Monday 28 March 2022

EP Review: Kemez The Atlantean by Kemetstry


Kemez The Atlantean




Back in November 2021 I reviewed Kemestry’s Astral Plane, the first single from the EP. Now that Kemestry has returned from his time travelling adventures,  where he was on a quest for knowledge, he is finally ready to drop his anticipated EP Kemez The Atlantean.

To fully appreciate what is about to come, you need to be in the right frame of mind. So, I suggest you sit back in you chair, close your eyes, and take a few really deep breaths. Once you are fully relaxed, open your heart, your mind and your third eye, then press play and allow Kemez The Atlantean to be your guide for the next thirty minutes or so…

The EP opens with tubular bells, organ notes and drums. J Brav, on production, creates this etheric sound that immediately changes your vibration and transports you to a new plane of existence. This allows Kemez set up the EP perfectly by explaining that its all about telling things how it is. It might appear he has No Respect, No Manners but, when you deliver the real truth, the deep truth, on things that have been buried from the world, you have to deliver that in a matter-of-fact way, otherwise you will never get your point across. Kemez explains that you have to look beyond what you are told or what is written as truth because beyond that you discover the reality you live in is not one focused on actual truth but, a shadowy world where much is hidden to keep you under control. From here we are transported on to the Astral Plane with Thugs Bunny providing a sparce melodic beat over which are some eerie spaced-out sounds which, when moulded together, bring a mind-bending Lo-Fi sound. Kemez proceeds to take us deep to a place where alternate realities open up to us as our third eye is opened up by the music. Here we find that nothing that is taboo. Subjects such as suppressed knowledge, ancient aliens and the spirit world are all laid out on the table for consideration and debate. This is a place beyond the three-dimensional existence where science dares not to step and knowledge comes from a connection to the very universe itself. You just have to open up to what is out there when you take the time to feel it and allow it in.

Once you are open to the astral plane and what it can bring you can experience so much and raise yourself to High Vibrations. Alchemy gives us a lighter and more upbeat vibe of electronic notes and drums. Kemez takes us on a Hip Hop meditation as he speaks on many things that float through our consciousness. Everyday things that we see around us, and which invade our thoughts, to those moments that uplift us and allow us let go of our thoughts and simply just be. Now, with our vibrations raised, etheric sounds mix with pounding drums and the notes of a triangle, shifting our perspective once more into a place where we can Kiss The Sky, courtesy of Thugs Bunny, and shift into the dimensions where Kemez makes his home. Here his words spin and merge with effortless ease, just as he shifts between planes of existence. Is this a trip, a lucid dream or perhaps a shamanic journey, what ever it is just allow yourself to go with it as Kemez seems to speak to your very soul?

The mood shifts slightly now as Fumes the Threat creates a weird soundscape of keyboards, drums and electronic sounds that seems to twist and stretch your mind and every nerve. On O.G. Spirit, Kemez and Leeds Emcee Jack Danz examine what it is to understand that you are far more than just a flesh and blood human being living in this 3D world. You are an eternal spiritual being inhabiting your body and having a 3D experience in this moment. How you chose to understand yourself and conduct yourself has so much bearing on how you experience each challenge in this earthly life and what you will learn along the way. With so much to take into your awareness, you need a little chill time. This is courtesy of Thugs Bunny who brings a more relaxed mix of horns, keyboards, and drums, allowing your vision to clear once more. Laws Of Attr-Action sees Kemez speak on how we need to look on life through different eyes, a different perspective. Everything in our lives happens as a direct result an action we take. You create your reality as a result of those actions, you can’t have an attraction to anything, love, money or peace without first taking an action, so be positive and loving in your actions.

We move into the penultimate track of the EP with Sepnutz dropping a nerve tingling vibe of drums, keyboards and sonic sounds, the perfect setting for Kemez to hit us with King Kemz. As you can guess, this one is all about Kemez as he drops bar after bar giving us the lowdown on why he is a king in this game. This is more than just straight up entertainment though and is not a track detailing bragging rights, this is a deep examination of what sets him aside from the rest, why he inhabits these otherworldly realms and why he is where he is. The final track, Bang Biggie, is produced by Jack Danz and has more of a grime vibe with flutes, drums, bells, and piano. The overall feel of this one is not hectic as it has an easy-going air to it and keeps us well and truly drifting in those outer limits of reality. Kemez delivers some slick, paced bars that are packed with life influences. Observations and seemingly unrelated rhymes that creates a cohesion on another level. There is plenty here on a deep level to keep you thinking.

