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Album Review: Grown Up Free by Legs MC


Grown Up Free




Grown Up Free is the third in the Grown Up series of albums from Legs MC. I featured the previous release in this series, Grown Up Too, back in August of last year and you can read that review on the link below, with will give you some background on Legs MC.

Once more on this new album Legs has brought in some top-notch guest artists, including another appearance from his sons Zackary and Raphael, alongside some additional production talent. Guests include Falle Nioke, Rhyme Advocates and DJ TGK with additional production coming from Murmur Beats, Ted Roxwell, JG Romez and Solar Sounds.

The best thing to do here is not to keep you hanging around but, to dive right into the album…

Love and Attention opens the album with a pounding beat to get your head nodding. Here Legs opens up on the negative side of social media. While the socials have their advantages in helping artists get promotion and so on, the drawback is that people spend so much time focused on scrolling, tweeting, and so on it takes attention away from the things that are most important. Heaven and Hell drops next with production from Murmur Beats. The sound has that boom bap edge with a soulful vibe running through it. The focus here is really trying to see the silver lining to all the clouds, especially in a world where you are bombarded with a constant stream of negative media reporting. It’s all about looking beyond the darkness, the pain and the suffering and having a deep knowing that the light is there, you just have to have the faith in it. With those thoughts of being stuck and not knowing where to turn, your mind drifts to thoughts of freedom, which leads to Song About Freedom; featuring Falle Nioke, solid boom bap drums and strings are backed by soulful vocals to bring a deep and thoughtful vibe. The last few years have seen so much focus on peoples seeking freedom from so much oppression, racism and control, this track really has that sense of an anthem for call to stand up for what you believe and to see freedom for all, everywhere.

Sadness and Joy features Rhyme Advocates sees drums. Bass and woodwind sounds merge to bring a head nod beat, where that woodwind sound creates a mind-bending twist. This one seems to look at two sides of the same coin but, the important thing is to remember all those moments of joy, especially in the moments where sadness grips us and we struggle, it’s remembering the joy that gets us through and shows us that things will get better. The little comedic opening to Wrong Horse, gives way to heavy drums, bass, and guitar notes, bringing a slightly dark edge to the sound. On the face of it, this might seem like a look at the so-called sport of horse racing and perhaps it is just that but, maybe there is more to this here and the wordplay has that equestrian edge to play with your mind as it’s all about Legs being an artist and being in the game for the long haul and not just to make a quick quid or two. It’s all about taking your time and honing your craft, so you are still in it when most have fallen by the wayside. Next up is The Grinch Skit, a little track that features Zakary and Raphael, the sons of Legs, giving us a fun little skit all about the Grinch over a heavy beat with keys. You can’t help but grin at this one as it brings some light relief to proceedings. This leads nicely into My Sons, a thoughtful sound is created by drums, bass, and keys, is the backdrop for Legs to drop a touching track that is focused on his sons and seeing them grow up and being the best father, you can be for them; always guiding them as they grow and take their own journey through life. There is not much more you can say about this, except that I found it really touching, as a father myself, it really echoes my own thoughts and feelings.

Conduit is produced by Ted Roxwell who brings a heavy beat alongside some keys that have you thinking of horror movie vibes. With that eerie sound floating in your awareness, it brings an interesting vibe as Legs speaks on the almost supernatural element of how his words seem to come from deep inside, in a way that seems like they control him, almost writing themselves like they possess him or are the conduit to another realm. JG Romez produces Division and uses a piano heavy sound with a pounding beat as the backdrop bringing a focus to the vocals. Legs opens up on the state of society where facts are blurred by fake news in order to cause a constant state of division between people, races, countries and more. Within this fractured society we seek to pull apart and separate the truth from the fiction, so that our children will know what’s real and what’s not. It is not an easy thing to do with the constant steam of negative media attention but, we do what we can to build a better future. Character Assassination is produced by Solar Sounds and has a more chilled LoFi sound of drums and keys with a modern ticking sound added in. This one is all about the cancel culture where anyone can be made a target and have their whole life and careers turned upside down by internet critics with little or no evidence, just hearsay.

