Friday 22 December 2023

Exclusive Album Review: Where Do I Go From Here? The Blue Tint Version by Dizzy Dustin Produced by Pandamonium


Where Do I Go From Here? (The Blue Tint Version)


Dizzy Dustin

Produced by Pandamonium


It was way back in July of 2021 that Pandamonium dropped me the Dizzy Dustin, Where Do I Go From Here? Album, which he had fully produced for the infamous Ugly Duckling front man. Now writing that review was some process but, that’s a story for another day. As 2021 progressed, a full physical release was planned with some incredible package deals, of which I purchased a silver package as a posthumous 50th birthday gift from daughter’s over in Ireland.

However, as time progressed there were some issues around sample clearance and so the physical release stalled, until this year when Diz and Panda decided there was only one way forward which was fully remix the album with fresh new samples which would not cause any more clearance issues, and thus The Blue Tint version was born.

Now, it’s no mean feet to completely remix an album from start to finish and I have been lucky enough to be able to follow a lot of that process, as I’m in touch with Panda a lot to me featuring on his take over show but, I digress, it has been interesting to see the ups and downs in getting this new version complete, especially in the last couple of months as it was fine tuned several times to get to this finished version and one that both Diz and Panda were completely happy with.

Before I do get into this re-review, I would just like to give a huge shout to one DJ Shag, good friend of Dizzy Dustin and one half of their duo, The Grumpy Old Men. DJ Shag was invaluable in the advice he offered to Pandamonium during this process of remixing the album, in fact Pandamonium has this to say “DJ Shag gave me some absolutely golden advice during this process, with regards to the sound (mastering, mixing, editing etc) and constructing the album to flow like it does (switching up intro’s, making it sound more like an ‘album’ so to speak) which helped me to not only totally transform the sonics of the album but, my whole sound in general ever since our conversation. So, he definitely deserves a special mention with regards to this version of the album in particular”.

So, with all that in mind, let me take through Where Do I Go From Here? The Blue Tint Version and see who it has changed in it’s sound evolution…

Kicking off with I Go By (Intro) this time we find Pandamonium giving us his thoughts on what it was to produce an album for Dizzy Dustin, having been an Ugly Duckling fan himself. Then things switch to Diz dropping his original intro verse with an upbeat jazzy sound of keys and guitar over the drumbeat, which really lightens the tone and gets your head nodding in anticipation of what is to come. The anticipation is short lived though as Diz and Es bring The Hands of Time where the original focus of using your time wisely still hits but, this time Panda keeps the upbeat sound going with xylophone notes, guitar vibes and a hint of keys over drums, giving you a sense that there was a real drive to keep the essence of the original album, while still creating something brand new. Bricks To Build features Jabbathakut and shows Diz building on panda’s musical foundations with his words and having a ball while doing it, and those musical foundations are a funky mix of organ notes, drums and just a hint of guitar notes, all of which merge to bring a funky, yet almost light-hearted sound, finished off by Jabba dropping some razor-sharp cuts to put the icing on the cake as it were.

Lemon and 55th finds Diz taking a trip down memory lane as he reminisces over those sunny days, good times, and a lot more to boot. Panda provides a sound that perfectly emulates, in sound, what Diz puts into words, with a laid-back vibe from flute notes, bass guitar and chilled drums. Here you can really get that sense of chilling on the beach, as the sun sets, casting you mind back to the days of way back; as you cast you mind back, there are times when you think of the challenging times and the set backs and on Rain Delays, Diz and Masta Ace ask you think of these times not as set backs but, more as experiences to learn from as you walk forward. Panda brings a chilled sound of heavy drums with a piano taking the to the forefront, mixed in with this is a cleverly mixed sound that sounds like a vinyl run off mixed to make it sound like rain and once more, Jabbathakut brings his talents to bear with a more chilled vibe to his cuts. The jazzy sound really soaks into your awareness bringing a change to your thoughts of future progression. Three Kings see’s Rakka Iriescience and Swiss Precise join Diz for more boom bap sound from Panda with drums, bass and a multi-layered sound that has your head nodding as the three emcees come to entertain with a devastating display of wordplay that perfectly shows why each deserve their crowns.

The Steebie Weebie Show Interlude keeps the interview with Diz on the story of the WDIGFH album but, this time Panda brings a sparce drum beat with a guitar heavy sound giving a slick little funky backdrop to help you enjoy Diz’s words. That little interlude is followed by something we all need, Oxygen, and here Diz and Akil The MC (Jurassic 5) point out the importance of taking time to breath, clear you head and your heart and remember who you are and where you came from. Panda brings a jazzy vibe from guitars and keys, over some equally jazzy drums, giving the kinda sound you can’t help but, groove to because this sound, the beats and rhymes are now your oxygen. After taking a deep breath, your mind can often drift and sometimes back to those words your Mama Say; the words that wake you realise that not matter what you’re going through, better days are ahead and Diz and his daughter Savannah MacFarland bring those words to life, while Panda brings an equally emotive beat that is piano heavy with elements of bass and a chilled drumbeat.

Cruel Summer finds Diz, Cade Parenti and Michael MCDZ Peacock speaking on the days that are so hard when things are weighing heavily on your mind. The hot days of a cruel summer can make those times so much harder as you struggle to find peace and balance on your life’s journey. Panda brings a beat fused with bass, bells, organ notes and sprinkling of sax, over a laid-back drumbeat; this combines to bring a soulful sound that really touches you deeply. After that we need some time to chill and bring back the brighter times and Panda provides the perfect backdrop of bass, keys and another chilled drum beat for a trip to the Bahamas with Diz and Godforbid. There is plenty of Cubanas and Pina Coladas under a purple haze, which makes you drift off into relaxed place where the beat takes you off But, just as you are perfectly chilled, Diz and Panda are joined by Jabbathakut and it’s back to the streets with boom bap sound with plenty of bass guitar and razor-sharp cuts galore. The horn elements make you wanna throw your Hands Up in the air as Diz and company are here for one thing, to rock the crowd and keep em moving.

