Sunday 18 August 2019

? Everything / Brainwashed Lifers by REMARK - Limited Edition Single - Review

? Everything/Brainwashed Lifers
Limited Edition Single – Review

Initially I thought I had already reviewed one of these singles in the past when they were released digitally but, that appears not to have been the case. So, it is nice to finally get to properly review these two tracks by my good friend, Multi talented Independent recording artist and videographer, Remark.

Remark’s recent releases all have a deep conscious understanding of life and a desire to give a message to the listeners that will hit them on a level not normally delivered by many artists these days. However, it is the underground independent artists, like Remark, who can drop a level of knowledge, understanding and consciousness in their music which the listener needs to have.
These two tracks are the perfect example of what it is like observing life through a deeper conscious viewpoint. So, let’s get into this: 

First up is,? Everything, which is a heavy banger of a track produced by Hamburg’s own Merlin and with Remark providing the cuts as well as the vocals. Heavy production for a heavy message and ? Everything really is all about the title. We live in an age where nothing is what it seems. You cannot trust the media, the internet, the government and, in many cases, even your employer. The information we are bombarded with is often corrupt and flawed with disinformation and lies. Whatever the source of the information you seek, be aware that much of what you may read on issues that directly affect the powers that be, is the kind of information that you will need to question. The other, equally important, message in the track is that you must always speak your truth.

The flip side is Brainwashed Lifers. This track again features Merlin on production and is a banging track with deep dark message. For a great many people the main source of their information intake is the television. Your senses are assaulted by visual and audible frequencies which can be used for entertainment and/or brainwashing. This might seem like a farfetched concept but, when the news on TV constantly bombards you with negative stories or war, murder, financial woes and political unrest, is it any wonder why very few of us question anything? Not just that but, audible frequencies and visuals can be manipulated to cause any number of negative effects or display subliminal messaging.

The ultimate message these two tracks put across is simple. ? Everything or become a Brainwashed Lifer. 

These tracks were originally released by Remark in 2017 and the content is as relevant now as it was then. They work perfectly together as a package and it is great to see them finally get a vinyl release in this limited edition run.

Both tracks are proper hardcore but, on the conscious tip. Merlin’s production is quality and the tone of each track works perfectly to reflect the mood of Remarks lyrical content. What really adds weight to each of these tracks is the visual aspect provided by the videos, which provide the total package for these two solid wake up calls. I say wake up calls because if you fully appreciate what Remark is saying here you will receive a wakeup call to what is really going on around you and how the real world and your own personal evolution is being held back by a society that seeks only to control.

Credit needs to go out to Remark’s wife Charlie for her excellent job in the filming for both the videos for these tracks. There is also credit due to Paul Lindsell for his work on filming for Brainwashed Lifers.

Credit has to go to Remark for putting together two superb tracks which can elicit such strong feelings. The sort of feelings we all need to sit-up and take notice of what is going on in the world around us.

So, grab yourself a copy (directly from Remark) of this limited vinyl run of these two stunning tracks, if you miss the physical copies then grab the digital downloads and see where the emotion packed experience takes you.

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And on that note, I’m Out...


*** Warning *** Brainwashed Lifers video has scenes of violence & horror ***

Thursday 15 August 2019

Quill Equipped Villainy by The Scribes - Album Review

Quill Equipped Villainy by The Scribes

Album Review

If you are looking for a soundtrack to your summer this year, something that will easily be a wicked vibe for the summer days whilst still sounding fresh into the winter and beyond, then you might not wanna look any further than the new album release from the West Country’s own, The Scribes.
Having received glowing reviews and recognition in previous years, 2019 has already seen The Scribes play the infamous Glastonbury Festival. This has lead to them receiving recognition in NME's “Glastonbury Guide” and Venue Magazine's “30 best live shows at Glastonbury Festival”. The guys have also been nominated for the Pure M Magazine “Best UK Act’” award.
I first saw and met the guys at B-Line Recordings Rope-a-Dope 3 event in March 2018 at Bristol’s Rope Walk Pub. I also caught the guys again when they supported RA The Rugged Man at the Watering Hole in Perranporth Cornwall in May 2018. Straight up nice guys whose live show is really one you want to catch at some point, because these guys put on a great show and get the crowd involved in a proper high energy, feel good experience. 