Bragadon’t features DJ TGK on the cut, the drums are sparce and almost fade into the background as bass, keys and horns take the forefront. Legs takes the opportunity to speak on who he is and what he does as an artist but, there is not braggadocio here as he displays his talents in a way that just opens your eyes to the facts without making himself out to be more than he is. The penultimate track is Fee Fi Fo Fum where drums and guitars merge to bring a strangely enjoyable sound with a head nod vibe. This one has some slick wordplay that displays the giant size of Lags verbal talent, something that might not be immediately apparent but, first impressions can be misleading. The final track of the album is King On The Mic and hits with a heavy vibe of bass drums creating the perfect musical backdrop for Legs fully open up about just how good he is as an emcee, dropping intelligent and slick wordplay that rounds off the album in style getting your head nodding and the corners of your mouth curling up as you enjoy every word.


Sometimes it is easy to sum up the overall feel of an album and Grown Up Free one of those albums. Legs brings us another album that displays a solid balance of storytelling and real world lived experience that does not fail in its ability to be something that anyone can associate with as you listen.

The production is all on point here, be it from the guest producers or not. Creating a sound that is ultimately Hip Hop but, has those little additional influences along the way that add to the depth and quality of the sound. Not only that but, the production helps convey the words to you in such a way as to maximise the impact.

Vocally and lyrically Legs shows his range of flows and styles that work so well in delivering the depth of the message he conveys with each track. The intelligence and quality of wordplay comes from a continuous love of the music and a desire to consistently stay on top of his craft, honing and tweaking his style as he progresses. The guest artists also perfectly fit into proceedings once more, bringing that added depth, style and feeling along the way.

There is also that depth of feeling here about family and creating a path on which the next generation can walk, whilst still forging their own journey. By including his own children on a track, it really brings home that sense of family being so important and it touches a part of you very deeply and in a way that you may not actually realise until you reflect.

So, overall Grown Up Free is the perfect addition to the Grown Up series as it adds to and builds upon the foundations laid by the previous albums. Using the sound and the lyrical power of Hip Hop music to drive home both important subject matter and the need to enjoy yourself as well.

My humble thanks to Legs MC for letting me bring this one to you.

Grown Up Free is available now. Grab a copy and support the independent music of Legs MC...

I’m out,

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Love and Attention - Live from The Shed

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Album Review: Real Art Real Experiences by Can't Be Copied


Real Art Real Experiences


Can’t Be Copied


It’s unusual, in this digital age, to find a debut release that is not available on all the regular streaming platforms but, the debut release from Can’t Be Copied is one of them. Real Art Real Experiences is only available from (link Below).

So, lets learn a bit more about Can’t Be Copied; CBC is K.A.O.$. Da Rowdy MC, Mr Roka and Stanton Miles who are dedicated to the foundations of Hip Hop. Both being parents they point out that they will not need those Parental Advisory labels but, at the same time, they also don’t promote any BS.

K.A.O.$ Da Rowdy MC from Charlotte North Carolina, originally from Newark New Jersey, started writing at the age of 7 and had been performing since he was 14. His name K.A.O.$ stands for Killing All Opponents $wiftly and it was his childhood friends who named him KAOS when he was 13, the name stuck, and he kept it due to the fact those who gave him the name are no longer with us. He has been influenced by many different genres of music but, with Hip Hop the influence came from 80’s and 90s, which helped him shape his own expression of Hip Hop, while still staying dedicated to its true foundation. A dedicated father, he writes about his own experiences and how he views life, using personal and meaningful lyrics. He also produces and prides himself on being versatile and different.

