Friday 21 August 2020

Dj Sammy B presents BushCamp the Mixtape - Review


DJ Sammy B Presents

BushCamp the Mixtape



The origins of the Mixtape go back to the late 1970’s when DJ’s such as Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc and DJ Hollywood produced recordings of their private shows to distribute. Since that time, the mixtape has been a staple of Hip Hop culture be it those produced by artists or those put together by the fans for parties to showcase their favourite tracks.

Reviewing a mixtape can be a daunting task as they can contain upwards of Twenty plus tracks But, the BushCamp Mixtape from DJ Sammy B is 13 tracks deep which is about the same as a standard album release.

The DJ for the legendary Hip Hop group, The Jungle Brothers, has taken a host of some of the top Emcees from the USA to the UK and put together something that promises funky dopeness on a grand scale.

So, let me break this down track by track and see where it took me:

You briefly float into this on some blissful keys. From there BushCamp Intro hits you with a funky dope vibe thar see’s Mike Steezo grab the mic and take you through life and the love for hip hop while dropping more than a few names along the way just to wet your appetite. Ain’t a Trapper instantly flips the vibe to a deep heavy pounding beat with an electronic feel that hovers on the verge of a more modern feel. Cardiff (Wales, UK) emcee SayKriDD Daly and the JB’s Mike G take over the mic and speak on life and putting together the kind of Hip Hop music that brings real energy. To keep that freshness to the musical vibe Back It Up keeps that modern feel that mixes ragga with a trap vibe. BIGLSD and Mike Steezo bring it hard all over the fakes, wack emcees and politics in the game.

Taking it back to the real Hip Hop vibe Begging for a Dollar has K Born Rivers dropping knowledge with personal experiences through the years over a beat that has head nod summer vibe all over it. Gotz 2 Get It (BushCamp Interlude 1) is an interlude in name only. A funky bagging track that has emcee Left dropping a wicked verse that really gears you up for the next onslaught.

That onslaught is Mic Terrorist a proper slammin’ track that will keep ya movin’ with Mike Steezo and Dan-J displaying some slick lyrical delivery and content and add to that some sweet cuts and this one delivers, nuff said. Inspiration is a more laid-back vibe but, still funky enough to make you wanna move with it. Kurious takes the mic reigns on a track he states is inspired by the JB’s and DJ Red Alert and he really delivers some top-notch bars. Next, it’s time to Take It Back with Hakim Green on a track that not only has that electro vibe but, Hakim takes us on a journey to those early days of Hip Hop. Back Down (BushCamp Interlude 2) is a funky little track with Left back on the mic and bringing a bit of a lyrical face slap to bring your focus back.

Move brings a guitar and harmonica heavy vibe that give this one a Hip Hop spaghetti western feel. Dan-J and Gwalla bring a lyrical unrelenting style that states, if they tell ya to move, you better move. Let It Flow brings legendary UK Hip Hop artist Redvenom to the mic with a few lyrics you might recognise. Everything about this track screams golden age Hip Hop start to finish. Mike Steezo again steps up for his final appearance on the penultimate track I Can’t Wait. This track has a real Caribbean style vibe giving this one a real summer vibe too as Mike shows he can switch up his style regardless of the beat. The final track is Meant To Be which features BIGLSD, it has a kind of South American style vibe which gives it that real body moving feel. It is BIGLSD’s lyrical delivery and content that gives it a harder feel, otherwise this would have a far more party vibe to it.


It is no mean feat to pack this much quality into a little over 30 minutes but, Sammy B has done an amazing job. The production is polished and covers such a wide range of vibes it is a proper ride and a half. There is something here for everyone from the old skool Hip Hop heads to younger generation who might be just discovering Hip Hop through it’s more modern evolutionary tracks.

The choice of emcee’s that he has brought in is another display of brilliance. Each artist fits perfectly with the individual tracks they lend their expertise to. That mixture of styles and artists from both sides of the pond is element that really works so well.

This is essential listening regardless of what you are up to and is easily one you can play from start to finish without skipping a single track.

It goes without saying that when you are part of one of Hip Hop’s pioneering groups, in this case The Jungle Brothers, your reputation can precede you and in this case it does help but, it takes nothing away from Sammy B’s individual talent as a producer and DJ. I grew up with the Jungle Brothers and not only is it an honour to review his work But, it is also such a credit to him to hear this new work and to have it sound as fresh and exciting as his work from years back. Sometimes the quality and standard of some artists seems to drop over the years but, that cannot be said of DJ Sammy B.

I am sure that there is a BushCamp Mixtape 2 in the works and I’m looking forward to hearing this one too.