Now, if you thought it was all over, think again. Perhaps think is the wrong word? As much of what Kemez speaks on with the EP are worlds and planes of existence that are unseen, then there is some unseen content to keep your mind in its expanded state.

First up is Cypher, which features Eskar, Micky Swags, Kd, Scor and Heri alongside Kemez to deliver a posse style cut over a mix of keyboards and drums, which has just enough energy to get you moving. This one really feels like these six emcees are sat in a circle and are handing the mic around for each to drop a verse in their own styles just to entertain you. No more and no less here, just slick intelligent rhymes on a track that helps to bring you back down from the otherworldly places you have just been. The EP is finally wrapped up with an eclectic soundscape providing the backdrop for the spoken word outro, Thoth The Atlantean. A narrated journey through etheric worlds that merge with mystical visions of Egyptian scenes and thoughts of the once great Atlantis, which mat still exist in another dimension from this one…


Kemez The Atlantean is a very mystical and eclectic musical journey. Kemestry seems to mix his love of Hip Hop with a trip to the Akashic records, that mystical place accessed through meditation, that records every piece of information ever experienced within the universe.

As someone who meditates and has openly researched and, at times, experienced things modern science would attribute to something mundane or misidentified, it is very interesting to review a release that actually creates a link between music and subjects many would term as fringe. Kemez The Atlantean is a release that allows me to delve deeply into the subject matter in a totally different and exciting way. A lot of what Kemestry has packed into this EP may appear to go over the heads of most people but, delivering such knowledge and information in an entertaining way, allows the listener to take in more than they realise on a subconscious level, so you might find yourself expanding your mind and interests as a result. 

Kemestry’s skilled writing and delivery as an emcee has to be matched by solid production to create the kind of vibes he is looking for with this kind of subject matter, and he has brough together some producers who obviously get exactly what he was looking for as each one provides some musical backdrops that help Kemestry to pain the perfect mystical musical pictures in the awareness of the listeners.

To be honest, by modern standards, Kemez The Atlantean is less of an EP and more like an album. In  fact, it’s runtime is comparable with more than a few albums released recently by more famous Hip  Hop artists from across the pond. So, this has to be one high on your list.

Kemez The Atlantean is best described as Hip-Hop alchemy. Kemestry takes a wealth of knowledge, ideas, thoughts, and experiences, then mixes them with a base of Hip Hop vibes, adds some forgotten knowledge and creates something akin to the gold created by the alchemists of old.

Kemez The Atlantean is released on CD and digital with a stunning clothing range alongside it that is well worth checking out.

On that note its time for me to fly,

Peace out,



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Thursday 24 March 2022

EP Review: The Long Year by The Local Heroes and Louis Cypher Produced by Pandamonium


The Long Year


The Local Heroes and Louis Cypher

Produced by Pandamonium


Its true the last eighteen months or so has seem like a lifetime to many of us and so for The Local Healers (Nay Loco & Ty Healy) and Louis Cypher to bring us The Long Year, kinda fits so well with the way things have been. These guys have worked together before on a few projects and to bring us this EP the Notts legends have teamed up with none other than that man from Exeter Pandamonium, who has obviously not been resting on his laurels recently…

So, I’m not gonna speculate what we might expect from the next six tracks, plus one bonus, I’m simply gonna get right into it, so here goes…

The Intro has a nice soulful vibe that comes from the drums and piano and is enhanced by the vocal samples and, as it is with most intro’s, this is just giving us a hint, kinda dangling the carrot in front of us for what is about to drop so, if you thought that soulful vibe was gonna continue, you sadly mistaken, because what hits is a jazzy, funk fuelled mix of keyboards, horns and drums. Wu Saa takes the vibe of Busta’s ‘Woo Hah’ and gives it a UK makeover. With the guys dropping bars about life, Hip Hop, their influences and more, this is kinda vibe that gets you bouncing and nodding along, while you’re driving, eating or whatever you’re doing. The drums and strings of 10 Macs brings a thoughtful or reflective kinda feel and if the number ten is your thing than this track is for you. This is all about things in groups of ten. Although it might have that reflective air about it, this shows what you can do in dropping line after line with one common theme and make it bang…

