Tuesday 15 June 2021

Album Review: Allow God To Interject - Daniel Niles Remix by Anyway The God


Allow God To Interject


Anyway The God

Daniel Niles Remix


Following on from my review of Daniel’s Carmen Suite, this review is focused on his previous project, a remix of Allow God to Interject from London based universal emcee and poet, Anyway The God. You know a bit about Daniel from my previous review but, Anyway The God is one of those artists who does not tie himself to one genre, he spans many in order to speak his truth.

The original version of Allow Me To Interject/Allow God To Interject (2019) featured production from Ocelot, was 18 tracks deep and had a heavy boom bap vibe. Daniel and Anyway The God have worked together previously So, it was interesting to see what Daniel would do with his version, now shortened to just 14 tracks.

So, lets just get into it…

The Essence kicks us of with a spoken word intro over some organ, drum and synth which gives it an almost spiritual element. Then a piano heavy head nod beat drops and Anyway The God and Benofficial take us on a conscious trip where the core element is all about returning to your roots, that god and goddess energy that we all have inside us. Next up we find the drums and electronic notes bring an industrial feel to the music as Anyway The God and JC ask us to Listen. But this is not just about listening with our ears, it’s about using all our senses to allow us to truly hear our environment. When you truly listen with all your senses, intuition is a sense too, you will truly hear and understand what is being said to you. A more laid-back head nod vibe of Drums and Synths sees Anyway The God joined by REM for Allow Me To Interject. Here it’s all about the fact that sometimes you have to be a little forceful in getting yourself heard. There are a lot of people who are outspoken but, refuse to hear what others have to say so, don’t be afraid to speak up and make your point known. Heat, brings some heavy drums, guitar and piano which gives us a reggae vibe. Having already heard how we have to be forceful to be heard, here its all about the heat, the passion that you put into your words when you speak.

The harmonica, piano, and drums on Best Stop Ya Crying creates a sound that seems to tug at your nerves a little and this whole track seemed to speak on how people react when things don’t go their way. It’s like the old saying, don’t cry over spilled milk or in our current society, don’t start complaining about the actions of a government that you voted for. Bongo’s, Electronic vibes and a sitar sound provide a sound that opens your eyes a bit wider. Opening your eyes to the truth is a good thing, this is exactly what Anyway The God does and he is also truthful when he speaks, making sure to Call It Like I See It. Always be truthful in how you speak and never apologise for that. Horns, drums, synth notes and some additional percussion combine for a more thoughtful vibe on Let’s Face It. We are all responsible for our own gifts, our own actions, so be sure that whatever your particular gift is, that you always use it wisely and for the greater good.

That thoughtful energy continues into the piano, bells and drum sound that is the backdrop for the next track. As situations change in any one moment it is important that however, we chose to evolve into that moment that we always Remain Relevant to the situation. We are treated to a short  Interlude, an audible pallet cleanser of drums, flute, piano, and organ notes, which has an almost Pink Floyd air about it. Just giving you a moment to process all the conscious knowledge. If you could take the Hip-Hop sound and put in a church then the sound of drums, guitar, other percussion, and organ notes here would be close to perfect. Anyway The God is dropping something like a street sermon here where the message is that here on earth it can feel like heaven or hell but, which one wins is down to us and the choices we make.

At War Every Day is an easy listening vibe of drums, vocal samples and orchestral notes. The message here is that every day of our lives we are at war with a constant stream of disinformation and lies from the media, how that affects us and those closest to us. From things that affect us in a negative way, to things that are more positive. Mighty Healthy is an uplifting vibe of guitar and drums that speaks on doing all the things that keep your health at its peak. To be truly rich is to invest and cultivate your own personal health.

Keep L’in has a sound that almost claws at your mind, with its rhodes piano and drum driven vibe. Combined with Anyway The Gods lyrics it helps you focus on the love and keeping positive in every way at every step of the way, every day. The album ends with a posse style cut that is driven by drums and vocal samples to produce an almost etheric quality. Anyway The God is joined by Lefty and ShoXstar as the Left Handed Warlords. The similes and metaphors abound here in a straight-up display of verbal dexterity and wordplay, whilst still retaining that air of conscious thought.


Daniel Niles production brings a vibe that mirrors, in a musical sense, the mood of what Anyway The God is putting across in his lyrics. It really feels like he has listened to the original and embraced the deeper meaning behind the words. He has then created a Hip-Hop soundscape to ably carry that message into your conscious awareness, whilst keeping you rooted in that boom bap sound and that is no mean feat.

Having not heard Anyway The God previously, it was refreshing to hear someone who is a talented artist with a deep spiritual side who also brings a wealth of thought provoking intellect to the table, something we need more of right now.

The guest artists all conduct themselves admirably and bring their own style to the mix. This adds some additional depth to the whole project and gives a great platform for them, as upcoming artists, to demonstrate their skills to the wider audience.

This is one of those albums that will get you thinking in more ways than one. It will also speak more to some than others and bring a different experience to many depending on their own background and outlook on life. It is also good to see us lefties getting a big shout out too, not before time in my opinion...

Overall Allow God To Interject: Danial Niles Remix is a solid conscious Hip-Hop album that ticks all the boxes and them some. It shows that the wealth of up-coming talent in the UK is awesome. I feel that Danial Niles is going to make a name for himself on the UK scene and this album is a great place to start if you have not checked out his work already.

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