DJ Sammy B Presents BushCamp the Mixtape is out now and available from the usual streaming sites, just click here: BushCamp Links

Huge thanks to Redvenom for putting this one my way.

On that note,

Peace, I’m Out.



Friday 14 August 2020

Original Breaks to B-Lines by Whirlwind D - Exclusive Album Review


Original Breaks to B-Lines


Whirlwind D

Album Review


Every one of us are on a journey in many aspects of our lives. That’s multiple journeys each and every day of our lives and not just those we take in a car, on a bike, on the bus or train but, also in how we live our lives. We journey through our careers, our interests, hobbies, marriage and so on.

One of the most enjoyable journeys we can take is through entertainment be it a movie, theatre, or music. Now not every song, album or so on is going to take you on a ride but, a great many will and those pieces of music are the ones that become special.

Artists enjoy creating music for your pleasure and their own, and once in a while an artist will create something that is enjoyable to listen to but, may have an even deeper meaning for themselves. So, when an artist like Whirlwind D drops a new project which he describes as being very personal to him, you can bet your life this is going to be something to really listen to.

Original Breaks to B-Lines is a journey that will take the listener from his Solid N Mind (Liberty Grooves) years to the more recent B-Line Recordings releases but, not just that, the release contains a host of New music, remixes and demos that really bring the whole thing to life.

So, before I say anymore let’s take that trip with Whirlwind D…

Our journey begins with a snippet of How I Get Ill recorded live at the O2 Bournemouth when the B-Line Crew supported the one and only Public Enemy. This is such a great way to begin by immersing us in the energy of the live music experience and anyone who attended a Hip Hop gig will know the energy and vibe of those moments and this brings that beat back for sure. How I Get Ill is also the track that kicked off D’s debut album on B-Line, 2014’s Nomansland. Keeping the energy high we roll full on into Solid N Mind days with Battle Tipped Rhyme which sees D dropping the battle style rhyme style and hitting it hard with some slick flows and on point lyrical content over that kinda raw hard Hip Hop sound that has everyone jumping. Production is by Johnny F with cuts by The Assembly Worker. From there we slide into Solid N Mind’s Centre Stage which sees Johnny F on production and cuts again providing that heavy pounding beat with some rough chiselled cuts, and over this Whirlwind D matches that heaviness beat for beat and word for word. Overall Centre Stage really conjures up that feeling of the group being on stage and commanding the attention of the audience.

Next we move into some of D’s Demo tracks and, up first is Butta Funk (Pt 2) Demo, this one sees D taking that 7 minutes of funk track and giving us some of the highs and lows of relationships. The deep funk of this really works with the subject matter and helps you feel what D is putting across. Son’s Rise Demo sees D joining with Welsh producer Sweetman and DJ Nice One of Mortal Danger on a track with a darker vibe. The beat is more simplistic with some ethereal strings on the chorus and some rough nerve shredding cuts at the end but, what you do get here is a very real sense for the deep realness that is so often a factor in D’s work. That feel for a deep connection to what is going on in society can be felt in this early Brainwash Demo from the Solid ‘n’ Mind days. Johnny F’s use of Big Beat really provides the perfect platform for Whirlwind D to drop some masterful lines about some of the big issues of the time. Personally, I’d love to see this one resurrected and given the state of the world today it would be interesting to see what D would do. Final track of this first part of our journey through D’s early years is the Carpathian Dreams Demo which brings us more up to date to 2010 and a track that sadly did not make it on to the WD40 EP. With D working alongside Steve ‘Waxer’, this is a track with a chilled out feel but a deep message that seems to speak of the struggles of the mind and this track really spoke to me, something I have found with a lot of the work D produces.