Moving into the second half of the EP we find the focus shifting. Bass, guitars and sparce drums brings a futuristic feel to proceedings, the perfect backdrop for Westworld. There is that air of a dystopian future where things are not all they seem. You get visions of the 1973 movie and the more recent Amazon prime series reboot but, is this all just inspired by those stories or is there some aspect of this that is not a million miles away from what we a currently experiencing? Next, we move into the EP’s title track, Long Year has a soulful vibe provided by the backdrop of drums, vocal samples, and orchestral notes. There is also this reflective aspect to it as the track focuses on the struggles and stresses that we have all encountered over this last year or so. Two years have appeared to morph into one over an extended period where fear and the pain of separation and those lost has been most dominant but, there is still hope and we need to use the strength that we have found inside to bring it to us. The EP shifts focus once more from that slightly darker edge to one that is upbeat and takes us out on a high. Drums, guitars, and xylophone notes are the catalyst to get us moving. Here it is all about dropping those bars to get the people hyped up, rep where you’re from and get that feel good vibe flowing. So, get up and throw ya hands up, Ya Get Me…  

The guys aren’t finished yet as its time to bring in a chilled vibe of Keyboards, guitar, and drums as we get a bonus of The Local Healers and Louis Cypher’s segment from the Drop Bar Cypher that was dropped by Dizzy Dustin and Pandamonium, what could be better as a bonus right…

Overall, there is such a great mix of vibes going on throughout this EP. We kick off and end on some high’s that really have that feel good and club banger style feel, while in the middle we get this slightly more serious deeper vibe that gets your mind working. It really reflects the vibe of this long year we’ve had perfectly.

Pandamonium’s production shows, once more, how his own brand of Hip Hop can fit with any project as he easily keeps the whole thing flowing. Raising you up when you need it and giving just the right amount of feeling to allow that deeper aspect to filter in when called for, perfectly reflecting the moods that emcees are looking for and, that said, Louis Cypher, Nay Loco and Ty Healy all handle their vocals with aplomb. They switch from club banger bars and feel good to deep reflection and back again with an effortless ease as they condense The Long Year into just six tracks.

I like the fact that you can really feel the passion and feeling in every track, regardless of the subject matter. There is this real sense that the ultimate message here is that, yeah, it has felt like we have been moving through a fog of fear, confusion, and pain but, that we are still here and through the strength that has brought with it we can move through anything and create better times and music is one of the best ways to do that.

There is not much else I can say here really except the EP is topped off by some wicked artwork from Danny Cleary and I urge you to grab this, stick it on and properly enjoy it.

The Long Year EP is released tomorrow, 25th March 2022, through I'm Not From London and Kamikaze Airlines Records.

Check the links below for the official EP launch on I'm Not From London Bandcamp page and details of tomorrows official launch party for the EP.

Peace out,



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Westworld - Premier 18:00 GMT 24th March 2022

The Drop

Wednesday 9 March 2022

EP Review: The Abstract Arsonist EP by K-Saulz & DiffHop


The Abstract Arsonist EP


K-Saulz and Diffhop


K-Saulz is an emcee from Surrey in Southern England, now residing in South Wales, he is signed to the label Bard Picasso Records. Part of Surrey based Hip Hop group Glass Eyed Pupils, K-Saulz has amassed a decent sized catalogue as solo artist as well as with the group. His vocal sound ranges from oldskool boombap 90’s style to a more melodic and atmospheric sound.

For this new EP, The Abstract Arsonist, he has teamed with East Cardiff based production/beat maker duo Diffhop. Otherwise known as DaiHard and HardyBeatz, the guy’s sound comes from hardware sampling and crate digging and is heavily influenced by the mid to late 90’s sound.

All being said, what can we expect from The Abstract Arsonist EP?

Well, join me as I take you through the EP track by track and give you my thoughts and feelings.

