Monday 30 April 2018

Singles Reviews

SINGLES reviews
Uhuru & CNT

Hi Everyone,
I have been quiet recently. Which is due to some personal shit I got going on But, I ain’t gonna bore you with that.
To get me back into the review groove, I decided to do some quick reviews of some singles i have been spinning or rather banging in the car.
So, without further ado, let’s get into it shall we...

Murderation by Uhuru (Cyclonious & Tha 4orce)

Murderation is the first single from the Album ‘Uhuru – Expect the Unexpected’

Proper Hip Hop right here that has a nice reggae melody to keep you grooving from start to finish, with Cyclonious and (UK Hip Hop legend) Tha 4orce bouncing of each other with verses that will have you hooked.

As a first single from a forthcoming album this track makes a statement. Basically telling your brain, if you ain’t herd of us yet? You gonna, real soon and then some. 
With the vocal skills these two deliver and Tha 4orce’s pinpoint production, everything just fits together and reminds you, that here in the UK, Hip Hop just keeps creeping up on you and slapping you round the back of the head, just when you thought it was safe.

Get the single and wet your taste buds for the Album cos it’s gonna be huge.

Check out more from Uhuru Here:

Run with This & Stone Folk by Code Name Theory

Run with This

A straight up banger right here, Damn I love this track. 

Such a dope track that fits perfectly with some on point vocals by the CNT boys (Manage & Blitz) to give you a track you can’t help but, vibe to.

Top notch Production (By Kolak47), Dope rhymes and deft cuts (By the one and only JABBATHAKUT), this track has it all. Do I need to say more...

Stone Folk

Time to kick back, chill out and light it up on this track, The CNT boys letting you take a break but, keeping it hard to the core and full of realness.
Again the deep track and the vocals just work. You just wanna here more from these guys...

If these two tracks are anything to go by, the album that they are taken from is gonna be one not to miss. 
I for one will be waiting on it and hopefully be able to bring you a review as soon as I hear more about it.

As they say – CNT, all thats missing is U....

Seriously, Don't miss out on the CNT boys.

Here is where you can check the CNT boys:

Sorry these are quick reviews but, I have a whole lot going on but, I wanted to give you all something to wet your appetites to. Watch out for Uhuru and CNT, big things are coming peeps.
I’m out, Till next time,
Steve – Infinite Sounds