Thursday 3 June 2021

Album Review: Tactical Stacking by JVF Clique


Tactical Stacking


JVF Clique


The guys from the East Midlands, JVF Clique, are back and this time with a full-on album for our listening pleasure. Both the previous singles I reviewed for the guys, Masks and Triptych ft Juga-Naut, feature on this 9-track album so you can bet this one is gonna be hard-hitting and giving less fucks than the UK Government do.

 So, lets get into it shall we…

Some big orchestral strings and a heavy beat takes you into the shadows. A dark world where it takes Vigour to succeed in a high-pressure world of big business. A world where many will do anything protect what they have built. Within this shadowy world one thing is king and as guided by a head nod beat with an upbeat piano vibe, it becomes clear that Money is king. They say that money makes the world go round and is the root of all evil and here the guys show us that its all about the love of money But, more than that its about what you will do to make it and keep it. One of the most powerful things in our world, its only real value is that which we place on it. In fact, it is so powerful that we live in a society that is built on Credit, where you spend what you don’t have to get what you desire. But not everywhere is like that and here we go to a place where your credit is no good, you only get what you can pay for and if you don’t have the money you don’t get what you crave, so don’t even ask…

Stepping to the edge of the shadows we hover somewhere between the darkness and the light with this beat which is a heavy head nod style banger. A Triptych is a piece of art that combines three parts to create one single piece, and this is exactly what this track does. Juga-Naut joins the guys and together they detail how they do what they do. From the concept in the mind, it is brought into reality in the form of energy, which is music and lyrics, which brings it all together in the form of a musical masterpiece. Now, stepping fully into the light, we are greeted by some heavy drumbeats and brass notes giving JVF Clique the perfect stage to do what they do best. As they Hold Mics, they deliver a brutal verbal display of wordplay that shows these guys have the skills and the drive to hit hard whether they are recorded or live. By now you are probably up and bouncing around and they guys keep you moving to some heavy head nod drums, alongside straight up guitar notes. Nest of Cunts takes an unapologetic and scathing look into the some of the antics we have seen people perpetrating over the last year or so. From the bulk buying of loo roll to the shameful antics of the UK Government…

JVF take more shots at recent events over a pounding beat with synth notes and piano. Nothing escapes the guys here as they speak on Covid, Vaccines, the government, furlough, lockdowns and more, which all begs the question of just what is the true Scourge Of Malice on this planet, is it the powers that be or the human race as a whole. Heavy Drums and heavy horns bring our attention to the Masks people wear. It’s not just about those who wear physical masks for criminal purposes or other but, also those who mask who they are by not being the true expression of themselves. The two distinct styles of lyrical delivery here also produce an interesting Yin Yang vibe to enhance the message. Last up is the albums title track, Tactical Stacking. With a pounding beat, piano, and big electronic notes, JVF are keeping it tight right here, locked and loaded the guys are not creeping up on you, rather just tearing down the walls and exposing your senses to the truth outside.

In military terms Tactical Stacking is how elite teams form tight groups as they advance and JVF Clique have certainly kept it tight on this one and dropped a proper underground banger. Taking a dark and edgy look at so much of what is going on in the world around us, the guys deliver their take on things in an uncompromising and unapologetic nature. It takes the view of the person on the streets and slaps it in your face. Let’s face it, it’s like a shitshow out there each and every day and what you need is someone to tell it how it is in no uncertain terms.

The production is straight up boom bap Hip-Hop that will keep you pumped all the way through. It creates this gritty tone that creates the perfect soundtrack to the current state of everyday life. Verbally the guys are looking at the kind of situations that are rife in society, government, corporations or even the person next door. They are brutally honest and speak in a way that shows the anger and frustrations we all feel at times. There is also just enough of the good stuff there to keep you poised and clutching onto a realisation that better days are just around the next corner.

Tactical Stacking is a close nit expose of JVF Clique, who they are and just exactly what they do. It shows how deeply they view life around them and how it affects them and the fact that all tied up in there is this love of Hip-Hop music and the power it has to connect us and give us a platform to speak out.

Tactical Stacking is out now on Clique Recordins…

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