The album kicks of in an upbeat feel-good style where we get to feel that sampling and crate digging vibe on the beat from DiffHop as plenty of classic samples combine to raise our moods. Record In Time see’s K-Saulz take us on a surreal trip through some key moments in history where he intertwines his own experiences with these historical moments. This is all used to good effect as he gives us the lowdown on his career and progression to date. The tone then changes as DiffHop bring in this deeper and more mystical tone. Drums and a music box melody combine for a vibe that pinches and stretches your nerves. That musical backdrop is perfect for K-Saulz to take us on a mind-bending journey that is number based. On 6th of the 7th he skillfully spins an intricate web of bars that detail special and important dates and much more that relate to the numbers Six and Seven. This is no Sesame Street though with everything from his birthday to the seven chakras and beyond getting a mention. This is one track that you get a buzz out of listening to over and over as you focus on picking out everything that packed in this one.

Colourful World has this nice simplistic beat of guitars and drums But, mixed into this are the dulset tones of the one and only Bob Ross, what more could you want right. As you float along with the simplicity of the production, it gives more focus to the words from K-Saulz. Here we get some slick verbal storytelling that all relates, in some way, to colour. This creates this wonderful mental picture of just what a colourful place the world around us is. Its all about taking the time to really see and feel those colours. This is probably the closest you can get to a verbal Bob Ross painting. Time to switch things up a little now as DiffHop take a mixture of violins, bongos, and drums to create a boombap that not only makes you wanna bounce but, also captures your full attention. Shape Shifters has K-Saulz looking at all the shapes that create what we see in the world around us. This seems a natural progression from the colourful nature of the world. The shapes we see everyday seem to be infinite in their appearance, morphing from one thing to another. There is also an analogy here in that, in life, you can remain fixed in your attitude and your approach to life’s journey, or you can be the Shape Shifter, constantly morphing and adapting to what comes your way.

Our final track of the EP has DiffHop dropping another upbeat track which features drums and a rock style guitar. This sound not only serves to uplift but, also to inject some energy that really makes you wanna move. On Different, K-Saulz is all about how it is so important to really take a different perspective when looking at our life experiences. One perspective see’s a challenge that appears to be too much, while another aspect see’s that challenge as a chance to adapt and to change in order to overcome, it’s all about looking at this differently, just as an emcee or producer does in creating their music…

Overall, The Abstract Arsonist EP does exactly what is says, taking an abstract view of life and the world around us and doing it in such a way as to a fire in the heart and soul of the listener.

K-Saulz shows he is more that adept at switching his style to suit the beat and his wordplay really does set up some intricate stories that not only entertain but, also give you something to think about, igniting a desire to want to go back to again because you are sure you missed something the first time around, or was that the third time around, I forget…

DiffHop’s production is spot on here. You feel their influences and chosen way of beat making in each track but, there is depth also that perfectly captures the musical vibe to setup K-Saulz. The range of vibes they created for the EP is excellent and gives plenty for the listener to enjoy. That whole sampling and crate digging vibe really takes you back to the 90’s but, also has enough to keep their sound fresh.

What I do like about The Abstract Arsonist EP is that it is one of those releases that enables me to say more with less words. Plus, the use of Bob Ross is probably genius here as you can’t help but love a bit of Bob. More than that is this EP has a bit of a timeless aspect in that you could listen to this anytime for days weeks and even years and there will be something here that will relate to whatever situation you are in at the time, and I have to give huge credit to K-Saulz and DiffHop for creating that feel.

On a number of occasions, I have included some notes about how you can often get a different outlook on some tracks depending on how you hear them or in what context. Here on The Abstract Arsonist EP, I can once more show you that. The EP’s first track, Record In Time, was conceived by K-Saulz as a track that details the history of the vinyl record from the perspective of vinyl. What is key here is that you pay particular attention to the first bar with the date, then the history of the vinyl record becomes more apparent. However, if like me, you obviously missed that, then you could well see the track the way I did in my review. This really shows the multi-layered aspect of the EP and how you can pick up different things with each listen. A real credit to K-Saulz writing.

