Friday 13 January 2017

Review - This is Funky by James Reeno (Spazzoid Records NYC)

I wanted to do a quick review on this track.

James posted the link on my Facebook timeline and so i gave it a listen and I gotta say, it's been a while since i listened to a track that took me back the 80's electro sound that got me into the Hip Hop scene.
In 1984, I was 14 and my big bro gave me a tape of some electro and Run DMC to listen to. From that moment i was hooked.

I have dabbled in some of the recent electro tracks and quite enjoyed them but, for some reason this track brought back those early days of listen to electro like Jam on It, Pacjam, Primrose Path and so on. A perfect way to take you back in the day.

So, if you still remember those days i would say check out this track and also James's other music, I don't think you'll be disapointed.

Thank you for sharing the track James.

Make it Funky Y'all.

Thursday 12 January 2017

Review - Mind State Krakatoa - Promo

OK everyone out there as promised here comes my first review.

This is a special. Courtesy of Uncle Mic Nitro I have 4 Promo tracks from the Debut album Mind State Krakatoa.

The Album is released 13th January 2016 on B-Line Recordings.

EYE OF THE STORM (Cuts by DJ Tones)

This a nice laid back track with a deep message. UMN crafts a small tale of struggles the kind of things that we can all associate with, the dark times and places we find ourselfs. The beat, for me anyway, was a head nodder and the lyrics clear and flowing smoothly as liquid mercury and speaking to a place inside you that you might know only too well.


A wicked track about life, then and now and change. Again I could not help but, nod my head while listening to this chilled out beat with violin that was almost crying at lyrics and how friends talk more on text messages these days. I can't help but, think of how right UMN is in the vision and the thoughts it brings to mind.

BACK TO BASICS (ft Chrome and Curoc) intro by Ced Gee

This track is introduced by the great Ced Gee, Ultramagnetic, bringing a short monologue on the beginnings of what we call Hip Hop.
This track is all about that. Hip Hop, let it be and don't change it, if you even know what it is. This is a straight out banger. Chrome kicks it off, followed by Curoc and rounded off by UMN.
What shall I say about this, just listen to it. Three hardcore Emcee's one dope track, whats not to like.

I AM VOLCANO (ft Jabbathakut)

This is one of those tracks you just gonna go, Fuck yeah, to. Skillfull cuts from the master crafts man Jabbathakut. This beat makes you wanna blast it in ya car with the volume way past 10. UMN bringing you you some dope lyrics and letting you know he's indestructable. Damn, I am Volcano is gonna have speakers erupting.

All four tracks were produced by Ryan Mac (also from Southampton)

Four tracks down and hell I want more.
For me I am feeling that UMN and the likes Jabbathakut, Specifik and everyone at B-Line are bringing back the real Hip Hop sound that we have been lacking for so long. You have dope beats, lyrical dexterity and the DJ, that is Hip Hop plain and simple.
I am also hyped by the fact that they hail from the South of England with UMN from my home town of Southampton, for me this is something special because back in the days you never heard much of the home grown tallent. It is my intention to catch up with UMN and get the album so I can bring you a full review right here and maybe with a message from the man himself...

I will definately be bringing you more from B-Line and perhaps that little light bulb that just came on saying what about a feature on thees a this space...
But, don't watch it for too long go out and buy Mind State Krakatoa, get it tomorrow. Friday the 13th will now be known as the Day of Eruption.

Here is the link so you have no excuse not to:

But, seriously, after only hearing these four tracks I can't recommend this album more highly. The production is superb and I am just left thinking to myself, not only does Hip Hop live but, it lives on the South Coast of England.
Time to sell the old vinyl and get some new.

I would give these four tracks alone 10/10

It's that good....

Monday 9 January 2017

Welcome to Infinite Sounds

Hi All,

Welcome to my new blog Infinite sounds.
Basically I took the name from my Paranormal research group Infinite Realities.


As we kick off the new year I really wanted to kick off the Blog with something awesome and i still hope to do that.
But, for now this is the into to the group and please forgive the addition of Hip Hop Zombie Gnomes, that's a little bit of fun i am looking to inject into the reviews.

Since I brought my first record, a 7" vinyl of The Devil went down to Georgia by The Charlie Daniels Band when i was still in single figures, age wise, i have loved music in many different forms and i grew up with Hip Hop from 1984 onward. But, i always kept an interest in forms of music and there are only a few genres i don't like much but, may dabble in them if there is something i like.

So, this Blog will feature anything i like and might be an official release to bandcamp release to a soundcloud release and there will be plenty of different vibes from Hip Hop and rap to rock, jazz, funk, chill hop.... Basically if i like it then I'll review it and i might even review something you ask me to.

One thing I have struggled with as i begin my journey into blogging. I am not very well off at this time and i do not have much funds to go out and get the stuff i enjoy so, i am going to have to rely on borrowed stuff and gifted stuff alongside the small amount of stuff i can afford to get hold of.
But, i will find a way to review things regardless.

Anyway, here is to 2017 being a bumper year of bangers and dope beats to make your eardrums pop.

I'm outta here for now.

Keep ya eye's peeled for the first review coming year soon.