Tuesday 17 November 2020

Agent Invasion & Creatures of the Night by Double Agents - Single Review & Top-Secret Intelligence


Agent Invasion / Creatures of the Night


Double Agents

Single Review and Top-Secret Intelligence


Now you might not think that Hip Hop would be the place you would find covert operations and espionage But, with The tenth chapter in the Seven Deadly Sins series, Burning Anger/Britcore Rawmance have stepped in the shadowy side of the Hip Hop underground to unleash the a new force in Hip Hop, the Double Agents.

The Double Agents are four people you might know, on the outside as mild mannered artists from England, Germany and Australia who are at the top of their game, bringing some incredible Hip Hop releases to your shelves and delighting more at shows across Europe and beyond.

During that time, these four guys have been gathering Hip Hop knowledge and secrets from all over the world and not only that, they have lived and breathed essence and the core values of Hip Hop and their knowledge and dedication is second to none from very birth of culture to the present day. All this information they have gathered has been kept under wraps until the time was right to release it, and that time begins now.

So, say hello to the Double Agents:

The incredible Duo of Whirlwind D & Specifik from the UK, German Producer Frankie Roar, and the insane emcee Kid Lyrical from down under. Together these four have dropped their first single to draw on all this Top-Secret Hip-Hop knowledge, Agent Invasion and Creatures of the Night.

Not knowing if this single was going to Self-Destruct in 5 seconds, I found a dark place away from windows, prying eyes, and ears, I slipped on my headphones keyed up the two tracks and pressed play…

The intro of Agent Invasion draws you in with heavy brass tones and a verbal dictation that references the fires of the past, something that put me in mind of the Bronx in New York where Hip Hop grew from the desolate urban wastelands and the fires of gang culture But, you are quickly transported to the future as Frankie Roars Pounding production hits and Whirlwind D, Specifik and Kid Lyrical take us on and a vivid audible ride into the shadows detailing, in no uncertain terms, how they operate and what they are here to do. The Double Agents are here to slip from the shadows and deliver a crushing blow to the enemies of the culture, then slip back from whence they came, leaving only the enemies woes as any evidence they were there.

Creatures of the Night see’s us draw into the shadows, the murky world where the Agents dwell. A place where stealth, poise and dedication to the cause are paramount, and there is no room to hesitate in the execution of your duty. Whirlwind D and Kid Lyrical handle the deadly lyrical duties, which dazzle and confuse the enemy, then Specifik puts down the mic and steps behind the turntables to cut down their opponents like a hot knife through butter. Frankie Roar’s production creates a dark and sinister vibe, the perfect backdrop and makes it known that if you inhabit the shadows in the underground and you’re an enemy of Hip Hop, beware because the Double Agents with be there and they are ruthless…

I was relived that these files did not self-destruct, and I was even more glad I was not an enemy of the Double Agents. Why had they chosen me to listen and report on their first public mission? I don’t know the answer to that but, as a drank a stiff drink which I cradled in still shaking hands, I mused on what I had just heard and those thoughts came thick and fast.

Frankie Roar’s production is slick and can change the vibe of the track to suit the situation in one deft move leaving their enemies confused and never able to anticipate their next move. He also arranged, mixed, and mastered both tracks showing that his experience leaves no room for error and there is no way anyone can infiltrate such a tight group.

Whirlwind D brings a wealth of lyrical experience and an unrivalled depth of knowledge. He delivers this with a deadly calmness that will strike fear into even the most fearless of emcees. Like a lyrical ninja he walks the shadows ready to deliver a lyrical death blow which you will not see coming but, you will understand every moment once it hits.

Kid Lyrical has a hardcore, almost insane style in his delivery. Stepping from the shadows directly into your face, he delivers his mind numbing style in an unapologetic nature, not giving a damn if you survive or not but, if you do survive, you awake realising he has stolen the very soul from the core of your being.

Specifik is the multitalented member of the group. On one hand he can drop a lyrical delivery, from a concealed holster, something you were not expecting leaving you dazed and confused. Then, as you stumble blindly wondering what just happened his unrelenting volley from the 1’s and 2’s slices through your consciousness like cold steel of a Ninjatō.

At the back of my mind was a worrying thought, the Double Agents have a far-reaching circle of associates which includes Mr.TIBBZ who handles design and who also had the original concept behind Creatures of the Night. There is also Todhart and everyone at Burning Anger/Britcore Rawmance who have provided a way for the Double Agents to release this incredible and important work. It begs you ask yourself, what next, where, when and with whom will they strike next?

