Tuesday 30 June 2020

Single Review - JVF Clique : Masks

JVF Clique
Single Review

Hot on the heels of their recent release Triptych, the Duo from Leicester is back with another single. This Latest offering, Masks, is a full on hardcore Hip Hop banger.

Now you might think that the title is referring to the current Covid situation and the fact that many people have taken to wearing masks as a precaution. However, for me the focus of this track is far from that, well at least in one sense.

On listening you are drawn into the track that has two distinct styles to the lyrical delivery. Now, be this intentional or not what it does is provide a real contrast an almost Yin Yang feel.  For me the message here was not just about those who wear physical masks for criminal purposes or other but, also those who mask who they are by not being the true expression of themselves and that really spoke to me. Now, again, I’m not sure if it was intentional to have a deeper message but, to get that from the track shows the true power of music.

The production is on point Boombap and heavy on the horns. The kinda vibe you bang loud regardless of whether you are feeling the deeper message or if you just want to have that heavy pounding track exploding out your speakers.

JVF are coming out of lockdown hard and Masks is huge short across the bow’s of the scene demonstrating these guys are not here to play but, to entertain, to drop it hard and unrelenting.

Masks is out tomorrow, 1st July, on all the usual platforms.

All streaming links here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jvfclique/masks

Peace out,

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