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Album Review: Monkeyman by Kurious and Cut Beetlez




Kurious & Cut Beetlez


Following on from my recent review of the Monkeypox single (you can read that HERE), there was no way I was going to pass up the chance to review the album, Monkeyman.

Considering just how good Monkeypox was, it proved that Kurious (USA) teaming up with the Cut Beetlez (HP Lovescratch and DJ J-Man - Finland) was going to be, what was looking like, a dream Hip Hop collaboration between a legendary emcee and one of Hip Hop’s brightest up and coming Producer duos. Monkeyman also has features from Ceaz Da God, Yahzeed The Divine and Homeboy Sandman.

So, what I am going to do is not beat around the bush here and just get straight into the album…

 The Album kicks off with High Speeds, that has this heavy industrial sound, cut up to give it the vibe of a revving engine, before the beat drops with pounding drums and bass vibes, interspaced with these jazzy moments and more of that cut up revving engine sound. All this combined really helps to give you a musical interpretation of speed. Over this Kurious drops intricate lyrics that give the impression of speed without him seemingly drawing a breath. This makes it a challenge to follow what he is saying, making you want to listen over and over before you get to the point of simply enjoying what you hear without going too deep. The heavy pounding industrial feel sound continues on Hog Tied, which features Ceaz Da God. Mixed in with the heavy industrial vibe are these electronic sounds and some keys that bring this calming element that just seems to take the edge off the roughness of the sound. Kurious and Ceaz Da God drop these lyrics that really seem to reflect the struggles faced by underground artists trying to make it in life. There are no assurances or pension plans, just hurdles and negative judgments that a rapper is a gangster or a dealer; no one takes the time to understand where they grew up and how that affected how they are seen growing up and trying to make a name as a Hip Hop artist. Jazzy horns and heavy drums form the foundation of sound for Mint Leaves, giving this one some really energy. Yahzeed The Divine joins Kurious to lay down some mind-bending lyrics that spin tales from life that also have elements of contrast and the two sides to every coin or that so many people have a hidden side to their nature.

Next up is the single, Monkeypox, and I’ll give you my thoughts from the original review. Monkeypox has that experimental, funky jazz vibe that the Cut Beetlez are known for but, here the verses are all underpinned by this fusion of drums, keys, and bass, while the bridge between each verse brings in the horns and some furious cuts that spin you mind outta control. With all this in mind Kurious uses his slick and clever lyrical prowess to such good effect by delivering up-tempo flows of similes, metaphors and more, packed full of mind bending, witty lyricism that takes a few listens just to get a hold of. Now this might not be one of those tracks with hard-hitting story to get your mind working but, it is one of those tracks with the sort of lyrics and sound that just has a feel-good, get ya body moving, infectious vibe that gives you the sort of grin you just can’t hide. This is such a perfect slice of Jazz Hop fusion goodness that is perfect for keeping those summer parties rocking to the early hours. Monkey Scratch is the first of two instrumental, cut n paste style scratch tracks. Here we get treated to a funny little story about the monkeyman, over which the Cut Beetlez provide a classic Hip Hop head nod style track with more cuts that you can shake a stick at or eat a banana to. This is followed up by Monkey Scratch II, which continues that cut n paste style sound mixed with plenty of cuts and jazzy elements. This time the focus is more on Kurious and mixed in with the monkeyman vibe; it’s just the kinda track you wanna nod ya head and bounce to, because the Cut Beetlez don’t give you time to think here but, just to enjoy yourself.

As we move into the second half of the album, it’s time for the Monkeyman Theme. Here the multi-layered jazz sound takes you down into the cellar where the smoky jazz club is in full swing. You get into the groove of the sound being laid down by the Cut Beetlez on stage while Kurious steps up to the mic dropping lyrics in both English and his native tongue, speaking on all the elements of the monkeyman’s mind, which just goes to prove there is more to monkeyman than meets the eye. Now you’re down here in the jazz club, there is no need to move out your seat as horns and bass keep the place rocking and the Cut Beetlez and Kurious lift the Pointy Fingers at the crowd. The upbeat nature of the sound keeps the energy levels up as Kurious explains exactly what it’s all about. So, many are quick to point their fingers, forming judgements and laying blame on others but, don’t think to look at themselves and question why they are laying the blame in the first place. Next we find drums and piano as the main elements of the sound on Magnetic, where Homeboy Sandman joins Kurious on stage. This one is all about the magnetic nature of things and how they attract one thing to another. That magnetic force that pulls or repels is reflected by the Cut Beetlez in the almost nerve tingling sound of the bridge, which seems to have a musical representation of that invisible force.

Time To Boogie brings the cymbals to the forefront over a what seems to be a muted drum beat but, this sound allows more focus on the vocals. Here Kurious seems to be saying that in life people are often too serious, taking things literally and not taking the time to look beyond what is right in front them; there is definitely a lot to be said for not taking this personally and remembering to always make time to have fun and boogie. Moving to the final track of the album, Whiskey All You Want has this drum beat over which is a nerve tingling piano sound that is almost at odds with the vocals as always there are also some additional elements mixed in just to keep you’re ears and you head focused. Kurious pours us a generous measure of the golden lyrical goodness, having the same effect on our ears that has as a drink, burning its way into our awareness, the more you drink, or listen, the more of an effect it has on your mind. I can’t think of a better way to round off the album than to sit back and let Kurious bring his single malt lyrics to the table. I mean, whiskey all you want or listen all you want, here it’s the same thing…


You just have to sit back and take five after listening to this album…

That’s in order to process what you just heard. Let’s face it there are two elements here right, as with any album, the lyrics and the music, so why not just look at them both individually first…

Musically, the Cut Beetlez, who are always pushing the boundaries of mixing Hip Hop and Jazz music, fusing their sound with a growing repertoire of influences and sounds which they use to great effectiveness when providing the backdrop to any musical project, be it a single, album or EP, and here they demonstrate that expert experimental quality to great effect; using the Hip Hop and Jazz sound as the base, they bring in sonic and electronic elements, and cuts, of course, to create a sound that is quickly becoming their own. You sit for hours just picking over their sound and the various elements but, in the end what they do is to use everything in their growing production armoury to bring a sound that is unique to every project they are a part of. Without a doubt, Cut Beetlez are quickly becoming one of these go to names for Hip Hop production, especially if you want something with a little edge to it.

Lyrically Kurious brings a quality that always make you think and think again when you are listening to his words. Every line and verse is packed with intelligent, witty and intense use of metaphoric wordplay, that is delivered in such a way as to not only leave you breathless but, also has you listening over and over again to try and catch every word, thinking that you can ably interpret what is being delivered but, sometimes its just not possible you have sit back and think, I’m just gonna enjoy what I’m listening to because that is exactly what seems that Kurious is putting across here. He does reflect a lot of what he sees around him in life but, he puts it across in such a way as to make it entertaining and, at the same time, stretch the possibilities of just how you can put a message across to the listener. He has to be one of the great wordsmiths out there right now.