As the thoughts began to subside and my hands stopped trembling a deep realisation came over me which was both reassuring and troubling, these four guys coming together form a lethal crew like no other. As a single unit they are more than able to take on and complete the kind of complex missions it might take a whole clan to complete, and as I finally closed my eyes and welcomed the oblivion of sleep my dreams were haunted by the notion that you can be scared or you can be excited but, either way the Double Agents are here and there is no one and nothing to stop them.

Even in sleep I was not free from the reach of the agents. I dreamt of what I would ask them should I ever meet them, and as questions floated through my unconscious awareness, the Double Agents answered. Was it even a dream or had they put something in my drink?

Let tell you what happened…

Firstly, I wondered if it always a plan to do something special for SDS 010?

To be honest it all started when we all received invitations from a secret organisation to assemble for something momentous – no other detail was given. Having been shown the contents of a briefcase that had been smuggled through at least 3 continents and via a network of criminal organisations, we all knew we had a common shared purpose. As for SDS 010, well this was in fact the case code for our first mission behind enemy lines. In fact, a series of coincidences occurred in a short space of time associated with this coding. Not only was it the case code, but also an input key for a server linked with organised crime and of course the cat. number of our record with Britcore Rawmance. This is no coincidence…watch this space.

I then mused further on how the Double Agents come together or how were they selected?

I think I have answered this question above however each agent was selected for specific skills. Franky Roar was enlisted due to his ability to crack any code and move stealth-like through the dark web producing dope beats, whilst Whirlwind D was chosen for his safe cracking and bomb disposal skills as well as razor sharp lines. Specifik is a known master of martial arts and can single-handedly take down even the most heavily armed gangsters (and sucker MCs and DJs) with nothing but a 1mm diamond stylus and his bare hands. Finally, Kid Lyrical is a skilled expert of deception and can move from place to place unseen whilst spitting lyrical venom.

Something critical was wondering just what is the Double Agent’s Modus Operandi?

I’m afraid we can’t reveal too much as we are sworn to secrecy and it would endanger yourself as well as anyone else reading this text. What we can say is that Double Agents are engaged in all-levels of international espionage. The hip hop aspect is simply a front, much like early pioneers such as Paul Winley Records whose hip-hop labels were a front for more covert activities. Whilst we embrace this ‘front’ with impeccable skill and a love for all the elements of the culture, we are embedded in the darkest corners of the underground world-wide.

I speculated if the agents would be working exclusively for burning Anger/Britcore or will they lend their talents further afield?

This is a topic that hasn’t been discussed at this stage, mainly because of our on-going operations against political dictators across the world however what is certain is that this marks only the first chapter. We already have a number of operations waiting to go hot and as soon as we are called upon the DA Crew will be representing with more killer beats and rhymes.

Finally, I had to ask, what is the Agents next mission or is that top secret?

We may have said too much already and as indicated before, we wouldn’t want to endanger you and your readers. What I can do at this stage is to offer you a vision: Double Agents skills and proficiencies alongside a blueprint firmly rooted in the benchmark set by artists such as Kobalt 60 and Hardnoise, wrapped into a web of intrigue…

On waking from what was either a dream or a drug induced coma, I wondered just where this was all going. Would I ever be the same person again and had I and indeed Infinite Sounds now been drawn into an underground world of covert ops and Top-Secret Review missions. Only time would tell…

Agent Invasion / Creatures of the Night is available now. Check out the covert links below.

This is Steve,

Reality beckons, Peace Out.

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Friday 6 November 2020

Postcards From the Edge by Qred - Album Review

Postcards from the Edge



Album Review


Now most people might not immediately think Hip Hop when you mention Wales but trust me when I say that Wales has that Hip Hop spirit running deep with Artists like Junior Disprol, Unity and, of course, Qred, the mention just a few.

It is producer Qred who we look to here with latest offering Postcards from the Edge. A producer led album which features a host of top emcee from both sides of the pond and when you names like Micall Parknsun, Junior Disprol, Cappo, Ruste Juxx and Ray Vendetta, you have to sit up and take notice.

So, let’s not hang around and dive right into a track by track breakdown…

First up is What Will It Bring (Intro) which perfectly sets the tone with etheric piano vibes that carry us through the verbal intro before a further soulful sample floats into followed by a pounding boom bap beat has you nodding your head along before the track ends with further musings on mental visions - that sets it up nicely for us as we are about to experience a number of musical visions from the mind of Qred and his assembled guests.