The Abstract Arsonist EP has gotta be one you need to check out. Give it a listen or more and see if you agree with me. It’s out now so go grab yours…

On that note,

I’m outta here or maybe I’m still here? It’s all about perspective, I guess…

See Ya,



Get the EP from Bandcamp Here:  


Record In Time (Official Video)

Sunday 6 March 2022

EP Review: King Slayers by Franky Roar and Alikazam


King Slayers E.P.


Alikazam & Franky Roar


These guys first teamed up back in 2019 with the incredible AA sided single This Is Where We Dwell / No Compromise. The sound was a heavy hardcore vibe that you could call Hardcore Euro Hip Hop or Eurocore, if you prefer to shorten things…

The King Slayers EP is the follow up to that single and promises more of that same hardcore vibe but, also with a sprinkling of incredible features that are likely to blow you away. The guys have also recruited B-Line Recordings head honcho, Specifik, to provide the cuts.

With all this in mind, the anticipation is almost too much to bear so, lets just sit back, put our headphones on and get into it…


There is an almost serene vibe as the title track begins but, alongside it there is this feint dark undertone detected, which should make you wary of what’s to come but, you are so hyped that you pay it no mind. Suddenly the beat hits and you are dragged into what is like an audible Hip Hop version of a Clockwork Orange, as the King Slayers have you pinned in your chair with a blistering stream of guitar and drums while Specifik’s buts leave you scared to move for fear of being sliced open at even the tiniest movement. Alikazam proceeds to let loose with a slick and intelligent verbal assault into your ears. As the message permeates your very being to the core, opening your third eye, you understand that these guys are not here to play but, to take out all those who would be kings with the heaviest of hardcore vibes, lyrical mayhem and the sharpest of cuts precise…

You might have thought that because Alikazam ended the last track with a mic drop moment, that you can move and take a breath? You only have time for one deep breath before your sense of normality is once more torn apart with a heavy beat that is backed by a multi-layered sound. Here Chrome joins Alikazam to speak on a terrifying subject. When you were young, no one told you that those monsters that lived under your bed or in the closet, would one day evolve into the Lyrical Monster. With Alikazam and Chrome being the very embodiment of that vision they proceed to crawl out from those dark spaces to seek out the competition, to catch them off guard allowing Specifik to take them down with deadly accuracy. Franky Roar then holds them down with his heavy production leaving Alikazam and Chrome to devour them with ferocious lyrical attacks, leaving nothing but remains. The opening scene from ‘Live and Let Die’ gives you a feeling that you might just be about to witness the demise of more competition but, perhaps this is something more? As the beat drops with a mixture of drums, horns, and a plethora of multi-layered sounds alongside side needle sharp cuts, any thoughts you had are torn away as your mind seems to implode. Alikazam uses his own brand of cerebral terrorism to infiltrate the deepest parts of your being. No one is safe, especially not those wack emcee’s out there as the relentless verbal attack tears at their fragile mental state from within. It leaves them with just one thing to be sure of about what just happened and that fact it that They Just Don’t Know what happened…   

There is more bass, drums and horns as Frank Roar lightens the mood just a little as he sets the stage for the Dookie Legacy with Mr Memory joining Alikazam once again. The vibe is still heavy and the message a simple one. When you create a sound so unique that it becomes more that a sound but, a true legacy, then it follows you and that sound, that lyrical template becomes like a beacon or an impression on the environment around you. Every time that you step up and feature it lets everyone know one thing, you’re Still Doing It. The clouds inside your skull begin to darken once more as horns, a heavy pounding beat, nerve shredding guitar and cuts once more invade every aspect of your awareness. As the deadly lyrical assault begins you realise you might just be Better Off Dead after this one. It feels like you are stood in the middle of a muddy field at night. There is no light to see and all you can feel is through your ears but, you can’t pinpoint the source as the sound is coming at you from 360 degrees and leaves you wondering where you are and what direction is what…

