Thursday 4 August 2022

EP Review: Surplus To Requirements by Obselites

 Surplus To Requirements



Recently released on Northentic Records is the debut offering from the Obselites, titled Surplus to Requirements. This is a three track EP from two guys who are arguably outstanding figures in the UK Hip Hop scene, Karlow and Lomax.

Producer and emcee Karlow, from Burnley UK, has been making waves on the UK scene for a couple of years now and his debut album, Jesus in a Jason Mask (2021), really showed his pedigree, whilst staying true to his faith and proving he is a formidable figure both lyrically and on production.

Wigan emcee Lomax has spent the last couple of years building a reputation for complex and hard-hitting lyrics with flows to match. He also stands alongside Karlow, Seek The Northener, Bruva Smokes and DJ Musicarl in the crew T.H.E.M. who have also been making a lot of noise recently.

So, with Karlow and Lomax joining forces as the Obselites, just what do they have to offer us on Surplus To Requirements? Let me take you through these three tracks…

Heavy Drums, organ notes and some tweaked vocal samples merge to carry you into the Summer Rain. There is a reflective air to this one, it’s not really dark in its overall vibe but, Karlow and Lomax, with their two different vocal styles, speak on what seems to be two sides of the same story. You get the feeling you are listening to the troubled mind of someone as they reflect on the pain and the hurt in their life. It appears this is a place where dark clouds are the norm and the sunshine only makes the briefest of appearances But, the light is still there, just waiting for the right moment to dispel those grey clouds.

Treading Water has a far more upbeat vibe that is based on drumbeats and keys. It feels like we have moved on from the dark clouds and are now in a place where Karlow and Lomax speak on doing the things that uplift us and bring the positive vibes. Music is one of those that provides an outlet for our thoughts and feelings, it helps give others a way to move past their own dark places. It may seem like we are treading water sometimes as we look to keep the darkness at bay but, there is also a scene here that Karlow and Lomax are encouraging the listener to keep going, go with the flow and keep the light our focus.

The EP ends on a proper head nod vibe of horns, guitar, keys, drums, and cuts on Off The Meter, there is real energy and real Hip Hop feel good vibes here. What Karlow and Lomax give us here seems to be focused on the art of rap. It’s all about what the music means to them and how it makes them feel. You need to move forward with your craft, giving it 100% and producing good music to keep the crowd moving. There is not much more you can say about this one as it speaks for itself as you let the music and the lyrics seep into your soul and feel the vibe that puts you in a place where everything is Off The Meter...

What I liked about this one is that there is a real sense of progression as you move through the EP. It kinda starts of in a dark place but, then gets more positive as we move through ending with a solid feel-good feeling. Karlow and Lomax may appear to have slightly differing lyrical styles, in their flows and quality of wordplay but, they bounce off each other with ease, each complimenting the other perfectly. You also get this feeling that they are about doing what they do with style and keeping the lyrics solid and with intellect, allowing their words to truly speak to the listener, even if the listener is not aware of it. Production is solid on the EP to demonstrating that progression from the darker aspect to the light and really bringing it to life in a way you feel deeply.

Overall, Surplus To Requirements is an impressive debut from the Obselites, demonstrating the impressive stable of artists that Northentic Records has and the pure quality of the music they produce. I don’t do favourites on anything I review but, I can easily see Off The Meter being on track that will be on heavy rotation with many online radio shows.

This is one you really need to jump on now, so head over and grab it…

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Wednesday 3 August 2022

EP Review: Moody Waves by Gee Swift


Moody Waves EP


Gee Swift

I have to say that I felt this new EP from former Journeyman, Gee Swift, really deserved a review. Mainly because I’ve not seen much exposure on it since it dropped a few weeks ago.

The Moody Waves EP is well worth checking out not just because it is by Gee Swift of The Journeymen and the co-founder of AE Productions but, also because it is produced by The Aroma, aka Rola and DJ Rumage, and features cuts from AE’s head honcho Mr Fantastic.

Released through AE Productions, Gee Swift has decided to put this straight on-line with no physical release. You find it on Bandcamp for a pay what you like fee and with the pedigree the Moody Waves EP has to offer, why would you not wanna grab it for a few quid?

If your still not sold on the idea, join me know and see what I have to say about it and hopefully I will convince you to check this one out…

Things kick off with the EP’s title track Moody Waves. Drums, keys, and cuts are the basis for the sound with the drums creating that boom bap Hip Hop sound while the keys have the effect of making you feel like you are in a boat ebbing on the sea, while the cuts almost feel like the breeze as you roll on the waves. Gee Swift is bang on as he says, “Take time with the words so its well composed”. You get this real sense that he is speaking on what he sees on the road in front of him But, also what makes him tick. Life is just like floating on the sea, through calm and stormy seas we endure what comes and as we do, there are waves of moods that come with what flows into our awareness. This is not just well composed but, intelligent too.

There are more drums, keys and cuts providing the backdrop for Come On Man, the drums, once more, carry you, just as the waves do but, the keys and cuts combine to make you feel like a storm is brewing around you. Here we find Gee Swift speaking on life and how he approaches his craft. It’s all about putting in the work, the effort and always giving you all in everything that you do But, ultimately you need to leave your best till last, never slipping and to leave on a high, because that way you know that you have achieved exactly what you came here to do.

The waters seem to calm with the coming of the High Seas, where etheric vocals, pounding drums and bass notes create a reflective vibe that also seems to have a essence of knowing and understanding. This fits perfectly with Gee Swift’s vocals which has this air that speaks of change and the temporary nature of things. We push to be all that we can be, to bring light to the dark. We walk the earth leaving a path behind us, one that nature will eventually reclaim, take back what was once hers, it’s just the natural order of things.

We move into the final track with a solid head nod beat that is backed by some electronic notes. We also find Gee Swift moving away from the rough seas to the far reaches of space on a Space Odyssey. As the track progresses, we wonder if we are on a trip into space or into the deeper reaches on the mind? Esoteric subjects about here with the sort of vibe that will maybe take us beyond space, beyond time and beyond the mind. This is one that will take you wherever you need to go as you merge with Gee Swifts words on an extradimensional trip.


Have to say that this a cracking EP that sets a new benchmark from the Bristol emcee. Deep intelligent wordplay shows that he has lost none of his edge from those Journeymen days. What he does here is to show all the upcoming emcee’s out there that you need to have the skills and presence of mind to focus on longevity. So, many artists blow in and out, barely making a statement or have one important thing to say but, then don’t back it up. Gee Swift simply says it how it is, do what you do and do it well, then keep doing it well until you are ready to leave and then leave in an explosive way, making a bold statement.

The interesting thing is that Gee Swift is also prepared to touch on those esoteric or even exoteric subjects that few will. But more and more artists are willing to go that extra mile and speaking on what drives them and what they see in the world beyond the music and beyond the physical reality. It’s a bold move to do this but, one that gives a deeper edge to the music.

At the end of the day this is Hip Hop from one of the UK’s top Hip Hop Hub’s, Bristol, brought to you by those who love what they do and want to bring you a high-quality sound with slick, intelligent wordplay to get you thinking as much as enjoying. For me, this is what the underground Hip Hop sound is all about, top music from top artists who do it for the love and not for the money, although a little support for their hard work never hurts…

Moody Waves is out now.

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