Mr Roka hails from County Durham in the UK and uses his skills to make the kind of music that he wants to listen to. Most of his inspiration has come from buying records during the 90’s and early 2000’s. Since that time, he has remained an avid music fan, drawing inspiration from everywhere. The labels that have been the biggest inspiration to his music are the likes of Mo Wax, Grand Central, Ninja Tune, Wall of Sound and Def Jam, to name a few. The biggest inspirations on his production style come from Mark Rae, Pete Rock, DJ Premiere, Q-Tip, DJ Spinna, Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Todd Terry, and The Bomb Squad.

Stanton Miles is from Newcastle UK and started out as the DJ for the first UK Hip Hop group to rap in ‘geordie’ accent, the New Avengers who hailed from North Tyneside. Back then he went under the name DJ Murder One. Since 1991 he has held residencies in nightclubs and bars in the area and has also put out a few radio shows along the way, including The Scratch show he currently presents on Method Radio.

With all that said, it is obvious that there is some major Hip Hop blood running through the veins of Can’t Be Copied, which leads you to get some hefty anticipation over what you are about to hear. Real Art Experiences is sixteen tracks deep, six of which are skits, and also features the turntable skills of one DJ Stanton Miles on four of those. Now, before I get into the album, here is what the guys have to say about what you are about to hear “The album paints a picture of the life and influences of K.A.O.$. Da Rowdy MC and Mr Roka. The album shows both sides hip hop, as it aims to uplift as well as show values of the culture and where they came from. The group believes Hip Hop has foundations and principles from its inception and they want to show they believe them all”.


So, lets get into it…


Kicking off with Skit 1, bass and drums form the sparse background sound for this intro as K.A.O.$ really sets the scene for what’s about to come before Soulatified really kicks things off with keys, bass and drums, bringing an infectious funk vibe that will have you moving from first note. K.A.O.$ opens proceedings with a blistering display of intricate and intelligent wordplay that flows through your awareness at such a pace you need to take a deep breath. Luckily there is a brief pause with Skit 2 as drums and keys form funky little background for K.A.O.$ to grab some hater spray before continuing with Hitting Hard, the first track to feature Stanton Miles on the cuts, has a proper boom bap sound drums, bass and some interesting little electronic sounds and samples; mix all that with the classic samples and cuts and this one will have you bouncing. Here it’s all about taking that Hip Hop energy to the live stage with a dope beat from Mr Roka for K.A.O.$ and the crowd to react back and forth. Hard rhymes and hard beats, this is Hip Hop and this is what it’s all about right…

The turntable trickery of Stanton Miles takes centre stage on Skit 3 over a heavy beat from Mr Roka as Can’t Be Copied celebrate the Hip Hop DJ. Stanton Miles keeps the turntables buzzing for Reup Pt 2 as Mr Roka brings a pounding beat with some keys and electronic elements that have you thinking of warm summer nights rollin’ deep but, keeping a low profile and getting everything, you need but, keeping your wits about you, not attracting attention, never regretting your actions, and doing what’s best. Power To Change drops with more of a jazz influence with keys, drums, and heavy bass aspect. The message on this is an uplifting one that looks at how you are the one that has the power to change all those struggles and hurdles you face in life. It’s all about changing your perspective on what is in front of you and always finding the positive part, the learning that you can take from it. Do that and you will never become bogged down by life’s negativity. Heavy bass, drums, occasional horns and etheric strings form the backdrop to the Struggle, all of which combines to bring deep vibe that touches you. This one really continues the message from the previous track, it’s all about recognising that we all go through some tough times, it’s a part of life but, our strength and resolve carries us through these times towards light and the sunshine that is always there, behind the clouds.