As you turn in every direction wondering where to go next Frank Roar unleashes a devastating beat. Drums and keyboards mix with a multitude of sounds and samples that once more has you disorientated. In the feint light you begin to see hints of shadows moving in your peripheral vision. The scene looks more like a battlefield, and you wonder what’s coming? Before you can truly comprehend what’s going on you are attacked from all sides. You barely see anything as one after the other Remark, Alikazam, MC Oliver Twist, Whirlwind D and Mistah Bohze all hit you with their own unique set of skills, skills they have acquired over many years in Hip Hop’s special forces. They are backed up with a continuous volley of deadly cuts delivered by Krash Slaughta who delivers some of deadliest techniques from his arsenal. This is not a place for the wack or the unskilled as all those who step up are systematically swept aside. Once you Enter The Cypher it’s put up or shut up and whatever happens you leave with your head bowed, knowing that you have just been in the fight of your live with some of the best of the best…

There is no doubt that once you are able to free your ears from the headphones and peel yourself from the chair, the immediate realisation is that this EP is a hardcore Hip Hop masterclass that is presented by one of the best UK emcees alongside one of Europe’s premier Hip Hop producers.

The last couple of years has seen a rise in some incredible Hip Hop releases that go extremely deep into what is happen in the world around us and the world within us. Music like this is emotive and allows us think very deeply. Once in a while it is nice to listen to something that is highly entertaining and pumps us full of high energy, allowing us to step outside the 3D world for a few minutes and King Slayers is one of those moments.

So, lets just break it down a bit here…

Franky Roar’s production is on point and creates the energy that immediately hits you full on. There is no gradual building up of energy across a track or two, it simply explodes from within, almost as though that initial calm opening planted a seed inside you but, that false sense of security is torn asunder as the first beat hits and the seed inside suddenly comes to life. There is this sense of a darker edge but, this does not come across in a negative way, moreover it is simply the deep heavy vibe of the music that simply seems to overshadow everything in the moment. There is also light within that is fuelled by the intense energy that bursts forth unconsciously.

Alikazam brings his experience to bear in the most stunning way here. Across the six tracks he drops line after line of lyrical fury that displays an insane ability to craft the most entertaining bars that are packed full of similes, metaphors, and anything else you can care to mention. He demonstrates a rhyme style that appears, on the face of it, to be gritty and raw but, the more you listen you understand that it only appears that way as he expertly only lets you see what he wants you see moment to moment. You have to look deep between the lines to get a feel for what he is all about, which has been crafted from years of immersing himself in Hip Hop, Rap and much more.

Bringing DJ Specifik in to provide cuts for all but one of the tracks adds that extra dimension that truly roots this in the foundations of Hip Hop music. His years of experience with Turntables, production and even a bar or two himself, allows him to expertly match the effect his cuts will have on the listener and how they will fit with each track. It all adds up to bringing that extra dimension, depth, and energy.

I also just want to add here that if you are gonna put a posse cut out then do it right and here, on the King Slayers EP, Franky Roar and Alikazam have absolutely nailed the posse cut. This is one of the best tracks of its style that I have heard in a long while.

Overall, the King Slayers EP is solid and blisteringly hardcore slice of Hip Hop. It hits you like a Hip Hop version of the movie Alien, bursting forth from your chest before devouring your brain without mercy and with only one aim, to raise you up, pump you full of energy and entertain you at a time when this kind of thing is sorely needed.

The King Slayers EP is released through Britcore Rawmance/Burning Anger, features artwork and design from Digital Dyer.

It is available today and will see a standard black and limited-Edition Red Splatter vinyl release so don’t sleep on this cos they won’t be around long.

Huge thanks to Franky Roar for sending this to me.

On that note,

It’s time to get back to the King Slayers, See Ya…



Please note these links go live at 8pm CET 06th March 2022

King Slayers Black Vinyl

King Slayers Limited Edition Red Vinyl

Friday 4 March 2022

Hung Drawn & Slaughta'D by Krash Slaughta & Junior Disprol


Hung Drawn N Slaughta’d


Krash Slaughta and Junior Disprol


With the wealth of talent that currently peppers the underground UK Hip Hop scene you often feel how cool it would be to see certain artists, DJ’s and producers working together. Now and again your prayers are answered and certain collaborations you have dreamed of just happen, as if those involved have heard your thoughts…

I can think of no better collaboration than these two artists, Fleapit and Dead Residents emcee Junior Disprol and II Tone Committee, Monkey Mafia and All Time High (to name a few) DJ and Producer Krash Slaughta.