The first of those visions is From The Edge which features Shaz Illyork and Rome Streetz. A dark gritty track with heavy beats and cuts over some nerve tweaking electronic vibes. Both emcees handle themselves admirably using their wordplay to take you to the edge of sanity and back again. After pulling yourself back from the edge you are treated to the first single to be pulled from the album, Ready For Whatever. The track features the verbal skills of Ruste Juxx and Micall Parknsun over a funky beat with a soulful vibe, even the cuts are sublime. Juxx and Parky are on point here as they detail that no matter what the world throws at them, they are always ready for it. From the soulful we transition to the dark melodic piano vibe of Chalked Formulas. Here Ray Vendetta takes us on a stroll through a tempest as he schools us on being a verbal wizard with chalk stick in hand.

A deep guitar vibe has us sliding into the pounding Dead Soldiers. There are no prisoners taken here as Junior Disprol joins the ranks and takes aim at all those who deserve it, keeping his finger on the trigger, only pausing to reload for another verbal onslaught with no fucks given, this is the 500 Magnum of wordplay. Time for a short aural breather with the funked out guitar of Trying to Stall Time (Interlude) giving you a bit of time before dropping you into the Shark Infested Waters where Shaz Illyork reappears taking aim at you suckas like his name was G Rap. The beat here is pure 90’s bomb bap and will have you nodding your head whatever you’re doing.

We’re now tipped into the second half of the album with Lashout, an instant head nod vibe with a dark guitar undertone and frantic cuts that will also have you punching the air as Dirt Platoon pick up the mics, systematically hitting punks between the eyes with fists or bullets, it makes no difference as the result is the same, grimy right here. The storm clouds gather overhead for Last Omen. A dark moody beat with some eerie piano floating through as Tesla’s Ghost provides a tortuous narrative to have you looking over your shoulder at every step. Next up we have Shaz Illyork making his penultimate appearance on The Decadence. The heavy strings under a boom bap beat that will have you moving to its laid-back vibe as Shaz takes you on what feels like a more personal ride.

 With the end of the album within earshot, it’s time to have one last breather with the Cocktail Party (Interlude),a funky little instrumental with some sublime Piano, Jazzy guitar and synth elements to help you kick back for just a few moments. From there its into the penultimate track Glimmerman, which sees the final appearance of Shaz Illyork. A heavy pounding track that has the vibe of a movie soundtrack, which fits perfectly with visions created by Shaz’s lyrical storyline. It’s now time to hit the End of the Line with Cappo. The pounding beat and freaky orchestral track creates a surreal vision as Cappo finishes off the opposition by raining down lyrical fire and brimstone and we are left with a vision of the album cover as it reaches its climax.

Overall Postcards from the Edge is the perfect encapsulation of that 90’s Hip Hop Boom Bap vibe. But, more than that it is a boom Bap vibe mixed with visionary sounds to bring you the kind of musical sound scape that puts you instantly in mind of floating on the seas in a rowing boat as you navigate a storm that could be a physical one or just as easily be a mental image created by the listener. Either way the experience keeps you captivated from start to finish, be it bouncing around or floating aimlessly.

Qred has produced the kind of album that would be at home even if it had no guest emcees at all. Even then it would be an awesome listening experience but, add to that the slick cuts from DTM and that collection of guests and this album most definitely knocks the bar up a few notches and with 2020 slowly drawing to a close, this album has to be up there with the best of them and not just in terms of it being a production driven album but, also simply as a straight up Hip Hop album.

The choice of guest emcees for the album highlights some talent from the new and the more well-established names and from both sides of the pond. All the emcees handle themselves well and compliment the beats provided by Qred. The more I hear these production driven albums the more it highlights, to me, that not only is Hip Hop alive and well but, it is universal and brings people together as one.

I would be misplaced if I did not mention the amazing cover artwork from the one and only Junior Disprol who captured the essence of the album perfectly.

All in all, this is one for your collection and there are some pretty wicked packages put together too so, go cop one.

Postcards From The Edge is released by Boom Bap Professionals (BBP69) and is available from today. Be sure to check the Ready For Whatever Single (BBP67) and the Mixtape from the Edge (BBP68) as well, links below.

Huge thanks to Qred for sending this to me and to Junior Disprol for linking me with Qred.

Peace Out,



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