Thursday 21 May 2020

Triptych ft Juga-Naut by JVF Clique - Single Review

Triptych ft Juga-Naut
JVF Clique
Single review

I have only recently heard JVF Clique when they featured as part of the recent Cold Krush Radio Lockdown Festival series from Specifik (B-Line Recordings) and I was really impressed by the set they put out. So, when they contacted me and asked if I would like to review their latest single, how could I say no!

Out of Leicester UK the JVF Clique (Nipper, Chief & DJ Pappa Doc) have been around for a number of years, so how I’ve failed to hear them till now is a mystery, and they have a few releases you need to check out, if you have not done so already.

The single is Triptych and features one of the UK’s finest, in Juga-Naut, to guest alongside to guys. Now a Triptych is a piece of art that combines three parts to create one single piece and this is exactly what this track does.

The beat is a heavy head nod style banger that has a vibe which hovers somewhere between the darkness and the light and what JVF and Juga have done here is to take a blank canvas, that is the banging beat, and then have the three emcee’s to step up and create a smooth flowing lyrical masterpiece.

For me, this track really brings to mind just how an awesome piece of music (such as this track) is created. From the concept in the mind it is brought into reality, in the form of energy that is music and lyrics which bring everything together in the form of a musical masterpiece. That musical image then goes further by creating a picture in the mind of the listener and that image can be different for any one person at any one time. So, one musical masterpiece creates unlimited experiences for each person that listens. If you think that’s deep, just listen to the track and see where it takes you.

To be honest, this is real Hip Hop with a proper rough, rugged and raw vibe but, you can feel has been created by those who have paid their dues and have a deep love for the music they produce and it really is something that comes across so well in this track. This one will have you nodding along way past the end of lockdown.

Triptych is out now on all digital platforms,

I’m out, catch ya next time.


JVF Clique on YouTube:

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