Now, back in the day, like in the 80’s, everyone in Hip Hop wanted to be Ill But, what exactly is the Definition of Ill; well to explain that Diz is joined by the legendary figure of Blade, from the UK, fellow Long Beach MC Killa Complex and another legendary figure in form of Ryu of Styles Of Beyond, over Panda’s solid bass infused boom bap beat. Unleashing incredible bars, the emcees leave you under no illusions that they have just defined what it means to be Ill. Now you know what it is to be Ill, it’s time for Lights, Camera, Action but, this ain’t no motion picture as Diz and Imani (The Pharcyde) speak on what it is to reflect back over all you have achieved in the Hip Hop music game. Panda brings a sound that mirrors that vibe with piano and bass over a funky drumbeat, it brings a sound that, alongside the lyrics, helps you feel how it is to reflect over all that media attention with the desire to bring good music to the fans. Next up is the albums title track Where Do I Go From Here? Panda’s horn infused, jazzy vibe seems to hit from different angles, never quite letting you settle on which way it is truly coming from and this is the perfect vibe for Diz to speak on how he is stood at a metaphorical crossroads, with one road behind him and many roads in front, there is only one question left to ask but, in asking that question you also have to remember those who have, and will accompany you as you walk on…

Panda’s chilled piano heavy sound takes out of the album as Diz to give us the Thank You (Outro), where its time to reflect a little more on the journey of the album and just to say a few thank you’s to those who have be instrumental along the way…


Before I sum up The Blue Tint Version, there is one thing to note, although the album has been remixed, re-edited etc, the track Cruel Summer is the only track that did not need to be remixed as the sample clearances were ok for this track But, all the other tracks were remixed by Pandamonium.

The important thing here is that by remixing the album, it does not take away any of the impact of the original release. In fact, what happens here is less of a remix and more of a re-imagining of the project! Diz and Panda both wanted this project and the physical releases that were originally planned, to see the light of day and there was this desire, from both, to make this happen. The only way they could achieve that was the strip away Panda’s original musical back drops and for him to recreate the sound with a new set of samples. Just as if someone took the paint away from the original drawing and you had to start again with a whole new palette of paints, with new shades.

I think it is a huge credit to Pandamonium as a producer, that he has dedicated the time to doing that and that what he has been able to achieve is nothing short of miraculous. Taking that original vision and creating a whole new look that is as close to the original as possible, is something else. Yes, you will note that the sound has changed a little on the tracks but, there is nothing here that takes anything away from the lyrics of Dizzy Dustin or the guest artists. To be honest, by calling it The Blue Tint version they have described, perfectly, what Pandamonium has achieved here; he has taken the original and given it a new tint, a new look and one that still echoes what I said in my original review, and I quote…

Dizzy Dustin shows that the passing of time has in no way effected his own unique style. Not just that but, there is a definite grown man edge to his vocals here and a more personal vibe that runs throughout the album which adds this definite depth to the whole thing. I have little doubt that Diz could have easily carried this whole album himself. However, what he has done is to bring in a host of guest emcees from names you know to some you don’t and a few legendary figures that all together gives the album an extra dimension on an international scale and I know there will be plenty that are hyped for the appearance of Blade, Masta Ace, Imani, Rakaa, Akil and Ryu just to name a few but, it is also nice to see an appearance by Dizzy’s daughter Savi.

Pandamonium brings his trademark jazz funk vibe to this album whilst easily mixing it up and tweaking things to create the perfect soundscapes for each track be it upbeat, laid-back, boom bap or head nod. The balance of pace works so well helping this one to flow in a way that perfect for the listener regardless of the setting you’re in whilst listening. Pandamonium’s unique style makes him one of the UK’s most exciting producer/DJs who always produces clean and crisp upbeat music that is always able to lift your mood.

There will be many of us, listening to this album and the original, who are at that mid-point of our lives and have reached our own metaphorical crossroads, and this album will speak volumes and might even elicit a number of emotions along the way because, as we look back and reflect on what has gone before and we consider what is yet to come, emotions and music form a huge part of those memories.

Where Do I Go From Here? The Blue Tint Version is an absolute pleasure to listen to, from top to bottom. Every beat, every rhyme is on point and in time. Yes, this is that grown man style Hip Hop but, I do feel that for those who have not yet heard the original, there is easily enough here for you to enjoy, regardless of if you are a Hip Hop head through and through or if you are one of the younger generation, this is one of those sound to span the decades and for everyone to associate with.

That’s it from me, except to say that I’m looking forward to the day I hold the physical package in my hand, which will bring many memories associated with it, it will be a good day…

I cannot thank Diz and Panda enough for their friendship and for the chance to be the first person to bring a review of this stunning release to you. So, thank you Dizzy Dustin and Pandamonium, it’s been an honour, and I Hope all of you that read this enjoy the album as much as I have.

Physical copies of the album are due early in 2024 so, keep watch for these.

I’ll see you next time,



The Digital version of the Album will be available from Bandcamp today at:

Dizzy Dustin Bandcamp:

Dizzy Dustin Socials and Website:

Pandamonium Socials:


WDIGFH? The Blue Tint Version - Promo Video





Friday 15 December 2023

Album Review: The Beatles Songbook Played by DJ Format


The Beatles Songbook


DJ Format


Getting the chance to put your talents to use on a release by someone such as DJ Format is one of those bucket list things, so when I got the chance to do this review for his new release, The Beatles Songbook, as part of the Weaponize Mixtape Series Volume 1, on Weaponize Records, then I had to give it a go, even if it did mean that my normal in-depth review style wouldn’t really work here for this kind of mix style release.