 A short interlude with Skit 4 finds us carried on a dope beat with hand claps while K.A.O.$ points out that its best to be independent out there these days, not relying on others but, to make those moves and do it yourself. Boom bap drums, bass and horns are the main components to Mr Roka’s beat on Figure It Out. With that funky beat getting you out your chair, K.A.O.$ speaks on never losing sight of your dreams; it’s all about putting in the work on whatever is your passion and making those dreams a reality. If you have the seed and a dream, all you need to do is plant the seed, nurture that seed and learn how to help it grow and one day all that hard work will pay off when the reality of your achievement is finally realised. Skit 5 brings another element of the Hip Hop culture to the forefront as K.A.O.$ takes on the role of a graffiti writer. The heavy beat almost fades into the background, echoing that feel of being out in the train yard attempting to get up before the cops spot you. The graffiti theme continues with Vandals as K.A.O.$ relates some slick tales of his exploits as a writer. Mr Roka provides a pounding beat that is drum heavy with some keys that gives this one a solid Hip Hop vibe that not only feels at home with the graffiti vibe but, also has a sound that would work so well for the breakers too.

One last interlude with Skit 6 which has a proper funky little beat from Mr Roka and see’s K.A.O.$ reminding MC’s to never get too cocky and try to be something you’re not, and to always keep it real. The Student takes it to the classroom as K.A.O.$ speaks on what it is to learn from those who have gone before. If you are making Hip Hop music, then you have to know the history of the music and know those who laid the foundations of sound you now call your stage. Mr Roka brings a real heavy sound here with drums, heavy bass, keys and more which really serves to cement the message this track brings. The penultimate track is the last to feature the talents of Stanton Miles, Say It Phunky has a proper funky Hip Hop vibe with drums, bass, horns, and cuts bringing an injection of energy that has a real party vibe to it. While your head nods from front to back and side to side, its all about keeping it phunky in whatever you say. You can speak on any subject, serious or just for fun but, whatever you say just keep it phunky, that way you can’t fail to rock the party. All too soon we are into the final track of the album, Speak My Mind, which has a more mellow feel with laid-back drums, keys, and horns, bringing the kind of vibe you just wanna kick back to. Here K.A.O.$ draws on more of those personal life experiences to paint an audible picture of what he sees going on in the world around him. When you feel with your heart and speak that from your mind, it will be you that speaks those words, and they will not be coloured or influenced by others.


As Debuts go Real Art Real Experiences easily stands tall and proud among recent releases. Can’t Be Copied seamlessly mesh the Real Art (Hip Hop) with the Real Experiences (K.A.O.$.’s Life Experiences) which brings a real feel of authenticity to the entire project; you can really feel the desire to bring that authentic sound, a true view of what life is, and the passion for what Hip Hop culture truly is. You feel that within these guys beats those hearts that have a true desire to bring something different to the scene, something that can be heard by any audience and that will speak to them all. It’s almost like there is an unwritten rule here that says it is important for the music of Can’t Be Copied to be heard by all, including the children, because they are our future after all and the earlier, they can begin to digest the truth and how to convey that truth to others, it can only be a good thing.

Without a doubt Real Art Real Experiences is a true Hip Hop album. Mr Roka’s production is solid and consistent from beginning to end creating the sound to fit the mood but always keeping an element of uplifting vibes and energy. You can feel the influence of those producers and labels, mentioned above, running throughout the album but, the sound has an element that says, ‘this is my sound, no matter the influence’ and it is that uplifting element that has does it and does bring a vibe that is still authentic while retaining that link to the roots of real Hip Hop.

K.A.O.$. Da Rowdy MC makes his mark here by not just showing his pedigree as an lyricist by mixing up flows and styles but, by bringing complex and intelligent rhymes that seem to keep you hanging on his every word, and not just that but, he does what few emcees do, by delivering every single bar without a single curse word, and there are not many out there who chose to do that these days but, it does open up the music of Can’t Be Copied to a whole different audience and allows it to be played on the radio without the need for editing (something that will make my upcoming community radio show easier).

