see from the back cover of the picture sleeve (all pics here from DJ Snafu), Thank you my friend.

Anyway, I’m putting my headphones on for another listen,

I’m out,

See Ya.



Grab your copy and more Here:

Nobody Buys Records on Facebook:

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Dooley-O on Bandcamp:

Dooley-O Official Website:

DJ Snafu YouTube Channel:


Stick Yourself

Death Blow

Stick Yourself (Dooley-O Live)

Thursday 9 February 2023

Single Review: Off The Cut by Costi and Pandamonium ft Dizzy Dustin


Off The Cut + Off The Cut (Remix) ft Dizzy Dustin / Me and My Man


Costi and Pandamonium


Now it’s true that Pandamonium has featured on this blog quite a bit and the man is back, this time alongside Costi (Fisk of Fury) to bring us a nice little single release that also features a remix. Not only that but, they have also got a dope feature from the one and only Dizzy Dustin (Ugly Duckling). So, get set for this one as we go from London to Exeter and on the Long Beach California and back again.


Kicking off with Off The Cut, you are immediately hit with this truly stunning beat from Pandamonium. I mean this one just pops off and is full of energy from the get-go. It’s got drums, guitars, and classic samples to boot. We also get a little intro from the man himself who gives us a little insight into what this one is all about, and that is all about being off the cuff or off the cut as the guys say. Costi and Diz go on to a perfect verbal display of what it is to be Off The Cut by rhyming about whatever comes to mind in the moment, just spitting off the top of their heads. This is classic display of slick rhymes and similes that merge together simply for the enjoyment of both the performer and the listener. This one will have you nodding your head and bouncing around so much, you might just stick it on repeatedly, for an hour or two…

Next up we have Me and My Man which see’s Pandamonium being a little more laid-back on the beat and bringing in these xylophone notes to add a little chilled edge. This one is all about Costi and Pandamonium and brought to in a way as only a slick lyricist and friend can do. When you are listening to this one, put yourself in Costi’s place and think to yourself how you might talk about yourself and a good friend, especially how you would speak if your skill was being a wordsmith. If you can see things from that perspective, then you might get this track a hundred times over…

The final track of this release is the Off The Cut Remix. Pandamonium told me that he did this remix as he felt the release needed another track, and so he remixed this one. Now, as the vocals are not remixed, the message from Costi and Diz remains the same but, what Pandamonium has done here is to completely flip the vibe of the track. Where as the original has that high energy, bounce around kinda vibe, you get the feeling that here Pandamonium was thinking, how could I get the message in this track across when your on a different vibe? So, here Panda takes some drums, guitar and keys and drops the kinda track you can sit back and chill to, almost has that summer BBQ feel good vibe. So, now when you finished bouncing around to the original and you a bit knackered, you can off the remix and chill for a bit but, still nodding your head or even tapping a finger or a foot to it…


There is little more I can say on this except to say that Pandamoniums production and cuts on this show that he is always evolving and honing his craft and often working more hours than the suns up for. He always has an element of feel-good in everything he does and, in a world, where uncertainty, stress and suffering are becoming the norm, that upbeat element is something that is always needed. Pandamonium is definitely showing he deserves to be looked on as one of the UK’s premier producers of Hip Hop music.

Costi shows here that he might not be as prolific as some but, what you can hear from this release is that this guy is an artist who has solid and articulate writing style who performs his craft with dextrous flows and styles. He has worked with Pandamonium before on 2020’s From The Soul LP, the single, That Feel Good, where he joined Sir Burbia, One OZ & Es and he also featured on the infamous Drop Chypher (2021) put together by Pandamonium and Dizzy Dustin. He has also released his own music and is a part of Fisk of Fury alongside producer Wilson Fisk. Looking forward to seeing more from Costi in the future as he is demonstrating he is one to watch for sure.

Adding that feature from Dizzy Dustin just adds a little spice and depth to Off The Cut. Some might think that having such a legendary figure on the track might overshadow things a little but, far from it. Diz’s performance simply adds another dimension and shows that more and more Hip Hop is uniting us across the world.

So, there you have it, a cracking little release that comes from one of the UK’s most prolific producers and one of the UK’s brightest upcoming Hip Hop artists. Mix in a healthy helping of the legendary Dizzy Dustin and you get solid Hip Hop release that helps cast your minds onto a brighter year ahead with plenty of that feel good thrown in for good measure. This is not one to sleep on, trust me.

My thanks to Pandamonium for trusting my skills with this one.

There is nothing more for me to say except, get this when it drops tomorrow…

One that note,

I’m outta here, peace…



Check the Link tomorrow for the single...

Pandamonium on Bandcamp:

Costi on Bandcamp:

Pandamonium on YouTube:

Costi on YouTube:


The Drop Cypher (Prod. by Pandamonium - Dizzy Dustin ft Costi and 30+ Emcees)

Friday 3 February 2023

Album Review: Starling by C-Froo






It was way back in May 2021 that I last featured Bristol’s C-Froo when I reviewed his last album, Unit Three. Now see’s the release of his fourth album, Starling, which dropped two weeks ago on streaming and Bandcamp.

The album is primarily produced by Joe Bird but also features production from 'Riski Le Bizniz' (One Cut, Hombre Records), Master Chef and Chrome (Def Tex, Chrome+), there are also vocals from Miss Cherie and international reggae artist, Da Fuchaman.