Now, I have been a fan of Format’s work ever since the release of Music For The Mature B-Boy back in 2003. Some of that was that he was born in the same city as me, Southampton, UK. But it was mainly due to the fact that he always came with the kind of banging Hip Hop tunes that always got you fired up and bouncing along to the music. As his career grew and he released more of these mega-mix style tracks, it gave me some great driving music to vibe to, which made those long journeys all the more enjoyable; loving the way he took you back to that foundation of Hip Hop and Breakin’ sound, mixing it all with some eclectic musical sounds to boot.

So, just what can you expect from The Beatles Songbook?

Here we find Format on fine form as he finally brings us something special, after chasing a desire, or obsession even, for ten years or more, and by that, I mean bring us a mix of lesser-known Beatles covers that are all seamlessly mixed together with the usual funky B-Boy breaks!

Now, I have to confess that I am not a huge fan of The Beatles music. I mean I know their stuff and heard plenty of it growing up before Hip Hop came along that is. but, and here’s the thing, this 65-minute mixtape really draws you in. There is such a wide range of genre’s than are covered in this mix that it makes you realise just how much of an impact the Fab Four had on so many people. From pop to rock, funk vibes, instrumentals and much more in a whole host of languages, Format has outdone himself by digging out a proper eclectic mix of covers to get your head nodding. Mixed in with all this is a good dose of breaks and beats to keep things really moving, plus a good sprinkling of little comical samples, such as Steve Coogan, that bring a light edge to proceedings and keep the enjoyment levels maxed out.

Whether you like The Beatles or not, there is a lot to like about this mix, there are plenty of recognisable tracks and some not so. There is also plenty of obscure versions that might not be instantly recognisable to you. It might also take you a couple of listens to really get into it, especially if you do what I did and spend the first listen thinking too much about the tracks.

The best way to enjoy this mix is to just sit back and listen, then you can vibe to the sound, with the changes in pace and those genre bending versions of those famous songs, really filtering through your awareness.

I honestly believe that both the lovers and the haters of The Beatles music will love this. The only ones who might struggle are the purists. The ones who only bow to the original sound and think that everything else is just sub-standard.

What is clear from listening to this mix, if you just take away the subject matter for a second, is that this is DJ Format doing what he does best; collecting a host of obscure records that the listener may never have heard of, and might otherwise have overlooked; then taking elements of those records along with a dash of other samples and mixing them all together to create a really fun and enjoyable release than has a definite timelessness factor.

This mix etches these tracks into your mind, mixing them together in a way that makes them as enjoyable now and, in the future, as they were when created, in fact some would say that this mixtape style actually makes the music more listenable and more enjoyable than those cover versions were. DJ Format also opens up The Beatles music, and these cover versions, to whole new audience who might now find they want to track down those original cover versions and also give a new listen to the original sound of The Beatles.

Reflecting back on this, I wasn’t sure that my words would be enough to express just how enjoyable this release is but, honestly, Format has done it again. He show’s his skill as a DJ, Producer, and mixer to breath new live into some dusty old crates full of music, proving once more that Hip Hop and the art of sampling and mixing can shine a whole new light on once forgotten music.

The Beatles Songbook played by DJ Format was available on limited CD and cassette; however, it is now sold out. If you were unlucky enough not to grab a CD or tape and still want one, then why not just petition Weaponize Records to do a third repress. I know this series is meant to be limited but, surely something as good as this needs to be something you can hold in your hand; and as it will not be made available on any DSP’s, perhaps a third re-up is really what’s needed here?

My huge thanks to Guy from Weaponize for giving me that chance to bring this one to you.

I’m outta here,

See Ya.



Weaponize Records links:

Weaponize Records Socials:

DJ Format Socials:


The Beatles Songbook (Promo Mash-up)




Monday 11 December 2023

Single Review: ZOINKS! by Caskie and Bad Batch




Caskie and Bad Batch

Feat Sylva Grey, Captain Bukioe and DJ Rasp


It’s been a while since I last featured Caskie here, in fact it was way back in October 2020 with his debut Ways To Stay Broke. So, its good to have him back with a brand-new track, which is in lieu of the up coming EP Everybody’s On One, which is produced by Bad Batch and due for release early in 2024.

I recently had the pleasure to catch up with Caskie and see him perform live at the Park Jam in Stamford, which was a celebration of 50 years of Hip Hop. It here that Caskie mentioned to me that there was new music on the way and so it only right that I give this one the Infinite Sounds UK treatment.

Zoinks! Is the first single from the upcoming EP from Caskie and Bad Batch, it features appearance from Captain Bukioe (Rum Committee), Sylva Grey (Dusty Stragglers) and former DMC Champion DJ Rasp on the cuts. The track features a lot of samples from the original Scooby Doo series, hence the title, and so promises to be riot.

So, let’s get into it…


The first thing that hits you about ZOINKS! Is that the beat of drums, bass, guitar notes, and the cuts give you this straight up head nod vibe that gives you the feeling that your just gonna love this one. Those subtle elements from Scooby Doo have the corners of your mouth turning into smile. Captain Bukioe, Sylva Grey and Caskie bring some intricate wordplay that has your mind spinning, never knowing where you are in any one moment of time and space. They have your mind picturing haunted houses one minute, the next your catapulted into an interstellar space scape before being brought back down into the present day. There are more twists and turns here than one of those classic episodes of Scooby Doo but, there are no meddling kids here just three trusty emcees, a dope producer and a highly skilled Dee Jay; teaming up to exorcise the demons, repel the invading alien horde and in an entertaining manor, before being back for tea.