The appearance of the UK’s Stanton Miles on the decks for the group is also a true pleasure here as it puts the icing on the cake of a true Hip Hop album. I know I have said this a number of times, and probably will again but, having a scratch DJ on an album or track just adds to that authentic Hip Hop sound. I mean, Hip Hop began with the DJ and the emcee, two turntables and a microphone, these are the true roots of the culture’s musical element and, perhaps, the roots of the culture itself, and Stanton Miles brings that element to life here, displaying his credentials on the decks to great effect. While I’m speaking of Stanton Miles, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for bringing Can’t Be Copied to my attention, as without him this one might have slipped under my radar, so my humble thanks to Stanton Miles.

Overall, Real Art Real Experiences is solid Hip Hop album that draws on and gives thanks to the true Hip Hop culture, not just the music but all the elements. You might not think that there is not so much mention of Breaking but, it is there, and you can feel it in the music as well. It is an album that is a true joy to listen to and one you won’t have to turn off when the kids come in the room, or you can bump in the car safe in the knowledge you won’t offend anyone (insert smiley face here).

Real Art Real Experiences is available now from CBC Hip Hop, link below…

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On That Note,

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Hitting Hard

The Student



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EP Review: Audio Narcotics by Hate Being Sober


Audio Narcotics EP


Hate Being Sober


The Audio Narcotics EP is the hot new debut release from the UK Hip Hop duo Hate Being Sober, originally released in December of 2023, it recently found its way onto my radar and so I decided to give you all my take on it.

Hate Being Sober was formed by the creative minds of Brinkworth and Kenny Cadence. With a passion for storytelling and a love of intricate wordplay, this duo brings a refreshing and thought-provoking perspective to the world of Hip Hop. Their music is a fusion of raw emotion, clever lyricism, and infectious flows that will resonate with the listener. Through their sharp wit and powerful performances, Brinkworth and Kenny Cadence aim to leave an indelible mark on the world of Hip Hop.

That little intro to the guys, taken from their official bio, gives us just the right amount of insight and dangles an intriguing musical carrot in front of our noses too, so why don’t you join me on a journey through this seven track EP, featuring a wealth of production talent and appearances from Abi Nyxx, Sha Stimuli and Breana Marin…

The kicks off with Gorilla Position which is produced by AraabMuzik. Sparse drums and an almost eerie piano forms the basis of the musical backdrop, while there is another sound that floats into your awareness during the verses that has an essence of horns to it. All this together brings a deep vibe that seems to reflect looking out on the harsh realities of life. Lyrically we find Brinkworth and Kenny Cadence dropping some intelligent words and slick flows around how it is to work at your craft, constantly re-evaluating and reinventing your style until you find yourself in a commanding position and comfortable with where you are at in that moment. Next up is Bonnie Parker which features Abi Nyxx and is produced by Dream Life and DJ Pain 1. This one hits with a grime style vibe; the beat pounds hard while there is mix of keys and flute, alongside high-speed ticking, that creates a slightly eerie quality to the sound. There seems to be a slightly darker and more raw edge to the lyrics on this one. You get the sense that there is a venom to the delivery as each MC lays down these short punchy bars that are aimed at detailing the hardships of getting to the top of your rap game. There are times you feel like its not worth it but, you keep pushing and surging forward because you have the faith in yourself and when you have that, its only a matter of time before you reach the top…

The Plug, produced by Young Bangas, drops with drums, keys, and some sonic sounds mixed in. The keys bring another eerie vibe, the kinda sound that has you feeling like someone is watching you as you listen. That air that someone is watching is apparent in the words because when you are a rapper, producer waking music, people are always watching you hanging on your words and waiting see what comes next. So, you are always checking yourself, your craft and wondering what more you could learn and pass on to the fans and those who are close to you. This one definitely has that sense of being individual and not like all the others and keeping going no matter what, because there is always something to say. We now find our selves at the mid-point of the album with Falling Down, produced by Justin Case and Kenny Cadence, the music box melody and pounding drumbeat is mixed with that ticking, which finds us back on that grime vibe. There is a more reflective air to this one as the track focuses on the struggles an upcoming artist faces in a world full of digital streaming and AI bots; its hard to get a decent foothold in a way that gets you properly noticed. Physical media is making a comeback and the days of selling CDs out of car boots, does not seem like a fruitless endeavour anymore. Especially when you look at those who are still out there doing, those who have built themselves up from nothing, and to reinforce that point there are a number of shouts to some of the legends in the game here too.