Before I get off the topic of the Vocals, it is important to give a shout to the guest artists. Most of you will be familiar with Homeboy Sandman but, you may not be so familiar with Ceaz Da God, Yahzeed The Divine, however, after their appearances on Monkeyman you’ll want to remember those names. All three bring their own unique styles to the album and all add that extra depth, perfectly complimenting the overall style of the album.

So, what does this all mean when we look at Monkeyman in an overall sense, what it does mean is that Monkeyman takes the fusion of Hip Hop and Jazz, throws the rule book out the window and rewrites it and says here is a project that you can listen to anywhere and everywhere; that is never gonna get old and never cease to bring you enjoyment. In fact, once you have listened to this top to bottom, there is a little voice in your head that says this is one of those instant classic Hip Hop albums, and it’s a classic because it brings something new to the table and raises the bar for those that follow. It’s also one of those that’s hard to get out your head too…

Monkeyman is released through Weaponize Records and is available on digital and limited-edition vinyl from the 1st September.

My thanks to DJ J-Man and HP Lovescratch for giving me the chance to give this one the review treatment. Respect to Kurious and Weaponize Records too.


On that note,

I’m out,



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Tuesday 29 August 2023

Exclusive Album Review: LIBRA by Whirlwind D




Whirlwind D


Since I first met Whirlwind D back in 2017 at the first ever Rope-a-Dope in Bristol, he has become a good friend and one of my personal favourite emcees in the UK. Beyond that, and something that has to be noted in this special year for Hip Hop culture, Whirlwind D has immense knowledge on the history of Hip Hop music and more, which he brings to the airwaves and pages of such publications as Record Collector.

There is something special about any new release from the man from B-Line/Solid n Mind/Tru-Tone Records and Liberty grooves. There is a depth of feeling that you do not always get with all the music that you listen to. When you put on a Whirlwind D release you know this is something you can listen to anywhere, with anyone, and there is an anticipation that every track will speak to you on one or even many levels, be it just the fun lovin’ musical side or reaching in and tweaking the very nerves of a deep emotional link you have to the subject matter. Whirlwind D truly delivers music for the masses.

LIBRA promises to tick all the boxes musically and vocally on what is expected to be his final long player. LIBRA is also an album of two parts, one that symbolises the two sides to anything, more on that as we go along. Featuring production from Specifik, Djar One, Smoove, Farma G, Franky Roar, Mr Fantastic (ae Productions), Lewis Parker and Simon S, plus guest appearances from Farma G, Junior Disprol, Chrome, Specifik and Lewis Parker, with cuts coming from Specifik, Jazz T, Miracle, Mr Fantastic and Djar One; this album promises to be one of the standout releases of 2023.

So, please join me as we cast our heads to the night sky and the stars of the constellation of Libra and allow the energy of those stars to merge with music…

We begin with side A Grey Matter and the Introduction. With Specifik on production this thumping intro to be just that and nothing more but, alongside all samples that introduce Whirlwind D, there is this little guitar sample that just adds a little depth and creates this sense of anticipation that slowly builds across these fifty-two seconds, and that anticipation is soon rewarded. The guitar and drum heavy vibe of When It’s Fast, features Djar One on Production and Specifik on the cuts, and gives you this up-tempo funk sound that is the perfect template for D to drop a celebration track about everything that is Hip Hop but, especially those beats and rhymes that are fast, and D matches that celebration of those up-tempo vibes with his lyrical flow; where he brings intelligent words delivered with pace. This one has you bouncing from the get-go. Specifik and Djar One return on the next track but, this time their roles are reversed with Specifik on production and Djar One on the cuts. The laid-back vibe of drums, bass and keys on Sambuca creates this sound which seems to have this ‘calm before the storm’ air about it. Here D spins the kind of rhymes that bring a smile, it’s all about getting hyped up for the live show and keeping that fire lit with a taper of the liquid kind. Anyone who has been to Rope-A-Dope can tell you that that Sambuca often features; the firey liquid burns its way down, giving the warmth and internal strength to perform with gusto and engage the crowd throughout. Now the anxiety is out the way, and we are suitably hyped up, it’s time for that Everyday Hustle with Whirlwind D, Djar One on production and Specifik on the cut. Brining that Hip Hop funk vibe with drums, bass, guitar and keys, the tempo and energy switches up once more. Don’t expect to have chance to take a breath before the bridge as D keeps the bars coming at pace as he relates how it is to be out there every day, work, rest, and play, doing what you gotta do before finding the space to think, write and record. The daily grind we all have done, will do and expect, means that you do have get on that hustle to do the things you enjoy and often these things play second fiddle to the more mundane aspects of everyday life. There are times when the everyday grind gets too much and we have to take some time out, kick back and chill; and what better way to do that, than by soaking in the Ocean’s Breeze, with Djar One on production and cuts. The sounds of the ocean and gulls, mix with some funky drums and flute vibes to bring a sound that, initially, make to think this sounds like ‘Labels pt II’, now it might not be that but, it has the same infectious sound and feel-good factor, which gets the adrenaline pumping, especially when the horns drop in. Whirlwind D’s flow adds to that adrenaline-fuelled feel as he gives us line after line that creates a mental picture in your mind, of summer days, BBQs, and live music events, in fact everything that you love about that holiday vibe. Now, bearing in mind that we have just been thinking of the track ‘Labels’, what better way to round off the Grey Matter side of this album than with Labels (Smoove Extended Mix); I previously reviewed the 7” version of this when it was released as the B-Side to ‘Without Music’ in 2021, featuring Smoove on production and Specifik on cuts. With this one Smoove takes the original from 2018’s ‘Beats, Bit’s and Bobs’ and adds this awesome feel-good factor by bringing in strings, drums, and horns to give you this funky Hip Hop vibe mixed with a big band sound that not only ramps up the adrenaline already running through you but, is all one of the most infectious sounds around. Whirlwind D takes us on a trip through his early days in Hip Hop and how the various record labels and their releases would be a huge influence and even keep you hanging for what they would be dropping next, in fact the record labels became the things we looked for as much as the artists. Labels always brings back memories of flicking through the vinyl, tapes and CD’s in the various record stores in Southampton or trips up to London; when you didn’t recognise an artist you looked at the label or, very often with 12” singles in generic sleeves, it would be the label name that stood out. What a way to end the first side of the album, as this one is gonna stick in your head as you flick to the B-side…