If this is anything to go by, the upcoming EP from Caskie and Bad Batch is going to be something special so, my advice here is to get your ears round this one and let it be the soundtrack to your zombie hunting, ghost hunting or just plain musical enjoyment, because the upcoming EP might just break all your expectations wide open but, you’re gonna have to wait for that one…

ZOINKS! Is out now on streaming and YouTube so, where are you? You got some work to do now…

Time for me to break out the ghost hunting kit,

Be seeing you,




Streaming links for the single:


Check the incredible video for the single Here:

Friday 8 December 2023

Single Review: Most Hazardous Original and Remix by Cut Beetlez and Godfather Don


Most Hazardous


Cut Beetlez and Godfather Don


Recently my good friends the Cut Beetlez released a new single and remix, Most Hazardous which featured none other than Godfather Don, a legendary figure in Hip Hop music who is an emcee in his own right and also a top producer who has worked with some huge names since his first appearance on the scene in 1991 with his debut, Hazardous. So, what better than for him to team up with the duo of the Cut Beetlez who are arguably two of the most innovative producers in Hip Hop today.

So, without further ado, lets get into Most Hazardous and the remix…

As with all their releases, the Cut Beetlez bring a huge jazz influence to the sound on this one, with a mind numbing drum fusion that beats your ears and causes your entire body to vibrate to the very atoms that spin beyond your awareness but, that’s not all, as along the way there are electronic and bass elements, alongside frantic razor sharp cuts which combine to bring a mind bending, nerve shredding sound but, one that is strangely enjoyable and compliments the vocals. Godfather Don is on point here with deadly, intricate wordplay that slices, dices and unloads salvos of rhyme bombs that take out all the wack rappers and demonstrate exactly why he is the Most Hazardous on the mic and beyond.

With the Most Hazardous remix, the Cut Beetlez take God Father Don’s words and statement and give a whole new backdrop. Here the sound is a rougher drum sound fused with those deadly cuts and some big, sampled horn elements, which also have that rough raw element to them. What this does is to add to the impact of the original in a way that feels like going beyond the vibrating of every atom in your body, to ripping them all apart and then simultaneously pounding them back together in one swift moment.

What we have here is a merging of one of the great Hip Hop lyricists with two beats that, on the face of it sound so different but, are also very close, coming from the minds of two guys who always bring the heat.

Once again, the Cut Beetlez show that they seem to have this never-ending innovative style that always brings something different, something experimental, to the scene with each release they put their minds to. There is always a fresh element to everything they do, which means you can never anticipate just what you are about to hear, they just always have an edge which always leaves you thinking ‘I wasn’t expecting that’?

Bringing in Godfather Don to drop vocals on this one, makes you sit back and think how the sound is just perfect for his delivery; and what a delivery it is to, expertly delivered with a rollercoaster flow of intricate wordplay that leaves you feeling a little breathless and wondering just what a whole album would be if put out by this meeting of Hip Hop greats.

Most Hazardous and its Remix are, for me anyway, two must haves, end of story. If you have not heard these yet, then its time to wrap your ears and your mind around them now.

Both singles are out now and feature artwork by HP Lovescratch himself. The strictly limited lath cut 5" picture discs have sadly now sold out. However, you can still purchase some artwork from Bandcamp.

My huge thanks to DJ J-Man for giving me the chance to review these two dope singles.

Time for me to be out,

See ya next Time.



Grab your copy of Most Hazardous on Bandcamp: 

Stream both singles Here:

Cut Beetlez on Instagram:

Godfather Don on Instagram:


Saturday 2 December 2023

EP Review: The Red Nebula EP by Mazzini


Red Nebula EP




Dropping today on Live From The Groove is the latest offering from Mazzini, the Red Nebula EP. Mazzini is described as a Hip Hop producer who draws inspiration and influence from the world of television and film. Obsessed by vintage cinema, giving an insane attention to detail when crafting his often complex and meticulous projects. A keen purveyor of the obscure, flipping from the screen to the MPC; Mazzini builds soundscapes with running themes exploring everything from space travel to the escapades of the New Jersey Mafia. 

As with anything from the Live From The Groove label, we can expect some high grade Hip Hop vibes mixed with whatever Mazzini chooses to bring to the table, and to give you an idea of what to expect at this juncture, the EP is described, in part, as a futuristic trip, a spaced-out beats odyssey that journeys light years through soulful loops, edgy electronic elements and raw organic drums. Cinematic in the extreme, Mazzini experiments with effects from home-made guitar pedals and painstakingly carves samples from forgotten film and tv soundtracks, 90s computer games and a plethora of his own nostalgia to create a cosmic soundscape.

Not only that but, the EP also features appearances from Dweller, Scrabble and Kansul, guitar and bass from Rolly and cuts by DJ Simon C. So, this one really ramps up the expectation of something different and possibly way out there?

If you really want to get an idea of what’s in store for your ears, then join me as I take you on a journey through the EP as it comes through my ears and then filters through my consciousness…


As the sound of drums, electronic vibes and sonic sounds, of Lazers envelopes you, you find yourself on a launchpad with a brief sensation of expectation before being launched into the vast reaches of space, surrounded by some intricate lo-fi vibes carry you past the point of no return and on into orbit around the earth; you catch your breath as the beauty of home planet comes into full view, lit by the light of the sun. It’s not long before your attention is drawn to the cosmos beyond the earth and for a brief moment the thoughts of the universe merge with the image before you on the computer screen, brought to you by Lines In A Code. The electronic vibes and heavy drums make the veil between realities blur and the voice of crew mate Scrabble invade your scrambled awareness, his words bring thoughts of the digital age and how computer code seems to rule our lives, making it harder to distinguish just what reality we live in, is it a 3-D world or just a simulation that is generated by the lines of code in the matrix…

As your mind whirls, almost out of control, you blink hard and suddenly realise that the pounding drums, electronic vibes and sampled sounds have taken you beyond the earth’s orbit further into the galaxy beyond, and as you head ever onward you wonder just what comes After Earth? It’s not long before a head nod drum beat clears your vision, with guitar notes and some sampled sounds take you back to 80’s with electro vibe. The sound comes from crew member Dweller, a Robot, as his words seem to drift in and out of your awareness, you begin to question you existence once more; this time his words seem to twist your mind to the point where you consider the fact that you yourself may be a robotic entity, programmed to journey beyond earth, looking for a safe haven for those left on that, and in spite of its beauty, dying planet you just left.

