Friday 4 June 2021

EP Review: Cabin Fever by Damaged Goodz


Cabin Fever EP


Damaged Goodz


Following on from my previous reviews of From Darkness To Light and The Patter Merchant, its good have another EP from Damaged Goodz to wrap my ears and head around.

Damaged Goodz previous releases have shown a great verbal dexterity alongside a writing skill that displays the versatility to release one deeply personal project and then completely flip it and drop something with such wicked comedic entertainment value. With all this in mind, I had no idea what the Cabin Fever EP might be all about but, considering the title, which alludes to the psychological effects of long periods of confinement indoors, it is fair to assume that I was in for a good ride.

So, time for me open the door and experience this Cabin Fever EP for myself…


You might think that the title of the EP would mean we were in for a dark ride But, that’s not the case as an upbeat boombap mix of drums, horns and cuts greats you. Damaged Goodz then proceeds to take us on a light-hearted and comedic ride through the ups and downs of being locked down and the places you mind goes in these times, which for Damaged Goodz was all the way to the Lunatic Fringe where you can say anything about anything, nothing is taboo. If you think you pause for a moment, then think again as piano notes and heavy guitar vibes intertwine with cuts, a bluesy vocal sample a head nod drum beat for funky vibe as Damaged Goodz takes down to Hip-Hops red light district for some Strip Hop but, this is not about taking any clothes off, here its all about the stories behind faces and why they are here.

A body moving beat, cymbals, vocal samples, and cuts galore is the stage for Damaged Goodz to raise the curtain on his verbal wordplay skills bringing a light-hearted and mind-bending trip through anything his own mind conjures up. Joining Damaged Goodz area quartet of DJ’s in Defy, Zeeny, Butterscotch and Versatile who pound your ears with a plethora of classic cut up samples. This all combines to create on classic Sledgehammer Symphony. Rounding off this EP is a Pink Floyd esc soundscape over a proper boom bap beat which, combined with cuts from Zeeny, creates this trippy atmosphere for Damaged Goodz to look at the people you surround yourself with and asks who really knows who? Is it just an Eternity Of Muppets, at the end of the day… 


Cabin Fever was apparently written in the 2nd lockdown whilst climbing walls during a feast of Orange Club biscuits, Coffee, Tangfastics, Tyskie beers and Football documentaries. If this is what can be achieved on a diet like that then anyone else wanna join me on the Damaged Goodz Lockdown Diet? I mean this is a straight up boombap Hip-Hop fest that has everything for the discerning ear. There is banging, body moving, head nodding production from TANK. Top notch turntable trickery from Zeeny, with that awesome quartet on Sledgehammer Symphony, and Damaged Goodz with his own brand of rap skills that seamlessly match every beat and flow while keeping you entertained throughout.

This is one of those releases that oozes Hip-Hop from every pore. All beats are on point and the cuts precise which combine at every turn to provide the perfect stage for our emcee to rap about life, street stories or to just have some fun. There is no reason this one will not have you bouncing along through 2021 and beyond. In fact, it could well have underground classic written all over it, especially if you had a physical copy, you could ask him to do just that for you…

Anyway, I could ramble on about this one all day but, my humble suggestion is you just grab a copy and enjoy it yourself.

The Cabin Fever EP is out today so you know what to do...

I’m outta here,

See Ya,



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