As you spin the disc from one side to the other, the energy switches to one of Dark Matter, and a more serious air settles around you as the diamond needle ignites the Flames; produced and featuring Farma G, with Specifik on the cuts. Heavy drums, piano and guitar fills you ears with vibe that immediately causes your every nerve to tense and contract with an ominous vibe. Gone are the up-tempo flows as Whirlwind D and Farma G bring into stark and emotive focus, the pain and suffering that is caused by conflicts and war, be it on the streets or in another country. Every day the media brings us unsettling images and news of war, murder, and suffering; making the world outside of our own four walls to be a place where money is power, blood is just by-product and tears are the rivers and oceans. With those images of reality still stinging our eyes, Specifik brings production for False Prophet, with Jazz T on the cuts. Up-tempo drums, horns, keys, and an ominous bass sound brings a deep heavy vibe that makes want to listen to what’s coming next. Whirlwind D takes our focus from the outcome of conflict and puts it squarely on those in a position of power who purport to be our saviours. The leaders who talk the talk and bring slogans of hope, drawing in the masses with lies dressed up as fact, all in order to gain support and to be put in the ultimate position of power. Once they have the power, they look down on those who put their trust in them, using them as their stairway to gain more and more, while the lies and misrepresentation causes more and more suffering, poverty, and pain. The false prophet sits in a place where they never want anything, are never cold and never hungry, while those who follow starve, freeze, and so often pay the ultimate price. The realisations of the harsh reality of life around us, begins to permeate into our very soul; down into The Deep, where Franky Roar is on production and Miracle brings the cuts. The sound here multi-layered with pounding beats, percussion sounds and electronic vibes, together they create a dark raw soundscape for a posse style cut that sees Whirlwind D joined by Junior Disprol, Chrome and Specifik on the mic. The four emcees join forces to vocally expose and destroy those who sit in the racist far right-wing camps; those people who use the symbol of the St. Georges cross to promote sick racist, narrowminded views of a nazi-based white master race, where all other rases are subservient. These outdated and uneducated views only serve to hold the entire world back from standing together as one unified people, where all are accepted. Hip Hop culture has always promoted the understanding that we are all same colour underneath, something that is truly a foundation for a better world. With hope building inside us the tempo increases as Mr Fantastic brings the cuts and production of upbeat drums over a sampled vocal with bass, to fuel the adrenaline once more in a more positive way. The pace returns to D’s vocals too, this matches the up-tempo beat and the pounding of his feet and heart he breaks into a Sweat. It’s all about pushing yourself to be fit, be that physically or mentally, you have to exercise your body and mind to keep yourself in peak performance, or at least keeping yourself ready for the next challenge. As the light at the end of the tunnel approaches, the legendary figure of Lewis Parker steps up to guest and produce Lucky Number, alongside Specifik on the cuts. This was originally released on ae Productions back in 2022, which I reviewed at the time. The dark dystopian vibe that Lewis Parker brings sound wise, fits perfectly with the Dark Matter vibe, the multi-layered sound of drums, horns and guitar notes, among other elements, really draws you in with a whole cinematic soundtrack style sound. Vocally we find Whirlwind D and Lewis Parker speaking on those lucky numbers that we all gamble on in the hope it will bring us some good luck but, it’s really all about those in a place of power who are always rolling the dice, playing with the lives, hopes and dreams of the everyday person. We are not just the pawns in their games, we are steppingstones and blocks they use to build their empires, and let’s face it, if we want to be brutally honest, we are all expendable in the eyes of those who govern. The only true lucky number we have is that there is strength in numbers and if we all rise as one, we can turn the tide of luck in our favour, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The final track of the album looms which sees production from Simon S and cuts by Specifik on The Music (Dirty Mix), there is an interesting story behind this but, that’s one for Whirlwind D to tell. There is this raw sound of drums and horns that has that old dusty vinyl sound about it. We are finally out of the tunnel and back in the light as Whirlwind D spins more stories around what it is to have the music running through your mind, body, and soul, from the mind, via the pen, to the page and then on record to the stage. The mind of the artists creates the music we listen to, and when that music is created with genuine love of the sound, it helps bring energy and positive feelings as it connects with the listener. There is not much more to say but, if you truly feel the heart and soul of what has been put into the music you hear, it can’t help but uplift you and bring you true joy.


Whirlwind D & Specifik - Rope-A-Dope 5  ©S.Rider-Infinite Images 2019

Let me be perfectly honest here, it’s very hard to put into words how good this album is, in fact in trying to sum up what I felt overall, it was like I’m saying goodbye to an old friend, it actually brought up emotions that made me just stop for a minute. So, overall, what this said to me was this; all of us, as we journey through life, have moments we can look back on as key moments and artists will have a release that they look back on as the crowning achievement, something that defines their career, and I think that Libra is that defining moment for Whirlwind D!

LIBRA has this Yin Yang element to it that shows two sides of the same coin. On the one side you have the upbeat fun loving music that is uplifting for us all to listen to, brought to us on the Grey Matter side, then, with the Dark Matter side, you get the serious side of the music that reflects the harsh realities of life and working hard to provide for the family while still seeking to nurture the creative side that wants to bring good music to the world, and to uplift as much to inform and educate.

LIBRA has it all, it shows Whirlwind D as his peak creatively bringing every aspect of what he enjoys about music, to the forefront. Not only that but, everything here is delivered in a way that connects with the listener. It is easy for anyone hearing this to relate to everything that is laid out here, and not just that but, you can literally feel that connection, you can feel the love and dedication he has to giving the audience something truly entertaining and enjoyable, and does mean listening and understanding those harsh realities, because if you didn’t have those, you would not be able to truly understand the positive messages, you have to have balance and Whirlwind D delivers balance to the next level.

Part of what makes LIBRA so special is that Whirlwind D works with producers and artists who he respects and who are friends as much as they are guests. They all bring out the best in each other, you get the sense that this is really about family. I say that because if you have ever been to a Hip Hop event, a B-Line Recordings event and so on, there is that feeling that you are all part of one big family, something that is the essence of Hip Hop Culture and I feel that it is that essence which contributes to why this album is so special. That is also reflected in the album artwork from John Dyer, who has captured the concept of the album perfectly on the cover.

I had better round things up now or we’ll be here forever.

For me LIBRA is truly going to be one of the Hip Hop albums of 2023, hands down. I have no doubt it will become an instant classic as it has everything you could want from a Hip Hop album. I have heard the word, defining, used about this album but, I think it runs deeper than that, I really think this album shows creative excellence and a desire to give a lasting piece of art to the world that people will enjoy for as long as there is music…

I have to say it has been a true honour to have the chance to review this incredible album. My humble thanks to Whirlwind D for allowing me to review this album so early on, and for sending me one of the first copies to land.

LIBRA is released on 1st September through B-Line Recordings and Hip Hop Be Bop, so check the links below on the day...

I’m out, till next time,

See Ya.



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Sunday 27 August 2023

Album Review: Everything's Turning Up Dusty by Krash Slaughta


Everything’s Turning Up Dusty


Krash Slaughta


Something that came out of Hip Hop music that I always loved were two things, the Megamix and the Cut n Paste mix. In fact, they were pivotal for me in that they spawned the ‘Pause Button’ mixes that we all loved back in the 80’s. Regardless of how you did it the tape-to-tape mixing was fun, and I still have some of my efforts around somewhere. I would enjoy finding my favourite tracks and adding bits from recordings of TV programs such as The Comic Strip and would enjoy trying to make party megamix tapes and the like, it’s a wonder I never progressed into vinyl mixing at the time.

