Thursday 17 June 2021

Single Review: Till This Day - Big Smokin' Joe


Till This Day


Big Smokin’ Joe

Your friendly neighbourhood, B-Ball playing Glastonbury based Big Smokin’ Joe is back with a brand-new single, Till This Day. The official promo for the single details it as the most high energy song Joe has produced. Hard Hitting Lyrics and Unpredictable Flows with Pounding Drums with a Hypnotic Bassline urging the listener to march along. 

This one definitely promises to something special with a single release party at Glastonbury’s King Arthur pub and a host of other live dates soon to follow. So, there is nothing left for me to say except, Let’s get it to this…


Till This Day is most definitely pulse pounding and assaults your ears with a mixture of heavy drums, bass and horns that not only gives you the energy to march along but also makes you wanna pump ya fist in the air or raise both hands high and clap along. The track consists of two verses, the first of which has Joe speaking deeply on many aspects of life and what he sees going on in the world around him from drugs to those who hold all the purse strings, the things people do just to eat and the true cost to us all from the powers that be. The second verse really mixes things up in terms of the flows and vibes of what you hear, still keeping it real and focusing in on those deeper aspects of life the way this second verse mixes things up really mirrors the unpredictable nature of day-to-day life. If only our everyday lives were always as enjoyable as this…

There is absolutely no doubt this is the heaviest and most high energy track that Joe has dropped to date. When you focus on the lyrics you get there is a deep, hard edge to everything he says, and it is all rooted in the now and delivered in such a way as anyone across the country and even the globe can understand and feel that realness. Having said that you can still get a great energy from this track that will have you nodding along wherever you are but, as a live track this is one of those that will have the crowd fired up, bouncing around and left breathless.

Overall, what can I say about Till This Day? This is one high octane dose of Boom Bap Hip-Hop that aims to hit your mind and heart. Joe’s delivery is precise, hitting hard from every angle and delivering multiple hits quicker that the eye can see leaving you feeling like you’ve just spent three minutes in a boxing ring after drinking too many espresso’s…

Till This Day is released tomorrow along with a video premier and the release party at the King Arthur in Glastonbury. So, if you’re in the area, drop in for some good wholesome live music...

Check the link’s below to grab this one and, remember, don’t miss the chance to check out Big Smokin’ Joe live somewhere this year.

After that I need to take Five,

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Till This Day premiers on 18th June

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