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Single Review: God's Poet / Just A Page by Kelz


God’s Poet / Just A Page




It’s been a while since I last reviewed a B-Line Recordings release But, whenever I do, I’m always struck by the quality of what they release. It’s always a total package with artwork, vinyl and quality music and the latest release on 7” God’s Poet / Just A Page by the mighty Kelz of Bristol’s own 3PM, is no different.

Released on B-Line Recordings in association with Hip Hop Be Bop, the vinyl boast’s quality artwork from the one and only John Dyer (Digital Dyer) with both tracks produced by the legendary SIR Beans OBE (Transcript Carriers, Parlour Talk etc).

Let’s be honest here, when you look at what little I’ve already mentioned here, it ramps up the anticipation levels to max. So, let’s just dive in…


Banging drums, bass and piano notes immediately draw you into God’s Poet and you know that the anticipation was well founded as your head get’s to nodding. Kelz, meanwhile, drops three verses that detail the story of God’s Poet and his experiences on the present-day streets. There is an intellectual and spiritual depth to his words as he paints pictures in your head of the struggles faced by this person, these are the kind of experiences faced by so many black people, especially those who choose to speak out. Here the God’s Poet is not one simply telling people what to do, where to go or who to follow, he is a guiding light that is more telling people to be themselves and know they can be all they can be. In a world of candles this poet is the taper that helps each one to shine.

There is an etheric quality that is almost hypnotic before the bass drops followed by the beat, which is interlaced with flute notes that retains that etheric quality at moments. That flute is almost like the Pied Pipers flute, and you can’t help but, nod your head and follow Just A Page. This track is a stunning tribute to the late Bristol rapper Sir Plus. Sir Plus was one of most respected rappers to come out of Bristol in recent years and who sadly passed away in 2020. When you lose a close friend, remembering the good times is one of the best things you can do to keep their memory alive and that is exactly what Kelz does here, to remember his friend and all those good times. There is not much more I can say here because Kelz words say it all, R.I.P. Sir Plus, A Legend Out Here…


How do you sum up something like this? Here you have two Bristolian legends doing what they do and showing why they are so highly thought of. Dropping the kind of release that is the definition of the phrase ‘Mic Drop Moment’…

Firstly, you have Sir Beans OBE crafting the kind of funky Hip Hop that he does so well and that has that infectious quality to it but, more than that there is a deep vibe to each track here that draws you in and helps you focus on Kelz words. Here those words span two tracks with differing flows and vibes. God’s Poet has this dark edge to it that reflects perfectly how someone can be treated, as all they seek to do uplift and inspire those around them. Just A Page has this emotional focus on the memory of a good friend but, far from having any sadness, Kelz world bring and shine a light on a life well lived and a beautiful legacy that uplifts you as you listen.

There is little more you can say about this release except you simply can’t sleep on this one. The Limited-Edition Vinyl won’t be around long so, jump on this one quick.

My humble thanks to Hip Hop Be Bop’s Shaun Dowling for sending this one my way.

On that note,

I’m Out,



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