As we moved into the 90’s it was the mixtape that became bigger with DJ’s remixing tracks and Emcee’s rapping over classic instrumental tracks and then mixing it all together. I would often listen to all these alongside recordings of the DMC mix championships and be amazed at how DJs could do what they did.

Fast forward to the present day and what might happen if you were to merge the Cut n Paste mix with a mixtape vibe? Step forward Glasgow based Krash Slaughta, a true legend in the game, who has put together just that on Everything’s Turning Up Dusty. This double LP limited edition vinyl is an hour long and consists of four sides of Cut n Paste musical goodness alongside some banging remixes to boot. The album took four months to make, with each of the four mixes taking one month to produce.

So, join me as I do my best to put my enjoyment of this stunning release into words…

Side One bursts into your ears with that classic Cut n Paste sound, and you can’t help but, smile and nod your head as you listen along. Mixed into this are sound bites from Blade Runner, Graff writer interviews, Marijuana info film, funk breaks, electronic vibes and so much more. There is also a remix of Time’s Up by O.C. that gives it this Pink Floyd, prog rock kind vibe; following on from this is an upbeat remix of So Let The Fun Begin by Stetsasonic, which has this bass and piano vibe that is just so wicked. This brings side One to a close and it’s time to flip over.

Side Two kicks off with this banging horn heavy remix of On The Smooth Tip by Sweet Tee before breaking into more funky dopeness over which is a recording of part of a story from Masters of the Universe, just to add more of a grin to your face. Following this Krash brings in a pounding remix of Quality Control from Jurassic 5, which has some mind bending, nerve tingling electronic elements mixed in. The breaks and razor-sharp cuts keep coming as you vibe to every little element, including the Beat Street element; before we are treated to funky drum remix of Torture Chamber by Edan ft Percee P. Next, we get this almost two tone, ragga vibe for the remix of Made You Look (Remix) by Nas ft Jadakiss and Ludicris. As this side comes to an end Bruce Lee reminds us to be like water, a timely reminder as we now need to be fluid in changing the record to side 3…

Side Three begins to sonic vibes before things kick off in a funky way to get that head nodding once more. Time for some Ol’ Dirty Bastard with Krash Slaughta reinterpreting Shimmy Shimmy Ya!, to this horn heavy, uplifting infectious sound that gets your whole body moving. Next track getting the remix treatment is Melody by Nu Mark and Pomo ft MF DOOM, with a funky horn heavy sound keeping you bouncing along. More funky breaks and turntable trickery, jazz vibes, sonic sounds, samples and add breaks ensue before its time to flip to record one last time…

Side Four begins with a big orchestral intro before we break into a jazz horn remix of Definition of a King by Two Kings in a Cipher. Funk breaks and a comedic look at how to be a rapper then brings a grin. A funky jazz vibe heralds the remix of Movin’ On by Gang Starr which is sure to get you movin’ and groovin’, Then comes the voice of Phill Most Chill taking us to the Rebel Base with Krash Slaughta mixing it up once more. From the rebel base we move into some outer space vibes with Krash Slaughta making a visit to the space bank before moving into hyperspace with more funky interstellar breaks. Drums, funky keys, and guitar vibes are the main components of the last remix, which is I Gotta Good Thing by Superlover Cee and Casanova Rud before we finally have round off this epic album.

Everything I have said above really just scratches the surface of what Everything’s Turning Up Dusty is. When you consider that Krash Slaughta has always wanted to make a cut n paste mix, and then he comes up with something that truly takes that genre of music to a whole new level. When you consider the likes of Coldcut’s Say Kids and Beats and Pieces or Double Dee and Steinski’s The Lesson series, Everything’s Turning Up Dusty emulates everything those classic releases did in taking elements of classic tracks, sound bites, infomercials, interviews and more, mixing and mashing them all together to produce something that was a whole new element of Hip Hop music. There is nothing you can’t do with the cut n paste mix and Krash Slaughta really does display that with aplomb.

To be perfectly honest, it is very hard to review something like this and really do it justice with my words because there are just too many elements to break down but, what I can do is to say with all my heart that this truly is one of the most amazing displays of the cut n paste genre that I have heard and when you consider the work that Krash Slaughta has put into this, it truly deserves to be placed up there with the best of them; it also shows the talent he has in crafting such a release, this is homage to the cut n paste mix but, also an incredible stand-alone audible spectacle.

My best advice would be for you to listen, listen and listen again to this because Everything’s Turning Up Dusty is never gonna get old, in fact, this is one set of vinyl’s I can never see collecting dust and turning up Dusty.

I take my hat off to Krash Slaghta on this one and also give him my humble thanks for the chance to drop a few words about this stunning release.

On that note,

I’m outta here,



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Saturday 26 August 2023

Album Review: Grown Up Too by Legs MC


Grown Up Too


Legs MC


Grown Up Too is the latest album from Legs MC (aka Daddy Legs), originally from Brighton, he started rapping at age 17 in pubs and clubs until he met Graff artist and producer, Req1, at a Slip Jam B open mic night. Req1 taught him the art of making beats and recording his own material. Legs went on to record a string of self-made albums, these went worldwide and earned him collaborations with artists from Japan and Australia. His own songs also featured on German record label, Moon Circle Project. 2008 saw his first professional record, Cheyne Stokes, released after he signed to Latest Records. The project featured an impressive cast list including the likes of Professor Elemental, Wordsmiff and Dizraeli. When things went ‘pear-shaped’ at the label Legs withdrew from the scene altogether, choosing to become a mature student and earn a BA Hons in Film and Screen Studies.

It was during the pandemic lockdowns that Legs returned to recording, releasing ‘7 Year Itch’ in 2022, and he kept the momentum going releasing ‘Grown Up’ early in 2023, his most important project to date, featuring Mic Righteous and Frukwan of the Gravegiggaz. He even featured in the top 100 of the Wu-Tang Clan’s Saga Continues competition. Now, five months on from ‘Grown Up’ comes Grown Up Too and without further ado, join me on trip through the album, and with features from the likes of Remark, Verbz MC (Bristol MC, not Verbs from High Focus) and Krash Slaughta, you can bet this one’s gonna be a treat…

Guitar notes and horns bring us into Wicker Manned, before the beat kicks in and gets your head nodding. In not much more than two minutes, Legs says more than some say in an entire album. He begins by looking at the control used by, and lack of respect given by the UK government and what that really says about what’s going on around us, before moving on to open up about the rap scene and those who chose not to support even though he offered the hand of friendship. There is a hint of coming together and standing as one here or to risk being ones burned in sacrifice, or could it be that Legs MC will be the one to do the burning, with a no-nonsense approach to bringing the facts and lyrics of fury? Drums and strings and the main elements of the sound of The Wizard, which has a slightly dark element to the sound but, it keeps you moving. Using a spin on the tale of The Wizard of OZ, Legs MC gives us three tales of different types of emcees, the strawman who makes a lot of money from rap without using any intellect to say anything of worth, the tinman who copies those who came before him because he doesn’t have the heart for what needs to be said and then the cowardly emcee who has all the talent to go far but, lacks the strength to put himself out there in any way be it physical content or live. Legs MC is one who leads by example using his mind, his heart and soul to bring reality and truth to his work. Bass, strings, and horns are the intro for Night Life, which features Sir Mozart on production, the beat drops in and creates this infectious upbeat sound. The focus of this one is stories from nights on the streets in Brighton but, these are taken from experience too, nothing made up here, just the stark reality of life on the streets once the sun goes down on seaside city that has a huge drug culture.