Quill Equipped Villainy really looks to be a defining release for Ill Literate, Jonny Steele and Lacey and I would like to thank them for giving me this opportunity to review this release.
So, let me get into album and give you a low down on each track:

Kicking off with DON’T YOU, this banging track, with nice little electronic twist, catapults you instantly into The Scribes alternate vibe with the guys expertly transporting you their world and once your there, ain’t no escape till their done.
Get Down drops with a more chilled out vibe. This one, which features Akil The MC from Jurassic 5, will have you nodding your head and hanging on the words of each Emcee as they flow flawlessly from verse to verse.

So, kickin’ it up a gear on Righteous, this one is all about the guys rocking the crowd and getting down live. Featuring Leon Rhymes from Too Many T’s, you gotta know, if you have not caught these guys Live, don’t miss them next time they are in your town.
So, anyone who writes for any reason will have experienced writers block and Block War is all about those frustrating times when you just ain’t gotta a friggin’ clue what to say or how to say it. This laid back vibe really makes you visualise those times.

Now, Priceless featuring Blacksmith is one of those funky dope tracks that just get you moving to the tracks vibe and lyrical flow. This one is all about that money and how too many chase it but, in that pursuit they miss everything else going on in their lives.
Punch Drunk is a jazzy track which sees the guys take us on a comedic little trip into the drunken antics which are a little too common on a night out in the UK.
Following on from that vision on drunken nights in the UK’s cities comes another vision of drinking for different reasons. Green Gin is an almost bluesy track which takes you to the dark world of the alcoholic.

From darkness back to the light with the heavy banging Day in Chicago Cypher, one of those tracks that just makes you go “Oh Yes”. What else do you want me to say about this one, apart from just crank it up.

A Bass heavy intro brings in Brave New World. An instantly likeable track in which the guys take you through many different subjects but, remind you one thing, the future is there to be taken and it is what you make it so, go out and make your future your own.
Acoustic vibes and nice beat pervade Adrenaline. This one features the voice of Phil Jeong and has the guys dropping a track that reminds you that you don’t need that caffeine to get you through your days. All you need to do is to get your adrenaline pumping; you feel that and that will get you through the god times and the bad.

Up next we have Bad Meaning Good. A heavy banging track which sees the guys dropping a track you might initially take to be a bit dark but, remember this is Hip Hop and its not Bad meaning Bad But, Bad meaning Good. Ya feel me...
 The penultimate track here is the upbeat feel good and Hip Hop classic vibe Get Live. This one features the Bodega Brovaz and Goose and really is one of those tracks that makes you feel like rocking to the beat and the dope flow of the emcees, each of who really come into their own here.
The album finishes off with Vice Grip, featuring TrueMendous. Easing out of the album with a more chilled out vibe, it’s good to hear the beatbox vibe on this one too. Another serious message on this one which deals with addiction and something many of us can associate with which sees each verse focusing on a different issue.

This is definitely one of those albums which speaks on a wide variety of issues and you can feel that from track to track. The album takes the listener on a rollercoaster of vibes and subject matter and that is what really speaks to your inner self as listen and the depth of that is a credit to the Scribes and how they have crafted this, not releasing the album until it was perfected.

Credit also goes to the production here. The Scribes have brought together some superb talent which really brings this album alive and creates the perfect flow of vibes and feels with each producer really crafting the perfect stage for the Emcees. Quill Equipped Villainy brings together the production talents of Dave Taylor, Fat Controllers, Astro Snare, Vice Beats and The Scribes own, Ill Iterate.

It is always a pleasure to review anything and, as always, I have listened to this in my car, in the house on headphones and with the volume turned up. This album will definitely stand the test of time and will be one of those I will be keeping on rotation in the car. It just has one of those vibes where you want to listen to the album start to finish. There are no tracks here you might want to skip, every track is superbly crafted and shows the skills of The Scribes as artists and it shows how wisely they have chosen the guests as each guest artist brings exactly the right element needed.

Defiantly one for your collection this and I would and if you have not any of their other releases that you need to hit up Bandcamp, Link Below, and get yourself some more of their releases, you won’t regret it. There is also a bonus tracks EP available for the LP so, what more do you need.
Thank you again to the guys for the chance to review this.
The last thing I have to say is... Go Buy it...

Peace, I’m out...

 Righteous - Official Video