We flip into part two of this immense journey and step from the original breaks into the B-Lines and we start with a track taken from the Nomansland LP and reworked from Strong which featured on the WD40 EP, Stronger is produced by Waxer, rearranged and mixed by The Assembly Worker with cuts from Theory 77 and to give it that extra dimension it features B-Line label mates Chrome & Illinspired. This one is all about the music and is about everything you want from a Hip Hop track. The beat is pounding and laced with some deep floating orchestral flavour, more than a sprinkling of sweet cuts and those three emcees who you just can’t better on a track. Interesting fact here as well, not sure if this was intentional, Stronger also kicked off the B side of the Nomansland LP. Next up is a track from the Beats, Bits & Bobs EP from 2018, produced by super producer Djar One and featuring cuts by Specifik. In my original review of this EP I described Labels as ‘A Journey in itself’ and I stand by that. Now this might have been about D’s experiences but, this track took me back to my early days in Hip Hop, digging in record shops in Southampton, Portsmouth or a trip to London to check out Carnaby Street, Mr Bongos and 4 Star General and so on. You could even say this is like an anthem for all of us who grew up with Hip Hop in the 80’s and to those who didn’t, it’s like a window to the past. There is nothing more you want from a track; this one just covers it all. Sometimes not all remixes ever see a release but, are often used during live shows, which really hypes the audience and once such is this B-Line Business Remix, the original version is from D’s second B-Line Recording’s LP, Other Side. A high-paced funky beat from Specifik and featuring cuts by Jabbathakut, you can understand why this one became a staple in the live shows as it has that energy and vibe which really can get the crowd moving. While we are on the subject of remixes, one of D’s more recent releases Doin’ It gets the remix treatment from Beattrix as Doin’ It Again. If you liked the original, then you are gonna love this funky reworking and I challenge you not to move your head to this one - it’s got summer vibes written all over it…

No album like this, on such a journey, would be complete without a little digging in the vaults for some exclusives and Whirlwind D does not disappoint. Here we have Written in Pen a track produced by Specifik and featuring cuts from the great Jabbathakut. This jazz-fueled track has D telling the story of the B-Line Recordings label. This is one where you can really sit back, close your eyes and feel the history floating through your awareness. Another exclusive on the album is Creature, a track which sees D using metaphoric visions to look at the how right-wing politics has risen in this country while the views of the many are suppressed. Production on this one comes from Crease who crafts the perfect audible vison for D’s subject matter, not too dark but, with the right amount of atmosphere.

The album ends with Falling Down from a superb 2017 EP Falling. Back in 2017 that EP, for me, was dark, emotional but, finely crafted looking at issues of mental health and the harsh realities of life and Falling Down with its dark monotonic beat from Specifik and the melodic cuts from Jabbathakut sees D crafting a stark picture of life, the challenges we face and how we deal with them. A life changing event of any description can have deep effect on how we then view and walk our journey through life and that is such a thought-provoking way to end this album, this journey. As one journey ends, another begins, where will yours take you…


As we mature and look back at life we see so much of what has gone before. Good times and bad, the changes we have made and seen along the way and what I see in the album is a vison of change and maturity.

The album shows Whirlwind D’s musical journey from his early years with the energy and desire to push forward and make something of himself from a love of the music and the culture of Hip Hop. Then through years of change, still writing but, not recording. Enjoying life and music, still with that seed of the words inside him just waiting for the right moment. When that moment came, we can see how he has brought life’s experiences to his craft. Sometimes enjoying the fun and energy of the music and the culture and bringing that facet to the front, while at other times looking at the injustices, pain and suffering in the world and expertly bringing that aspect to his music.

There is so much more here than just the music. This album encompasses a wealth of life experiences, as an individual, with friends and with family. As you listen to the album, perhaps just take some time to really feel it, read the notes as you listen, read between those lines and listen beyond the music and the lyrics. When you do that you can really begin to understand and grasp what Whirlwind D has done with this album and across his career to date and I don’t doubt there is much more to come. For me, personally, it is his ability as an emcee to capture the moment that makes him one of my top UK emcees. I just feel he has such a down to earth way of writing that allows every word to be heard and understood and the depth of feeling he puts into his lyrics for me puts him shoulder to shoulder with the best of them. When you put that together with Specifik and the B-Line crew, there is just a chemistry there and that chemistry is set to keep these guys going for a long time, mark my words…

The more you listen to this the more you get a sense for the evolution of Whirlwind D’s music and chemistry that really works so well with the producers he has and continues to work with. From Johnny F through to Specifik, Crease and Djar One, everything seems to click resulting in releasing music of such a high quality and depth.

The other thing to understand here is that Whirlwind D’s music can be listened to by anyone. You can safely play this to your kids or anyone for them to enjoy and sometimes there is a deep advantage to be able to put your point across without the need to swear. Just think about that too…

As always, the album is a fantastic package. It is released by Britcore Rawmance Burning Anger Records and is a collaboration by B-Line/ Liberty Grooves and Tru-Tone Productions. Executive Production comes from Whirlwind D and Todhart. Design and Artwork from the one and only Mr. Tibbz and last but, by no means least mastering is by the legendary Rola @ Khameleon 107, Bristol.

There will be a limited run of 100 White & 100 Black vinyl so, get in there quick on this one.

I'll drop some links once the album goes live. 

The lead single Doin' It Again is available now and you can catch the video below, if you've not seen it already.

Peace Out,


 Doin' It Again - Official Video