Business keeps it upbeat with a beat that thumps with drums and guitar notes. Here Legs MC details his love of Hip Hop music and keeping it real to the sound and while most of the time its all about business and working hard to produce good music, there are times when you just gotta have some fun, and this is what this track is all about, balancing the business and the just-for-fun time. Keys and strings form the backdrop the drums on Imposter Syndrome, featuring Remark, Mike Dennis and Krash Slaughta on the cuts; this one has a deep dark edge to the sound. The message here is all about the fact that no one is who they seem, or they just want to be like someone else because the media and record labels hype up the likes of Drake or the Kardashians, implying that real rappers are this or you have to look like these people and act like that person. It is thrust in our faces so much that, especially the young people, feel the peer pressure to look a certain way, and if they don’t, they will not fit in or be accepted. All this does is cause damage to their mental health, leading to so many young people seeking a way out rather than not to fit in. It is a sad state of affairs that being yourself is no longer looked on as authentic but, by being your true authentic self is the one way you can be you and not an imposter. We step over the tipping point of the album with Boss, featuring Undadwella and Verbz MC, this one has a classic breakbeat mixed with keys and bass, giving a banging boom bap, head nod sound. This one speaks to me in different ways as really shows the contrast between working the daily grind as an employee or one where you are your own boss. I have been on both sides of this; being an employee most of my life until ill health made me my own boss a couple of years ago. Being your own boss is, for me, a better situation to be in, I might not make any money right now but, at least I am not being pushed beyond my physical or mental capabilities. Now I am able to nurture the parts of me that can bring out my best abilities, something no boss has ever tried to do for me. I’m not saying all jobs are like this but, sometimes we have to decide what is best for ourselves. Sadly, the society we live in means that a job is very often the only way to make ends meet.

Next, the Rhyme Advocates, The Epochs, join Legs MC on Five Oceans. Strings and keys give this one an almost orchestral feel before the beat drops in with some horns, that give this a deeper vibe, that seems to touch your very soul. The more you listen to this track the more you pick up, the more it seems to say to you and the more it makes you think; and that is key here you need to think with this one as it really seems to be about the art of being creative and authentic at the same time. It’s about being individual and true to yourself that makes you stand out from the other around you. Do what you do but, do it in a way that is unequivocally you. What is also of note here is that Legs son’s join him on the track, they do a little bit on each album now, and Zackary (who is 4) provides the little sung intro, with Raphael (who is 3) providing the little outro. A head nod beat mixed with some electronic sounds gives Woke a kind of nerve tingling edge, making focus on the words a little more. Legs MC looks at the fine line between being awake and woke; in a culture where everyone has an opinion on everything, and the so-called cancel culture has the power to destroy a career or the hard work that has been done by someone. Are things really going too far these days, what really is the point of all this, and do you really know if you are truly awake or just think you’re woke! Think about it, I mean really think about it, only by looking deep inside yourself can you know if you are coming from yourself or just following a trend and the views of others, think for yourself, don’t let other do the thinking for you.

Angry Tune has a thumping beat with strings and John Carpenter style electronic vibes, all of which ramps up the adrenaline, getting you fired up. There are times when we all need to rant on what we see and experience around us, and this is exactly what Legs MC does here is to have a rant, not at anyone in particular but, just letting off a bit of steam, and there is nothing wrong with that. The final track is a bonus, it’s the Back to Burgess Remake, the original being from the ‘Grown Up’ album. The sound mixes drums, organ notes and electric guitar with sonic sounds, giving this a nerve shedding, mind numbing sound. Here Legs MC takes us back to being sixteen, just out of school and getting a job as a labourer, trying to make a bit of money but, all the while his mates are out having fun and getting messed up on the sherbet. It’s a tough position for a youngster to be in, you want to be out with your mates but, there is pressure on you to go get a job as soon as you can.


So, lets get real here, there is a lot to like about this album. Musically, the production is all on point here and carries the album along at a nice pace, bringing a cracking audible canvas of mixed vibes that perfectly match the vibe of the vocals. Legs MC produced, mixed, and mastered the entire album, except ‘Night Life’ which is produced, as noted, by Sir Mozart. This shows and incredible creative strength that makes the album really stand out, not just that but lyrically he is very strong too. He has a great style that mixes up the flows and has an engaging quality to it. It is kind of like you are sat listening to a lecture as someone is speaking of the real-life stories they experienced during their life. It’s hard to exactly explain it but, for lack of a better word, it is the authenticity it coveys in a lyrical sense. Top to bottom Grown Up Too is packed with authentic stories from Leg MC’s life. There are no fake stories here that have been made up just to get people listening, in fact that very thing is something that he dislikes, and which you hear mentioned.

Something that I really liked about the album was that each track gave great food for thought and its relatability gave me plenty of scope to bring my own experiences into play, alongside what he was relating from his own experiences. Grown Up Too, like a good many UK underground albums I’ve heard recently, could easily generate some healthy debates as you listen to each track, which for me shows the depth of what is going into the UK Hip Hop music right now. It also displays just how much heart is going into music from Legs MC and others, plus the love of the music and that desire to create good music.

Bringing in some cracking guests into the fold always helps and Legs MC brings in names you easily know like Remark (Glastonbury) and Krash Slaughta (Glasgow), alongside the likes of Verbz MC (Bristol), Sir Mozart, Mike Dennis, Undadwella (Australia), Rhyme Advocates (Brighton), The Epochs (Las Vegas, USA), who you might not instantly recognise but, all of whom bring that individual energy and depth to the project. It also gives that universal Hip Hop aspect to the project, once more showing how Hip Hop crosses borders and unites us through music. I also liked the fact that Legs has his sons on the album, giving them a little credit and giving that track a proper family affair kinda vibe, which brings a whole new depth and heart to things, I loved that.

Overall, Grown Up Too is a solid album which oozes authenticity, relatability and reflects the ups and downs of our current reality. This is one of those albums that will never lose its appeal as the subject matter will always be relatable in some way, shape, and form.

Most definitely one you need to give a good listen to.

Grown Up Too is released on 28th August, Pre-orders are live now.

My thanks to Legs MC and to Remark for putting my name forward.

On that note,

I’m out.