To have these two legendary powerhouse guys get together for a project means one thing, in my mind, you are gonna get a heavy, masterclass in pure Hip Hop fire, that will probably be littered with more rawness that you can shake a stick at whilst, at the same time, being flawless, polished, and faceted for your pure enjoyment. Well, at least that was my first thoughts when found out about this one.

So, without further ado, lets see if my initial thoughts were anywhere near being right…


The album, which is twelve cuts deep, kicks off in style with Krash Slaughta’s multi-layered sound featuring horns, guitars and much more, Oh and there are also cuts galore too, which all interlace to bring you the heavy and hardcore sound of U is for Underground. Junior Disprol details just what it takes to be a part of that underground Hip Hop music scene. Its not just about making the music and laying it down on wax, it’s also about what it takes to get out there and to rock the mic and the turntables for the crowds. For the crowds to get as much out of the music as the artists do making and performing it, that’s Hip Hop. If you were feeling hyped by track one, then there is no let up as Krash Slaughta brings a high-octane mix of drums, guitars and, of course, cuts. This vibe will have you jumping, bouncing and, undoubtedly, scratching on imaginary decks. Scratch Terminator is exactly what you might think, it’s a straight up homage to man himself Krash Slaughta. Junior Disprol breaks it down here, telling you exactly who Krash Slaughta is and how and why he does what he does. This one will surely leave you breathless and in awe. Is there a better DJ dedication track than this one?

Next up is the heavy street sound of drums, piano and cuts unleashed for World Renowned. The unapologetic street vibe hits your awareness from multiple angles, making you wonder what’s coming and from where Junior Disprol is joined by South Bay Area emcee, Roughneck Jihad, for a mind-bending track that see’s each emcee taking seemingly unrelated phrases and turning them into something entertaining. Why would they do this? Simple because that is what good rappers do. If that has left your mind reeling, then Word Is Bond will bring it back into focus as Krash Slaughta unleashes a 70’s movie soundtrack vibe, full of horns, strings and drums. Alongside that is a “Diamonds Are Forever” sample on the chorus that is packed full of the hardest cuts known to man, all slicing through your mind with precision. It might seem here that Junior Disprol is continuing that mash-up of unrelated phases but, there is a definite twist here of 007 and Hip-Hop espionage. The shadow world of the spy where misdirection, knowledge and a slick flow go hand-in-hand.

From the world of the spy, we morph into something far creepier as Krash Slaughta tugs at, and slices into our every nerve with some sparse drums and strings that, alongside some freaky cuts, drag us into a dark underground place where shadows reach out and tap you on the shoulder. Junior Disprol uses this freaky backdrop to his advantage, as deep guttural vocals pull you ever further into a paranormal place where most fear to tread and where those who do tread, never return the same. This is the world of the Ghost Writer. The albums A Side is rounded off with another high-octane multi-layered sound. Krash Slaughta brings drums, guitars and much more besides to bring you a sound that hovers on the vibe of action movies and seeps into your every pore and infiltrates your mind. Sonic Assassin see’s Junior Disprol detailing life from the viewpoint of the villain, like the flip side to good guy in the track Word is Bond. This alternate view makes you realize that the villains might loose most of the time but, along the way they have a great time and end up really being the antihero and getting more of the spotlight…

As we flip to the B Side, Krash Slaughta’s high energy vibe continues with pounding drums, strings, horns, and cuts, all mashed up to bring you the kinda sound you just wanna jump to. Back in the early days of Hip Hop, the rappers would Throwdown, telling you who they were and why they were the best etc… Here Junior Disprol captures that vibe and just takes slices of his life experiences, throwing down to give you more of a snapshot of who he is. Ska Borough see’s Krash Slaughta bring us a Ska vibe with plenty of horns. There is also a Hip Hop twist here, with some slick cuts, that really brings a nice upbeat feel-good vibe. Junior Disprol and Cardiff emcee Skunkadelic team up to bring you bars that just uplift and make you really feel the good vibes, making you just wanna get up and get moving. The chorus on this one just says it all.

