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Vincent On Horseback by Uncle Mic Nitro


Vincent On Horseback


Uncle Mic Nitro


It seemed right to me that I started 2021 with the new album by Uncle Mic Nitro, Vincent On Horseback. Why, well the answer is simple. Four years ago, it was the release of Mindstate Krakatoa and the chance to collect my vinyl from the man himself that was the catalyst that catapulted me to Infinite Sounds and was the first album release I reviewed.

That review was raw and full of energy and I might have matured a little since then but, getting the chance to review this new release, which has been eagerly awaited for a couple of years now, was simply too much for me and had to be done.

Once again, the emcee from my home city of Southampton has brought in a quite wicked line up of guest artists to stand tall alongside him, they include Joe Burn, Ultramagnetic Ced Gee, Ramson Badbonez, A.J., Juga-Naut, Micall Parknsun, Klashnekoff, Greg Blackman, Krash Slaughta, Jabbathakut, DJ Tones and B-Line Recordings Specifik, not to mention a special guest appearance from one Noah Churton, a definite star in the making.

Now legend has it that even with family life and the birth of his son, Mr Mic Nitro was not resting on his laurels and the legend states that during these missing four years he was still able to amass enough material to fill more than just Vincent’s horse’s back? Is the legend true, well if the odd post on social media is to be believed then yes but, will it ever come to light? Who knows, I guess we will have to wait and see what happens after Vincent rides off into the sunset.

Anyway, I digress.

As often happens with listening to an album this one took me on a trip through the Hip-Hop Wild West. Now the not so dusty streets of Southampton, even the outskirts of the said city, may not seem like the right setting but, let me take a little artistic license as I transport you to a Wild West setting in no particular space and time or universe…

In the dusty afternoon sun, a mysterious dark figure cuts a stark contrast to the bight sun. As he saddles his horse, the breeze blows a tumbleweed of old wack lyrics scribbled on various lined paper but, the dark figure pays it no mind and continues about his business. His saddle bags crammed full of notebooks around his waist is strapped two Colt 45 Mic Peacemakers, under his hat and beneath his scalp his mind is ablaze with mind-bending lyrical fury…  

From the left a group of figures approach and one calls out to the dark figure by the horse. One calls out “Hey Vincent, you leavin’ so soon MoFo, we ain’t even….” But. Before he can finish his sentence, the mayhem begins….

The pounding beat of Doc Ryan Mac’s production hits, with a mix of piano, horn and electronic hints and our hero lets off an unrelenting hardcore vocal display that pulls no punches and serves as a warning to those who step up that you better Play Dead if you don’t wanna get served. DJ Tones steps from the shadows and let’s fly with twin Derringer cuts. The group of figures stand dumbfounded trying to reach for their own mic’s but, before they can draw Featurecast steps in with a jazzy horn infused proper head nod beat. DJ Tones switches to a pair a sawed-off Double-barreled turntables delivering devastating cuts while our hero is joined by that son of a gun, Joe Burn and together they whip up a vocal frenzy that leaves the challengers heads spinning and threatens to Snap Ya Neck. Before the dust can settle the leader of the band steps up to the challenge. Now our hero has faced this dude before and that time Bod got slapped up but, will it be the same this time? From the clouds of dust, Krash Slaughta appears and opens up with deafening volley of frantic cuts and a big beat that booms with a cinematic vibe. Our hero is flanked by Ultramagnetic Ced Gee and Ramson Badbonez, and one after the other they take turns to lyrically slap the taste from Bod’s mouth, the result being the same as last time, Bod Gets Slapped Up (The Krash Slaughta Remix).

Our mysterious hero leaves this town and heads off hoping to finally leave the bad times behind but, along the way he meets Zasa who is in need of rescuing from some mumbling bandits. So, a short melee ensues as A.J. and Specifik join the fight. Quick-draw rhyming and Gatling gun cuts obliterate the competition as DJar One drops some frantic beats with some cinematic gun smoke to boot. Our hero gets back on his horse and resumes his journey. But, as he enters a deep canyon, flanked by steep hills he becomes uneasy and realizes, almost too late, that The Hills Are Alive. Speaks pounding drum production signals that all is not as it seems, then the introduction of an eerie guitar vibe adds to the high strangeness. It looks as if our hero is descending into the mouth of madness as he battles with the feeling of eyes on him all the time, wrestling with reality and the workings of his own mind. As he battles the demons within and without, he removes several bottles of liquor from his saddle bags and fuelled by an 80’s synth vibe, courtesy of Ollie Knight and Uncle Mic Nitro, he seeks solace from the darkness. But, in taking a sip from the first bottle, and as the fiery liquid burns its way down his throat, he blinks and wonders to himself should he really Keep Drinking?