Get Grown Up Too from Bandcamp:

Legs MC Socials:


Wicker Manned

The Wizard

Angry Tune

Back To Burgess Remake





Friday 25 August 2023

Single Review: So Far Away by Cactus Corino and Rising Suns


So Far Away


Cactus Corino and Rising Suns


So Far away is the lead single from the new collaboration of London Wordsmith Cactus Corino and Australian production powerhouse Rising Suns. It comes from the forthcoming album Photosynthesis, which, like this single is heavily influenced by the 90’s Hip Hop sound.

For those not familiar with these names, let me give you a little background before heading into the single review.

With his roots in music going as far back as the playground, Cactus Corino came into the limelight with 2021’s Ridiculous, which featured partner in crime Kao, which gave him the chance to perform alongside the likes of Skinnyman. Being no newcomer to the music scene, it was the memories of Emceeing in his formative years that provided him with the inspiration for the recent EP ‘Playground Legend’. His wider influences from the streets of West London to the golden era age of rap have led him to have a string of new projects on the way which will feature a blend of 90’s era Rap and some more modern sounds.

Rising Suns are the duo of Onemore and DJ Mathmatics, who combined their talents during the time of lockdowns. Their work has already seen them release a project with O.C. (D.I.T.C) and Alyx Ryon (Maryland, D.C) and additional work alongside Nelson Dialect (High Focus). Their sound is very much that of the golden era, 90’s boom bap vibe which promises to be a treat for Hip Hop fans on the forthcoming ‘Photosynthesis’ with Cactus Corino.

Now you have a bit of insight into what’s coming, lets get into So Far Away


You are immediately invited to get your head nodding by the banging drums and organ sounds, the added cuts just what is essentially a classic Hip Hop sound from Rising Suns. Cactus Corino drops lyrics that have this dual message, firstly, he states how far he is willing to go create music alongside Rising Suns, and this is the kind of music that will uplift and move the crowd. The second point made with in the lyrics is that it is important go that extra mile to do what you need to do and yeah, that might mean stepping outside of your personal comfort zone but, only by pushing the boundaries can we really know what we are capable of.

So Far Away is electric introduction to what is to come from Cactus Corino and Rising Suns. Doing what Hip Hop does in breaking down boundaries and spanning the globe, these guys once more show the strength of Hip Hop in uniting people from across the globe. In fact, you could say that is a hidden meaning that is built into the music, you might be separated by miles but, in truth, borders and oceans can’t stop the Hip Hop Be Bop, sound or the unity it brings.

So Far Away is out now and keep watch for the album Photosynthesis, coming soon…

My Huge thanks to Benson Hedges for sending this one my way.

On that note,

I’m Out,



Cactus Corino Socials and Streaming:

Rising Suns Socials and Streaming:






Friday 18 August 2023

Album Review: Verbal Mentality by Emarvellous


Verbal Mentality




Verbal mentality is the latest release from Emarvellous on the Veteran Records label. Born and raised in East London, he moved to Wales over fifteen years ago. Influenced by a multitude of musical genres from funk, Motown, and pop, all the way to Classical, Emarvellous chose Hip Hop and Rap as a way to tackle complex subjects and to draw on his life experiences as a conscious storyteller. Working with both local and international artists, he continues to write new music and experiment with new ideas and sounds. As part of the Veteran Records camp, he recently featured on the 4Dee album, Shots Fired.

Verbal Mentallity features production from the Veteran Records Production Team, cuts by DJ Jaffa and guest appearances from Sik Swagga, 4Dee and Anton the Bum.

Time to let the music speak for itself so, join me on the journey into Verbal Mentality…


Setting the stage is the Intro which has this music box melody playing through most of the track. This gives it an almost eerie quality that makes you focus on the words, and the words are key here, which is exactly the point being made, before the music drops in and we get a true sense that our minds are about to be opened. Heavy drums, bass, xylophone notes are the core of the boom bap banger that is Sandringham Rd. As much as this one has the energy and vibe to get you moving, there is a deep message behind this one as Emarvellous details the violence, and its effects, on the community. The sad thing here is that this is not just confined to any big city, as we see this level of pain and suffer across the world every day. Next up is Back2Back, another banger with pounding drums, keys, bass and cuts, featuring Sik Swagga alongside Emarvellous. This one is literally two emcees standing back-to-back and spitting venomous rhymes in a rough, rugged, and raw style. This is a display of lyrical prowess for you to enjoy.

Heavy drums and elements of soundtrack from TVs Hill Street Blues, Real Street Blues finds Emarvellous detailing true stories from the streets. Drawing on the truth and his own experience brings that emotive element to the track, and as much as you enjoy grooving to this, the harsh reality of street life is not lost on your awareness. A short skit follows from Emarvellous as he talks about being back on the hot streets of Hackney, before a short news report detailing a night a unrest on the streets in the recent past. Pounding drums, electronic vibes and a recognisable sample form the basis of Dem No Like Me. This one really seems to detail how the powers that be don’t like those who stand up and speak up on subjects that they would rather supress. This is the reason the real street music, the real Hip Hop, remains in the underground. When you talk about how people are kept down, controlled, and used, your fan base will only be with those how truly understand or have lived it.

Jamboree has banging drums alongside a Mexican band sound on the bridge, giving this a real body moving vibe. Here we find Emarvellous celebrating all the good things in life, getting out there and having fun with family and friends, enjoying good music and taking time away from the daily grind. Drums, bass, and bells combine to bring another uplifting vibe on Shine. That uplifting sound is matched by Emarvellous as he brings the kind of lyrics that speak on the things that make you shine in your day-to-day life, leaving the darkness behind. A heavy drum sound gets your head nodding ready for Workrate, which features 4Dee. Emavellous and 4Dee go hard on this one kicking the work rate up dropping incredible bars across 2 verses to get you proper hyped.

Sik Swagga joins Emarvellous again on Deceptoinz where vocal samples form the backdrop to drums and bass, this brings a beat that almost appears deceptively chilled but, is far from it and that air of deception is exactly what this track is all about. In a world where deception is the main weapon of the powers that be, we need to remember that is the case. Nothing is what it appears these days and so much of what we see in the media is put there to take our focus from what is really going on. Another short skit follows, taken from a movie, where violence is used as a warning to main the fear and the control. Think on that as it leads into Acts of Violence. Cuts, drums, and bass are the main elements of the sound, creating this heavy funk vibe. Here Emarvelous speaks on stories of those who use violence against others. It’s a sobering thought that there are those out there who think nothing of using violence, the same way most of us may use our phones, it’s just second nature to them.

Back to Front see’s Anton the Bum join Emarvellous over a pounding beat, with cuts, that vibrates you to the core. This one is not just taking a shot at former clown-minister Boris Johnson but, it is exposing the fact that the whole system is flawed, it’s all back to front; the people don’t really vote in who they want, it’s all a set-up, showing just how messed up and corrupt things truly are. Drums and a rock guitar sound which plays with your nerves on Magic Man. This track looks at men’s mental health and how their emotional state of mind is so often overlooked. This is often the case in relationship break ups where the support of the justice system is lacking for many men. Men also have to remember that it is OK, not to be OK, and that asking for help is such a huge step forward. This is an important subject that is so often overlooked because of the issues created by a patriarchal system. The album’s final skit follows, which sees Emarvellous speak on the yin and yang aspects of Hackney.