Starling promises to be a cracking album as C-Froo describes the album as being full of “deep stuff, dark stuff and dancey stuff. There's storytelling, satire, and social commentary. It's a dip into my world and a satisfying listen.” With the man himself describing it this way, there is a lot to look forward to so, let’s not mess about here, come join me as I take through the album…


Profound Statement opens the album featuring Miss Cherie on the chorus. Joe Bird’s production features bass, keys, and drums which all mix together to create this deep vibe that had me nodding along as I listened intently to the words. This one really strikes me as a look at life through the eyes of C-Froo, where its all about never standing still and making life the best it can be while doing what you love but, also remembering to keep yourself grounded and to get too caught up in what life brings. Miss Cherie brings these etheric vocals that almost seem to act like your conscious, speaking to you when you need it and keeping you on track. If you floated off a bit at the start there then the funky vibe of Unit Three plus back down, realigning your focus. The bass and drums have you bobbing along as you listen. Unit Three is a place where everyone needs to be, where positivity is the key and inner peace is the ultimate goal. I guess the thing is, how do you get there? C-Froo speaks about where you want to be and also provides the path to get there through the track itself. Music can take you to these places and help you open the door. Now you’re in a happy place it’s time for a Welcome To The Funhouse. The upbeat mood comes from flute, keys, bass, and drums that keeps you in this place where you just wanna move. C-Froo brings a smile to your face as he takes a wealth of children’s program titles, new and old, and weaves them into something that has your mind working overtime, not just on the storyline but, also on reminiscing on all those old programs.

With a grin still planted fairly and squarely on your face, Piano and drums are the backdrop for the head nod. I Like When It’s Excessive keeps the smile on your face But, this time for a different reason, as C-Froo has you reminiscing once more. But here it’s all about the crazy things you used to get up to in your younger days. As you cast your mind back, alongside C-Froo, the smile is tinged with concern as you wonder what effect the fun excessive times might have had on you? Well, I guess it might have concern for some but, no reason you can’t enjoy the memories at the same time. Just while you are in that place of excess, one thing you get excessive with is Cheese, and here we have a mind-bending sound of drums and piano that creating a short that kinda reminds you of the weird euphoric state you can get into eating cheese… or is that just me?

Next up is the first track of the album not produced by Joe Bird as production on Just Cool comes from Riski Le Bizniz. The track also features Da Fuchaman alongside C-Froo as they both break it down about just what it is to be just cool. It’s as simple as that and they do it in true style over this reggae infused boom bap style beat of drums, bass, and electronic sounds. You just gotta enjoy this one, ya feel. Next up, Joe Bird brings a solid beat of drums, piano notes, and bells, creating this heavy beat that also tweaks the nerves, just a little. On The Anti-Candyman we find C-froo opening up about how hard the music scene is and offering plenty of advice to those other artists out there about the most effective ways to make it. This is not about being some freaky figure from the dark side, taking out other artists. Here it is all about offering a hand, an olive branch of solid advice, here, it’s all about being a beacon of light and giving, not taking away. Drums and horns create this melodic sound that draws you into Blood On The Tracksuits, a deep dark story of one youth caught up in the struggles of inner-city life. This could be the story of any number of youngers, barely teenagers, get used by gangs and being promised the highlife, while being used and abused.

With the struggles of the youth still lodged in our minds, heavy drums with a middle eastern vibe pull of minds back to the moment. The heavy beat, from Riski Le Bizniz and Master Chef, has you bouncing around once more as C-Froo schools us to finer points of what he notes is My Technique. This one is all about the music and enjoying each and every second. DJ Riski Le Bizniz provides the cuts that slice through your fragile awareness. The penultimate track see’s the one and only Chrome on production and cuts for Britcore On Chrome. The beat and the cuts are all high octane, as are C-Froo’s vocals, and the focus of this one is that heavy hardcore, britcore, Hip Hop vibe. This is one to savour as its got the flavour and it’s not for the raver. Moving into the final track of the album, we have A Vision Of Utopia, taking us out. The drums are softer here with Piano taking the forefront, this creates a calming effect before the drums kick in with some pace for a short outro. C-Froo’s vocals create this vision in the mind of summer festival vibe with everyone on a euphoric vibe, enjoying themselves and doing just what they wanna do with no drama, the music bringing that sense of utopia…


This is another cracking album from C-Froo. I mean there is so much to like here as it takes you on a proper trip through modern day life. It delivers exactly what it promises by showing you the stark reality of inner-city life in contrast to the more upbeat and lighter side of life. C-Froo once more displays a solid rhyme style while mixing up the flows, styles and genres. He always delivers his words with dexterity, backed up with the knowledge and integrity. There is also a good amount of emotive feeling running throughout the album which adds to the depth and helps the listener to associate with what they are hearing. When he is talking on the music industry everything is written and delivered in such a way that you can easily understand and vibe with.

The production here from Joe Bird, Riski Le Bizniz, Master Chef and Chrome does exactly what in needs to do by drawing the listener into each track and then carrying them throughout by delivering the exact vibe or feeling being put across in C-Froo’s words. You get to hear that the roots of the music are in Hip Hop but, along the way there are elements of other influances too, all of which ad depth and feeling to the album as it flows through your awareness.

Although there are only a couple of guest artists on the album they do bring so much. Miss Cherie brings some beautiful vocals that brings an emotive edge while Da Fuchaman, who C-Froo tours with as bassist, brings that intense reggae sound and a huge energy and strength.

Overall, Starling is a solid Hip Hop album that immerses the listener in the world as seen by C-Froo, who takes you into takes you on a vocal and musical rollercoaster ride that leaves you on high but, knowing that the twists and turns of life are always in front of you and the best you can do is face them on a firm footing for both you and the sake of others. This is an album to both enjoy and to savour and that do it all again.

My thanks to C-Froo for sending this my way. Starling is out now on all good streaming platforms.

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Unit 3

Profound Statement ft Miss Cherie


 Just Cool ft Da Fuchaman

Britcore On Chrome