We Bring It Back see’s Krash Slaughta bring back that old-school hip-hop vibe with funked up mix of bass, drums, and cuts. Junior Disprol mirrors that musical vibe by looking at snapshots of Hip Hop in the UK, from the influences to the history. Rappin’, Breakin’, Graff and Scratchin’, it’s all here. In fact, there is just one thing to do here, stop talkin’ and just feel it. We have already heard a Ska vibe on the album with Ska Borough and there is no doubt that many of us, of a certain age, were into SKA before, during or still are, alongside our love of Hip Hop. However, another sound that had a big impact on Hip Hop is the ragga sound and Wickedest Disciple brings that sound to the forefront as Krash Slaughta interlaces keyboards, bass, drums, and cuts to bring us a Soundsystem vibe. With the ragga influence on Hip Hop noted, Junior Disprol is seemingly giving us a homage to all those who have inspired him along his musical journey. There is so much here from the different sounds and vibes to movies and so much more. Oh, and trust me, Krash does make the scratch sound exceptional on this one.

The penultimate track of the album is Special Delivery. Krash Slaughta switches the energy levels to max with a booming mix of drums, horns, guitars, and cuts. But not being satisfied with max levels he also appears to inject some nitrous into this one too. Bristol emcee Stepchild (aka Stepasaur) and Scottish emcee Loki join Junior Disprol for what is a mini posse cut. There is no messing on this track as the emcees go in three the hard way, dropping bars that are raw and hardcore, just because they can. This is furious entertainment to the fullest. If you thought the final track of the album would ease you back to reality, think again. For The Takeout, Krash Slaughta brings drums, horns and cuts to funk shit up like never before on a track that’s bound to leave you wanting more. Junior Disprol rocks the mic in his inevitable style with the kinda bars that leave you speechless. By the end of this, you are in no doubt whatsoever, Junior Disprol and Krash Slaughta are here to rock the mic, the speakers, the decks, and the crowd…


What can I say overall about this album? Well, it’s simple Hung Drawn and Slaughta’d is completely flawless slice of Hip Hop.

There it is, nuff said…

Seriously, this is as damn near perfect as you can get. Krash Slaughta’s production and turntable wizardry is pretty much second to none here. Every track is Hip Hop music at is very best, produced by someone who is Hip Hop for the ears of those who love real Hip Hop. Not just that but, the precision and dedication that has gone into those beats just oozes, constantly, from the speakers. I’m not sure what else to say, except the professionalism and pedigree of Krash Slaughta shines through here and his experience and continued evolution on the scene means that listening to this album leaves you with nothing but, respect for what he has achieved and continues to achieve.

Speaking of respect, when it comes to Junior Disprol then respect is one of the first words you think of. Like Krash, Junior Disprol has achieved a hell of a lot over the years and here he uses his raw and unflinching vocal style and his intricate way of spinning entertaining stories from anything and everything, to such good use. In fact, there are times on the album where his intricate verbal and mind-bending dictation is so mental, it is like you are listening to the musical equivalent of a painting by MC Echer or H.R.Geiger, it really is that crazy.

You can’t be failed to be moved by this album. Anyone who loves that real hip hop vibe will find something different here every time they listen. You will pick up little things like a reference to a movie or artist, you will pick up certain samples and so on. He addition of the lyric sheet is also a huge plus here, especially for me, as it really gives you an insight into the intricate lyrical content. It’s a masterpiece that you could time travel to, and it would still sound fresh in 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and on into the future. This one is most definitely gonna stand the test of time for many moons to come and then some.

Before I go, I also want to focus on the artwork too. Junior Disprol’s cover art is nothing short of stunning. While you are listening to the album you can pick up the sleeve and see who you can spot on the album cover. I spoke a lot about influences with this album and here the cover art continues that as every person, character etc. on the cover has had an influence on one or more of us at some time. See who you can spot from American Werewolf in London to Sean Connery and Judge Dredd to Bushwick Bill (R.I.P) this is such a great cover and so much fun to boot.

If this album is not on your shelves, then it should be. At the very least you need to hear it in some shape or form even if it is just a digital version as you need to hear it.

Hung Drawn and Slaughta’d is out now.

On that note, remember that the letter U is for Underground, a place that I’m off back to now.

Peace out people,



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U Is For Underground