Thursday 14 June 2018

Iceski & Merlin - Single Review

UK Hip Hop Single Review

Full Battle Rhymer/Elemental – Iceski & Merlin

First things first, the cover is on some Full Metal Jacket vibe and expertly crafted, in that movie poster theme, by MR.TIBBZ and EXILE. It is the first thing that hits you about this release from Show and Prove Records and gives you feeling that the vibe of this piece of wax is gonna hit harder than an M60 machine gun at point blank range.

Full Battle Rhymer – begins rather calmly but, as your about to sit back relax you ears are assaulted by a relentless volley of the hardest beats, rhymes and scratches that I’ve heard in a while. Merlin provides production of the most heart pounding artillery while DJ Tones and DJ Highfly provide cuts of devastating cover fire. All this to back-up Iceski and Exile who stroll into the Hip Hop battle field with Lyrical guns blazing. This track is a statement to the competition and provides a line drawn in the dust. A line that invites others to step up to and try their hand at taking on this incredible musical force but, be warned they take no prisoners.

Elemental – Just when you thought it was safe to stick you head out of cover our duo creep up behind you and unload a fresh clip. Again the production pounds away at your ear drums while the cuts tear deep into your soul. As you are lying there wondering what’s happening, Iceski is loading the final bullet into the verbal gun, drawing back the hammer and holding it to your temple, before slowly squeezing the trigger...

What we have here is the closest thing to Hip Hops Expendables. Iceski & Merlin are joined by Exile, DJ Tones and DJ Highfly and backed up by Whirlwind D and MR.TIBBZ. This is a solid release from Show and Prove Records and one that pushes the bar that little bit higher. 

Anyone who loves their Hip Hop will not be failed to be impressed by this banger and believe me it’s a Banger plain and simple. It has everything from a couple of blistering tracks to a stunning artistic concept to a very apt description, which you should digest before unleashing the fury on your ears and nerves.

Get yours from the link below.

P.S. Turn the volume way up on this one…

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