Wednesday 23 June 2021

Album Review: Unbreakable by Kali Mist & Krazy




Kali-Mist & Krazy


Unbreakable is the debut offering from Bristol Hip-Hop duo Kali Mist and Krazy. I have to be honest here and say that I did not have much familiarity with their music prior to this and sometimes this is a good thing as you can go straight into a review without any expectation. So, I’m gonna let the music and my intuition speak for this one from the get-go…

As the organ notes and head nod beat kick off the title track of Unbreakable, the guys are joined by Social Conscience to drop some no-nonsense bars. The message here is simple, if you are gonna set up and demonstrate how good you are on the mic, then you best bring all your wordplay and rhyming skills to the table. Because only then can you display the confidence and prowess that will allow no one to break you. The beat remains heavy and is mixed with violins and a vocal sample creating this air of thoughtfulness. This delivers the harsh reality of life and how we all experience situations where we are concerned over the behaviour of others. The deeper message though is not to react to these situations and Hold No Grudge for these people and to not get drawn it and cause yourself any suffering. The piano, vocal samples, banging beat and the arrival of Hozay, bring our focus to a battle rap vibe. There are times when you need an edge to truly conquer your opponent and here that edge is provided by the Poisonous Tongue. Adding that bit of poison to your delivery can leave your opponent without the strength to reply…

A more laid-back vibe is created by a chilled beat mixed with some violin notes. Yung UK and Prestige join Krazy and Kali Mist on a thoughtful posse style cut. It might be called the rap game but, it’s no game, this is life, and this is how it is. You gotta conduct yourself correct and always deliver your bars with knowledge, experience, and conviction. Always be ready to Turn The Heat Up and be a step up from the rest. Next up the guys are once again joined by Social Conscience for another deep look at life. Here the piano, violin and heavy drums create a darker feel. As we move through life we Live and Learn, how we react or don’t react to those situations will mean we either grow or we fall, the choice is ours. Its back to the boom bap with strings, piano, and hand claps. Yung UK, once again, joins the guys as they look deep into the lies that are rife in society these days. The reality is that if you’re gonna Talk It, you have to be truthful in what you say and be real, don’t be something you’re not…

Drums, horns, and strings bring an upbeat feel as Guire and Kray Bristol join Krazy and Kali Mist. Here it’s all about being authentic, your true self and wearing a metaphorical mask and when you hit the stage, just Set It Off. Keeping it upbeat with drums, piano and horns, the guys are joined by Ceaze on this one. There is a light-hearted air to this one as details of life experience abound with a message not to cross or upset those closest to you, if you do you will find they will Ghost You. Into the final track of the album with a heavy beat alongside some piano notes and horns. I’m A Prick is a light-hearted look at who they are, what they do and how they do it.

Unbreakable is one of those raw and hardcore underground albums that pull no punches and keep it gritty because that seems to be the current default setting for society right now and you just have to tell it how it is for people to really associate with what you’re saying.

Krazy and Kali Mist produce the album themselves and the depth of feeling in that production really gives the entire album a great flow and an overall ambiance that fluctuates between the stark rawness of life to those upbeat moments that prove the sunshine is always there wash away those dark days. The confident and competent wordplay mirrors the vibes created musically and has a sharp no nonsense edge that shows these guys love that underground flavour and have no qualms in just speaking their minds and saying it exactly how it is. The album further shows the wealth of Hip-Hop talent that is evident in Bristol and why it continues to be one of the UK’s Hip=Hop hubs.

The choice of guest emcees adds extra depth to the album with each one displaying some great skills and also having that underground raw and hardcore edge which fits so well with the overall vibe of this album.

So, if you are looking for an underground Hip-Hop album to get your blood pumping and your pulse racing, then you might not want to look any further than this one. It hits heavy and leaves you feeling every ounce of that barrage.

Unbreakable is out now on Krazy’s own imprint Word Life and can be streamed from all good sites, as you can see in the above image, so go search for this one now.

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