Into the second half of the EP and Storm is next up, produced by Dream Life and Love Pulse Music and featuring Sha Stimuli and Breana Marin, Keys and drums are the foundation for this one and bring a more soulful sound with a deep vibe. Sometimes it takes many words to describe the heart of a track but, here the message is quite simple, it’s all about believing in, and having faith in yourself and your ability, no matter what storms life brings; just believe in who you are and your ability to succeed, and you will get through anything. The penultimate track is Confession Tape and is produced by Kenneth English who brings a chilled, almost LoFi sound which brings a reflective vibe, once more. That reflective vibe takes on a far deeper aspect as the vocals drop in; there is a deep focus here on the effect that the struggles of an artist can have on your mental health. Tough subject matter that is handles perfectly here in a way that brings the lived experience of both Brinkworth and Kenny Cadence to the forefront, and it takes a lot to open up in this way and put it out there in a way that shows both strength and to be a beacon of light to others. The final track of the EP is Hopeless which is produced by 8 Bars and a more uplifting vibe to the sound with drums and keys. That uplifting musical sound is reflected in the vocals which are all about knowing you worth in whatever you’re doing. There are plenty of people out there who can never see who you truly are and just what you are putting into something, they will always push you to do more based on what they think is a suitable baseline but, only you know your true worth and you should always remember that at the times things look their darkest.

First things first, there is a lot to like about Audio Narcotics and Hate Being Sober, the guys have brought in some great producers to bring some solid production to the EP, all of which works in tandem with the lyrics and provides superb musical backdrops to all the tracks. There is a mix of sounds here with most having that Hip Hop sound and couple just merging with a more grime sounding vibe, which might not be to everyone’s takes but, it does show the calibre of what HBS are capable of.

Now, speaking of HBS, you will remember from the excerpt of their bio that I included at the start, that it described their music as a fusion of raw emotion, clever lyricism, and infectious flows and having sharp wit and powerful performances, well after listing to this there is no way I can say any different. Regardless of the flow and focus of each track the guys do what they do in a way that not only resonates with the listener but, also keeps them engaged throughout. There is also this feeling that, although much of what you hear seems to be focused on the music industry and rap particularly but, it is easy to transpose what is said and put into your own life and what you do day to day, the elements are that easily relatable.

You can feel the energy and the real-life experiences that the guys infuse into their lyrics which, not only gives that relatability but also brings authenticity, engaging the listener in a world that brings a deep-rooted passion about the music and a desire to truly connect with the listeners as well. There are some great features here too that really add to the depth of the musical journey and guys chose well in bringing in just the right balance of features here too.

So, if, like me, this is your introduction to Hate Being Sober, then you will not be disappointed as this release is one that is solid in every way and will leave you being fully impressed with what you just heard. The EP really is intoxicating in its own way and might well leave you wanting just a little bit more.

Audio Narcotics by Hate Being Sober is out now.

My huge thanks to Kenny Cadence for the chance to bring this one to you.

See you next time,

I’m Out…



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The Interlude by 1 To Dial Produced by Dragons Pitchfork


The Interlude


1 To Dial

Produced by Dragons Pitchfork


The Interlude is the new project from GRYSKLL members 1 To Dial (one half of the Black Mavericks on vocals) and Dragons Pitchfork (Production), it also features engineering and mixing from Q aka Media Pimp, another member of GRYSKLL Crew.

I have featured 1 To Dial before as part of the Black Mavericks but, this is the first time that he has featured on a solo release so, I thought I would drop a little background on the GRYSKLL Crew:

The GRYSKLL crew (USA) got together back in 2021 and have been making music, videos, podcasts and more ever since. With a collective love of the true foundations of Hip Hop and its sound, they have come together to contribute to Hip Hops wellbeing while inspiring, motivating and fostering their own personal growth. You can read more about the GRYSKLL Crew on their website (see link below).

