Friday 9 November 2018

Beats' Bits & Bobs - Whirlwind D - Review

Beats, Bits & Bobs – Whirlwind D

After Falling, Whirlwind D’s previous release, I was kinda excited to hear this one. With Falling being such a strong release (See my review on this page) and not knowing which way he was going with this one it was easy to speculate on if was gonna be on the serious tip or if he was gonna flip and take us on a whole new journey.

Well, he has taken us on a whole new journey and with an impressive line up of support from Specifik, Djar One, Phil Wilks, DJ Tones, Miracle, Phil Most Chill and Mr Fantastic, this is one journey that is sure have you jumping around whether your new to Hip Hop or, like me, you have grown up with it. In fact it was growing up with Hip Hop that made this EP so enjoyable and gave it an extra depth for me.

So, let me dive into this track by track. What I’m gonna do is give you my thoughts on each track but, on in the running order. Something which I hope will become apparent as I go through.

Radioactive Bass: A track that Whirlwind D notes was taken from a shelved Electro Album due for release on B-Line Recordings. This track too me back to 1984 and the music that brought me into Hip Hop. I have continued to follow Electro music over the years and what Whirlwind D and Phil Wilks have crafted on this track, for me, is most perfectly crafted audible recollection of those early days of Hip Hop and the Electro sound.

Labels: The EP’s headline track and which received a video release the same day as the EP release. Labels, is a wicked track taking you on a journey through Whirlwind D’s early experiences in Hip Hop. What is interesting here is something I remember from back in the days, which is being in record shops and going through the vinyl and checking out not only the artist’s but, also the Label’s as well to check new artists you might not have heard and so on. Labels is a journey in itself and had me going back to those days and remembering how I was looked up to by the younger generation for bringing home the newest and freshest sounds in the neighbourhood. The production comes from the talented Djar One, who has crafted an awesome platform for Whirlwinds storytelling, with the freshest scratches from the man like Specifik. I guarantee it’ll be hard to keep this one outta your head.

Reap the Whirlwind: This track took me back to the late 80’s and early 90’s, a time when every album seemed to have a battle rhyme on it. Battle rhymes back then where proper, not like the YouTube battle tracks we see now. On Reap the Whirlwind, Whirlwind D is joined by Phil Wilks and DJ Tones on track that takes D back to his Solid n Mind days, hitting you with hard rhymes and a solid flow. Wilks guitar gives the whole thing a RUN DMC vibe and Tones cuts rip you to the core.

Run Fast Remix: Originally taken from Whirlwind D’s 2014 Album Nomansland, it features the awesome Phill Most Chill and original production from AE Productions Mr Fantastic. This remix comes courtesy of Miracle, Whirlwind D’s partner from the Pioneers Radio show on Kane FM. Initially it took me a couple of listens to get into this track. But, the more I listened the more I could feel the relationship with the title and actually running. Yeah! That might sound weird but, the more I listened the more that vision kept coming to me. Miracle’s remix just made you feel the emotion as if you were running for your life. For me the track was screaming, or should I say running, for another verse to extend our listening pleasure.

You get all those tracks on the A side of the EP with the B side giving you Instrumental Edits and Acappellas. Damn we get spoiled.

I have to say that reflecting on this EP; I could not get it outta my head that listening to this took me back to my own experiences growing alongside Hip Hop. From leafing through records to the electronic stories of those early electro tracks and the hard hitting vibe of the battle rhyming to the more present day Rap vibe. Whirlwind D and those he has brought in on this EP have put together something that I have not felt from just 4 tracks, an album maybe but, 4 tracks!

Damn this release is as close to perfect as I have heard in a very long time. I don’t have a poor word to say on it. My only minuscule gripe is that Run Fast would be awesome with an extra verse but, then what do I know. It’s just a personal preference.

EP artwork comes courtesy of the awesome digitaldyer (John Dyer) who has hit this one outta the park. Recorded and mixed by the great Rola and executively produced by Whirlwind D himself, Beats, Bits and Bobs is released through B-Line Recordings. 

I’m not finished yet! Before I go, you have probably seen the video for Labels by now and if not, go check it now (Link below), because the video is awesome and shot around some areas, like my home city Southampton, that I recognised. The video really compliments the track and brings D’s story a bit more to life.

If you have followed social media recently you will know the talented MrTibbz designed a cover for the EP’s Test Pressing that created some much buzz that he tweaked the design and produced some slip mats which sold quicker than a bank giving away free money. If you have these (and yes I do) you will know these bring a new element to the release of the EP. 

Whirlwind D’s Falling EP sold out quickly and Beats, Bits and Bobs is looking to beat that hands down. In fact it could be close to being sold out by the time this review is published. So, don’t delay anymore get on the website (Link below) and get this quickly.

Finally, on that note, enjoy the EP and I am outta here,

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