Leaving the orbit of earth, you have seen much already, your head nods to the beat, guitar, electronic and sampled sounds of Satellites. These things come in many forms, from the manmade mechanical devices that surround the earth to the moons and space rock that orbit other planets. Your journey gives you time to think and you realise how the satellites and space junk that orbit earth and slowly becoming such a danger to the planet but, this is a passing though as your mind is drawn away from that dark thought to the wonderous visions of the satellite moons that you pass by. The sounds of piano notes draw you back to your journey and the realisation that your parabolic trajectory has brought you Intra-Venus and as things heat up, you are joined by crewman Kansul as the beat kicks in with horns and a multi-layered sound that makes you marvel at the sight before you. The extra-terrestrial vocals take you into hyperspace, beyond the confines of our solar system and on into the galaxy beyond. The final track of the EP takes us to a place that was only thought to exist in the computer game ‘Half-Life’, the borderland, which is a meeting place of dimensions, XEN, and now we find ourselves Walking on XEN. Pounding drums echo your foot falls as the electronic and sonic vibes mirror the strange sights before you on XEN and the mind bending thoughts that have you questioning, one last time, am I really in this 3-D reality or have I transcended reality and become with the digital universe, as those questions float by your consciousness, you wonder if they will be answered or perhaps an answer is now inconsequential…


I have said it many times before and will probably do so again but, instrumental music really does allow your consciousness to drift off into places that the world beyond, just does not allow you to go to. Red Nebula is no exception, even the three tracks with vocals from Scrabble, Dweller and Kansul, still have that element that allows you to find new worlds to explore.

What Mazzini does with Red Nebula is to blend so many elements seamlessly into a Hip Hop based journey that opens your mind to an almost infinite number of alternate realities, each of which can blend the borders of reality into a something new, even interstellar, and yet at the same time, strangely familiar.

The use of live instruments alongside a plethora of forgotten, and some not so forgotten, samples is stunning, as it brings a blank canvas to your imagination, taking you anywhere you want to go. The appearance of Scrabble, Dweller and Kansul, adds an extra dimension to thing as their vocals bring a focus for your mind to be guided to as you create your own visions upon the canvas that Mazzini places before you. The other thing about Red Nebula is that Mazzini seems to bring you a sound that not only spans across space but, also time as you are transported back to the eighties from the present and on into the future in the space of less than 25 minutes, it is a journey that is like no other, or is it?

Red Nebula is one of those EP’s that has to be heard to know where it will take you and Mazzini has done an absolutely stellar, or is that Interstellar, job here. It is definitely one I’m gonna enjoy for a long time to come.

Red Nebula by Mazzini is out on Live From The Groove today so, grab a copy (the digital version comes with an additional track, Keep Lookin' Up) and drift off beyond spacetime.

I’m gone,

Hopefully I’ll be back for next time…



To get you copy of the EP and all LFTG links:


The Red Nebula EP YouTube Video (Full EP):





Friday 1 December 2023

EP Review: The Witching Tree by Unity and Zee Rock


The Witching Tree


Unity and Zee Rock


I last featured Unity back in January of this year with a review of her EP Red and Blue (Bard Picasso). It is always good to review something a little different and The Witching Tree promises that. For a bit of context here is a few words on the release…


The project is an experimental offering constructed using an array of samples, sound bites and adlibs from many sources. The aim with this project was for a rough and ready dusty lofi approach rather than a fully polished overall sound. Unity’s lyrics grew from the name given to each track by Zee Rock as he was creating them, and the project evolved into a collection of spells – the riddle and rhymes brewed in Zee Rock’s cauldron. ‘The Witching Tree’ features cuts from Zee Rock, as well as from Cardiff HipHop legend DJ Jaffa, and features Welsh MC’s A Gent Orange and Luce Kanon, Tewkesbury’s Farai and an overseas contribution from Hush (Philadelphia, USA).

Expect intricate rhyme schemes, abstract lyrical storytelling, and a layered soundscape of sampled vinyl deep from Zee’s crates. The project includes a tale of twin aunties moving through a surreal cityscape, the afterparty, as well as deeper musings about the world and our place in it on the opening and closing tracks.

The pair first collaborated on Unity’s debut release ‘Progress is a Process’ (Later) in 2020, followed by a track featuring Asha Jane ‘Four Leaf Clover’ on her ‘Garden of my Soul’ project, and on a third track ‘I’m Alive’, from Unity’s ‘Diving Deeper’ project (Bard Picasso, 2021), featuring Galaxy Sega who has created the artwork and animations for ‘The Witching Tree’.


The Witching Tree sounds like an intriguing journey, so join me for the ride…


The EP begins with Habitually, the first thing that strikes you is that raw, unrefined sound that was the basis of the project. The heavy drum beat, and guitar vibes are Records underpinned by these multiple layers of sampled sounds and vocals. But the overall vibe you get from the sound here is deep funk, boom bap one that gets the head nodding. Unity and Luce Kanon use their differing styles to great effect here, Unity with her more spoken word style and Luce with a full on high paced rap style, to weave a message that it is rooted in nature and the spirits which abound there. This one really seems to be focused on the self, the person you will be when you constantly do the same things over and over again, especially within our current society and focused wholly on city life, how people see you and material wealth. The message here is not to forget the power of nature, removing yourself from habitual life and remember your true self.