PunchPower is a banging track with some classic samples thrown in to spice things up. You can probably guess, from the title of the track, that this one is all about the sport of boxing. So, sit back and enjoy as Emarvellous drops a celebration of all he enjoys about it. The penultimate track is Blatant Discrimination, where the drums pound alongside an etheric vocal sample. Here Emarvellous goes hard on the subject of racism and home blatant some people still are in their use of the ‘N’ word; even in this day and age where the issue of racism has been given such focus. It is an outdated view that needs to be stamped out. Hip Hop has always promoted a culture that is devoid of race issues and has always sought to bring attention to all cultures who are affected by this issue and to stand up against it. The albums final track, Sick With It, once again features Sik Swagga alongside Emarvellous. Drums and maniacal laughter fill your ears as this one drops with a horrorcore vibe. This track is like watching the late-night horror movies, where no punches are pulled with, he depth of gore and fear, and nightmares are your only companion…


Verbal Mentality is a hell of a ride, to be honest. Emarvellous gives us a really good blend of tracks that are full of emotion and a deep desire to display the harsh realities of life on the street and the inability of the government to do anything to bring help and support; the album also has a good selection of tracks that display that just for fun vibe, where its all about dropping slick verses that are packed of similes and metaphors, just for the shear enjoyment of doing it. It really does bring an overall sense of balance to the whole project. He also shows how adept he is with his craft, switching between flows and styles with a deep respect and desire to be original, never sticking to just one style but, mixing it up and showing that he is a force to be reckoned with on the underground scene.

There is also a rawness to this release, a gritty edge that comes only from lived experience. This is evident in the production as well, with the sound often bringing a very gritty, rough vibe that seems to easily put you in touch with that raw truth of the street vibe. The same of which can be said of the guest artist who bring that underground rawness that fits so perfectly here. It might be to everyone’s taste but, when you are dealing with lived experience, there will be a deep tough edge that it is hard to deal with unless you’ve been there. So, for some, there will need to be an understanding that real life often means hearing and facing things you’re not comfortable with but, it is live and you have to understand the truth and reality of where others come from.

Overall, Verbal Mentality creates a balance that does not shy away from being brutally honest when needs be, and shows that life has a brighter side too. Emarvellous brings us an album that displays everything that he is about right now but also has this hint that, he still has a few cards up his sleave too. This is a solid release that can be enjoyed but, also respected providing you listen with an open mind.

Verbal Mentality is available now from Veteran Records.

My thanks to 4Dee for sending this one my way.

I’m outta here,



Stream the album on Spotify Here:

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Veteran Records Website:

Friday 11 August 2023

EP Review: Banff Avenue by Dragon Fli Empire


Banff Avenue


Dragon Fli Empire


Way back in 1991, my Twenty First year on this planet, I went on holiday to meet family in Canada. During that trip we visited Banff, Alberta, A stunningly beautiful part of Canada. I had no idea back then that nearly 32 years later I would be reviewing an EP based around that place. However, the latest release from AE Productions is a reissue of Dragon Fli Empire’s 2020 release, Banff Avenue.

This will be the first time that Banff Avenue has been released on vinyl and it is a joint venture between AE and Make Believe Records (DFE’s own label) and has been remastered especially for the vinyl release by Rola at Khameleon Studios, Bristol, UK. Previously only available via download or CD, the collaboration was born during the release of MR Fantastic’s 2021 single Breakdown, which featured TeeKay on vocals. As the head of AE Productions, Mr Fantastic felt that Banff Avenue deserved a vinyl release and Dragon Fli Empire (Teekay and DJ Cosm) agreed. Fast forward to now and allowing for all the pressing delays due to the pandemic, Banff Avenue is now available as a full vinyl release. Those familiar with the original release will note that the vinyl release has a different running order to the original release, and this was done in order to give the vinyl a better balance of cut quality and volume.

With all that in mind, please join me as we take a trip down Banff Avenue

We are not on the road long before we enter Banff Ave, with its laid-back drums, tambourine, and chilled cuts. We gaze lazily out the window as the stunning scenery glides by and Teekay steps up as our tour guide, providing a verbal description of everything we need to take note of on our trip, from the Canadian Rockies to sights and sounds of the town of Banff, he expertly creates an audible vision for us, even with our eyes closed we can still see everything as his words float through our awareness. Keeping it chilled the sound shifts slightly to chilled jazzy mix of drums, bass, and organ notes as we slide into Overtime. With the sun going down Teekay regales us with stories from DFE’s past and getting to where they are now. He keeps us hanging on his every word, having us picturing everything in our mind’s eye while, with every pause, we are treated to DJ Cosm brining our awareness back to the present, cutting it up on the 1’s and 2’s. Just as we are considering turning in for the night Teekay and DJ Cosm turn it up and get our adrenaline flowing with an upbeat banger with pounding drums, bass, and a plethora of cuts. On My Way has us up on our feet as DFE rocks the crowd in true Hip Hop fashion with slick flows, deft wordplay, and cuts galore. We get schooled on the where DFE are from, some of their inspirations and where they are at now is right here turning the party out. The focus shifts once more as we approach the end of our first day, or side a if you will. A beatbox and drum fuelled intro brings us into Talkin at Movies, bass and guitar vibes join the beat as Teekay takes a tongue-in-cheek look at those people who choose the talk all the way through, when you’re trying to sit and watch a good movie. This one brings a grin to your face not just because we’ve all been in this situation but, also because that beatbox brings to mind the late great Biz Markie (R.I.P), and if you’re bringing that real Hip Hop sound, you gotta have the beatbox too. With day one over it’s time for a brief pause as we flip to day two…

The needle descends and the sun rises on day two with the DFE and we are greated by a funky vibe created by chilled drums, bass, and keys, with a dash of cuts and a sprinkling of horns to cap it all off. As the beat gets you moving, our first stop is the Vortex as Teekay guides us expertly into parallel universes with his slick, intelligent, mystic wordplay. All of us having our own individual experiences, leaves us wondering just where we are going next, even questioning if this is still Canada or not but, we are not questioning the current state of reality for long before xylophone notes have us back in Banff just as the bass and drum beat kicks in and we are suddenly Looking For Tomorrow. The jazzy vibe has us nodding our heads as Teekay takes us deeper into the vision and sound of DFE. This one really makes you think about where you are, where you’ve been and understanding that to get where you’re going you need to have a vision for tomorrow, something that you can literally reach out and grab, constantly pulling you forward. Before you know it, we are here at the final track, the end of our journey with DFE. Piano notes, horns and drums give us this after-hours jazz sound, creating this chilled vibe as DFE asks us, How Ya Doin. This is like a check in between us and them, just making sure we are all doing well after our time together on Banff Avenue but, it is also a reminder to check in on those around you, just to see how they are doing, something as simple as this can go a long way, trust me. As we leave Banff Avenue, we know that this is nor like any other trip because we can just put the vinyl on anytime and go back…


It's always a pleasure to listen to something that allows to use your imagination to slip away out of your reality and into a different space and time, and Banff Avenue is one of those listening moments that does that so perfectly. On one hand you know that this is, pure and simple, real Hip Hop but, then DFE have also crafted this EP that flows so well and is such a pleasure to listen to and expertly allows you to create this mental picture of this journey to Banff area of the Canadian Rockies. OK, so I have been to Banff but, that was a long time ago but, this EP does stir up the memories of the rugged mountain peaks, conifer forests that flank the town. A place where you step from the hustle and bustle of the streets into the calm of the surrounding countryside.

