Thursday 31 May 2018

Dolby D - It's Messy/ Absolutely Messy/ 21 Gun Salute Single Review

It’s Messy/Absolutely Messy/21 Gun Salute
By Dolby D
A Review

I have been looking forward to reviewing this one for some time. Why! I hear one of you ask (that one is probably my son or brother)... Anyway, I digress...

Well, when I first decided to put my listening skills to good use, one of the best UK artists had already retired from the scene. However, in reviewing this release I not only get the chance to review a track with Three UK legends But, I get the chance to review a track featuring that retired UK artist, my good friend Blade. 

Trust me, reviewing ain’t easy But, somebody gotta do it!

I am not going to get into Dolby’s B-Boy history here. I’ll leave that for an album review or Interview perhaps. But, if you don’t know who Dolby is? You soon will so you might wanna do ya UK Hip Hop homework.

All I will say is that this is his first Official release. His previous stuff has yet to see the light of day but, he is still a huge figure in the UK Hip Hop scene.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s break into this:

IT’s MESSY – A proper banger this one But, one with a serious message about the state of the society we live in and have created. In fact Dolby Himself describes it as “thoughts and observations on the state of the world, big things and small things”.

Absolutely Messy ft MC Mello and Blade – The same theme as It’s Messy but, here we have three UK legends each giving their own vision of the state of our society. Dolby Kicks it off with the first verse putting you in a head-spin. Mello is up next dropping knowledge showing you things ain’t all glitter and glam. Finally Blade steps up and assaults your ears with a mental rhyme bomb. It’s often hard to better an original track but, Dolby has got two of the UK’s legendary figures to come in, bringing their own style and visions and helping him craft a banging piece of conscious Hip Hop. Dolby add’s “I always wanted other rappers views on the state of the world. I saw it as a great idea for a posse song”. A great idea? It was an Absolutely Bonkers Idea.

21 Gun Salute - Now here Dolby takes us more to the grime side of things. Now grime might not be my thing but, you can’t deny that this kicks and hits hard. You might be mistaken in thinking this on what this track might be all about. Perhaps I’ll let Dolby explain it to you “21 Gun Salute is about respect. Respect when you have been disrespected. And respect for women”. Also Dolby explained to me that this track was written way back in the Channel U days of 2005. Before Grime was Grime, the only thing tweaked was the music.

Ain’t I good to ya, I even give you quotes from the Man Himself.

So there you have it, one for old and new heads alike. With this release not only do you get an introduction into who Dolby D is, his styles and the topics he spins his verses around, with Its Messy and 21 Gun Salute But, you get a track, Absolutely Messy, that takes you back to a time in UK Hip Hop when legends were born, respect was earned on stage, on Vinyl and Legacies were forged.
This is just what you want from a first release but, it also makes a huge statement and leave you thinking ‘Damn’ What’s next from Dolby? Can he step up and match this with what he releases next?
Whatever Dolby D has in store for us next, with such a diverse range, I’ll be watching for it with eager anticipation and I suggest you do the same.

Massive shout out and respect to Dolby D for giving me some insight into the tracks.

It’s Messy/ Absolutely Messy/ 21 Gun Salute is available on Digital, CD and Vinyl from Click Clack Connection Records. Check below for some links to get yours.

Till next time,
I’m outta here.

Steve – Infinite Sounds

Sunday 13 May 2018


Baptism Beneath Monsoon
Album Review

I first heard this guy at the last ever Dookie Squad gig in Exeter back in July last year. He was brought up on stage by Jman during his set. Back then I was thinking, this guy is good and so I kept an eye on his career since.

Straight out of Plymouth in the South West of the UK, Obadiah has had a couple of previous releases via Bandcamp, 2016’s Obiwan EP and 2017’s Thoughts Manifest Reality Album.
Baptism Beneath Monsoon comes with a nice physical CD in a limited run of 150. Not sure if Vinyl is on the way or not? The nice thing is the CD inlay comes with full lyric breakdown. Sure helps with a review I can tell ya. The album is 13 tracks deep with a few guest appearances and will hit you in the eardrums for the best part of 43 minutes.

So, let’s take a quick rundown through the tracks:

Frequent Flyer (Prod. DaMaven): A nice intro track giving you a taste of the verbal skills to follow. Some great word play, that flows effortlessly along with the top notch production.
Times of Adolescence (ft Chillman & Prod. Moff): Nice laid back track with stories from the days of way back. Something we can all relate to, even if you’re one of those adolescent ones out there.
Like That (ft Moraless & Prod. James Tsoi): Laid back and drawing on experiences from real life. This is one of those tracks that has you thinking ‘Yeah, I’m with dat’.
The Dreamer (ft Lazy Eyez, Big Rain, Nuggz & Prod. DaMaven): We all have dreams and the message here, well the way I see it, is to never lose sight of those dreams. You are the one who can make them come true.
Soul Secrets (Prod. DaMaven): Back to Obadiah on the solo tip dropping lyrics about life and how we all have and keep those secrets and we keep them for countless reasons. The beat just rolls along giving you the right atmosphere.
Imagery (ft Flowtecs, Tok, K.C & Prod. Hybrid Freqs): Heating things up a bit on this one. Lyrical content is still rooted in reality to keep you focused cos you can relate to every verse.
The Chronicle (Prod. DaMaven): Half way through and the realness in this album is cemented. Obadiah is hitting hard on this one, spittin’ double time just to make sure you got the message.
Right in the Zone (Prod. Soss): Different vibe to this one. No less appealing to the ear. Obadiah switching speeds up n down on this one. Proving what happens when he gets Right in the Zone.
Drowning Demons (ft Mish, Gaddzilla & Prod. DML): Out of the whole album, this was the only track I can’t quite get into as much as I would like. Lyrically on point, no issues there. I just found the production was not really my thing. Don’t get me wrong, it does not detract from the album one bit. It’s just not my thing personally.
Fruit of Nubia (ft R. I. Z & Prod. DaMaven): Deep track this and one of those that you get a lot from having the lyrics. You are drawn into some of the crazy shit that goes on in day to day life, where most people walk around in a mind numbed daze unaware and controlled by the powers that be.
Cross (ft Gaddvilla & Prod. DaMaven): Banger this one. Powerful lyrical delivery with reggae chorous. I just wanted an extra verse on this one. Definitely could have vibed to this for an extra minute or two.
Mic Check (ft Lauren Thomas & Prod. DaMaven): Bit more laid back this track but, no less harder than what has gone before. What you get is that feel of the energy and the pride of what Obadiah is doing.
War Wit Us (ft Unanymous & Prod. DaMaven): Some proper Hip Hop dropping on this. Giving it straight to all the fakes out there and drawing on a diverse range of real life stories.  For me, this one just stands out a little.

Ok, so overall what did I think?

What Obadiah has done here is bring in a diverse range of producers who each bring a different vibe and a different edge. Especially DaMaven, who has a diverse range all of his own.
This allows Obadiah to showcase the range of his skills. His writing and lyrical delivery is superb. The way he crafts his verses drawing on all manner of true life stories that we can all relate to and associate with, you can feel the energy and the pride he puts into everything he does. Regardless of whether you like this or not, what you can’t get away from is that Obadiah is one, of a steadily growing stream, of Hip Hop artists from the South West of the UK, who are really making their mark on the UK Hip Hop scene.

Baptism Beneath Monsoon is definitely one album you need to check out. Get the CD as it’s a great package and if CD’s ain’t your thing, then fingers crossed there will be a vinyl version at some point soon to quench your thirst. 

Definitely one on my recommended list this and will be looking forward to more from Obadiah in the future.

Check below for all the links that you need.

I’m outta here,
Steve – Infinite Sounds

Wednesday 9 May 2018

Don't Interrupt - Jabbathakut REVIEW

12” Single Review
Don’t Interrupt – Jabbathakut

The first thing I have to say about this singles is, it took me back. Back to the days when artists released a track over multiple formats like cassette, CD, 7” and 12”, and back then a 12” could be just a single or a remix or an Extended Play single (The E.P.).

So, what do you get on this single:
A Side:
Don’t Interrupt ft Dubbledge – Dirty, Clean & Instrumental
B Side:
Can U Handle Me? Ft Dubbledge & Ziggy – Dirty & Clean
Dazzling Display ft Grazzhoppa

The first thing to note is the reason this took me back is that it was Jabbathakut’s first 12” single released back in 2005. So, This is not a new release. But, i’ll tell ya one thing? It might as well be a new release because it sounds as fresh now as it did then. In fact if you put this up against some of the stuff that is out there, this is a damn sight fresher.
Production and Cuts from Jabbathakut are firmly on point and bring you tunes that keep you rockin’ and show that he was then and is still at the top of his game. Dubbledge brings his A game to the release with crisp expert wordplay throughout.
Don’t Interrupt is banger with a fun edge. You can listen, nod or groove to this but, one thing you don’t do is interrupt when Dubbledge and Jabbathakut are rockin’ it.
Can you Handle Me? Is a wicked funky tune that is type of tune that most definitely will have you noddin’ along. You will definitely appreciate Dubbledge’s lyrics which again have that comic edge and Ziggy’s tuneful chorus just tops of another wicked Jabbathakut track.
 Dazzling Display is one of those fun turntableist tracks that almost every album had at one point. Just a small sample of the DJ’s talent on the 1’s and 2’s, and here Jabbathakut bring’s in one of Europe’s best in Grazzhoppa to rock the track with him. Side by side these two show why they are still highly in demand 13 years later.
I totally recommend this to anyone out there. You can order direct from Jabbathakut and if you ask real nice like, he will tag that shit up for you giving you a one of a kind Jabbathakut single to play to your heart’s content and then some.
So, you will need a record player or a turntable. If you ain’t got one, for fuck’s sake go out and get one. This is Hip Hop how it’s supposed to sound. School is dismissed, you can go now.

I’ll see you for the next review soon.

Steve – Infinite Sounds