Realizing that the liquor is no good for him our hero needs something to satisfy his thirst and so, remembering the recipe of a popular drink, he sets off to gather the ingredients. From Ollie Knight he gets some liquid Jazzy vibes with a Hip-Hop feel-good injection of fizz and some lemons. Then he enlists the assistance of Juga-Naut and the slicing skills of one Jabbathakut to be left with a refreshing hit of Hip-Hop Lemonade providing exactly what he needs. Feeling refreshed our hero sits back and his thoughts turn to home, the Journey behind him and old friends. He closes his eyes and his mind drifts to roaming the land with some of those he called brothers. A heavy boombap style beat kicks in from one of those bros, Ryan Mac, the beat and distant memories of sublime cuts from Jabbathakut it stirs more memories of Klashnekoff and Micall Parknsun and he drifts off into the dreamworld of their adventures, wicked tunes, opium dens, saloons and acting like New Planet Goons. Waking from this weird dream he stares at dawn’s early light, as it peeks over the horizon, and his memories shift to those early mornings at home and as these memories rise within him, Micall Parknsun drops a piano heavy laid-back vibe and our hero sits up, wipes the sleep from his eyes, and muses over the ups and downs of life, relationships, and the hard edge you often need just to get by. He also thinks of his son, Noah, and helping him find Where The Monster Is and the pure love of his words, which still ring in his ears as he sets off on the final leg of his journey, and as the sun rises steadily higher, our hero looks forward to his journeys end and soon enjoying everything it means to be truly home.

As her steps foot on the path that will take him back to his loved ones, our hero is joined by Greg Blackman and as they ride together for a short time, they are accompanied by the soulful production of Ollie Knight and Uncle Mic Nitro and together they reminisce on a long career and the highs, lows, challenges, fun times had along the way and what is like to Write. The upbeat vibe here is the perfect way to keep ya head nodding. Although our journey is nearing its end, and as the sun begins to set, there is still time for one last fun filled blast as our hero decides to empty his ammunition into one last hoorah. A Coming To America sample kicks us off blending into some huge banging beats with an instantly recognizable classical backdrop that will have you dancing on your toes and screaming along with our hero, Fuck You! The perfect way to end the journey is for our hero, along with Featurecast’s production, to provide us with something akin to a truly unapologetic and energy filled Hip-Hop Opera, accompanied by Jabbathakut who deftly chews up records and spits out cuts. With his ammunition spent our hero lays his trusty mic guns in a velvet lined box and places them in his saddle bag and one last time we see Vincent On Horseback as he rides off towards home and into the sunset…


OK, so I know this is not your average review style piece but, you know, this is what came to me and that is always what I go with. Uncle Mic Nitro aka Alex Churton has said this will be his final album and seeing him head off into the sunset is sad because this album is one of those instant classics that can also be given the moniker of being a true masterpiece.

Being one of the UK’s hardest spitting emcee’s his talent is almost certainly second only to very few and he may well consider himself as too old and fat but, I have to say that there are few out there who have the lyrical prowess and presence on the mic that he does. He showed it with Dark Craftsmen and with his own Uncle Mic Nitro releases he has, in my view, cemented his place in the history of the UK scene.

To bring us Vincent on Horseback, he has walked a journey through the shadow of death and come out the other side as a slightly more polished version of himself. However, in becoming this more polished version, he has lost none of that edge, that unapologetic hardcore and ‘not afraid to speak his mind’ self. Still more than able to create dazzling wordplay and an ability to drill syllables into your ears with the speed of the fastest gun in the West and force of jack hammer. The whole album flows as effortlessly as water will flow across a wide range of landscapes, always flowing forwards and cutting its own path towards the ocean.

As I always like to point out, Vincent On Horseback is a complete package.

The production is inspired and creates a whole range of soundscapes that can take you anywhere and draws on the skills of producers local to the south coast and beyond here in the UK but, also stepping further afield to bring exactly the sound that is needed. The guest artists all fit precisely into the mix and bring exactly the kinda mind weaponry needed, from the those who are newer to the scene to the cream of the UK scene and those more legendary figures, there is no one here that is out of place for any reason. They only serve to enhance that which is already there, all standing shoulder to shoulder.

No release of this nature would be complete without the stunning artwork and that has been provided by John Dyer. John’s Artwork and design is second to none and truly adds that extra dimension that takes a release like Vincent On Horseback, to the next level.

I’d also like to give a special mention here to the original version of Bod Gets Slapped Up. If you have not heard this yet, then you need to. It was released by Burning Anger/Britcore Rawmance as part of the Seven Deadly Sins 7” series. So, check that as well, I’ll drop a link below.

So, as the sun sets over the prairie (in this case, that is the stark vision of Southampton docks with it’s huge shipping cranes and a hint of the New Forest in the background) and we consider the legacy of Uncle Mic Nitro, we hope (well I’m hoping anyway) this is not the last we have heard from him and perhaps some music from the vaults or the odd guest appearance will still see him dropping more verbal delights. But whatever happens, we say thanks for the musical madness and wish him the best for the future.

Who knows, we may yet see the Son of Nitro in the years to come.


Vincent On Horseback is released by B-Line Recordings and Hip Hop Be Bop Records, very soon.

I would like to give a personal big shouts and thanks to Alex Churton (Uncle Mic Nitro) for being the catalyst that sent me on the way to doing what I now do, Shaun Dowling of Hip Hop Be Bop Records for asking to review this and for the amazing care package last year, and last but by no means least, Simon Frankland (Specifik) of B-Line Recordings for all the B-Line records I’ve been asked to review and for the amazing Rope-a-Dope events that have introduced me to so many friends and created an amazing community of people.


On that note,

Peace, I’m out…



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