All The Freaky People has a melodic funk sound that sees a lo-fi drum sound mixed with bass, keys and more intricate samples and sound bites. The overall vibe this creates has this almost out-of-body feel to it, causing your awareness to float along to the sound. Unity invites all those freaky people to the after party but, what kind of after party is this? It’s a place where anything goes as you follow Unity’s pied piper figure. This is an after party where Hip Hop people, walk barefooted into the fields, baring their souls to the music, the art, and more; this is where the true nature of your love of the culture and the sound will abound, and you will come out the other side a changed person…


Twin Aunties features DJ Jaffa, Farai, and Hush, on a beat that has an infectious edge to it. The drums and keys mix and complement each other creating the kinda funky sound you just wanna move to. It’s hard to get a feel for who the Twin Aunties truly are? One minute they sound like Cinderella’s ugly sisters, then in the next they seem to be more of a reflection of our own family members moving through a cityscape that is as far removed from what we see around us, as it is a true reflection of the same. As you bounce along to the track, subtlety taking in the words, you might find your self questioning your reasoning as you try figure out the true nature of those Twin Aunties.


The final track on the EP is Quiet Riot, featuring A Gent Orange, the drum beat switches up a few notches, backed with keys and a subtle essence of strings, it creates another infectious vibe that has a reflective edge to it. As you listen to the words on this one, it seems to sink further and further into your consciousness, encouraging you to look deeper into the world around you. For me, it brought forward thoughts of everyday people who have grown tired of fighting for their rights, the things that we should all be able to have, now we turn that fight into a quiet riot that stews within our mind, body and soul, while threatening to burst forth at any time but, only when the right questions are asked does the flood of frustration and anger explode in tirade of emotion fuelled words that come from the depths of our consciousness mixed with a passion that asks why the powers that be do not listen and only seek to control and amass personal wealth, while we pay their wages but, can’t even afford to heat our homes or properly feed our families…


There is a lot that The Witching Tree can elicit within you, the more you listen and really feel the music and words. Your first listen might just make you feel the sound and enjoy the ride, without thinking to much but, if you really choose to feel the vibe of this one it will open you up to questioning the nature of the world you live in.


Unity and Zee Rock have really crafted something that might have that experimental and raw edge to it, where you get the feeling that the words were crafted around the music and then it was all poured into an etheric cauldron, where spells were said over it and the nature spirits infused it with magical musical properties; then the finished EP gives you an entertaining listen that has a quality all it’s own, unleashing potent imagery in the mind that opens you up to another level of the true power of music. Just because The Witching Tree has it’s basis in Hip Hop music, does not mean that it cannot have a potent message on a more esoteric level, that is the power of music, regardless of the genre you use, it can help bring powerful messages alongside an enjoyable experience. The way Unity and Zee Rock have crafted The Witching Tree, it has as much power in the music as it does in the wordplay. Zee Rocks multi-layed soundscapes have a deep rugged quality to them and this perfectly matches the depth and quality of Unity’s clever and intelligent wordplay that is delivered in that, almost, spoken word style that allows to hear every word. The Witching Tree truly speaks to you on both levels of the music and words.


The addition of the guest artists works perfectly with the whole vibe of the EP. Plus it also shows the universal nature of Hip Hop and music. Music reflects the true nature of the world; it has no boundaries just as there should be no boundaries between us who live upon it.


The Witching Tree is out now so, you be the judge of what it says to you but, I highly recommend you check this one out.


Time for me to be out,


See ya next time.




Get a copy of the EP and All things related to Unity Here:



Quiet Riot ft A Gent Orange

All The Freaky People

Habitually ft Luce Kanon

Twin Aunties ft Farai, Hush and DJ Jaffa


Monday 27 November 2023

Album Review: Steadfast by Imprint






It is always good to feature something different on the Blog and, as we know, Hip Hop is an all-encompassing culture. Hip Hop music has spawned many sub-genres of its sound and one of those is Gospel Hip Hop. I hope that you will stay with me here because music has a lot to say, even if that music has a more religious foundation, and you might be surprised by what it says to you even if you are not a religious person.

Steadfast is the debut album by the group Imprint, who are composed of, and there are a couple of names you might be familiar with here, Karlow AKA Areli, Reken AKA Eitan and Bruva Smokes AKA Boaz. Now you will obviously recognize Karlow and Bruva Smokes from their former group T.H.E.M but, since leaving Northentic Records they have gone on to new horizons and one of those is Imprint, which is released through Tree of Life, a Lancashire based Gospel Hip Hop platform.

There promises to be a good mixture of musical vibes across the album including Hip Hop, Trap and House style beats. The album is produced by Karlow, except the track ‘Shine on’ which is produced by Ruben Sanchez. There are also appearances from Theo Matrix and MVRVIN ADHAMA, with STU C on the cuts, so please keep an open mind as we take a walk alongside Imprint through the album Steadfast


The album begins with Emergence, an aptly named track as the group emerge on to the scene. The sound has this heavy boom bap beat backed by this music box melody, which brings an almost eerie quality to the sound. This one really sets the stage for what Imprint are all about, a positive voice of faith in a world where our faith is tested on a daily basis. Imprints faith is the word of Jesus and tools are their beats, rhymes, and wordplay, delivered in a way that shows their unshaken faith in a higher power. Next up is Remedy which has a trap sound to it but, the sparce drums organ and piano notes, alongside the soulful sung element does give this one a vibe which borders on etheric, in a way. The message in this one is how having faith in something can be the remedy to so many ills. It really is that simple and it is the personal experiences of how faith has saved them that speak volumes here. A head nod beat, and keys lay the foundation for the sound of Look At Me Now, which brings an uplifting vibe which fits so well with the focus of the track; again we see personal experience taking centre stage as the guys show what salvation has done for them, taking them from depths of despair to being lifted up to place of strength and a knowing that their faith has given them a new life and new way to look upon the challenges of life, from where they were to where they are now.