With that said, lets get into The Interlude…


The project consists of eight tracks across a runtime of just under fourteen minutes and kicks off with Many Zippers, bass, keys, guitar, and sparse drums are the foundation for this funky little track, which serves as the intro, not just to the project but, also to his rhyme style and wordplay, and as much as it is the intro, it is also the end of tough week. Simple Shape Up brings a solid head nod vibe with some soulful vocals on the bridge. Here 1 To Dial takes us on a rather comical trip to the Barbershop to get nothing but a simple shape up. There is, as you’d expect, some slick wordplay and great interaction between himself and the Barber. It’s then time to move on to Dex Luger, with sparce drums and horns, this jazzy little number really keeps you movin’. Here 1 To Dial drops razor-sharp lines without a second breath, bigging up members of the GRYSKLL crew and detailing how they gonna hit, when they comin’ through. Next, it’s Jammies, taking us on another little trip out on a date with his wife, and when things are about to get steamy on the return home, yep, you guessed it the lights come on and kids are there like they been waiting on your return like some baby-faced ninja’s, and all this over a pounding bassline and head nod beat.

The heavy bassline is still evident on Pre-Church but, this one is more laid-back with keys and electronic elements. This one is a little interaction between Sam and his wife before they head to church on a Sunday. The track ends with a chilled piano vibe that paves the way for that Sunday in Church. A funky piano takes the forefront as we hear from a ten-year-old boy and the preacher and their thoughts as the service progresses, and we get a good view of it is to be in church. We are already into the penultimate track now with Keep The Change which hits with a heavy, pounding drum beat and some sonic sounds along the way. There is a deep message here as its all about how you never truly forget all the things that have happened to you along the way, but it’s about knowing that and choosing the keep the change you made in your life and being the person for it. The final track is Still, chilled drums and a host of strings from the main elements of this chilled and emotive sound. This one really seems to act as a silver lining to all those clouds that might be drifting through your life right now. Everything is uplifting from the beat to the lyrics, which really does seed and grow this positive vibe right down in your heart centre.


For some reason I can find it more of a challenge to get into these sort releases that have multiple tracks across a short runtime. For me that means it is often more difficult to pick up on the message or meaning of the individual tracks as there is little time to let things sink into your awareness however, The Interlude was a pleasure to listen to as it flowed well and had this deep undertone of bringing a positive vibe that you were not immediately aware of as you were listening. Yes, I prefer tracks to be longer so I can get deep into them but, here the runtime just seemed to be less important as what needed to be said, was said, and delivered in such a way as leave you thinking ‘well, it didn’t matter it passed by so quickly, because I got a lot from that’ and that really speaks for the quality of the wordplay and its delivery by 1 To Dial; I mean, with what he packed into The Interlude, it left me thinking that if this is an interlude before and Album, I gotta hear that album for sure.

The truth is that it’s not always about the quantity but, the quality too and the quality over quantity really does shine through here.

For less than a quarter of an hour in length, this just has quality written all over it, production and lyrically it is a triumph, everything fits so well here, both complimenting each other, and in such a way you are left with not just a feeling of positivity but, also that sense of enjoyment at a project that is rooted in real Hip Hop flavour. There is straight up wordplay just for fun, storytelling vibes and a good mix of lived experience along the way, all of which combines to leave you on a positive note but, with just enough anticipation for what’s next, and see if you can read between the lines here and pick up on what The Interlude is all about, it might just make you sit back and say, Oh Yeah, I get it now…

This is one to check out and won’t leave you wondering when you can give it the time it deserves because you can fit this one in anywhere.

The Interlude is out soon…

Time for me to be out too,

See Ya,



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Storytime: The Interlude - Zoom In Teaser