Now I have not heard the original version of Banff Avenue yet but, I do like how this version flows. It does create this feeling like you are on an audible trip with DFE. It has this feel that you travel into the town and arrive through Banff Ave and Overtime, then there is this upbeat peak across On My Way and Talkin At The Movies and then journey continues through Vortex and Looking For Tomorrow before being rounded of with How Ya Doin. The progression seemed so obvious that it created this whole feeling of a journey that it had me creating this vibe as I wrote. The sound of the tracks really does carry you so well, it’s like a breath of fresh air and all credit to DJ Cosm for his production which is so on point here. Teekay also does an excellent job with his descriptive lyricism that has you visualising what he describes at every step. Not just that but, he switches so well in his flows and styles it is just a perfect display of everything I love about rap within Hip Hop music.

I have to be honest here and wonder how I missed this the first-time round, it’s a mystery to me but, I’m so please to have caught this now because it is such a pleasure to listen to and one a wholeheartedly recommend that you listen to.

My humble thanks to Mr Fantastic for sending this one my way.

Banff Avenue is available now on vinyl from AE Productions. CD and Digital is still available from the DFE Bandcamp Page.


On that note,

It’s time for me to go back to Banff,

See ya next time.



Grab the vinyl from AE Productions Here:

Get the original 2020 release from DFE on Bandcamp Here:

Additional DFE Links Here:

DFE on Instagram Here:


Banff Avenue







Friday 4 August 2023

EP Review: Slippa Presents Wrappers Delight Mini EP


Slippa Presents

Wrappers Delight

Mini EP


The Wrappers Delight Mini EP is the latest offering on the Good Darts Label. It is a four track 7 inch which boasts some incredible talent across those four tracks. This release is based around the Wrappers Delight card series, which was the brainchild of official Topps artist Slippa Chervascus. He created his own card series after working on artwork the Garbage Pail Kids card series, and releasing Wrappers Delight gave him the chance to combine his artwork with his love of music. Working under the umbrella of Good Darts gave him the chance to promote his art-based projects as well as branching out and creating a record label.

If you are familiar with the Wrappers Delight card series, then you are probably gonna love whats coming on this Mini EP, so let’s not hang around and get into it…

First up is the title track Wrappers Delight, it features vocals from Wordsmiff (aka Wordsmiff Flip), production by Remi Rorschach and cuts by Jabbathakut. The beat and electric guitar create this real smooth, funky head nod vibe that really give you one of those ‘Oh Yeah’ moments as soon as you here it alongside the nod to the Garbage Pail Kids on the intro. As much as this is the Mini EP’s title track, it is also one hell of an anthem for the Wrappers Delight cards. Wordsmiff drops a few short tales from his life coming up before taking you on trip that touches on cards from series one, two, three and beyond. Listening to his words brings back memories of trading cards in the playground and wondering what to do with your doubles and trying to get the rarer ones or that last card to needed to complete a series. Not only that but, the more you the track goes on its like listening to some Hip Hop Hendrix vibe while trying to visualise the cards in your mind…

Next up is Ultra Garbage and this one features Jounior Disprol on the mic, production from Slippa Chervascus, bass from Cam and cuts from Jabbathakut. The bass, beat and tambourine give this one a proper Hip Hop head nod vibe, the kind you wanna turn up load to make the speakers bump. Now this might just be a short track but, in one verse Junior Disprol delivers the kind of rap vocals that tests the very foundations of your mind, making you wanna rewind every line, and sometimes every word, just to make sure you heard it right, just like you wanna keep looking at the artwork on the trading cards to see if you missed anything. When you want to mirror the detail in a piece of art by putting it into words, this is how you do it…

If you consider that every Wrappers Delight card is a piece of art, then Rap Objet D’arts brings that into focus with Brainpower (Artist, Songwriter and Producer from Amsterdam) providing the vocals, Remi Rorschach on production and Jabbathakut on the cut. Unashamedly Hip Hop once more the beat and instantly recognisable piano sample gives this one an inner city gangsta vibe, a little like the early Kool G Rap and Polo sound. Brainpower really breaks it down about how good and perhaps even a little disturbing some of the art might be on the trading cards but, at the end of the day its about how good every piece is; collectors items, just like this vinyl release too and brainpower makes sure to shout out everyone involved with the release and reaffirming that you need to grab everything released via Good Darts…

Before you know it, we are at the last track and The Harder The Hit is something special too. It features vocals from graff legend and one half of The Artifacts, Tame One (R.I.P), alongside production from AMBA (Tarboosh Records) and, of course one final appearance from Jabbathakut. The beat, double bass, and keys on this bring that fresh Hip Hop, Jazz funk vibe, and if your heads still not nodding, then you this on intravenous drip with an infusion of Krylon. Tame One takes us from Wrappers delight to the life of a graff writer and back again, fusing the art of the trading cards with walls and subway cars of graffiti art. There is little more to be said as Tame’s words really seem to reflect that the vision of the graff writer and the trading card artist are one and the same, and that’s it nuff said right here…


I mean, what can I say about this release? If you have ten minutes to spare, then this is about the best thing you can do with those ten minutes, because they will most definitely not be wasted.

This might be Hip Hop with a particular focus, that focus being the Wrappers Delight cards, but this is also Hip Hop at its best. Taking it from the UK to the US and back again, Slippa and Good Darts delivers what is arguably one of the premier releases this year, and that fact that it is all packed in one little 7-inch package is almost beyond words.

The production from Remi Rorschash, Slippa Chervascus and AMBA is proper good, everyone being a head nod delight, and when you mix that with the incredible turntable skills of Jabbathakut, it just keeps you bouncing throughout those four tracks and beyond. The vocals from Wordsmiff, Junior Disprol, Brainpower and Tame One are as solid as they are individual, with each of them displaying some sublime lyricism and flows that truly show how good that international underground scene is.

Respect where respect is due Slippa Chervascus has put together an awe-inspiring release here that has the finest production, the dopest rap and the freshest art from Mark 563. What else is there to say except, don’t sleep on this one, I really mean it.

Wrappers Delight is available from August 4th on limited 7” Lime green vinyl (including some limited trading cards too) and a little later on digital from Good Darts.

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Wrappers Delight Promo mix by Jabbathakut