No Other Way features MVRVIN ADHAMA and takes the sound to a more house vibe that has an infectious edge to it. Here the guys open up about the power in the name of Jesus and how that power is something that can save you, if you choose to believe, then there is only this way, and that way is now your way. Shine On, produced by Ruben Sanchez, takes us back down the Head nod route with keys and the sort of beat that just gets you moving, with some sampled vocals that keep the positive vibes flowing. This one concerns the power and strength of the Christ light to shine upon you and to transform the very essence of who you are. Break The Bind keeps the head nod vibe going as the drums, bass and keys unite for a sound that has calming vibe to it. Now whether you have the same beliefs as Imprint or not there are some powerful words in this track if you choose to listen. There are many external influences that bind us to a more fear-based way of living and if we allow these and believe in those more than the power of what is inside us, we will always be bound to that way of being. Also, the power of the spoken word is not given as much credit as it deserves, what you say has a direct influence on your life, just as the track says. So, regardless of your beliefs try changing the way you speak and see what it does, it’s not easy but, you can do it. These are the things that can help us break what binds us.

J.E.S.U.S. strings and drums form the boom bap back drop for the opening to the track as Karlow speaks on the relationship with Jesus. Then the beat switches to a more easy going sound, backed by organ notes give this a gospel vibe. That opening really sets the stage for the track which see’s the guys open up on their relationship with Jesus. Eternal Life brings a solid Hip Hop sound over which we find STU C on the cut. Here it really seems to be about the eternal battle of good verses evil and of the believer and non-believer; it’s about the right way to live your life and always being careful at what and who you choose to let into your life. Living your life, the right way can bring you so many rewards in so many ways, while living your life in a negative way may only lead to you never realising your true potential. A pounding drum beat, and sampled flute sound are the basis of To The Abyss, giving a sound that has a head nod element but, also seems tweak your nerves at the same time. The message here concerns the power of Jesus name and how there is only one place for you go if you follow a negative path, and that place is the abyss.

Keys and drums, with a sampled sped up vocal on the bridge, bring an upbeat sound for Need You. This one speaks on the need for the love of God in life. That love brings a different outlook on life that has the power to uplift and keep you on the right path. Next up is the albums title track, Steadfast, a huge sound with keys and drums that will have your head nodding for sure. It’s all about remaining steadfast in the face of the challenges that that are put before you. It is an unwavering belief in God is what keeps your faith strong on the path of life. Not My King features Theo Matrix and keeps the solid Hip Hop vibe going with heavy beats, bass, and horns, alongside some slick cuts. Here we find the guys opening up about who is their true king, and it’s not Charles but, this is not just about the monarchy, this track is literally about all that is contrary to their beliefs and there is only one true belief to get you closer to God.

As we move into the final tracks of the album, the penultimate track is Take Me, the sound is more chilled here with a melodic beat and organ notes, giving a sound that invites you to focus on the words. Here Imprint speak more on their faith, Jesus, God and just what it means to them to have a strength that comes from a belief in that higher power. The final track is Never Leave, with drums and keys, this one has a far more gospel feel to it, especially with the sampled vocals, it all combines to bring an uplifting sound. This one is a heart felt track that sees the guys explaining why they will never leave the protective love of Jesus and God.


Now, reviewing can often be a challenging thing, especially the way in which I approach things but, summing up this album is quite a challenge in itself!

Looking at this from a strictly musical point of view, Steadfast is a solid album, with most it focused on a Hip Hop vibe, alongside a little dash of Trap and House, to mix things up a little, and all that really does make this a highly enjoyable and very well produced album. Lyrically, Imprint show some great wordplay skills that are delivered with desire to deliver a message of just what it means to find God when coming from a dark place, and those deeply personal stories bring an emotive edge that you can only have when you are the one who has lived it. The message that the guys bring across these fourteen tracks is delivered with a heartfelt and unwavering knowing that it will be heard by those who chose to listen because their own faith will align with those same beliefs.

After fifty-three years of life experience, I understand there is a lot to take away from this album, whether your faith is the same as Imprint or not. That said, there will be those out there who will find this a little to religious and that the guys are trying to preach to the listener. This is definitely an album for the true believer and if that is not you then you have two choices, to listen with an open mind or to give it a miss, the choice is yours.

As a child I was baptised as Church of England but, I never went to church, it just seemed to be a thing people did back then because my family were not religious at all. I have attended Christian, catholic and more weddings and funerals in my time and I have walked many paths; what I found in a search for spiritual enlightenment was that, regardless of my beliefs, I would never judge another person for their own beliefs. I respect everyone for their own beliefs, faith, spirituality, and that is how I approached this review, with a respect for these guys who have all found a mutual faith, a knowing in a higher power that saved them from a life on a downward spiral. Yes, my own personal beliefs do differ from Imprint’s but, that is not a discussion for today, and it is OK to have these differing beliefs because whatever, you believe, if it brings you peace, love, and happiness then it is right for you.

Overall, Steadfast is a cracking release that will appeal to some and not others. If you can listen with an open heart and mind then give it a listen and see what it says to you, because you might be surprised.

Steadfast is out now on Tree Of Life Music with limited CD's available as well.

On that note,

I’m out.



Listen and grab your copy here:

Friday 24 November 2023

Album Review: Concerned Citizen by TJ Chill


Concerned Citizen


TJ Chill


Concerned Citizen is the new album by TJ Chill (KAOS Crew), it is his third studio album and the follow up to 2021’s Changing The Narrative. This album is also the second of the ‘Changing The Narrative’ trilogy and was originally released back at the end of October.

As a former member of the KAOS Crew (1985-1999), TJ Chill is no stranger to the scene. Standing true to who he is, TJ Chill weaves inspirations of faith, London heritage, West Indian culture, storytelling, fun and games into the project alongside some great Hip Hop production by K9, Self-Taught Beats, 6th Floor, Mr Synback, Smooflow from FERO Media, DJ Murzi and Rich Mitch. There is also an appearance or two from one Jabbathakut, doing his thing too.

So, this promises to be a banger of an album and if you have not heard this one already then join me for the ride as I give you my impressions on this Ten track album that is released through Black Pyramid Records.


We kick off with Funky Church Time, produced by TJ Chill himself, this is live funky drum solo sound that is the backdrop to an intro that is like a proper gospel preacher dropping some knowledge before the album kicks off for real with Rooster-Man; Produced my Rich Mitch this track has keys, bass and drums which combine to big a reggae flavour to the sound, that has a real infectious vibe. Listening intently to this one there really seemed to be a nod to the roots of culture here and just the Jamaican roots but, Also the roots of the UK Hip Hop scene too as TJ shouts out some of the big names from the UK scene. Next is Lifting, produced by K9, the keys and drums combine once more, with some strings and horns, on what is a more head nod sound. Elements of his faith come through here as TJ uses intricate wordplay to bring us, not only, what is lifting him up but, also in bringing that forward in the track, it also serves to uplift the listener. There is no preaching here, just a desire to bring a focus to what can take you to a higher level of understanding and living.

Street School is produced by 6th Floor and brings a slightly darker edge to the sound. Once more the main elements are drums, keys, and bass, which produce a more serious air to the sound. TJ looks at the harsh reality of a life where the streets are the school corridors and there is no playground. His cleaver wordplay creates stark visions of a hard life, where calling on a higher power is the only way to find the peace of sleep. Next up is Let It Be, produced by Self-Taught Beats, brings an upbeat sound with drums, keys, bells, and horns, which seems to reflect the sun breaking through the clouds on dull day. This is a big tune that brings encouragement to keep pushing forward in all you do and keeping a positive focus; there is also a knowing within this one that it is peace, love and unity that will win the day and when that day comes, we just need to let it be. As we see-saw into the second have of the album Smooflow brings the production on Screaming At The TV, the drums and bass with sampled vocals sounds brings an almost juxtaposed sound that one hand seems more chilled but, also has element that feels like it is brewing in the background ready to explode. Here we find TJ looking at something that so many people do, far too often, getting lost and enraged by the constant bombardment of negative media coverage. Every night people watch the TV screens with the news and its negative coverage of world events, reality TV that seems to breed so much negativity and confrontation and even sporting events seem to have a more negative impact; so, people sit and soak up this stuff screaming at what they see as wrong and never even considering they might be being controlled.

Don’t Forget What The Good Book Said sees TJ Chill back on the production with a funk fuelled vibe full of drums, keys and bass, alongside some vocal samples bringing a soulful element. The uplifting air of this track is immediately apparent, and it fuels the positive energy throughout your body as you listen. There is a real feel that this track sees TJ speaking on living with integrity and always being truthful in all you do. Shine a light on truth behind everything you see because this is how we need to live and not spinning or hiding things for our own ends. Let your light shine because when you do, no one can extinguish that flame. Graft is produced by Mr Synback and has a big boom bap feel with pounding beats, cuts, and an eerie synth sound, all mixed together it brings an adrenaline fuelling sound with a slightly dark edge. This one is all about working hard and playing hard to get where you want to be in life. If you don’t put the work in, don’t expect the results to be what you want. This goes for all aspects of your life, work at it and see it come to fruition. The penultimate track of the album is Come What May, produced by Rich Mitch and TJ Chill, there is heavy beat and cuts, that mixes with a reggae sound that gives this one a slightly light-hearted flow and makes you wanna move. TJ Chill is in full story-telling mode here as he spins tales of people creating good, fun times; the kind of memories that you can look back on and that bring back those experiences as life goes on, bringing a warm heart and warm smile.

The album ends with an extended track that clocks in at just over eight and a half minutes. Roxanne Roxanne Vs Sparky Lovebug is produced by DJ Murzi and see’s TJ Chill drop in battle mode but, just for fun. The heavy beat and cuts, allows your mind to drift back to the early days of Hip Hop and those emcee battles like Roxanne Roxanne and The Real Roxanne. This is some classic emcee rhyming that minds you what Hip Hop is all about in its 50th years. Once TJ is finished having some fun, the beats keep you rocking so he can drop more shoutout’s than you can shake a stick at, what a classic way end the album on…


First up, lets give credit where credit is due, TJ Chill shows that regardless of flow, style, or subject matter, he has the ability to apply an intricate wordplay with knowledge, skill and authenticity that brings all his life’s experiences to bear. He is one of those rap artists that has the ability to speak on current events, in story mode or simply for fun and have everything he says seemingly seep into you consciousness without even realising it, and Concerned Citizen brings a rollercoaster of different subjects into your awareness; subjects that are everyday things, some of which you might not give a second thought to but, they are there none the less and TJ Chill brings them into the open giving you a chance to actually think and question the world around you.

Concerned Citizen also uses a wealth of production talent to bring a wealth of Hip Hop and Reggae infused sounds that are the perfect stage for TJ’s vocals, they also complement each other as well. As diverse as the producers are in their styles, with the roots of the music in Hip Hop, there is nothing out of place here, nothing that upsets the flow of the album; and more of that classic Hip Hop vibe comes in the form of Jabbathakut who brings that incredible turntable trickery that makes him one of the UKs finest.

Overall, sometimes less is more and I don’t need to over do the words here because the music speaks for itself. Concerned Citizen is a solid Hip Hop album with little twists and turns that keeps it fresh and engaging throughout its forty plus minute runtime. It is an enjoyable album with a good balance of real-life subject matter, story based and just for fun styles.

If you enjoy this one, then you will be waiting in anticipation for the third in the trilogy and playing catch up if you’ve not heard the first.

My thanks to 4Dee for putting my name out there and to TJ Chill for giving me the chance to put his album under my microscope.

I’m out,

See Ya.



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